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500 Club

500 Club

Join our club and win cash! 

The Parents Association have run a "500 Club" for a number of years. If you join, you may be one of three lucky cash winners that are picked out of a lottery EACH MONTH that you are a member. This is a wonderful way of raising regular income for the schools whilst also offering you the chance to win money too.


We have a target of 500 members, each of whom purchase tickets at £1 each by a monthly standing order (you may have as many as you like). The draw takes place each month, using a system of random numbers.

Why not join and pay £1 a month for each of your children at our school?

How does it work? Half of the income each month goes directly to the swimming pool fund and the other half of the money is the ALL prize fund. The prize fund is divided in fixed proportions between 3 winning tickets.


FOR EXAMPLE: If all 500 tickets are sold in a month, the prize fund that month would be £250 (the other £250 going into the 500 club fund). This is then divided into 3 monetary prizes as follows:


·       1st prize is 50% of the prize fund (£125)

·       2nd prize is 30 % of the prize fund (£75)

·       3rd prize is 20% of the prize fund (£50)


If you are interested in joining the fund please collect a standing order form from office. Please return it completed to the office in an envelope marked ‘500 club’. Our target is just 500 members, so if are not already signed up, get your forms to us quickly. You can cancel your membership at any time. But remember, the more members we have the BIGGER the prizes!