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Paua Shell 4

Monday 17th September – Friday 21st September 2018


Paua 4 have been busy reading more of the Iron Man and have written diary entries from the character Hogarth’s point of view.  As the photos show, the children have been using chalks to create their own versions of the Iron Man.  More photos will follow next week of their finished work!






Monday 10th – Friday 14th September 2018


Here are Paua 4 in their first P.E. lesson of the year!  They were exploring how to represent the flow of electricity by joining hands and creating movements that flowed around a circle.  The children then worked in small groups to create their own sequence of moves.  This lesson helped to build the concepts we will be working on in our Science  activities. 





Thursday 6th September - Friday 7th September 2018


Here are Paua Shell 4 creating a piece of Art all about themselves.  The children have used crayons to draw pictures of their favourite things and then used paints to brush over the rest of the page.  Photos will also be added in the next stage - more to follow on this next week.




Here are Paua Shell 4 using the headphones as part of Press Play (this is a new interactive, immersive experience to enhance learning).  The theme was linked to our new Science topic of electricity and the children enjoyed acting out the scenes.  Lots of fun was had by all!