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Monday 5th February - Friday 9th February 2018



What an amazing time we have had in Coral class this week! We have thoroughly enjoyed celebrating and learning key facts about the Chinese New Year. We listened to the Chinese story about the zodiac signs to help us understand ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.). We have enjoyed re-enacting roles in our `Chinese restaurant’ set in our home corner. During the week we have made Chinese lanterns, dragon masks and best of all, created a class Chinese dragon and danced to traditional music. Our class have been learning how to say numbers 1 to 10 in Chinese.

We hope you have a wonderful half term break!

Mrs Sutcliffe, Mrs Steed and the Coral class team.








Monday 29th January - Friday 2nd February 2018



What a ball we’ve had this week in Coral class! On Wednesday we had our fantastic Frozen ball, singing along to several classic Frozen songs and discussing the different characters in the film. The children had a go at ballroom dancing and also decorated cupcakes with blue icing and sprinkles. This week, our maths focus has been to investigate how to measure objects using multilink blocks and rulers. What a fabulous time we’ve had today for our maths day; a big thank you to all of you for coming and your ongoing support.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Sutcliffe, Mrs Steed and the Coral class team.













Monday 22nd January - Friday 26th January 2018


We’ve had another super week in Coral class! This week our class have completed our artic mono print and collage scenes. We think you’ll agree – they look absolutely amazing! We have been exercising every day using activate in our classroom and practising star and pencil shapes in our ASSA session. Coral class has been working very hard on our sounds and tricky words every day. We set up a Pizza delivery role play and took pizza orders using words based on our sounds of the week.

We apologise about postponing our beach trip and look forward to re-scheduling this trip within the next couple of weeks.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Sutcliffe, Mrs Steed and the Coral class team.









Monday 15th January - Friday 19th January 2018


It’s been another fantastic week in Coral class! Continuing our Frozen theme we have been researching and writing key words to describe animals that live in the artic. This week our class have discussed and predicted what happens to tubs of ice when they are left in three different conditions. Coral class carried out a fair test and we discovered that the tubs of ice left in the classroom melted first, then the tub left outside. Finally, the tub of ice left in the freezer remained frozen. On Wednesday we had a fantastic time creating our artic mono prints and cold colour collages. Coral class has been working very hard on our sounds and tricky words every day. In numeracy we set up a Waitrose shop and found out how to add and subtract two numbers when doing our shopping! We have also explored 3D shapes and trying to remember  the names for each one.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Steed and the Coral class team.







Monday 8th January - Friday 12th January 2018


What a wonderful week in Coral class! As part of our Frozen theme we have been learning about many animals that live in the artic. On Monday, Coral class investigated what happens to a block of ice when it is left to defrost. As a class we have discussed and made a prediction of what we think will happen to ice when left in different conditions; our ice experiment will be carried out next week. Every day Coral class have been practising doing their zips up independently, just in time for this rather chilly weather!

We have been mixing cold colour paints in preparation for some artic mono printing next week.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Steed and the Coral class team.








Happy New Year!

We have enjoyed looking at the children’s Winter homework. They have obviously worked very hard. Don’t worry if you haven’t had the chance to complete the activities we will be happy to see the creations next week.





Coral News 15th December 2017


Thank you to all who came our Christmas concerts this week, the children did very well!  We also enjoyed our Christmas lunch which turned out to be very popular!

Friday was Christmas Jumper Day.  Everyone looked fabulous!  Thanks for dressing up and a big thank you for giving so generously to raise money for “Save the Children”.

We are finishing the week with a visit from AJ the Magician; it’s so exciting… magic, singing and dancing all before lunch!  Please ask you child who AJ was!

Finally, on Friday, Coral class had their final ‘Long Story Friday’ with a difference.  Every Friday afternoon, Mr Addley reads a long story without pictures to the children in front of the fire (A video on the screen!)  The children love this opportunity to lie down and imagine the characters from the story.  However, on the final day, Mr Addley lit a real fire in the outdoor classroom where we all enjoyed a story followed by hot chocolate with marshmallows and popcorn!

Have a great weekend!













Monday 4th - Friday 8th December 2017



Thank you to all the parents who came to help on Christmas Decoration Morning!  We had a lot of fun but Mr Addley is glad to get his classroom back in order!

Our Nativity concert will be held in the Lower School Hall Wednesday 13th December.  Tickets have already gone out so if you haven’t got yours yet, please see Mr Addley or speak to the office.

We apologise for there being no swimming this week but as you may have heard, due to a child who was taken ill, the pool had to be closed.  Our final swimming session of the year will be next Thursday 14th December. 

That’s all for now!









Monday 27th November – Friday 1st December 2017



This week, we have continued to write our shopping lists to help us decide which vegetables to buy for our soup. Two lucky children were then specially chosen to visit the local greengrocers to buy the vegetables and then on Thursday, we all helped to chop the vegetables before eating it! Almost all the children asked for a second helping so we are pleased with that!

We are continuing to rehearse for our Christmas concert and have been doing some great singing. We hope you will be able to join us next Monday morning for our Christmas decorations making.

Have a lovely weekend.

Coral Class








Monday 20th November – Friday 24th November 2017


This week, we have been learning about vegetables.  We created a greengrocer role play and the children have been busy writing and buying the vegetables using money.  This will lend itself to writing our ‘shopping lists’ which we will use next week to buy some vegetables from the real shop in order to make vegetable soup.  We’re looking forward to this!

As the weather is turning colder, we have also been learning to zip up our coats independently.  Some of the children have become ‘zip helpers’ for those children who need help which has been very nice to see.

We also had some great new resources delivered this week, including a huge pile of foam bricks.  This led to lots of great co-operative construction and building work taking place out on the decking.









Monday 13th November – Friday 17th November 2017


During anti-bullying week, Coral Class decided to work on ways to be kind and how we can help others.  Jigsaw Jenny (a puppet) visited us and told us how she was hurt on the playground.  We explored feelings, both physical and emotional, and ways to care for others who are hurt.  Some of the children even made cards for Jigsaw Jenny.  Feel free to ask your child all about Jenny!

The Book Fair visited the school this week and we had the opportunity to spend a little time exploring the books.

Finally, on Friday, we took part in Children in Need activities which included biscuit decorating and creating some coin art in the playground (thank you for all the donations you sent)!









Monday 6th November – Friday 10th November 2017


This week we have been discussing firework celebrations and the children have been talking about the events they visited over the Guy Fawkes weekend.  We have also been busy making firework pictures using various materials including printing, cutting, sticking and so forth.  We also used a graphics program in the ICT suite to create firework effects on our pictures.  We then printed the pictures for our Learning Journeys.

We went on a 2d shape hunt around the school (a delayed activity from last week) and enjoyed finding out about shapes in our environment.  Finally, on Friday we listened to war time poetry from the year 6 children and took part in the 2 minute silence to commemorate Armistice Day.









Monday 30th October – Friday 3rd November 2017


This week, the children began their swimming lessons.  This was a lot of fun and the children coped very well with getting undressed and dressed.  The children are managing their personal belongings very well!  Thank you to those parents who helped and if you would like to help next Thursday, are DBS checked and are available from 13:10-14:45 then please let us know!

Pudsey the Bear visited the classroom this week and gave a hug to the children.  We also had our photo taken with him!

Reminder:  Parent consultations will be on Monday.  If you are unsure of your time, then simply check your child’s home-link book!


Coral Class









Monday 16th October - Friday 20th October 2017


This week we had an exciting adventure to the Leigh Library Gardens.  We walked to the gardens and had a few parent helpers to assist us.  Thank you very much!  Whilst in the gardens, we searched for signs of autumn with the help of a pictorial check-list.  Thankfully, no one decided to put the squirrel in the bag!

A bundle of autumn related activities were sent home this week to keep the children (and parents!) busy over the holiday.  We hope you enjoy these!

Thank you very much for a great first half to the autumn term, have a relaxing but enjoyable time at home with your children and we’ll see you again on Tuesday 31st October to begin the countdown until Christmas!!!










Monday 9th October - Friday 13th October 2017



This week we have been exploring capacity, floating and sinking at the water table outside.  We have also had a lot of fun in PE where we have been practising our balls skills with throwing and catching.  Thank you to those of you that came to our phonics workshop, we hope you found it beneficial. You can find the PowerPoint presentation on the school website: >about us>curriculum>reception.  There are also some useful links for supporting phonics and reading at home at the end of the PowerPoint.  Finally, on Friday we celebrated ‘Leigh in Pink’.  Mr Addley dug out his old pink trousers from the bottom of his wardrobe and the classroom became so pink it made the sun wink!  Thank you for all the donations you sent.

Almost half-term, one week to go! 








Monday 2nd October – Friday 6th October 2017


This week, the children have been busy making characters out of leaves and other natural items to inspire some story making.  We have been inventing our own stories about leaf men, among other characters!  We’ve also been leaf printing too!

On Friday, we participated in our first assembly in the school hall.  This went remarkably well.  We are very impressed with the listening skills of the children and their ability to follow instructions!

Many parents donated to the harvest festival.  Thank you very much.

On Tuesday 10th October, we will be holding a phonics workshop in the school hall.  Please do try to come along to find out how we teach phonics in school and hopefully gain some tips for helping your child at home!

We hope you have a good weekend!

Coral Class










Monday 25th September – Friday 29th September 2017


The children have settled in to the full school day very well and we have been doing lots of fun things!

This week, we have been discussing the change of season (autumn) and have been investigating nature’s treasures on out autumn table.  Thank you to you all who contributed!  If you would like to bring in more autumn treasures next week then you are most welcome!

We have enjoyed painting self-portraits this week and these will be on display soon!

On Friday, the children will be bringing home their first word-sheet.  Please practise these words at home.  You are also invited to a phonics workshop on 10th October to find out more about how your child will learn to read!












Monday 18th September – Friday 22nd September 2017


This week, we have been busy painting self-portraits, writing about our families and we discovered the ICT suite.  We have also enjoyed having lunch in school and learning the lunch time routine.  The children are becoming more and more independent, especially at taking care of their personal belongings which we actively encourage. 

Next week, we plan to set up an autumn interest table with conkers, leaves, pine cones etc. We would love to add any autumn ‘finds’ you may come across at the weekend.










Monday 11th September – Friday 15th September 2017




We have had a fantastic few days at school getting to know one another and exploring both the classroom and outside areas.  The children have settled in well and we have been learning the classroom rules.  Mr Addley has even made progress at recognising the parents!

Please remember to check your child’s book bag as they brought home a book to read this week along with their reading record.  There are also some letters and some art work to be found!

Have a great weekend, see you next week!


Coral Class.