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Generous And Full Of Hope

The children, families, local community and staff of Leigh North Street Primary School have raised almost £800 to fund a second-hand caravan.  Are we all going on holiday together?  No!
The caravan travels to the refugee camp in Calais on Sunday 17th July to be a ‘home’ for a few of the 3,000 or so unaccompanied children living there.  It will be delivered by local people, parents and staff at our school, who are involved in the local Side by Side with Refugees group.  We have raised enough through everyone’s amazing kindness to buy, clean, decorate and transport the caravan.  We have also managed to raise enough to fully equip it – first aid kit, fire extinguisher, cooking and eating utensils, bedding, toiletries, food and even some games for the children (we were advised by our own children about the best games to provide!).
A HUGE thank you to the whole school community – and everyone who attended (and ran) the Quiz night on Friday 8th July - for everything you have done to make this possible.  We hope that you saw  Caravanosaurus (named by Otis in Seahorse class) in the playground on Monday at our Open Evening – if not, here are some photos.  


Look out for photos of the delivery to Calais early in the final week of term!