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Lobster 2

Monday 9th July 2018 - Friday 13th July 2018


In Maths this week we enjoyed playing some board games and then had fun making our own. In English we did some descriptive writing about the beach. We also had a great morning at the Mini-Games at Eastwood Academy trying out lots of different activities. There were some fantastic long jumpers! We finished our week with our Moving On assembly well done everybody for all your hard work. Have fun at the disco!







Monday 2nd July 2018 - Friday 6th July 2018


Exciting news this week, all our butterflies emerged from their cocoons! We enjoyed observing them for a couple of days and then we set them free. In Maths we worked on some more puzzle solving. We all loved the tangrams but they were tricky! In English we've been thinking about our move to Year 3 and we invited some old Lobsters to come and visit us so they could tell us about Year 3 and we could ask them any questions.






Monday 25th June 2018 - Friday 29th June 2018




In our English lessons we have been busy writing our own stories this week in little books. We thought about the front cover, the illustrations, the blurb as well as writing the story itself! We have really enjoyed our Science lessons this week as we have been watching our caterpillars grow and change into chrysalides. We are now waiting patiently for our butterflies to emerge. We also went out to check on our allotment. Mrs Parker dug up 16 potatoes which we washed and ate in class. We found some beans too! We were really proud.





Monday 11th June 2018 - Friday 15th June 2018


This week we have continued the Great Wave art work. Look out for them soon on display in the class. We have also written some descriptions of aliens using a range of exciting adjectives. Please ask your children about them. Maybe they can draw you one? The children then developed them into a poem, which they will edit and write up neatly soon. Lobster Class continued to look at the seaside to compare what it was like then and now.

The children had fun exploring how axles, pulleys and levers work. They worked well in small groups to develop their ideas. We also sang a new song about a dog losing his bone. We finished the week with Sports Day – pictures to follow next week.


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Monday 4th June 2018 - Friday 8th June 2018


We have enjoyed our performance poetry this week based on the poem 'Aliens Stole My Underpants' by Brian Moses. Everyone got up and performed their verse in front of the class. A great achievement! In Art we looked at Japanese artist Hokusai's 'The Great Wave', read the story and even listened to Debussy's 'La Mer' whilst we created our own beautiful paintings.





Monday 21st May 2018 - Friday 25th May 2018






Monday 14th May 2018 - Friday 18th May 2018






Monday 7th May 2018 - Friday 11th May 2018


We've been story writing in Lobster class this week. We have enjoyed sharing our ideas with each other, completing our story maps and writing our own fantasy stories. There have been lots of fantastic stories being shared. We started to make our fish kites in Art this week to celebrate Children's Day in Japan.





Monday 30th April 2018 - Friday 4th May 2018


This week we have been writing our own class fantasy story using the five part story frame. We worked together to not only write the story but improve it as well by adding more expanded noun phrases, interesting adverbs, questions and apostrophes for possession and contractions. Don't forget to think about your own stories over the weekend ready for next week!

We were lucky that the sun shone for our May Day celebrations. Fantastic Country dancing everyone, well done! Enjoy the bank holiday weekend and don't forget swimming kits on TUESDAY.










Monday 23rd April 2018 - Friday 27th April 2018


We had fun making our bird scarers for our allotments this week in Science. Thank you for all your donations. We've been looking at fantasy stories in English and have started a story map for our own class fantasy story. They were some great ideas being shared! We have also been lucky to have two 'concerts' this week led by two talented children in Lobster Class. Another busy week!


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Monday 16th April 2018 - Friday 20th April 2018






Monday 26th March – Thursday 29th March 2018


This week we have observed the progress of our beans and cress, written our London recounts, and even had time for some Maypole dancing! We loved seeing everyone's fabulous Easter bonnet creations today too! Wishing you all a Happy Easter!





Monday 19th March – Friday 23rd March 2018





Monday 12th March – Friday 16th March 2018


We enjoyed building the Thames and the buildings of London at the beach this week. We used seaweed to recreate the flames of The Great Fire and filled our buckets with water to put out the fire whilst we sang London's Burning. We used the photos from the trip to create a recount map and wrote our own recounts in our English lessons. 
In Science we are growing some beans hydroponically and have been observing their progress too! Our dwarf beans have begun to germinate and we can see some tiny roots. 





Monday 5th March – 9th March 2018


Wow a VERY busy week getting back to normal after the snow! We've looked at the properties of 3D shapes in Maths and carried out some Great Fire of London reading comprehensions in English. We enjoyed tasting some fruit in DT in preparation for designing and making our own fruit salads. We were really pleased that World Book Day was rescheduled too, everyone looked fantastic! We completed book reviews, made our own books and used our artistic talents to recreate our book covers and displayed them in our own Art exhibition. Think Take Hart! I Don't forget your buckets and spades for the beach trip on Monday!










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Monday 19th February - Friday 23rd February 2018


This week in Lobster Class the children excelled in learning about the alphabet and how to use a dictionary. Look at how hard they are working! The children had a sheet of questions to look up correct definitions of words, but also had to find what word was before or after a particular word. They did a great job. Ask them to look up a few words for you at home (our dictionaries had the alphabet down the side of the page so help them with this if your copy doesn’t).


We also looked into number patterns and arrays in multiplication. We will continue this work next week. We also started our new topic about the Great Fire of London. A few children shared their experiences of visiting London and walking up the 311 steps to the top of the monument! The children then started a piece of work looking out of Samuel Pepys’ window. On Monday children can dress up for the visiting show about the fire. They will love it.







Monday 5th February - Friday 9th February 2018


This week has been wonderful in Lobster Class. Following on from the last Friday, when some parents visited to play some maths games with the children, the children have explored weights and measures. You can see we weighed items from around the class and worked out if they were heavier or lighter than 100grams. We then progressed to weighing the items accurately to the nearest 10grams. Once again children worked with their learning partner. We also looked at telling the time.



In English, we started to create and plan a letter to a troll, pretending to be the Big Bad Wolf from Red Riding Hood. We talked about from the wolf’s point of view he was the good guy, and Red was the annoying one. We also used some actions to remember the parts of a letter. Ask your child to show you. The children then wrote their letters.


Have a nice holiday!









Monday 29th January - Friday 2nd February 2018


Lots of Little Red Riding Hood fun has taken place this week. We retold the story, wrote character descriptions and even made our own room for Little Red Riding Hood or the woods for the Wicked Wolf. Our creations were fantastic! We looked at fractions in Maths finding halves and quarters of numbers. We found this quite tricky but we all tried hard and kept practising.







Monday 22nd January - Friday 26th January 2018


We have worked hard with our learning Partners this week. We have worked on lots of different ways to subtract and even tried to beat the calculator! We've shared stories from other cultures and worked as larger groups to retell the story 'Why do flies buzz?' In Geography we looked at Polar bears being at the top of a food chain. Can you remember what else was in the chain?




Monday 15th January - Friday 19th January 2018


This week we have tried a new approach in class, to work with a learning partner. Each week we will get a new learning partner and will try our best to encourage, take turns, listen to and help each other in our pairs. This week we have enjoyed working together on some performance poetry in English, problem solving in Maths and talking together about our predictions in our Science lesson. We are looking forward to seeing who our new learning partners are next week!





Monday 8th January - Friday 12th January 2018


We have enjoyed learning more about penguins this week and have used our knowledge to write our own Non-fiction reports. Did you know that there are 17 species of penguin in the world and that a group of penguins in the water is called a raft? On Thursday Mrs Brown explained that she had Pip and her friends coming to stay for the weekend and with all those penguins in the house she would need lots of paper towel to mop up any puddles of water. We carried out a Science investigation to find out which brand of paper towel was the most absorbent. Perhaps you could try your own investigation at home?





Happy New Year everyone! We have enjoyed our first two days back in Lobster Class. We shared 'Where is home Little Pip?' to introduce our Geography topic on Antarctica. We thought about our school values to share ideas and work together to make some props to help us role play the story. We even used our Growth mindset to complete some tricky Penguin Problems in Maths. We didn't think we could do it but we could!






Monday 18th December - Wednesday 20th December 2017





Friday 15th December

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Monday 11th - Friday 15th December 2017


Mr Harrison, Mrs Parker, Mrs Binns and I are all very proud of Lobster Class this week. Two lovely Nativity performances and a fantastic Space Dance too! Well done everyone! Only three more 'get ups!'







Monday 4th - Friday 8th December 2017


Well that was a festive week! It started with a busy 'Decorations Morning' followed by a fantastic dress rehearsal on Wednesday. We can't wait for the real thing on Monday! As well as all that we still worked hard in English writing our letters about Monty the Penguin and we had fun exploring position and direction in Maths.






Monday 27th November – Friday 1st December 2017


We took our Maths outside this week and made a human Venn diagram. We wrote some fantastic Christmas Adventure stories and have enjoyed sharing them with our talk Partners and the rest of the class. In D&T we worked hard to add all the details to our puppets using our original designs to help us. Our finished puppets look fabulous!






Monday 20th November – Friday 24th November 2017


It was very exciting in Lobster Class this week as we received a letter from Father Christmas! He told us that poor Rudolph has a nasty case of flu and he needed our help to think of another animal to pull his sleigh! We came up with some fantastic ideas and will be putting them into our Christmas Adventure stories next week. We enjoyed having fun in Maths with some of Crab Class, we went on a shape hunt around the school! 

Look at our fantastic our 'Friendship Tree'!







Monday 13th November – Friday 17th November 2017


As it's Anti-bullying week this week we have been thinking about ways in which we can be a good friend. We wrote our ideas on a leaf and we are going to display them on a friendship tree. We enjoyed learning about Neil Armstrong in History and have even started a dance about space in our dance lessons!

Thank you for all your Children in Need donations too. Look how great we all look in our spots!






Monday 6th November – Friday 10th November 2017


We started the week with a Gunpowder Plot re-enactment and then wrote our own newspaper reports about this historical event. Did you know that Guy Fawkes hid in the cellar with 36 barrels of gunpowder? In Design and Technology we have started the designs for our puppets and practised a running stitch in preparation for sewing the two halves of our puppets together!

Thank you to our helpers, we couldn't have done it without you!






Monday 30th October – Friday 3rd November 2017


We have been halving and doubling in Maths this week and learning about Guy Fawkes in English . We even pretended to be fireworks in our Dance lesson!




Look at our lovely sunflowers too! I think Van Gogh would be proud!




Monday 16th October – Friday 20th October 2017


We had a fantastic beach trip this week! We measured and estimated using centimetres and metres. In class we were even measuring with decimetre strips! How lucky are we to be able to do our Maths on the beach? In Science we were thinking about the human lifecycle and the skills we have now as 6 and 7 year olds compared to when we were babies. Baby Freya and her mummy came to visit us so we could see what she could do and ask lots of questions. She loved her time in Lobster Class!

Enjoy a very happy half term everyone!








Monday 9th October - Friday 13th October 2017


This week all of Year 2 were lucky enough to work together in the hall using music and movement to inspire their creative writing. They found different musical instruments for the different parts of their Egyptian story and came up with lots of fantastic adjectives to use in their writing next week. We also had a double birthday this week and enjoyed our Geography lesson on Egypt too!






Monday 2nd October - Friday 6th October 2017


This week in Literacy we have been using our 5 part story frame and 'Peace at Last' to help us write our own stories. Each day we have written a part of our story as emergent writers trying to use lots of descriptive language and WOW words. 
Look at the fantastic Nile we set up in Geography, we followed the journey of a little boat sailing along the river. Can you remember what we saw?







Monday 25th September – Friday 29th September 2017


This week in English we have been improving our sentences to make them more exciting. There were some fantastic sentences! In P.E and Science we have been learning about the effects of exercise on our bodies. We could feel our hearts beating faster pumping the blood around our bodies. What clever bodies we have!



We thought you might like to see our finished jean art too! Thanks for everyone's donations.





Monday 18th September – Friday 22nd September 2017


We have had lots of fun in Maths this week! We used pegs and coat hangers to practise our number bonds and used Sid the spider on 'splat square' to count on and back in 10's. 
Our still life sketches of fruit and vegetables were fantastic and this week we are going to use some watercolours. Have a lovely weekend everyone!







Monday 11th September – Friday 15th September 2017


We enjoyed looking at and discussing the different food groups in Science this week. We had a big picnic (with pretend food!!) and had to put all of our food into the right groups. Can you remember the different groups? We just wanted to share our lovely lobsters too. We have had lots of comments on fantastic they look round the entrance to our classroom.






Monday 4th September – Friday 8th September 2017


Wow what a busy first week in Lobster Class! We spent the first few days thinking about ASPIRE and our school rules. We wrote about the Summer holidays, completed some addition, subtraction and some Lobster art! We even celebrated a birthday! I think we all need a rest over the weekend!