Leigh North Street


Primary School

We learn together through Questioning, Perseverance and a Growth Mindset.

Year 2


Monday 20th - Friday 24th March 2017


This week the teachers have been watching carefully to see how the children are helping others around them.  We have noticed how some have been really helpfully in tidying up the class cloakrooms and putting away buckets and spades after our beach trips. It was also spotted how someone was very patiently and clearly explaining how to tie shoelaces to a fellow friend.




Monday 13th - Friday 17th March 2017


This week we have been taking the opportunity to tell others that they rock!


The lower school choir before they went to sing at a local festival and Mrs Smith who has been sorting and organising the school library for everyone to enjoy.





Monday 6th - Friday 10th March 2017


This week we have decided to try and make people smile. Some of us have looked after foundation children at playtime and others have helped keep the classroom tidy by tidying bookshelves and pencil pots. Others have left bookmarks in books in the library for others to find when they take a book out.





Monday 27th February - Friday 3rd March 2017


This week we have embarked on our 40 Acts of Kindness in school.


We have learnt about the Christian festival of Lent and how this starts on Ash Wednesday and continues for 40 days culminating in Easter Week. We have learnt how Christians may abstain from a particular food item or how they may try to help others each day. We have discussed what may constitute an act of kindness and how we could try to do these. We have also talked about how we do them to make others feel happy and to make them smile.


We have noticed small things the children have done including a bunch of flowers to brightening a classroom, returning lost items to others even when they had to go out of their way to do so, picking up litter, hanging up coats on the floor, helping around the classroom without being asked, helping others when they can’t find what they are looking for and congratulating a fellow class mate when they have succeeded in some work they have found tricky.