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Year 3 Poetry Drop Feedback

Dear Pupils,

Many thanks for your awesome poetry on our train this morning. I read two poems based on the wind. Thank you for this, cheered up my journey to work.

Have a great day everyone,

Kind regards

Mrs Radley (a commuter for 20 plus years).




Enjoyed your poem Oscar.

Keep up the good work.




Dear Pupils of Leigh North Street Primary School,


I wanted to thank you for cheering my commute on the 7.42 train from Benfleet to London this morning.


I could see that other passengers were reading the poetry that you had left for them on a seat and I enjoyed the poem by Frankie entitled “The Wind”, which was on the seat that I took.


I work for a children’s charity called I CAN that helps children with speech, language and communication and I’ll let our two speech schools know about your poems.


Thank you for taking the trouble to do this and for making my day. No doubt your teachers had something to do with this, so please thank you too.


Best wishes,





I just read a fantastic poem by Hayden called ‘The Wind’. What a wonderful read first thing in the morning! Brilliant wording throughout, Well done Hayden!

Jack, 20.




What a wonderful surprise on the train this morning. Some beautiful very imaginative well written poems - thanks Kids




Hi Roddy and Leigh North Street Primary!


Thank you for your lovely poem on the train in to work this morning! It was wonderful to read, and has made the start to my day most enjoyable - I hope you got as much enjoyment writing it!


Keep up the good work, and always believe in yourself!







I’ve just read four fantastic poems on my way to work on the 7.37 train from Leigh to London -please pass on my thanks to all the children involved as they have really cheered up my morning! Lots of the other passengers are reading them and smiling too. I was particularly impressed by the way they had used similes and all the lovely imagery -they have made me want to visit the beach!!


Best wishes,