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Year 4 Residential

Friday 5th July 2019


As we approach our final day for this year at Skreens, Oyster win the prize for the quietest night...


They did a really great job building their rafts and were joined on the water by Mr Robins, Mrs Helps and Mrs Brown! I am surprised at how the adults managed to stay dry when the children were dripping! It was the hottest afternoon we have had...


Mr Gregory led a walk around the site, looking at and imagining what parts of the site could feature in a Harry Potter film. We even found a Womping Willow!


After s’mores and songs they settled to bed and have woken up fresh for more activities... bags have been packed, tables cleaned, floors hoovered and the sun cream applied. Archery and low ropes here we come.




Thursday 4th July 2019


Wowzwers! The sun is most definitely shining today... think this will be the hottest we have had.
Cockles slept really well and didn’t get up too early in the morning.
Breakfast today was a full fry up, although only one child ate the mushrooms!
They ventured off in the heat to try their skill at archery. Enjoying the challenge of trying to hit the gold. The low ropes led to more challenge, working as a team and “spotting” each other.

Change over time was smooth and oyster shell have arrived all happy and raring to go. With lashings of suncream and refills of water we are wheeling around the wheelchair course and testing out our senses on the blindfold course.




Wow! We have had an extremely busy day and have only just had a minute to sit down.

All cockles have entered into the spirit of the activities and even enjoyed being tickled by pieces of grass as they tackled the blindfold trail.

It was cooler on the lake this afternoon and fewer of them decided to jump in! The rafts held up really well and were built to last.

They have just enjoyed a rip roaring campfire with s’mores and they were treated to a couple of songs from Mr Gregory.

Let’s hope they are so tired they sleep well.




Wednesday 3rd July 2019


Following an afternoon on the lake, Paua shells took off for a long walk to try and tire them out! We had a nice peaceful stroll around the lake (well not so peaceful when we arrived!) The children collected a pile of wood and we enjoyed a sing song around the campfire, with s’mores and hot chocolate to finish the night.

Sleep wasn’t on the plan for most of our children, with the last asleep at 2am and the first awake at 5am.... they don’t seem tired- yet!

A scrummy pancake breakfast started the morning well and they have been off tackling the low ropes course and shooting the arrows form the archery bows.


Cockle have now arrived safely and settled into their rooms, Ready to head out on their first activity.


Paua shell 4 have had a busy day so far. After unpacking their kit and making their beds they headed off for their first activities. They took part in a sensory trail, ducking through tunnels and obstacles whilst they had a blindfold on. Some very brave moves considering they couldn’t see!

After a delicious lunch (some children even managed seconds, thirds and fourths!), we have headed down to the lake. Swimming costumes on and rafts being built. Let’s see how many float....