Leigh North Street


Primary School

We learn together through Questioning, Perseverance and a Growth Mindset.

Learning to Learn

Tuesday 19th April 2022 – Friday 22nd April 2022




Year 1


Year 2


Year 3



Today Seagulls enjoyed the story Butterflies for Kiri which focuses on our ASPIRE value of perseverance when Kiri is at first unable to make an origami butterfly. 


Seagulls class were up to the challenge and each followed a set on instructions to construct their own origami butterfly. The task was not easy and we did find creating the butterflies quite challenging but with perseverance and a positive mind-set we were each able to make our own origami butterfly just like Kiri!



Year 4


To start the Summer Term, the children took part in a ‘Now Press Play’ activity.  This helped introduce our new topic of Sustainability and involved a story about trees being destroyed in a rainforest.  Well done to everyone for an exciting session!



As part of our learning to learn day, year 4 discussed the ‘Zones of regulation’ and how our brain and body feels. We talked about the four zones and how all zones and feelings are okay! We made some posters and did some role play to see if our peers could guess the emotion. It was great fun and also good to understand how we are feeling so that we are better able to control our feelings.



Year 5


During our learning to learn day, we learned a little bit about how our memories work. We looked at some research about the power of revision and created some revision activities around the topics we have studied this year. Atlantic Class we’re really creative with their activity ideas and included quizzes, songs, mnemonics and mind maps.



Year 6





Tuesday 4th January 2022 – Friday 7th January 2022




Our EYFS children had a busy first week back at school. They have been learning about our school ASPIRE values, with a particular focus on the meaning of the words, perseverance and independence.  They were excited to show both of these values as part of our Winter weather challenge; to put on and fasten their coats without assistance.



Year 1


In year one we worked with our learning partner to create the tallest tower using a variety of equipment. We also listened to the story ‘Your Fantastic Elastic  Brain’. 





Year 2


This half term, Year 2 will be exploring the wonders of Antarctica and its inhabitants – particularly penguins. As an introduction to this topic, and part of our learning to learn day, the children were tasked with working in collaboration to create a model igloo. Drawing upon our ASPIRE values, they all demonstrated brilliant teamwork, as well as plenty of perseverance and creativity.





Year 3


Seagulls returned to school at full capacity this week eager to get started. We started the term, like every other, with a learning to learn day. We first looked at play scripts and our new geography topic of ‘Changes in Our Local Area’ and then reflected upon challenges in our lives both at school and at home. We then each created a ’Challenge Mountain’ to represent a difficult task that we have accomplished in our lives. A great start to the new term Seagulls!




Year 4


During our 'Learn to Learn' day, Year 4 brought in objects for a special 'Show & Tell' session all about the children's achievements.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed hearing about the many great things the children have achieved over the last year.  Brilliant examples, included certificates and medals from various sports,  martial arts and achievements from the world of music.  Here is Joshua who successfully completed a Nuclear Races event last year.  Well done to everyone who contributed to our excellent discussions and remember, everyone is good at something!



During our 'Learn to Learn' day, Year 4 brought in objects for a special 'Show & Tell' session all about the children's achievements.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed hearing about the many great things the children have achieved over the last year.  Brilliant examples, included certificates and medals from various sports,  martial arts and achievements from the world of music.  Here is Georgia who shared a haul of medals for dance and gymnastics.  Well done to everyone who contributed to our excellent discussions and remember, everyone is good at something!



Year 5



For our learning to learn days, we immersed ourselves into our new topic- China. We completed lots of team building activities to help us practice our ASPIRE values- focusing especially on perseverance. This was very needed in our Willow Pattern activity. We had to copy sections of the Willow Pattern in pen and connect this with the patterns of our team members. Since we were working in pen, we needed to persevere even if we didn't like aspects of our pattern, and think about how to solve problems when we make mistakes. 


We also thought very carefully about the ASPIRE value of safety and, of course, enjoyment, when taste-testing spring rolls for our up-coming D+T




Year 6


In Beluga, our Learning to Learn Day forged the culmination of our Norman Castle Unit of study with goal setting for the forthcoming Spring Term. The primary focus of the learning was to explore what independent learning looked like as children were given a brief to make a version of a Motte and Bailey Castle whose function was to defend, serve as a an administrative centre and a domestic dwelling. Children put their learned woodworking skills to good use and reflected on what it was to be an effective team member and use independent thought for problem solving. Pictures of the finished castles to follow!





Thursday 2nd September 2021 – Friday 3rd September 2021


Year 1


We have discussed and understand our ASPIRE school values. We have also agreed the rules in each classroom and printed our hands to go around the rules. We are sharing, listening carefully, being kind, being polite and working very hard.





Year 2


Welcome to Sandhopper class!

What an amazing start to year 2. During our Learning to Learn week we focused on two of our ASPIRE values, Respect and Perseverance. We made origami football shirts and some fantastic marble mazes! Our class explored the work of Picasso and created some wonderful abstract portraits. We discussed the importance of respect and always being kind to those around us. The children understand that we must persevere in all that we do and to simply 'be the best that we can be'.




Crab Class worked in teams to design and build marble mazes. They used their ASPIRE values, making sure they respected their learning partner’s ideas and persevered when things went wrong. 



Lobster Class have had a brilliant return to school and have shown great curiosity and enthusiasm during our Learning to Learn days. They applied their creative skills when making Picasso inspired self-portraits, they showed great perseverance when designing and building their own exciting marble runs and they have improved their communication and team working skills during our tower building challenges. What a wonderful start to Year 2 Lobster – keep it up.



Year 3


A great start to Year 3! We spent some time thinking about how we learn best and how our ASPIRE values can help us succeed! We thoroughly enjoyed diving deep into the Stone Age to create mammoths from milk bottles, Stonehenge art and become part of a Now Press Play story to learn lots about our new history topic!



What a great start to life in year three! On our first learning to learn day, we completed our class rules and started to look at how ASPIRE can be applied inside as well as outside school. We looked at the recent Tokyo Olympics to see examples of our ASPIRE values being used by many athletes.

On our second learning to learn day, we immersed ourselves in our new Stone Age topic. We found out some fascinating facts before turning milk bottles into our own model mammoths. We were then transported to a Stone Age world through Now Press Play before concluding our day with some Stonehenge artwork.

We are now even more excited by our upcoming topic and are ready to apply our ASPIRE values across the curriculum.



Year 4


What a fabulous start to Year 4 we have had!  We spent lots of time thinking about the different ways we learn and reminded ourselves about our ASPIRE values as well as the importance of having a positive growth mindset. We got to know our new class by a variety of questions and some team-building exercises.

Our origami penguins are a reminder that over time and with a bit of help and a positive attitude, everyone can achieve success.


Welcome back to school everyone!  During the first two days of term the children were ‘learning to learn,’ where they discussed rules and our Aspire values.  They also took part in a Now Press Play activity linked to our first Science topic on Electricity as seen in the pictures.


Year 5




Year 6


It is always a wonderful sight for any teacher to see the return of children to North Street after the long summer holidays but this year it seemed more moving and more uplifting than ever when we think of the turbulent last eighteen months. No, COVID 19 is far from over but it is so encouraging to see life in school returning to as close to normal as we have experienced in a good long while!

As is customary in our first day back of a new term, we turn our attentions to our ASPIRE values and how we learn to learn. As Year 6 pupils approach the end of their primary school career, it is more than ever important that they equip themselves with the skills of being an independent learner and this has been of prime focus over the last few days. Through role play, comprehensive discussions, games and debate we have been able to come up with a working definition of what independent study looks like. Additionally, we have explored concrete strategies to accelerate our day-to-day learning whilst still having fun!

Children role playing their scenarios.




Paua Learning to Learn 



To help introduce our new topics for English and Science, Paua Class have been immersed in an exciting adventure into the rainforest using our Now Press Play headsets to help us set the scene for our new story ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ and the sustainability of the animals and materials found in the rainforest.


EYFS Learning to Learn


This week we enjoyed our ‘learning to learn’ day. We talked about our school values ‘ASPIRE’ with a focus on respect. We thought about how we can show respect towards each other and the equipment we have in school. We also took this opportunity to talk about Prince Philip.




Thursday 3rd September 2020 – Friday 4th September 2020


Year 1


Year 1 have had a lovely couple of days back at school. They have been learning about classroom rules, school values and the positive effects of having a growth mindset. They have all settled into school well and its great to see their happy faces!





Year 3


Focusing on ASPIRE, we had lots of lovely activities to settle the children back into school and ensure they were feeling positive about the year ahead.


We read The Colour Monster to talk about our emotions and how it’s healthy to feel different emotions and talk about them. The children shared how they were feeling about returning to school by creating their own monster. Luckily, we had lots of yellow ‘happy monsters’ working away in the classroom!


Later, we learnt some facts about puffins and how they aren’t born with the ability to fly, they have to learn and practise just like us. We chatted about aspirations for the future and year 3 and created some wonderful aspirational puffin pictures. 


After listening to Giraffes Can’t Dance, the children had a challenge to test their perseverance skills - they had to learn how to skip. With lots of time to practise and some top tips shared, it was a success for all! The whole class showed us their ability to not give up, but to keep, keep, keep on trying when things are tricky. 


We have been incredibly impressed and would like to say well done to all Puffins for the resilience they have shown this week. We’re even more excited for the rest of the year now!





Year 5


Arctic class have had a fantastic first week back. We have got stuck into our Learning to Learn week. We have developed our understanding of Growth mind-set and discovered how to grow our brains by challenging them and thinking differently.

By using the ASPIE values and team work, we have created some fabulous catapults. Some went to plan where others needed some/a lot of tweaking. It was lovely to see everyone working incredibly well as a team and I look forward to an amazing year in Arctic class.  



Team work makes the dream work so they say and Atlantic Class took part in a really tricky team work challenge today. The aim was to create a catapult using limited resources in order to catapult Viktor the Viking (a pingpong ball) as far as we could.

Mrs Mansell and Mrs Hayhurst were incredibly impressed with how everyone got involved, persevered and showed kindness and respect for one another. All of our LNSPS ASPIRE values were on show. We were particularly impressed by some of the designs but even more impressed by the sense of humour  displayed by the teams where things didn’t quite go to plan!



Year 6


Welcome back everybody!

Pacific class had a great two days completing various different tasks in our learning to learn days. We told jokes, learned about our brain, had a small introduction into Viking Sagas and even attempted to create our own Viking Catapults!



Year 6


Year Six have returned to school and hit the ground running- which is all the more remarkable when one considers the unavoidable length of absence because of the COVID crisis.


As is customary at the beginning of every term we have our Learning to Learn Days where children get to explore the manner in which they learn based around our esteemed ASPIRE values. Of all the ASPIRE values, Acceptance was the primary focus of our learning this week, as we contemplated why acceptance was so dear to us and thought about how horrid the world would be without it! This message was driven home when we started our investigation into the sinister and rapid rise to power of Adolf Hitler and his fascist Nazi party in 1930s Germany. 


A splendid start to the year! Year 6 children should be very proud!








Monday 6th January 2020 – Friday 10th January 2020


Year 1


On the first day back Year One had a learning to learn day. We discussed the school values and the importance of each aspect of `ASPIRE’. We then decided to concentrate on perseverance and independence. We linked these to values to growth mindset. The children sorted growth mindset statements and fixed mindset statement. They then discussed what areas they could improve or were good at. The children listened to a couple of inspiring booked called `My Fantastic Elastic Brain’ and `The Dot’, both which promoted having a growth mindset. In the afternoon children created their own art work which started with one tint dot and a challenge to build using card with sticky dots.  They all worked extremely hard and had lots of fun!

from Year 1



Year 3


We had a great return to school by focusing on challenge and the obstacles and emotions that occur when facing something we haven’t done before. 


We looked at key vocabulary and created our own personal ‘challenge mountains’. We then started an origami challenge. We were shown the sequence of folds to do and worked closely with our learning partner to support each other in mastery the folding techniques to create a butterfly. 


At first we found it really difficult and had to persevere to reach the end and overcome the challenge. We were all very proud to show off our origami at the end!





During our Learning to Learn day we discussed what we do when we face a challenge and how we can overcome them. We talked about the different types of challenges we face at school, we looked at strategies on how to overcome them. After making our own challenge mountains we faced the challenge of an origami butterfly. At times we needed to keep trying or listen to advice from others but we all succeeded in making a butterfly.




Year 5


Firstly welcome back to school everyone and happy new year!


We started the new decade with our learning to learn day focusing on elements of our school values, ASPIRE, having a growth mindset, stereotypes and finding out about our brain and how it works. Once we had found out more about the brain we worked in small groups to create models to represent our brain and lacked the functions of key parts.




Thursday 5th September - Friday 6th September 2019


Year 1


Pufferfish Class have settled really well into Year 1 and are getting used to their new surroundings and new routines.  They have been discussing class rules and how we should treat each other.  We also talked about our attitudes to learning and what having a Growth Mindset might mean.  The quotes in the pictures were discussed with examples relevant for the age group.

A fantastic start to the new academic year!



Year 2


Welcome to Year Two! 

We have had a brilliant few days in Crab class. We have shared our summer holiday news, learnt to work as a team, reminded ourselves of our Growth Mindset and spent time getting to know our new Crab class friends. 

Don’t forget to read over the weekend and get a head start on our regular reading challenge! 





Year 3


On our first day back at school the pupils settled into routine quickly and then rose to a sporting challenge. After reading the story Fantastic Elastic Brain and discussing our mindsets and which is the best to have in school to help our learning. We then read Giraffes can’t Dance and realised that we would all be able to rise to the challenge if we believed in the power of yet. The pupils all tried hard and everyone achieved during the training session be it in more skips or a better style of skipping. 




Year 4


In Oyster Class, we have been reminding ourselves about the importance of having a growth mindset especially when faced with a challenge.

The class attempted to make an origami penguin without any instructions! No one gave up and persevered with the task. Then they were given instructions to follow. Everyone was successful!




Year 5



The children spent their first two days of Year 5 applying their ASPIRE values. Their first task was to make a catapult. They had a limited number of resources so had to plan carefully how they were going to construct it. They showed determination and perseverance and as a result every group produced a working catapult. 

They were also introduced to their topic (the Vikings). They worked in groups to research Viking villages and then created their own Viking villages in shoeboxes.   I was so impressed  with their creativity and at how well they all worked in a team and respected each other’s ideas. As a result they produced some brilliant work. Well done Arctic class, we are going to have a fantastic year!





Pacific Class


We have had a great first few days starting life in year five. We immersed ourself in our brand new topic of the Vikings. After exploring and researching Viking villages we then created our own miniature replicas and made some really creative designs! Over the next term we will be investigating the following question: ‘What did the Viking’s want and how did Alfred stop them getting it?’ 

We are looking forward to studying Norse myths next week in our English lessons!




Year 6



The children of Beluga could not have made a more purposeful and determined start to their very last year at Leigh North Street Primary!

From the outset, they have shown an immense enthusiasm for furthering their learning by posing insightful questions, participating in discussion and debate, and by listening intently. As you may well be aware, the first two days of the new term have been dedicated to our commitment to reflecting on how we learn. During these Learning to Learn days, children have been investigate the necessity for laws in society to keep us safe and applying this knowledge to making and understanding our new class rules. In order for us to fully understand how to create an effective code of conduct we engaged in role play. One of the scenarios we investigated was what happens if laws and rules break down in the city….the results were pretty devastating!

Other activities packed into the two days were portrait painting, quick-fire maths, spellings and practical first aid! Phew..! 




A lawless society!



Children attending to an unresponsive patient….what would you do?



In dramatic full flow!






Monday 22nd April - Friday 26th April 2019




EYFS Summer Term ‘Learning to Learn’ day

We started the new term with another ‘Learning to Learn’ day. We revisited our school ASPIRE values and concentrated on the meaning of the word ‘Respect’. We enjoyed a visit from a poet who, by reading us some of his poems, encouraged us to think about how we need to show respect for others, respect for our belongings and respect for ourselves. We learnt that we can show respect by listening to others and treating others as we would like to be treated ourselves.





Year One


On Tuesday we had a ‘Learning to Learn’ day. The children compared the fixed and growth mind set. They worked collaboratively with their friends in small groups and wrote their thoughts down. They discussed the concept of mindfulness and practised a few techniques. They also set a personal goal and explained how they would achieve this.               

                Year 1 Team



Year Three


In year 3 we have been thinking about how our words can sometimes hurt others but we may not realise. We spoke to 2 apples but in different ways and saw the impact the words had on them. We then wrote kind words on everyone’s apples in class to help us realise we are all important members of Seagull Class. We also learnt about the story of St George and tried to identify how our ASPIRE values are evident in this story. We created shields of armour for each of our ASPIRE values. 



Year Four


On Tuesday, we reminded ourselves the importance of having a positive growth mindset. We started with an activity which had no instructions - to make an origami penguin!

Children were somewhat bemused but all the same tried really hard to make their penguin from paper. After a while, we discussed our school values with particular emphasis on 'Perseverance'.

The children were then given instructions and the correct sized paper to try again, this time with success!







Year Five



As part of our “Learning to Learn” lessons this week, we have been considering how we can become more powerful learners by including everyone.  Everyone is unique and special and everyone can make a positive contribution. We reflected on the diversity that exists within  Great Britain and talked about the many reasons, people have come from all over the world to make Great Britain their home. We discussed the British values of democracy, liberty,  the rule of law,  mutual respect and tolerance. We thought carefully about something we could do in school to promote and celebrate how positive it is that we are all different.

We painted rocks to reflect our individual characters and differences and have started a kindness path in the school garden. We would like to invite other members of our school community to join with us in contributing a specially decorated rock to celebrate our wonderful school community.




Monday 7th January – Friday 11th January 2019




Foundation Stage children started off the new year with two ‘Learning to Learn’ days. The children had the opportunity to review their Learning Journeys and set themselves a target related to something they want to get better at doing. We also thought about our school motto, ASPIRE and talked about the meaning of the word ‘perseverance’. We realised that we need to persevere and ‘keep on trying’ in order to learn. We talked about not giving up and learnt a song about solving problems in different ways. We also thought about the word ‘independence’ and trying to do things by ourselves. Many of the children are trying to show independence by doing up their own coats and looking after their belongings in class.





Year One


This week we have been learning about `Growth Mindset’ and `Fixed Mindset’. We have been learning how to embrace challenges, give our best effort, learn from feedback and become inspired by other people’s successes. We have also developed our team building skills through a variety of challenges! We listened to a story called `The Dot’ which has inspired us to create some amazing artwork which all originated from a single dot.



Year Two


In Year 2 we have had a great time with our ‘Learning to Learn’ days. We read a story about stickability and perseverance and completed some activities that required us to persevere. We talked about how this made us feel and how we felt when we achieved something at the end. We also talked about our goals within school and completed our own target stars that we will keep on our desks to remind us what we are aiming to achieve.



Year Three


In year 3 we decided to learn a new skill during this day and challenged ourselves to get better at it. These skills were skipping, chess and origami across the 3 classes. By the end of the day we had all improved from our starting point in the morning. We reflected on how and why this progress had been made. Then we discussed how we could use the skills of learning we had applied, to other areas of the classroom, many of our ideas tied in with our school values for ASPIRE.





Year Four


During the first two days of term, Paua Class took part in various ‘Learn to Learn’ activities.  This involved discussions about growth mindsets, making mistakes and learning behaviour.  The children also got the chance to celebrate successes by talking about their achievements out of school.  Many children brought in certificates, medals and photographs about something they were proud of.  This provided interesting conversations about how goals had been reached and linked to other work about new year resolutions and ambitions for the future.  Well done to all and thanks to all the parents who helped their children bring in their ‘Show and Tells.’




During our ‘Learn to Learn’ sessions, Paua Class used the Press Play headsets to launch our new Science topic of Solids, Liquids and Gases.  It was a great activity and really captured the children’s imagination.  We will be using what we learned in future lessons back in the classroom.




It was a happy new start to the year this week! Our ‘Learning to Learn’ days were spent reminding ourselves about our school values ‘ASPIRE’ and our classroom/school rules. Oyster class had a great discussion about how making mistakes enable us to be better learners and how having a positive mindset is an advantage.

We used the ‘now press play’ headsets as a super immersion activity and introduction to our science topic ‘States of Matter’.


A big well done to everyone who brought in their achievements to share with the class.







Year Five


As part of our Learning To Learn Days, Pacific class have been using our teamwork skills and knowledge of forces, to design boats that will hold the heaviest load. We investigated up-thurst, surface areas and ballast. We also had to plan our ideas carefully, pitch our ideas to the team, challenge ideas respectfully and adapt our plans and ideas.

The winning craft managed to hold over 60 paperclips. Special mention to the group who used sponges in their design. It didn’t hold many paperclips due to the raft- style surface but it proved to be unsinkable!




Year Six



The children of Year 6 arrived back from the holidays purposeful and with a readiness to learn!


In order to consolidate their learning around our core values of ASPIRE; children were invited to think about their own particular style of learning in the context of independently and as part of a team. On Monday they faced the challenge of creating a prototype vehicle to transport The Crown Jewels. On Tuesday, to introduce our new topic of the British Empire, children took part in India Day where they reflected on why it was known as the jewel in the crown of The Empire. A range of activities were on offer such as making Diva lamps, Indian cookery and tie dying fabrics.

Here are some of the photographs:



Thursday 6th – Friday 7th September 2018





Year One worked together to create their own classroom rules and decorated them using their handprints. We have discussed the school values and how we can demonstrate this in our classrooms. We have also listened to the story `Giraffes can’t Dance’ and wrote what we couldn’t do but now can do.





In Year Two we have been looking at the school ASPIRE values and how persevering will make us better learners.

We took on the newspaper tower challenge and worked in small groups to build the highest tower in each class. We then talked about what we had to do to make sure we were successful in our challenge.





This week we have reminded ourselves about our school values of ASPIRE and how we can use these to help us learn and work together. We have also reminded ourselves about Growth Mindset and how we can help our brains to make connections by learning lots of new skills. To do this we have to realise that mistakes help us and we created some great art work to represent this.





We had to use our team working skills to divide two lots of statements and decide whether they were linked to growth mindset and fixed mindset. Mrs. Carter was very impressed at how much we remembered.



Oyster class have had a wonderful couple of days back at school. We have discussed our School values of ASPIRE and reminded ourselves how important it is to have a 'Growth' mindset as opposed to a 'Fixed' mindset when we are learning!

We worked in groups, reading and sorting a number of statements into the 2 categories.

As a class, we agreed on some important class rules. These were made into our class charter which we have all signed!



During the first two days of term Paua Shell 4 have been learning how to learn.  This included discussions about Growth Mindsets and our attitude towards our learning.  We also talked about the importance of mistakes and how making them can be just one of the steps towards making progress and succeeding.  Well done to all on a great start to Year 4!





The children came back to school putting their very best foot forward as befitting of children entering into their last year of primary school. Over two days the children really unpacked our school values of ASPIRE and reflected on not just each word’s meaning but the how this would look in the day to day school life. To explore their ideas children engaged in discussions, drama and produced artwork to this effect. We have all made a pledge to the upholding the core values of ASPIRE in order to make our final year at Leigh North Street a happy and rewarding one!







Monday 16th April -Tuesday 17th April 2018


Foundation Stage


During our two’ learning to learn’ days  we have enjoyed looking through our learning journeys, seeing the progress we have made and setting ourselves new individual targets.

We have revisited ‘ASPIRE’ our school values and have focused on the theme of ‘respect’. We have learnt some songs to remind us about the importance of showing respect to ourselves, others and our school. We used this topic to introduce the children to our school’s new anti-bullying policy and a ‘Topsy and Tim’ story helped us to understand what to do if someone hurts or is unkind to us or our friends.



Year 1


We have had a busy few days! We have talked about the importance of friendships and the qualities required to become a good friend to others. We shared our thoughts and painted a picture of one of our best friends. We also solved problems that could happen in the future and the strategies we could use. We also reminded ourselves of the school values and have taken photos to help us remember them.



Year 2


Year two have been very busy. We began our learning to learn days by spinning a web of friendship across our class. Then we had to find out three things about our learning partners and then share what we had found out with the rest of the class. This meant we had to speak clearly but also listen carefully. We also made paper bridges where we worked in groups of four creating a bridge to take the weight of a toy car. Team work was very important during this activity and we remembered our school values.



Year 3


During our learn to learn sessions we have worked together with our learning partners and discussed the meaning of open and closed questions.



Year 4


During our Learn 2 Learn sessions we discussed our knowledge of Growth Mindsets and how our attitude to learning can help us to achieve.  We looked at quotes from inspirational people and talked about their meanings.



Year 5


Year 5 looked closely at peer and self-marking and how it could be improved.

We all looked at examples of the marking that we have done in the past and then came up with criteria that we all agreed we would use from now on to help our friends improve their work.




Year 6



During our two ‘learning to learn’ days Year 6 focused on anti-bullying where we considered different types of bullying and discussed how we can prevent bullying from happening.  To do this we acted out scenarios together in groups.

In Year 6 we have also been focusing on our new topic Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. To introduce us to the story we were encouraged to develop our survival skills through fire making and cooking as well as orienteering. As the story has a Japanese feel we were also able to try out some Japanese brush painting techniques. 






Thursday 4th January - Friday 5th January 2018



Foundation Stage


We have been thinking about having a ‘Growth Mindset’ and that we should persevere if we find something tricky at school. The children have looked at their Learning Journeys and thought about what they are proud of achieving since starting school and have set their own individual target for what they want to be better at.


Year 1


This week we have been learning about `Growth Mindset’ and `Fixed Mindset’. We have been learning how to embrace challenges, give your best effort, learn from feedback and become inspired by other people’s successes. We have developed our perseverance, independence, resilience through a variety of challenges and team building exercises!




Year 2


We read a book called ‘Where is Home Little Pip?’ and then we made some props so that we were ready to retell the story. Everyone had to think about our school values “ASPIRE’ as we worked together. In the afternoon we enjoyed retelling the story in our own way.




Year 3


Today Pelican class persevered to create their own Pelican cartoon artwork drawings following the advice of a famous cartoonist. It wasn’t easy but we kept going to complete our final drawings. We are all very pleased with our creations! It’s Pelican not Pelicant!




Year 3

Still image for this video



Year 4


It's been a great start to the Spring Term! The tables have been reorganised allowing Paua Class to work with their Learning Partners more effectively. We spent some time reminding ourselves what makes a great learning partner. We also talked about our classroom/school rules, linking them to our ASPIRE values at Leigh North Street Primary School.





As part of 'Learning to Learn' Oyster class have been sharing details about their amazing achievements outside of school.  They have all shown great perseverance and dedication.  Impressive stuff!



More brilliant achievements from our Year 4s!  Our Achievement Wall display looks great - thanks to everyone for sending in various medals and certificates.



During our learning to learn days at school we looked at 'thunks'. Here are a few examples, they sparked good conversations between learning partners and as a whole class. Can you think of any thinks of your own?



Year 5


Year 5 Learning to Learn Day.

Can we make a massive volcano, a huge dragon and an enormous Mythical creature?

If we all work as a fantastic team and have the passion to persevere - then with the help of our comrades, teachers and parents, of course we can!

We all had a great day, with Mathematics, English and Geography work linked in too.  We had a class fire to get us into the picture of what it might be like to be out in the wild, maybe in days gone past, when Myths and Legends were talked about or formulated. (We all enjoyed the cooked bananas and chocolate too.)









Year 6


We started our new term with some fun ‘Learning to Learn’ activities and an Elizabethan immersion day.

Thursday was spent considering the ASPIRE value of Independence, something that we are encouraging the children to develop as they progress towards secondary school.










Monday 4th September 2017 - Friday 8th September 2017


Year 1


Year one worked together to create their classroom rules, discussed the school values and played some team building games.





Year 2


Year two discussed our school values and we realised that if we worked together we could achieve so much. One task was to make the tallest newspaper tower! We worked in groups and we certainly had to focus on acceptance, perseverance and  respect! It was great fun and we learnt a lot about our classmates.





Sandhopper Class made a beautiful piece of artwork.  The caption reads:

We are each unique and special but together we are amazing!



Year 3


Year 3 started the week looking at how we learn and how we can fire our neurons to create new connections in our brains. We heard a selection of stories to inspire us and played some team building games, which helped us identify how we learn from our mistakes.



Year 4


In Year 4, we discussed our ASPIRE school values this week. We also talked about the importance of having rules in the classroom and school. Each class produced their own charter which we all signed.

In addition, we talked about ‘Growth Mindset’ and how to think positively about our learning.




Year 5


Year 5 have worked as a team as part of our ASPIRE school values work this week, with each class producing a large piece of ‘Space Art’.

We each had a square to create totally independently – it didn’t make any sense on its own but when we all placed our square together it looked amazing!







Year 6


Year 6 investigated our core values and reflected on what it meant to them.  We craeted some writting and children gave presentations on the importance of ASPIRE!