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Orca Class Weekly News


Monday 12th November- Friday 16th November 2018


Starting a new job is always a huge undertaking, but starting mid term is always extra tricky, especially when Mrs Moore has already done such a fabulous job!

I must admit to being somewhat nervous on my first day.

However, I need not have worried as Orca has done such a great job making me feel so welcome and part of the Year 6 team

Bring on the rest of the Year!!

This week we have been using role play to continue our suspenseful war stories, please take a look at our pictures





Monday 15th October 2018 – Friday 19th October 2018


What a half term we have had. The children have made an excellent start to the year both academically and as role models for the rest of the school. Our Prefects and House Captains have helped maintain our high expectations of behaviour in the assembly halls and the corridors, the journalists are working towards tight dead lines in order to publish the school newspaper after half term and the tuck shop team have ensured that the children in KS2 are able to purchase snack each playtime.


This week has seen us continue with our adventure stories by looking at the work of popular author Anthony Horowitz and reading some thirty second scary stories. We know that the more we read the wider our vocabulary will become. We have edited our work thinking about the precision with which we have used verbs and expanded our ideas by adding relative clauses.




You can see from our pictures how much the children can get engrossed in their books and after half term they will be rewarded with Gold, Silver and Bronze certificates to celebrate how much they have been reading at home.


Over half term the children have been set Comprehension, Grammar and Maths homework. This has all been recorded in their planners. They have also been given a copy of the Year Five/ Six words from which they will be tested on a random 20 words.


This week our Jigsaw certificate goes to our efficient and dedicated Tuck Shop Accountant Vincent. As she has been so diligent at home- working on her handwriting after being given her targets at Learning Conferences- the Well Done certificate goes to Sophie.


When we return after half term the children will be taught by Mrs Lloyd and will be sitting Maths, Reading and Grammar Punctuation and Spelling tests.


I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the children and their families a happy and healthy half term.


Mrs Moore




Monday 8th October 2018 – Friday 12th October 2018


In science this week we undertook an experiment to observe how the micro-organism yeast uses energy and warmth to create carbon dioxide. We had a lot of fun waiting to see which balloons inflated with Co2 and then investigated the reasons why. As a class we understood the importance of healthy bacteria and how it can be helpful to our bodies and how other bacteria, viruses, fungi can be harmful. We have some budding micro-biologists in Orca class!



In English we have started to look at adventure stories. We identified how an author creates suspense through short sentences, repetition and powerful verbs. We also spent a lot of time thinking about how to develop dialogue to develop characters. We acted out scenes from the book Hitler’s Angel and then committed them to paper punctuating them correctly.


Still image for this video

Next week we will be writing our own adventure stories set during World War Two. To help with this, when the children are reading with grown ups at home this weekend, I’d like to encourage them to look at the balance of dialogue and narration in their books and think about what the dialogue tells them about a character’s feelings and motives.



Maths has seen us take an in-depth look at 2d shapes. We have explored the relationship between radius, diameter and circumference and sorted quadrilaterals. We can identify trapeziums, kites, rhombus, squares and parallelograms and talk in-depth about their properties including size of angles and lines of symmetry. We explored triangles and calculated missing angles based on their properties.



Our Good Work certificate this week goes to Niamh for always throwing herself into all learning opportunities and shining in this week’s drama activities.


Our Jigsaw certificate was awarded to Lorna who showcased all our values of Aspire and arranged a group of friends to hold a cake sale for the rest of Year Six. Thank you to everyone who brought in donations and to our team of sales people. All profits will be sent to Harp.




Homework has been recorded in planners.


Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Moore



Monday 1st October 2018 – Friday 5th October 2018


Orca have worked hard this week and supported each other with all aspects of their learning. The children are all realising how much we can all learn from each other whether this is sharing ideas in learning partners, working in larger groups or listening to each other’s responses to questions.


We continued with our journalistic assignment from last week and after looking at the impersonal formal tone of newspapers, and the way reports use the agentless passive and direct and reported speech, we began our drafts. Over the course of the week we used our purple pens and, with the support of our learning partners, uplevelled our word choices. We focussed particularly on making some of our verb choices more formal. At home the children should be able to tell you a more formal word for the verbs start, try and end. We have then started to publish our reports on the computer and combined our text with imported images taken at the time of the blitz.

Maths has been another week of challenges and we have been reasoning about decimals to solve problems.


We are making links between the areas of our learning and using the skills we have practised to create some dramatic blitz scenes in Art.


In History we compared the numbers of ships and aircraft that belonged to the German and British armies and considered what Hitler would have needed to do in order to successfully launch an operation to land in England.






As usual spelling and homework has been recorded in planners. In addition to the spelling words from the Year 5/6 list we have been looking at the ‘i’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c’ rule when the sound is /ee/. We have looked at exceptions to this rule and the children know some of the words from this week’s spelling sessions will be ‘bonus’ spellings next week.


Our Jigsaw certificate this week goes to Nathan for knowing first drafts aren’t always good enough and for editing and improving his work in RE. He uplevelled his writing content to show what he had learnt about the Jewish celebrations of Bar Mitzvah.

Our Good Work certificate goes to Dylan who always takes learning risks and volunteers his ideas in class.




Monday 24th September – Friday 28th September 2018


This week we have considered the job of journalists in bringing the latest interesting information to a wide audience. We have taken on the role of a war correspondent and began to research the differences in lifestyles between the royal family and London’s East Enders. We found out a lot of information about Elizabeth Bowes Lyon (The Queen Mother). We were impressed that she refused to be evacuated to Canada, learnt to fire a revolver in case kidnapped by the Nazis and risked her life by stepping over the rubble and potentially unexploded devices as she visited the people in the East End. We listened to real broadcasts recorded in the midst of London’s Blitz and identified key features. Next week we are looking forward to pulling all the information together into edited articles.


In Maths the children have been considering the most efficient methods of calculations and using addition and subtraction to solve single and multi step problems. Every child was challenged and their brains given a good work out. I have attached my favourite two problems from my group if you want to discuss and attempt them at home.


Our Art work this week has been creating realistic silhouettes on a blended chalk or pastel background. You can see from our pictures we have some wonderfully creative members of our class.


As always homework has been recorded by the children in their planners. Most children are remembering to bring it in completed on the correct day and I noticed a big improvement in Spelling scores this week so thank you for your support at home.


Our biggest improvement in spellings was Emily so she has been awarded our good work certificate. Our Jigsaw certificate goes to Anthony for understanding the rights of learners.


Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Moore







Monday 17th September – Friday 21st September 2018



The children have worked incredibly hard this week and we are very proud of all their efforts in sitting previous End of Year tests. We are using the results to let us know what to teach over the next few weeks and this baseline will be a great way for the children to track their progress over this year.


It hasn’t just been test, test, test the children have enjoyed performing with their recorders in music and learning more about the Second World War. Next week they will be learning about the Queen Mother’s experiences during the blitz.


We realise that children have been working incredibly hard and that although homework has been written in their planners for collection for next week, those who are finding it difficult to balance 11+ work and school work do not have to hand it in this week. However we know there will be many who do make the deadline.


This week our Jigsaw award went to our newest member of Orca - Daniel.

For always producing immaculately presented work our Good Work certificate went to Olivia.


I would like to wish all the children taking their 11+ this weekend and on Tuesday the best of luck.



Mrs Moore

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Monday 10th – Friday 14th September 2018


What a great first full week we have had.


The children have planned some very imaginative fictitious recounts of a summer holiday and I am looking forward to reading them.


In science we have been learning about things that are living and those that are not.


In history we have introduced the vocabulary allies and axis and identified these countries on a map.


They had fun blending pastel in Art and have worked as a team in PE lessons.


Orca’s teamwork has seen them work brilliantly together and they have got the Tuck Shop off to a flying start. As a group they have organised the sales and stock rota and the accountants have counted and banked our profits and chosen to reinvest and buy more stock.


I would like to congratulate the recipients of our certificates this week. Sophie has been awarded the Jigsaw certificate for being a kind and welcoming member of our class and Eloisa’s war inspired writing was engaging, atmospheric and technically accurate so she received our Well Done certificate.


The children have written their homework in their planners and all homework is from the CGP books they have brought home.


Please can I ask for your continued support in hearing the children read at home and ensuring their student planners are signed by each Friday.


Have a lovely weekend,


Mrs Moore




Thursday 6th – Friday 7th September 2018


Welcome back to Leigh North Street and welcome to Year Six.


We have had a busy but fun two days and I am really impressed with the learning behaviours and enthusiasm of Orca Class as they begin their time in Year Six. They impressed me with their compassion, vision and independent thought as they took on the writing challenge, 'If I were Prime Minister for the day...'   


We have talked at length about what Aspire means to us and how we can showcase our school values in all that we do to the rest of the school. The children exhibited all these values and were excellent role models as they took their seats in the gallery of the church for our welcome back assembly.


To launch our topic based on WWII, the children listened to a 'Now Press Play' experience that took them on a journey from London to the countryside- where they dug for victory- and then back to London where they experienced an air raid and the Blitz spirit.


For homework the children have been asked to share P5-8 of their Student Planners with you, to read aloud to you and continue to learn their 5/6 spellings.


I wish you all a lovely weekend and am looking forward to sharing all that we have planned for next week.