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Year 3 Poetry - Feedback from commuters

On Friday 10th November poetry written by the Year 3 classes were distributed on the 7.37am Train from Leigh to London Fenchurch Street Station. 


Here is some feedback from the commuters.


From Abigail - Good Morning,  I thought your poem was very well constructed.  Thank you for making my train journey more pleasant.


From Stuart -   Thank you for your poem on the train train today.  As I sit here on the way to work, this was a nice way to start the day.  You may just have inspired me to spend the day looking at a holiday!  Keep up the good work.


From Lorraine -  I really enjoyed your poem this morning!  I generally prefer shorter poems and was a bit tired this morning so was lovely and easy to read,  Simple text but very visual and completely transported me to the seaside - I'm now looking forwards to my weekend, so I can take a walk by the beach!


The poem reminds me of lovely sunny days on a quite secluded beach - peaceful.  Very observant, with awareness of those everyday subtleties we may miss when rushing around.  This poem reminds you to be still and in the present.


Beautiful poem Keep writing!


From Mr Maxwell - Promising Poetry


Dear Sir or Madam,


When I entered 7.37 train to London Fenchurch Street today at Chalkwell, I imagined I would spend an unpleasant hour huddled up against other gloomy commuters.


However, instead of gloom, I basked in the glory of the wonderful poetry I found on board!


Well done year 3 - I read their work with great interest and would love to see more of their oeuvre on the train in future. 


Thank you for bringing the joy of the beach to my otherwise joyless travel, as well as a genuine smile to my face.