Leigh North Street


Primary School

We learn together through Questioning, Perseverance and a Positive Mindset.

Beluga 6

Monday 17th September – Friday 21st September 2018


In order to get a baseline assessment of our starting points in Year 6 we have been doing SATs style  tests. Some of the comments made were:


“I knew quite a few of the questions!”


“I know what I have to work hard on now…”


“I feel relieved as they are not as scary as I thought they were going to be!”


All in all, the experience for Beluga was a positive one and children should be reminded that we have still got nearly a whole academic year in which to improve our learning and scores, whoever we are.


Elsewhere in the curriculum we have been looking at the influential work of Aristotle and his contribution to the Life Sciences. We have been investigating his major principles of his Ladder of Life and reflected as to whether his theories still hold true today. After much discussion and critical evaluation we concluded that Aristotle’s thinking was for the most part correct, but we disagreed with his notion that plants have no sensitivity and cannot move- do you remember our MRS NERG work from last week?


In history we have been learning about Hitler’s insidious plan to invade Britain and the necessity for victory in the skies which was later known as the Battle of Britain. From first-hand accounts, original news footage and analysis of political speeches we have pieced together the heroic actions and the strategic plans of the main historical figures of this period.


We realise that children have been working incredibly hard and that although homework has been set for collection for next week, those who are finding it difficult to balance 11+ work and school work do not have to hand it in this week. However we know there will be many who do make the deadline.  Finally, we would like to wish all the children taking their 11+ this weekend and on Tuesday the best of luck



 Children of Beluga hard at work in their assessments!





Monday 10th – Friday 14th September 2018


The children of Beluga have been hard at work in compiling notes and drafts in order to write a high quality recount text. The children were challenged to write a first person account of a fictional pair of twins and their exploits over the summer holidays. Through drama and discussion, they were able to create realistic narratives about the lives of the characters which were highly informative and quite often amusing. Additionally, by writing through the eyes of Barry and Belinda ( the new twins to North Street) children were able to explore the themes of new beginnings, acceptance, and trepidation as they were asked to recall/ empathize as to what starting at a new school would like.


In Maths we continued to explore very large numbers through place value and now can read, write and say numbers up to multiples of millions… in some cases billions! Science found us starting the new topic of The Classification of Living things. Do you know the 7 checks for life processes? We do, as we have been making posters of MRS NERG a mnemonic to help us remember!





Thursday 6th September 2018 - Friday 7th September 2018


Beluga Class came back to school firing on all four cylinders. We explored how we learned to learn and linked our experiences to our Core Values of ASPIRE. Through drama, discussion and artwork we reflected on how we could ensure that we can conduct ourselves in the most appropriate manner so that are last tear at North Street is the most rewarding one yet!