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We learn together through Questioning, Perseverance and a Positive Mindset.

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Monday 12th - Friday 16th June 2017


On Monday we enjoyed watching the `The Selfish Giant’ performance by Image Musical Theatre. We thoroughly enjoyed singing all the songs and listening to the story. We have even created a stage on the decking area outside to perform our own songs using the musical instruments available.

We have also been learning about how to keep our bodies healthy and fit as part of our ‘Jigsaw’ activities. We sorted healthy items or images with not so healthy items or images. The children impressed us by their knowledge of food and exercise.

Finally thank you for those parents and visitors who joined us on Wednesday afternoon to look through the children’s Learning Journeys. The children enjoyed sharing their achievements this year and we really appreciated all your positive comments.


From Miss Callis and the Coral team J













Monday 5th - Friday 9th June 2017


On Monday we enjoyed talking about our `Holiday News’. On Tuesday we painted pictures of the exciting things we got up to in the half term holidays. On Wednesday and Thursday we wrote sentences to accompany our paintings. In Mathematics we have learnt about estimation and we have been working with our friends to estimate the amount of beads in a pot. We then counted to check if we made a good estimation. On Friday we enjoyed our P.E. session with the gymnastics coach. We listened carefully and learnt how to use our bodies to move in different ways.

From Miss Callis and the Coral team J









Monday 22nd - Friday 26th May 2017


We have had lots of fun this week. We enjoyed learning different skills in our P.E. session on Monday. We rotated in our group to various activities which developed our skills in running, jumping, throwing and team games. We have written the last page in our caterpillar diary. The butterflies are now coming out of the cocoons. It is very exciting! We have also painted stones and added extra detail in felt tip pens to look like minibeast. On Thursday we had a `fun swim’. We used the inflatables to have lots of fun with our friends.

Have a lovely half term holiday! 

From Miss Callis and the Coral team







Monday 15th - Friday 19th May 2017



We thoroughly enjoyed our assembly performances. Miss Callis was very proud of us as we spoke clearly and sung beautifully. We hope you liked it as much as we did!

On Tuesday we arranged different sized stones to create minibeast pictures. We were very pleased with our creations.

On Thursday we dressed up in beach wear and ate our delicious school dinner.

This week we have been working hard on addition and subtraction number sentences to 20 (and beyond).    We have been using a variety of strategies including using our fingers, a number line and even a 100 grid (when working with larger numbers). 

From Miss Callis and the Coral team







Monday 8th - Friday 12th May 2017



This week we have been mini beast hunting. We have found many minibeasts outside using our magnifying glasses.

On Tuesday we enjoyed looking and sharing books with our friends at the book fair.

We have also been doing mini beast maths and working out how to share the mini beasts between the leaves.


From Miss Callis and the Coral team









Monday 1st - Friday 5th May



On Monday a special parcel arrived in Coral class. It contained some caterpillars for us to look after. We have enjoyed looking at them with our magnifying glasses and seeing how they move and eat. We are going to be very careful with them and we are keeping a diary of how they change. We have also enjoyed reading the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and singing mini beast songs.


From Miss Callis and the Coral team







Monday 24th - Friday 28th April 2017


On Monday morning Coral class worked extremely hard during their P.E. session with the ASSA team. They all listened attentively and practise their running and team work skills. They worked in small groups and rotated around the six activities provided. The children also enjoyed sharing the items in their `Interest bags’. They spoke clearly and confidently about their interest or hobbies.

This week Coral class enjoyed printing with 2D shapes to create minibeasts. The children identified and described the properties of each 2D shape required. They have also written a thank you letter to the `Snakes Alive’ team. They explained what animal they liked the best and wrote some interesting facts about that particular animal.


From Miss Callis and the Coral team










Monday 17th - Friday 21st April 2017


This half term our topic is `Minbeasts’ and the children have written questions about this theme. The children have also shared their amazing holiday home learning and some of their work is now displayed in the classroom.

On Wednesday Coral class enjoyed the visit from `Snakes Alive’. They looked and touched a variety of animals including a lizard, a tarantula, a snail, a stick insect and a python. The children asked lots of questions about each animal.

Today is the Queen’s birthday and we celebrated this by wearing red, white and blue. We also sung the National Anthem in the playground this afternoon.

From Miss Callis and the Coral team









Monday 27th - Friday 31st March 2017


We had a fantastic time on our trip this Monday. The children were super sensible all day. They went on the train to visit Southend Library where they looked at a variety of books with their friends and had lunch. They then went back on the train to Shoeburyness  where they played with their friends on the green and later returned back to Leigh-on- Sea.

This week we have also made Easter cards, made Easter chocolate nest cakes and discussed the Easter story.

Thank you for all your support this term and have a lovely Easter break!


From Miss Callis and the Coral team










Monday 20th - Friday 24th March 2017




We had lots of fun this week! On Monday we solved Mathematical problems in the hall. We worked within a small team to create different 2-D shapes which developed our knowledge about tessellation.

This week we have been thinking about `Mother’s Day’. We have created beautiful cards and coasters. We also enjoyed decorating some scrumptious cakes for our mums to enjoy with a relaxing cup of tea. In circle time we thought of the reasons why we need to say thank you to our Mummy’s and the lovely things they do on a daily basis for us. We then worked hard to write our thoughts down independently. 

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother’s Day!


From Miss Callis and the Coral team











Monday 13th - Friday 17th March 2017


We had a great time at the beach this week and the sun shone as we hoped. We enjoyed playing parachute games involving teamwork and cooperation. The children then had to build a house or shelter for a character from a traditional tale using natural objects found on the beach. Following on from our maths work in class this week, the children also had to make a repeating pattern using seaweed, pebbles and shells.

The children also drew round 2D shapes to create a house for a character from a traditional tale.

Thank you for all our brilliant helpers. We really appreciate your support!

Have a great weekend!


From Miss Callis and the Coral team










Monday 6th - Friday 10th March 2017


Coral class have been learning how to double numbers. `Little Pig’ decided to cook some cakes and he put two cakes into the `magic’ doubling oven and four cakes came out! We used numicon to help us double numbers and we even recorded some of our number sentences on whiteboard.

We had fun using the water tubes outside! We collected the water from the water tray and poured the water down different tubes to investigate what would happen. We used the small rubber ducks and boats to discover how quickly we could move them down the tubes.

We also thoroughly enjoyed using the playdough this week. We used a variety of tools and techniques to make our own creation.


Have a great weekend!


From Miss Callis and the Coral team









Monday 27th February - 3rd March 2017


Coral class have had a fantastic week! We have been learning about the story `The Runaway Pancake’ and on Shove Tuesday we enjoyed eating delicious pancakes. We chose from a variety of different toppings and ate our pancakes with our friends.

We have participated in many exciting activities during `Book Week’ this week! Parents were invited to share books with the children and this was a great success. On Wednesday afternoon we listened attentively to an author who read a book called `Mum’. We found it really funny and asked some very interesting questions!

We have also used the puppets to act out stories with our friends and painted some pictures of the characters from different story books. On Friday we enjoyed sharing books with our Year 6 reading buddy. 


Have a great weekend!


From Miss Callis and the Coral team












Monday 20th - Friday 24th February 2017


Coral class have been learning about `Traditional Tales’. We have been focusing on the story `Little Red Riding Hood’.  The children have retold the story using the puppets and the puppet theatre, written story maps and written out part of the story. In mathematics we have been solving mathematic subtraction number problems using a variety of resources and strategies to help us work out the answers. We also thoroughly enjoyed our swimming session this week and our swimming skills are greatly improving.

Today we have been developing our throwing and catching skills during our outside P.E. session. We also practised hula hooping, rolling and our team work skills.


From Miss Callis and the Coral team














Monday 6th - Friday 10th February 2017


We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Disney film `Frozen’. We have discussed and written about the characters. We have investigated Elsa’s frozen hand and talked about how we could melt it. We enjoyed making and tasting our delicious fruit ice lollies. We had lots of fun dancing with our partner at the `Frozen’ ball and eating our decorated iced biscuits.


From Miss Callis and the Coral team












Monday 30th January - Friday 3rd February 2017



Coral class have been learning about `Freezing and Melting’ this week. The children have been investigating how to melt the ice which the toy dinosaurs had been frozen in. They came up with many excellent suggestions and ideas. The children also enjoyed touching the fake snow and cotton wool which we had in the classroom. They counted, added and compared the number of the snowballs to help them develop their Mathematics skills.

Finally we are enjoyed learning `through play’ in our classroom environment this included role playing in our `Chinese Restaurant’, writing notes, building models, developing Mathematical concepts and developing scientific understanding.


From Miss Callis and the Coral team 












Monday 23rd - Friday 27th January 2017


Coral class have thoroughly enjoyed celebrating and learning facts about the Chinese New Year. We listened to the Chinese story about the zodiac signs to help us understand ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.). We have enjoyed dressing up and re-enacting roles in our `Chinese restaurant’ situated in our home corner area. We have also created Chinese lanterns, painted Chinese dragons and written the numbers one to 10 in Chinese writing.

We tasted a variety of different delicious Chinese food which included egg fried rice, noodles, sesame seed prawn toast, spring rolls and prawn crackers. We also created a bar chart to discover what Coral classes’ favourite Chinese food is.

From Miss Callis and the Coral team













Monday 16th - Friday 20th January 2017


Coral class have been busy this week! On Monday morning we walked to the beach and back through the Library Gardens. The children were looking for signs of winter. Upon our return we all enjoyed a fabulous hot chocolate and some children even enjoyed a second cup!

We also discussed the goals we wish to achieve this term which is now displayed in our classroom. This is linked to our school ethos on developing children’s `Growth Mindset’. Coral class always try their best, enjoy challenges, persevere and take risks in their learning.

On Thursday we dressed up in outfits linked to the `Under the Sea’ theme. We enjoyed eating our special hot dinners that day and it was a huge success!


From Miss Callis and the Coral team













Monday 9th - Friday 13th January 2017


Coral class have been working very hard this week. On Monday afternoon the children had their first indoor P.E. session where they learnt how to move in different ways and practised stopping in a space. They were very good at listening and following the instructions!

On Wednesday they made and decorated some delicious frozen/ wintery fairy cakes. They also practised colour mixing some wintery colours by adding white paint to either purple or blue paint. They then used these shades of colour to walk the paintbrush across the paper and added some all-important glitter to give it the wintery effect.

On Friday we looked at the traces of snow outside. We discussed what we thought had happened and the effect of freezing. We made sure that we wrapped up extra warm!


From Miss Callis and the Coral team :)










Thursday 6th - Friday 9th January 2017


Welcome back and Happy New Year! The cold and frosty weather is just right for our topic for this term – we will be thinking about Winter and Frozen.


Congratulations to all those children who received the “Regular Readers” award at the end of last term. We would like to encourage parents to read with their children at least 5 times per week and record this in their home/school link book. We are aware that lots of reading takes place at home, but it is not always written in the book. We check the books weekly and the children are rewarded in assembly at the end of each half-term. We thank you for your continued support.



Monday 19th - Tuesday 20th December 2016


On Monday our Year 6 reading buddies retold the Christmas Nativity story using puppets. We thoroughly enjoyed watching the performance! We also made some delicious mince pies with some special glitter. We rolled the pastry, cut out shapes, baked them in the oven and ate them all up! Yum Yum!

Today we will be busy finishing our jobs, tidying the classroom and preparing for the Christmas singing assembly this afternoon.

We would like to thank you for all your kind cards and generous gifts. We greatly appreciate all your support this year. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy 2017!


From Miss Callis and the Coral team :)










Monday 12th - Friday 16th December 2016


We named our elf `George’.  George has been keeping a close eye on us this month to check how brilliant we are! He has appeared in different locations all around the classroom every morning.

We have had a very exciting week. We thoroughly enjoyed watching the `Cinderella’ pantomime and actively participated when required.  We enjoyed eating our Christmas lunch and opening crackers with friends. We also sang beautifully for our first school Nativity and were very sensible.  Miss Callis was very proud of us all! 

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Callis




















Monday 5th - Friday 9th December 2016


Our dress rehearsal for our Nativity went really well Thursday afternoon. Coral class sat nicely and sang beautifully. Well done Coral class!

During “free flow” the children have enjoyed counting, cycling, role play, building and writing on our clipboards. We are also good at sharing, taking turns and being kind to others.

In swimming this week we thoroughly enjoyed our `fun swim’. It was great fun using the inflatable toys with our friends!

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Callis















Monday 28th - Friday 2nd December 2016


Thank you for everyone who came to Coral class to help with decorations morning. We hope all the adults had just as much fun as the children! The children created five Christmas decorations which are now displayed in the classroom. We are now getting in the festive spirit!

The children listened to the story `Elf on the shelf’. On December 1st an elf appeared in Coral classroom. Luckily the children knew not to touch him as they didn’t want his magic to disappear. We are thinking what to call him and will have a name vote on Friday.  I wonder where he will be each morning?

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Callis










Monday 21st - Friday 25th November 2016


We enjoyed sharing our `All about Me bags’. The children brought in items from home and explained to the rest of the class why they were important to them. This has been a fantastic way to help the class find out about that particular child. After each item is shown, the class have the opportunity to ask any relevant questions they wish to ask.

Once again we have had lots of fun in swimming and have been developing our swimming skills.

Thank you for everyone who came and tasted our soup last Friday. We really appreciate your support and hope you enjoyed looking around Coral classroom.

Have a lovely weekend.










Monday 14th - Friday 18th November 2016


On Tuesday we visited the book fair and enjoyed looking at all the books in the hall. We were super sensible and shared the books with a friend or our Mummy. Thank you for those who came to buy a book this week and supporting the school.

Mrs Webster visited our classroom on Wednesday and watched our phonics session. She was very impressed with us and thought we were all engaged in our learning. Well done Coral class!

We have had lots of fun dressing in spotty clothes and icing cakes for `Children in Need’ on Thursday.

We also made lots of delicious vegetable soup for Friday 18th November. We chopped up the vegetables into small pieces and watched them cook on the hob. It smelt amazing! We are looking forward to tasting the soup with our parents/ carers on Friday and showing them around our classroom.  We have made two types of soup `Carrot and Tomato’ and `Thai Super Green’ Soup. If you feel inspired please make your own soup at home (homework on the website). The recipes will be available on Friday afternoon at the `Soup Café ‘.

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Callis















Monday 7th - Friday 11th November 2016


We have been busy in Coral Class this week. We watched some firework displays on the computer and discussed the shapes we saw. We then used 2- D shapes to create imaginative firework pictures. Later on in the week we created more firework paintings. We used tubes of card which were cut into small strips to create star shapes when dipped into paint. To add extra detail we added some all-important glitter to make our paintings shimmer in the light!

Well done everyone for practising putting on your coats and doing them up! Please continue to practise this at home if you are still finding this a little tricky.

We opened up our `Soup Café’ in the home corner area. The children have enjoyed being customers and roleplaying with their friends.

Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to welcoming you to our classroom on Friday 18th November to taste the delicious soup we will make in class and to look around our classroom.











Monday 31st October - Friday 4th November 2016


This week we have been working extremely hard on our Autumn paintings. We used our fingers to create a beautiful Autumn tree in a variety of colours.








We had fun in our first ever swimming session at school. We listened attentively and were brilliantly behaved. Our swimming teachers were very pleased with us!




`Coat Challenge’

The weather is getting cold. Please can your child practise putting on and doing up their coat independently?

As outdoor PE continues on Friday mornings through the colder months you may wish to send in a pair of jogging bottoms / leggings (dark colours) for your child to wear. 




Monday 16th - Friday 21st October 2016


We had fun on our Autumn walk this week! We looked for signs of Autumn and collected some items of interest to look at in the classroom.






Monday 10th - Friday 14th October 2016


We have had fun in the sand this week!






Monday 3rd - Friday 7th October 2016


We enjoyed making potions and yummy jam tarts on our 'Mad Hatter Tea' Day!









Monday 26th - Friday 30th September 2016


Coral class enjoying their first full week at school. 





Having fun with the parachute!