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Sport Events

Wednesday 19th April 2017


A big congratulations to the 39 children who have been selected to participate in phase 2 of the diving trials at Garons Park in May. They trialled over 2,500 pupils and 230 have been selected from across the Borough. Letters will be given to the selected children this week and we look forward to hearing how they do in the coming weeks.





Wednesday 30th March 2017


After waiting a few months for the rescheduled tournament, the day finally arrived. The boys started the day with a determined spirit which helped them to come out on top after the mornings round of games. Here is their take on the first four games.


Blenheim 1 - 2 LNSPS

Goal scorers were Ollie and Zack. We found our first game a gentle starter to warm us up. They had a good team with a good defender and a free kick that met one of our defenders head which allowed them a goal.


Westleigh 0 - 1 LNSPS

We thought it was going to be tough and it was. We had to play well as a team and we passed the ball well with clean passes and scored in the first half. With apprehension but confidence from our lead we started the second half and held on to our 1 - 0 lead. The parents and teachers were very nervous and pleased when the final whistle sounded.


Darlinghurst 0-0 LNSPS

Having drawn with them before we wanted to win. The game was even and at times hard in defence but we never gave up. We kept putting pressure on them but we couldn't get the ball in the net.


Richmond 0-4 LNSPS

Still riding on our earlier wins we went into this game with much confidence. They held us to 0-0 for the first half but come the second half Olly scored 2, Zack 1 and Joshua 1. Which meant we won our group and are in the Super 10.


So after lunch we progressed through to the Super 10. We went on to play another 4 matches and results were as follows

LNSPS 0 - 1 Chalkwell

LNSPS 1 - 0 Temple Sutton

Thorpdene 0 - 1 LNSPS

LNSPS 1 - 0 Heycroft


These results meant we had made it through to the Semifinals, exciting times LNSPS hadn't made a semifinals in many a year. Our semifinal game was against Westleigh, whom we had beaten in the first round. We were still apprehensive as we knew they were strong. An early goal boosted our confidence and we held on to the lead for the majority of the match. Westleigh never gave up and in the dying seconds managed to equalise, which meant extra time. Extra time came and went with no goals scored. Which then meant it came down to penalties, the boys supported and encouraged each other but unfortunately it wasn't to be and we lost out on a spot in the final.

We then went on to play Chalkwell again, both teams desperately upset, as both had lost out on penalties. Chalkwell got an early goal which boosted their confidence, the boys kept working hard but it wasn't to be our day and we came away in 4th position out of 27 local schools. The eventually winners after penalties again was Westleigh.

The boys played well and always kept their heads up when the games got tough. They showed great sportsmanship throughout the day and were a credit to themselves and the school, well done boys.






Wednesday 8th March 2017


On Wednesday 8th March 23 lower school children participated in the borough cross country event at Garons Park. The children were all very excited, even with the slippery conditions they were all eager to race in the mud. Everybody tried really hard and completed the exceptionally longer course than anticipated of 1000metres. A big well done to each and everyone for getting round and finishing with not too much mud on them. Also a big thank you to the PA for supporting us in the hire of a coach to get to and from the event.





Monday 27th February 2017


On Monday 27th February we sent a very excited football team over to Earls Hall, to play in a round robin event against Earls Hall and Chalkwell Juniors. The boys played really well and won all their games. Well done boys.





Wednesday 22nd February





The year 6 netball team competed in a day tournament at Garons on Wednesday 22nd February. The girls had a determined spirit and never gave up. The games were close in scores but is was not to be their day, with difficulty converting all their hard work into goals. We are very proud of their conduct and team spirit. Well done girls.





Tuesday 21st February 2017


Today years 2, 3 and 4 took part in the Southend Dive teams Talent ID spotting process. The pupils were asked to try and demonstrate a variety of skills including core strength, jumping and flexibility. We have to wait for them to finish assessing over 2,500 children over the coming weeks, to find out if any of our pupils will be lucky enough to be invited up to Garons to try out at dive camp.


If your child did enjoy today though or it has ignited a curiosity to have a go at this sport. Then you are more than welcome to ring the reception at Garons and enquire about dive lessons that run every week day.





Saturday 11th February 2017


On Saturday 11th February the U9's Catholic United Lions played in the East Essex under 10's futsal qualifier, at Waterside Farm. They qualified in second place for the Essex County U10's futsal finals, which takes place at the end of March in the Copper Box, Olympic Park. The team is made up of 8 boys, of whom 1 is in our Year 4, Joshua.

Well played and good luck for the County Finals.




Tuesday 7th February 2017


Year 5 and 6 Hockey Tournament

Tuesday 7th February 2017

On Tuesday this week, 11 year 5 and 6 children took part in a hockey tournament at Warner’s Bridge Park. They played against 4 other primary schools including Milton Hall. The children played really well as a team and grew from strength to strength with each passing game. The children really enjoyed the experience and can’t wait to participate again in another friendly match. Thank you to all the children for coming to hockey club and to all the parents who supported us on the day.

The Hockey Club





Tuesday 13th December 2016


A big well done to all the children on their fantastic dance at the Dance Festival. 




The Lower School team gave a brilliant performance on Thursday 17th November at the Len Forge Centre.




They narrowly missed out on progressing through to the next round, here are the results.


LNSPS 1 – 0 Thorpe Hall

LNSPS 1 – 1 Bournes Green Infants

LNSPS 6 – 0 Bournemouth Park

LNSPS 1 – 3 Edwards Hall


Well played to everyone on the day and thank you to all the supporters. 





Tuesday 8th November


On a cold evening after school, some children from across Upper School came to Our Lady of Lourdes to experience a cross country race. Everyone ran well and completed the course. Apologise for photo clarity due to the fading light of the evening.






On a cold autumn morning 10 boys arrived eager to play in the Southend Primary School 6 a-side football tournament at Bournes Green Junior School. Their confidence was high after a great team effort at Wednesday tournament even though they knew they had some tough teams to play.

Their first two games were good performances and the boys didn't deserve the 1-0 defeats they suffered from these games. The next match was very evenly matched and both teams scored, but in the last minute the opposition managed to sneak another goal in and the boys lost the game at 2-1.  Their final game they knew would be tough as the opposing team had not lost any games, the boys played well together and held them to a nil-nil draw.

Well played  boys you all tried hard and well down to the parents for braving the cold conditions.



Heycroft 1 - 0 Leigh North Street

Leigh North Street 0 - 1 Chalkwell B

Leigh North Street 1 - 2 Our Lady of Lourdes Thorpe Greenways 0 - 0 Leigh North Street 






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Wednesday 2nd November 2016


On a bright autumn day 10 boys selected from year 5 and 6 arrived at Alleyn Court with high hopes. The first 4 match reports have been composed by the team during our lunch hour.


Bournes Green 1-0 Leigh North Street

It was a hard game but it gave us confidence for the following game. A moments lack of concentration allowed the only goal.


Thorpdene 0-2 Leigh North Street

With our renewed confidence we went on the attack early and scored an early goal by Joseph. Also with an amazing assist from Billy threading the ball through the defence on to Theo's left foot, he tapped it into the bottom right corner for our first victory.


Milton Hall 0-1 Leigh North Street

Billy swiftly danced it through the defence like they weren't there and put it through the goal keepers leg with great power, in the early seconds. We kept up the pressure apart from one moment of lack of concentration and an own goal was nearly scored but Toby managed to collect the ball safely into his arms.


St. Georges 1-0 Leigh North Street

Joseph was giving a great opportunity to score but unfortunately skied it. We never gave up hope and kept the pressure on the ball but the victory was not ours this time.


We then came together with all the 30 teams to see if we would progress to the top 15. We had and we began another round of games in a new pool. We had some tough teams but the boys rose to the occasion and the results were as follows.


Earls Hall 1 - 0 LNSPS

Heycroft 0 - 1 LNSPS

St Georges 0- 1 LNSPS

Fairways 0 -0 LNSPS


There were to be 4 teams to progress; from 3 pools plus best runner up. We tied with 3 other schools for the runner up spot and on count back lost out on that final spot. 


The boys played well and showed good sportsmanship to all the teams they played. 





Friday 21st October 2016


The boys football team played a friendly against Darlinghurst Primary School. Everyone played well and it ended in a draw 2-2.





Wednesday 19th October 2016


On Wednesday 19th October 10 children from year 1 participated at Garons in a variety of activities to test their sporting agility. Lots of fun was had by all.





Friday 14th October 2016


On Friday 14th October, 16 girls from KS2 took part in a football festival at the Len Forge Centre. They played as mixed teams and it was wonderful to see them all supporting and encouraging each other to do their best. Everyone played well and enjoyed the experience. 





Tuesday 11th October 2016


On a bright autumn day at Alleyn Court, 10 year five girls had their first experience of match play in netball. As the afternoon progressed they all made great progress in their understanding of the game and how they should play together as a team. They all played well and were rewarded with a win in their last game.





Friday 7th October 2016


On an overcast Friday afternoon 48 children participated in the eight different races at Garons. All the children gave their all and everyone finished their races with some great performances. Well done to the children that took part, you should all be proud of yourselves.




Wednesday 21st September 2016


On a sunny evening after school in September, some of the KS2 children went to Alleyn Court for a friendly Cross Country race. Everybody tried hard and had fun, lots of great potential was displayed.