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Lobster 2

Monday 17th - Friday 21st April 2017


We were lucky to have a visit from 'Snakes Alive' on Wednesday. All the children enjoyed meeting Kabul the Royal Python and had the chance to hold her round their shoulders!

We have been learning about halves and quarters in Maths this week.






Monday 27th - Friday 31st March 2017



We had a great day at the Tower of London. Everyone took part in a 'Great Fire' workshop and demonstrated their wealth of knowledge on this subject. Well done everybody you have obviously been listening well in class! We finished our week by making 'Great Fire' cakes and enjoying our Easter parade. Lots of fabulous Easter bonnets on display! 

Thank you for your support this half term and wishing you all a very happy holiday xx





Monday 20th - Friday 24th March 2017


This week we have had great fun in Maths learning about capacity. We had to use our estimation skills too! Everyone looked great in their red today for Red Nose Day and we received the silver attendance award! 






Monday 13th - Friday 17th March 2017


We all enjoyed our trip to the beach this week! We built some amazing London landmarks and reinforced our learning about The Great Fire. We are very excited that our beans have started to germinate too and we have been completing our 'bean diaries' documenting their growth. In country dancing we had our first dance round the maypole, Mrs Brown was very impressed! Finally we were very happy to receive the Gold Award in assembly today for our attendance last week - well done everybody!






Monday 6th - Friday 10th March 2017


In Maths this week we have been looking at 3D shapes! We had to try and guess which shape was in Teacher Poppy's bag from her clues. Look at the brilliant models we made!





Monday 27th February - Friday 3rd March 2017


Wow what a busy week for Lobster Class! It started with a fantastic production of the Great Fire of London by The Rainbow Theatre. Everyone looked great in their costumes and got to play an active part in the production. Measuring was our focus in Maths this week, we weighed Mr Harrison's shopping and even our shoes! World Book Day was a fantastic day, we shared our favourite books, wrote book reviews, drew the covers of our books and made them into a gallery. We even made our own books and found time to find Where's Wally around the classroom. Ben found him in his book - cheeky Wally!








Monday 20th - Friday 24th February 2017


Lobster class have been very busy with Mr Harrison, Mrs Brown and Mrs Parker this week! We have really enjoyed our first week together! We even managed some country dancing! Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to dress up for our Great Fire of London production on Monday!





Monday 6th - Friday 10th February 2017







Monday 30th January - Friday 3rd February 2017


We have had another great week in Lobster Class. We have had another gymnastics session, written a fantastic letter to Terrifying Troll from Mr Wolf and read many versions of Little Red Riding Hood. Mrs Sutcliff came to visit us and we all gave her a good luck card. 








Wednesday 24th -Friday 25th January


Lobster class have been busy this week! We have made fairy cakes (which tasted devine!)  and we have been drawing our own Chinese dragon faces. We have been working hard on our phonics, number bonds to 10 and beyond as well as finding out about Antarctica. I am sure if you ask any of the children from Lobster class a question about Antarctica they will be able to answer you!




Monday 12th - Friday 16th December 2016


A huge well done to all of the students who took part in the Christmas production this week! You all did a fantastic job! Mrs Parker and I are so proud of you and of all of your hard work over the past few weeks!


Apart from our wonderful Nativity performance this week Lobster class had a lot of fun enjoying a visit from Father Christmas, decorating party hats and having a huge class party! Thank you to all of the parents who sent in goodies for our class to enjoy on Friday. We even have left over goodies to enjoy on Monday and Tuesday.






Monday 5th - Friday 9th December 2016


This week Lobster class has been hard at work doing many fun and interesting things! Our favourite topic this week was Science because we were exploring the textures and properties of different materials by printing with a selection of items.  We talked about man made materials as well as natural materials and made wrapping paper. 




Monday 28th - Friday 2nd December 2016


A huge thank you to all who joined our class to help out for Christmas decorations morning! We had so much fun and we enjoyed spending our time with our family and friends! Our decorations are now proudly displayed within the classroom and we can't wait to bring them home to share our families! Merry Christmas!





Monday 21st-25th November 2016


This week we have been rehearsing for our Christmas Nativity. All of us have a speaking role and we have to make sure we speak up so others can hear us. We have also been practicing listening to others so we know our cue on when to perform certain parts of the play. 




Monday 14th-18th November 2016


This week we have been exploring different fabrics and investigating how waterproof they are. We discussed how we could make the fabrics waterproof and coloured parts of the fabric with wax crayons to see if that made any change to our investigation. We had a lot of fun during this experiment! 



Monday 31st - Friday 4th of November


We have been extremely busy in Lobster class this week learning all about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot! We had a blast down at the beach re-enacting the Gunpowder Plot and want to say a huge thank you to all of our parent volunteers who came to help us out!

 In Science this term we are learning about different materials and their properties. This week we investigated which kitchen towel is best for cleaning up a spill, by doing three different experiments. 






Monday 17th - Friday 21st October 2016


We really enjoyed our Maths lesson at the beach this week and had a lot of fun learning about measurement. We did a fantastic job estimating and measuring a range of objects at the beach. 









Monday 3rd-Friday 7th October 2016


This week we traveled to Egypt and took an adventurous ride down the river Nile visiting many different places along the way! Check out some of our artwork that captured the different sights we saw as we journeyed down the river Nile.










Monday 26th- Friday 30th September 2016


Wow what a week! We have been hard at work in Maths this week learning about money, the value of money and how to add and subtract different amounts of money. We had such a great time pretending to sell and purchase fresh fruit and vegetables at the Farmers Market. 








Monday 19th- Friday 23rd September 2016


Look at all the fantastic things we get up to! 

We absolutely love that we are learning about football in ASSA and are really enjoying incorporating the new skills we have learnt. We also have been having a blast in Gymnastics!​











Monday 12th September - Friday 16th September 2016



This week we looked at different food groups and talked about healthy living! Over the next few weeks we will be studying about our bodies and the things we need to do in order to stay healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We also really enjoyed celebrating Roald Dahls birthday and enjoyed dressing up as our favorite Roald Dahl characters.