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Cockle Shell 4

Welcome to Cockleshell Class!


Cockleshell Class Weekly News




Monday 10th December – Friday 14th December 2018


Year 4 enjoying their Christmas lunch!

Thank you to all the staff including our mid days and cooks who made this possible.








Monday 3rd December – Friday 7th December 2018


In science this week we made some original instruments out of recycled products. Our task was to make an instrument that not only made a noise, but could also change pitch! We took on the challenge... and succeeded! 







Monday 26th November – Friday 30th November 2018


Ring ring....? These are the ‘phones’ we made in science this week. We connected two cups with a long piece of string and found that when words were spoken in to one cup, the sound vibrated along the piece of string in to the second cup. We then experimented with multiple ‘phone lines’ and found that if all the pieces of string were tight one voice could reach multiple children.



This week the children have written poems containing metaphors. There were some brilliant examples and they were copied up for display. Well done to all!





Monday 19th November - Friday 23rd November 2018


This half term, in Geography, we have been learning about earthquakes. This has really helped with our disaster diaries we are writing in English. We are writing from the perspective of a member of the rescue response




Today in science we used rice and a variety of drums to test the amount of vibration created when sound was made. ‘Feel the vibration!’




Monday 5th November 2018 – Friday 9th November 2018


‘Welcome to the Science of Sound’. In pairs we created a TV programme about how sound is created....’the larger the amplitude the louder the sound’.... and performed our explanations to the class. ‘See you next week, keep experimenting!’





Monday 8th October 2018 – Friday 12th October 2018


In English we are studying the book The Iron Man. Today we were introduced to the ‘Space-Bat-Angel-Dragon’. We were given the task of inventing our own creature. The first word in the name had to state where the creature came from. You will be able to view our final designs during the learning conference.




Monday 1st October 2018 – Friday 5th October 2018


In maths this week we have been learning about shapes and their properties. Today we were able to create some 3D shapes using Clixi pieces. Some were trickier than others!






Monday 24th September – Friday 28th September 2018



Geese are strong animals that travel huge distances together, they support one another. They fly together to conserve energy. They will help the sick, injured members. Geese are powerful.



Today in science we made electrical circuits. We made complete and incomplete circuits then had to predict and test which ones would work and light up the bulb.



In computing, Mrs. Knight has been teaching us the importance of internet safety. This week we all took an online quiz to test our knowledge. We then used this information to create ‘Online Safety’ PowerPoints.


We had lots of fun at Hadleigh Country Park on our school trip this week. We thoroughly enjoyed exploring the round house, performing an archaeological dig, making clay coil pots and attending Warrior School. We are now Iron Age experts so please feel free to ask us anything! Thank you to all the parents helpers for being such great sports on the day.





Monday 17th September – Friday 21st September 2018


Using our adding skills, today we had to roll dice then arrange the numbers in to 3 and 2 digit sums to create the largest and smallest numbers possible.


Acting as Hogarth (a character from the iron man), Mrs. Carter and Mrs. Gibson took turns to walk through a conscious alley where our class took it in turns to persuade them to capture the Iron Man or leave him alone. There were some very convincing arguments.




Monday 10th – Friday 14th September 2018


Today in dance we had to create some electrical dance routines in groups. We used our limbs to show the different ways in which electricity can be made.





Thursday 6th September - Friday 7th September 2018


Today we enjoyed exploring the "now-press-play" programme. During this we listened and played along to a story where we had to help save someone using our electrical knowledge. Very exciting and lots of fun!!!