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We learn together through Questioning, Perseverance and a Growth Mindset.

Years 3 - 5 Residential Trips

Year 5 Residential



Wednesday 17th July 2019


Arctic have had an amazing day and are still going strong! The beauty of being the last class on the residential is they have to eat up all the leftover food! Yum yum :)

They had a great afternoon with the water games and proved really good at working as a team to fire the water balloons out of the sling shot at the target. They all got incredibly dirty as they shot off the end of the water slide! 

They made great fires and all tried their pizza pittas. Arctic preferred baked apples to baked bananas.

Story time and song time around the fire finishes the day and they are nearly ready for sleep!




Pacific had a really lovely evening last night. The weather was idyllic for evening round the fire. Songs were song (even Mr Hautler joined in!), ukuleles played and s’mores eaten. A nice cup of hot chocolate followed and a quiet listen to the class story book, Holes.


A frantic running around game as dusk fell and the children were ready for bed. After lots of chit chat they finally drifted off until they awoke at 5am!!!!


A full English, tents packed, stick games and play time in the woods with Arctic is Definately wearing them out. They will sleep well tonight.





Tuesday 16th July 2019


A smooth arrival and unpack from Atlantic. Everyone happy in their tents and comfy beds made.

Lunch was almost efficiently cooked! They soon realised that one handful of wood burnt really quickly and they needed lots lots more!

The water games were well received on a very hot afternoon. There were some really good efforts on the slide as they over shot the end of the tarpaulin... 

Pacific have been treated to a visit from Mr Hautler and Mr Tucker (governor).




After a wet wet wet afternoon of games, Atlantic had a lovely evening. A nice cooking session of Pitta pizzas on the fire with cooked bananas. They enjoyed free play and a lovely sing song around the campfire. A game in the dark exhausted them before bed.


They slept well (even the children who were sleep talking!) and had an early morning start. A full fry up started the day and more games and activities are planned for the day.




Monday 15th July 2019


After arriving at the campsite and settling into their tents, Atlantic 5 went to discover life in the woods. 

They set about collecting wood and lighting their fires with a flint and steel. Everyone managed to light their fires and lunch was successfully cooked. 

They are now busy enjoying the sun as they play water team games! We have a lot of soggy children already and the real games haven’t started yet! 




Year 4 Residential



Friday 5th July 2019


As we approach our final day for this year at Skreens, Oyster win the prize for the quietest night...


They did a really great job building their rafts and were joined on the water by Mr Robins, Mrs Helps and Mrs Brown! I am surprised at how the adults managed to stay dry when the children were dripping! It was the hottest afternoon we have had...


Mr Gregory led a walk around the site, looking at and imagining what parts of the site could feature in a Harry Potter film. We even found a Womping Willow!


After s’mores and songs they settled to bed and have woken up fresh for more activities... bags have been packed, tables cleaned, floors hoovered and the sun cream applied. Archery and low ropes here we come.
















Thursday 4th July 2019


Wowzwers! The sun is most definitely shining today... think this will be the hottest we have had.
Cockles slept really well and didn’t get up too early in the morning.
Breakfast today was a full fry up, although only one child ate the mushrooms!
They ventured off in the heat to try their skill at archery. Enjoying the challenge of trying to hit the gold. The low ropes led to more challenge, working as a team and “spotting” each other.

Change over time was smooth and oyster shell have arrived all happy and raring to go. With lashings of suncream and refills of water we are wheeling around the wheelchair course and testing out our senses on the blindfold course.





Wow! We have had an extremely busy day and have only just had a minute to sit down.

All cockles have entered into the spirit of the activities and even enjoyed being tickled by pieces of grass as they tackled the blindfold trail.

It was cooler on the lake this afternoon and fewer of them decided to jump in! The rafts held up really well and were built to last.

They have just enjoyed a rip roaring campfire with s’mores and they were treated to a couple of songs from Mr Gregory.


Let’s hope they are so tired they sleep well.




Wednesday 3rd July 2019


Following an afternoon on the lake, Paua shells took off for a long walk to try and tire them out! We had a nice peaceful stroll around the lake (well not so peaceful when we arrived!) The children collected a pile of wood and we enjoyed a sing song around the campfire, with s’mores and hot chocolate to finish the night.

Sleep wasn’t on the plan for most of our children, with the last asleep at 2am and the first awake at 5am.... they don’t seem tired- yet!

A scrummy pancake breakfast started the morning well and they have been off tackling the low ropes course and shooting the arrows form the archery bows.


Cockle have now arrived safely and settled into their rooms, Ready to head out on their first activity.




Tuesday 2nd July 2019

Paua shell 4 have had a busy day so far. After unpacking their kit and making their beds they headed off for their first activities. They took part in a sensory trail, ducking through tunnels and obstacles whilst they had a blindfold on. Some very brave moves considering they couldn’t see!

After a delicious lunch (some children even managed seconds, thirds and fourths!), we have headed down to the lake. Swimming costumes on and rafts being built. Let’s see how many float....



Year 6 Residential 


Thursday  27th June 2019


Well, today has been a scorcher! The sun has really shone and the faces are glowing red (we have used suncream - honest!)

A yummy bacon butty started us off for the day and then we headed off for more activities.
Several had a go at archery and a few bullseyes were scored. The girls are beating the boys at rifle shooting. All the children made quality rafts and enjoyed racing each other across the lake. 
The children tried really hard in the kayaks and managed to avoid the new baby duckling who was taking charge of the lake.
It has been spotted that our children are fantastic when it comes to helping each other. They are super efficient now when it comes to helping each other zip up a wetsuit. 
We are still pleased to hear positive comments about the children’s manners and behaviour. Our two cooks for the week have loved feeding the children and don’t want them to leave.
We are looking forward to fun and games tonight and then packing up in the morning. 
Parents beware! The children are exhausted... they are looking forward to seeing you when you pick them up from school at normal time tomorrow.










Our afternoon at Stubbers was spent filling our time with a multitude of activities.
Fears of heights have been conquered, fears of dark spaces have been conquered and fears of water have been conquered.
All the children have excelled themselves and they are very proud of their achievements. All children have a different highlight and different favourites. 
We were pleased to have guests for our full roast dinner. Mr Hautler and Mrs Wells enjoyed visiting and helping serve the custard to go with the apple crumble.
We took a long walk in the evening, followed by some games. The children went to bed earlier tonight as they are exhausted...




Wednesday 26th June 2019















The children enjoyed a lunch of sausage rolls or vegetable bake, fruit and yoghurt as the sun started to break through. The children staying for two nights bid their farewells to the site and journeyed home (the coach was a lot quieter than it was on Monday). 

The 57 children remaining at Stubbers geared up for an afternoon of activities and this evening will be going on a night time walk. 

Your first instalment of photos will be available soon. 

The children enjoyed a lunch of sausage rolls or vegetable bake, fruit and yoghurt as the sun started to break through. The children staying for two nights bid their farewells to the site and journeyed home (the coach was a lot quieter than it was on Monday). 

The 57 children remaining at Stubbers geared up for an afternoon of activities and this evening will be going on a night time walk. 

Your first instalment of photos will be available soon. 




Good morning. 

The children slept really well and some even needed waking for breakfast! They have filled up on croissants, toast, cheese, ham and cereal. 

Morning activities are about to get underway for the children. The four nighters are heading for the water and activities consist of banana boats,  jet skis and kayaks. The two nighters will be packing their cases and heading off for orienteering and a go on the adventure playground. 

After lunch the 24 of the children heading home will be getting on the coach and returning to school. 




Tuesday 25th June 2019


The rain has held off and we have had another adrenaline filled afternoon. Mr Parsons impressed his group with his All Terrain Boarding. 

This evening, after our dinner of chicken or vegetarian nuggets and chips, we have had a camp fire and sung songs led by all the adults. Apologies if the children have incredibly annoying songs stuck in their heads!

It is almost time for pyjamas so the hot chocolates are being made and we are looking forward to settling down for the night. 

Tomorrow morning a continental breakfast awaits us. 



This morning the children all did different activities. They have overcome some massive personal challenges (particularly on the high ropes and in the tunnels) and they have embraced the water when paddle boarding. In groups they have supported each other with motivating cheering and on the team challenge activity their team work was amazing. 

At lunchtime they hungrily tucked in to hot dogs, salad, fruit and yoghurt. 

This afternoon children are challenging themselves further by climbing an 8 meter high pole, wall climbing and raft building. 




After our dinner of pasta and a chocolate brownie the children had lots of free time to play with sports equipment, spend time chatting in the fresh air and get a shower. 

At 8pm ‘Club Stubbers’ opened and children could play table tennis, table football or relax in front of a film (The Greatest Showman.) 

After the club shut, we returned to our tented villages and the children had a hot chocolate; put on their pyjamas and brushed their teeth. 

Torches were turned off by 10pm and we survived the rain in the early hours. 

The children stayed in their tents until 7am and then enjoyed a breakfast of cereal, toast, scrambled egg and beans. Their tents have been tidied and they have hung yesterday’s wet clothes on the line. 

This morning the sun is trying to break through and we have two activities before lunchtime. 

All children are being a credit to their families and our school. Aspire! 




Monday 24th June 2019


Wow what fun we are all having!

Our drive to Stubbers passed quickly and we were shown to our tents which were larger than expected and full of bunk beds. The children unpacked and had a fire drill. Next we headed off to our first activity which included jet skis and tunnelling to name a few. It was so exciting to get straight into the action.

Then we had a lunch of jacket potato with cheese, beans and tuna and could also have some fruit and salad.

After lunch it was off for more activities and some of us took on team challenges or paddle boarded. As you can imagine, after that, we were hungry so returned to our tented village for a bag of crisps. The children used this time to catch up with their friends and hear what everyone had been up to.

More activities followed including all terrain boarding, high ropes and banana boating. The children are all happy and their behaviour, determination and teamwork is exemplary. We have certainly taken our Aspire values with us.

Luckily the weather has been on our side: it is overcast but warm and the spots of rain have not amounted to much at all.

Later on we will be having a dinner of pasta with sauce and/ or meatballs.

Many photos have been taken but as WiFi is limited to mobile phone only pictures will be uploaded when the first group return later in the week.




Clown fish making the constellations on “star” wars day



Oyster shell making solar power cookers



Paua shell making solar power cookers



Pacific 5, learning how to use flint and steel.



Pacific 5 pop up natural art



Pacific 5 gardening


Clownfish outdoor learning. Planting seeds

Leigh North Streets bug hotel

Fire Pit in the Snow


Building dwellings for a mythical creature