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We learn together through Questioning, Perseverance and a Positive Mindset.

Beluga 6

Monday 11th June 2018 - Friday 18th June 2018


You can tell it’s finally summer when the Sports Day season arrives!

This week saw the Year 5 and 6 Sports Afternoon take place on Thursday and what a thrilling and exciting spectacle it was. This year, in addition to the hotly contested flat sprints, saw the introduction of novelty class races with Beluga Class putting on a show with their Caterpillar Race. The children gave it their all as they competed for their school houses of Renown, Endeavour, Resolute, and Defender. It was a close run event, however Defender prevailed in the end with a whopping 80 points! It should be also noted that children from Beluga were chosen to help with the organisation of the Sports Afternoons for children of younger classes. They were highly commended for their efforts and Miss Callas, Year 1 Lead, remarked how sensible and helpful they had been and that they were a credit to Beluga Class!


In maths, children have been consolidating their mathematical knowledge gained over the year to challenge each other in the form of board games. Below are some examples of their work! Are you up to the challenge?



Monday 21st May 2018 - Friday 25th May 2018

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French Trip

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French Trip

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French Trip Camp Fire

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Monday 30th April 2018 - Friday 4th May 2018


A long time ago in a Galaxy far, far away ( well perhaps we’re exaggerating a little- Beluga Class) Children were doing some weird yet wonderful things!





Dressed as characters from the spectacularly gripping Star Wars franchise, the children of Beluga got down to the task of exploring what having a Growth Mindset really entails in their celebration of May 4th Be With you day. Their discussions were mature and searching as they made links with the school’s system of beliefs encapsulated in ASPIRE. We reflected on the need to be physically active to have a healthy lifestyle and outlook on life. We conceded that the brain is like one huge muscle and just as any other muscle needs to be worked to keep it in shape. To flex our brains we played some memory games- ask them about these… don’t let them say they’ve forgotten!



Earlier in the week continued with our RE topic of Islam and wrote diary extracts as though we were going to Hajj ( Muslim Holy Pilgrimage) and reflected on the excitement and other emotions this might bring. In art we

We continued to experiment with Japanese inspired watercolours. The force is most certainly alive and well in Beluga class this week!


Mr Martin








Monday 23rd April 2018 - Friday 27th April 2018


This week has seen the mock SATs take place in the final run up to the actual tests (week commencing May 14th). The children have been working incredibly hard and ought to be commended for their determination and mettle as some of the questions posed were incredibly taxing. In PE children have been training for the Borough Sports Competition which remarkably is only a few weeks away! It is timely then, that Beluga class has been learning about the capacity and function of the lungs and that these organs are a vital component of

of leading a healthy life and succeeding as an athlete.

In our study of Islam and its holy teachings, we have learned the importance of the Hajj (holy pilgrimage to Mecca) to Muslims and have traced the route of this well- trodden journey. Children were asked to create flow charts to explain the significant locations and religious practices at various places along the route.



Pilgrims at the Holy Mosque at Mecca




Monday 16th April - Friday 20th April 2018


The children of Beluga class arrived back to school in a most refreshed and purposeful way. As you will know, on the Monday and Tuesday we had our usual Learning to Learn Days – where children reflected upon their attitude and effectiveness as learners. Compellingly, we again revisited our ASPIRE core values to see if our learning had progressed over the year.

In order to uphold our commitment to Leigh North Street being an anti-bullying school, we investigated, through the dramatization of scenarios, the many different ways bullying can occur.

 Additionally, we looked at the role of the victim but also what it is to be a bully in order to grasp a sound concept of this awful crime. The children responded sympathetically to all of the solutions and formulated insightful strategies for the prevention of bullying in all of its many guises.



We all enjoyed being fully immersed in our new topic of Survival in the Wild which links with our class novel Kensuke’s Kingdom ( Michael Morpurgo) The story tells of a boy swept away from his boat and family to a faraway uninhabited desert island. The island has strong connections with Japan and as a consequence we experimented with Japanese brushes and inks to make delicate artwork.

Outside we challenged ourselves to many orienteering tasks as though we ourselves were marooned on a desert island. A very satisfying if not exhausting week was had by all.


Japanese ink and brush artwork.






The focus of science this week has been the circulatory system and the workings of the heart.  To get a comprehensive understanding of this children engaged in drama and imagined themselves to be ‘a day in the life of a red blood cell.’  Beluga learnt more about the structure and workings of the heart by constructing a pictorial one using the veins, arteries and valves.  Here are some excellent examples:





Monday, 19th February 2018 - Friday, 23rd February 2018



Beluga 6 hope everyone had a happy half term after a good break.


We are excited about the new topics for this half term which include, William Shakespeare and Easter.


In English this week we have been writing persuasive letters to Sir Francis Walsingham in order to ban blood-sports: bear-baiting and cock-fighting. These were very popular types of entertainment during the Elizabethan era and Queen Elizabeth 1 herself was a regular spectator.


In RE the children have been learning about Jesus’ life in the lead up to Easter. This week’s focus has been Palm Sunday where the children have started writing newspaper reports about the events that took place.


On Tuesday afternoons the children will be rotating between PE, Grammar and French sessions. This week’s PE has involved circuit training. The children were set several tasks in which they were to record how many reps they could do in a minute. They will be hoping to improve their scores each week.


In Art, Beluga 6 have been designing stories and putting their design into stained glass windows after inspiration from St. Clements stained glass windows.






Monday, 29th January 2018 - Friday, 2nd February 2018


Beluga 6 have continue to work well with their new learning partners this week and they have continued to help each other to discuss different topics asked by Mr Martin, particularly Fair Trade.  The children have been learning about our trading relationship with China and were asked to create  ‘British’  goods to trade.  Beluga 6 really enjoyed creating TV adverts for local products to sell to customers in China.  Some very interesting products were created and the children also scripted a TV advert for the company Chinese TV.  Some very inspiring work, Beluga.


In I.C.T. Beluga have been learning how to created graphs using Excel and evaluated the different outcomes of interpretation.  In English and History the children have created fact files about Elizabethan society and researching beliefs and theatre using tablets. It is encouraging to see the chidren taking some good notes in readiness for their comparison report they are planning to write.



Well done, Beluga for working so hard on your homework.  Each student has been given a homework folder to organise their: student planner, workbooks and spellings, each week. So far the results of the ‘revision’ homework tasks have been pleasing. Keep it up, Beluga 6.  





Monday, 22nd January 2018 - Friday, 26th January 2018


This week Beluga class  have been trying out some sample assessment tests, in order to practise their skills, in preparation for the SATs. These tests will help to inform the children of their progress and help to set personal targets for themselves as well as inform the teachers of areas the children need to develop. They have all worked very hard and should be proud of the efforts they have made.


In Science this week we created an electrical drama, acting out how a circuit works; played bingo with symbols and pretended to be electricians fixing circuits.


In Art, Beluga have been creating stain glass window designs that follow a story narrative related to the Elizabethan period. 


Beluga have had some very interesting discussions about world issues in PSHCE and thinking about our dream worlds, budgeting in computing to develop our skills in Excel, and talking about our daily routines in French.  Another busy week for Beluga. Well done, for working so hard.




Monday, 15th January 2018 - Friday, 19th January 2018


This week Beluga class have been working really well with their new learning partners and they have helped each other to discuss questions asked by Mr Martin and various lesson objectives.


In English, Beluga class have been learning about Sir Walter Raleigh’s journey to South America.  The children have written letters to parents, as if they were the head teacher, to ask permission to go on a similar sailing trip to follow in Sir Walter Raleigh’s footsteps.  They wrote their letters using good adverbs, adverbials, conjunctions and prepositions.


In Science, this week the children have been continuing with their work on Circuits. They have been focusing on accurate drawings and using prior learning to identify symbols and their definitions.


In Geography as part of our topic on Fairtrade, we have been looking at the incredible amounts of imported goods from China to the United Kingdom. The children have learned about the number of containers and commodities that arrive on the famous container ship, Marco Polo.


In History we have started to consider the key dates during the Elizabethan era, creating timelines and looking at 3 important aspects: Entertainment, Tudor Classes and William Shakespeare.




Monday, 8th January 2018 - Friday, 12th January 2018


Beluga have been very excited to learn who will be their new learning partner this week. Each class, in the school, have selected, at random, a learning partner to discuss ideas and opinions with each other and work together.  This has been a rather exciting change for us all. This, in time, will enable the pupils to become more confident, independent learners.


In Science we have moved on to learning about Electricity, the children have used their prior knowledge to make circuits and discuss how each component works as well as learn how to accurately draw them.



In Art, we have begun looking at stain glass windows. After our trip to St. Clements church, the children reflected on their sketches they produced and they discussed the history and story line behind each of their windows.





Thursday, 4th January 2018 to Friday, 5th January 2018


Happy New Year, 2018 from Beluga 6. Our first two days back at school after the Christmas break have been very exciting. On Thursday, we looked at a key aspect of our school values (ASPIRE), the focus being independence. The children created an independent child and wrote vocabulary for independence strategies and how to achieve independence. 


On Friday, we dressed up as Elizabethans to start off our new topic based around the Elizabethans and William Shakespeare. During the day the children rotated between the three classes creating artwork, dancing and cooking. A big thank you to parents, for helping Beluga to look so authentic in their costumes. They all had a great Shakespearian experience.



In Art the children drew self-portraits in the style of an Elizabethan; we also looked at symbolism with the clothing they wore.




Monday, 18th December to Wednesday, 20th December 2017


Beluga have been enjoying lots of Christmas activities this week as the Christmas holidays draw nearer and the children become very excited.

Well done to all the children who performed the Carol Concert at the Wesley Church on Wednesday evening, a very well done to them all for a wonderful performance.  Beluga, this week, have been making French calendars for the New Year, also Christmas problem-solving in Maths, the kitchen staff served a delicious Christmas dinner at lunch time and many children finished off their Anderson Shelters. Year 6 were able to watch ‘Good Night Mr Tom’, starring John Thaw, as this linked well to our studies on ‘evacuated children’ in World War 2.  All of the children enjoyed this film and some found it rather emotional.

Beluga 6 finished the week looking very festive wearing Christmas jumpers.

A busy week for us all and Beluga 6 would like to wish everyone,

a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



Stay safe over the holiday period and we’ll see you on

Thursday, 4th January 2018.




Monday, 11th December to Friday, 15th December 2017


Beluga 6 have been rehearsing this week, ready for their performance on Wednesday, 13th December at Wesley church, Leigh on Sea.  Staff and pupils have worked extremely hard to perfect dancing, singing, puppet show, reading to an audience and performing.  The two performances on Wednesday afternoon went without a hitch and put everyone in the Christmas mood for the festive season. Well done, everyone.

This week Beluga 6 have also been constructing Anderson shelters as part of their Design and Technology lessons. Pupils used wire, corrugated card and paper to build their projects. Here are some of the  class hard at work:




Years 5 & 6 Carol Concert

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Monday, 4th December to Friday, 8th December 2017


Year 6 have completed more of their excellent creative World War II homework and presented them to the rest of the class. 



Max and Thomas did their presentation about ‘A made up Skirmish’ with two spitfires and a Messerschmitt.  Their models were really amazing and so was their self-made You Tube video.  Their presentation was fabulous.  Well done.


Beluga also had a visit from our local Priest, Father Neil, to discuss his role in the church and local community for our RE topic on Christianity. The children were really interested to hear what he had to say and they asked him some excellent questions. The behaviour of the children was praised greatly by Father Neil.


The children have also been working really hard for the Christmas Carol Concert and everyone’s been singing beautifully. Enjoy the performances next week!




Monday, 27th November to Friday, 1st December 2017


Beluga 6 participated in a Science lesson on our topic ‘Light’.  Children learned that light can bend and is known as refraction.  They also investigated that reflection can occur when it is thrown back by a body or surface of light, heat, or sound without absorbing it.  Have a look at our photographs – can we show the investigation of one ‘disappearing man’. 






Year 6 have completed some excellent creative World War II homework and presented them to the rest of the class.  Max and Thomas did their presentation about ‘A made up Skirmish’ with two spitfires and a messerschmit.  Their models were really amazing and so was their self-made video.



Carrie made a wonderful suitcase and it’s contents included a hand-made teddy, jam sandwich,  a ration book, a storybook and a toy train.




Year 6 Jive

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Monday 9th October – Friday 13th October 2017


It has been another eventful and exciting week in Beluga Class!

The children have continued to investigate the historical and social significance of World War II.   In Art, the children learnt about the devastating effects of the London Blitz.  By using pastels and silhouettes they created dramatic scenes of the London skyline under attack. See some excellent examples below:




On Tuesday, we visited the local Synagogue in Westcliff, where the children were told about some of the traditions, practises and artefacts of the Jewish faith.  Year 6, listened carefully and respectfully and posed insightful questions – they were a real credit to Leigh North Street Primary School.





Monday 11th September - Friday 22nd September 2017


The new term could not have started in a more perfect manner! The children of Beluga have arrived back from the summer holidays, to what will be their final year at Leigh North Street Primary School, in a fresh and focussed manner. Already much has been achieved!

To start the term we re-examined our Core Values and how we could apply them to our day to day school day and our wider lives.


Here are some of the responses the children composed:


Perseverance is never giving up. If we have been given a task in the classroom or even in PE we should always keep going as there is always a solution.”


“Acceptance is tolerating and welcoming difference. It doesn’t matter who you are: it is what you are and how you behave to others.”


“Enjoyment is why we live, isn’t that the whole point of why we are here?”


  1. think these insightful and poignant remarks really serves to demonstrate the purposeful mind-set with which Beluga has entered the Autumn term.






Another high note has been the start of our humanities topic, The Second World War. The children have been learning about the causes of the outbreak of war and how this impacted on the lives of people across the globe. The children have listened carefully and have asked many an incisive question. It looks like it is going to shape up to be a most fascinating topic!


Thank you for those parents who were able to attend the Parents’ Briefing on Tuesday. If you were unable to attend, I do hope you received, from your child, the Curriculum Map pamphlet which outlines the subjects covered this term.


Just a reminder that swimming is on Monday and PE is on Thursday and Friday.

Homework is set on Monday (Maths) and Wednesday (English and or Topic)


Warm Regards


Mr Martin