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We learn together through Questioning, Perseverance and a Positive Mindset.

Crab 2

Monday 9th July 2018 - Friday 13th July 2018


We have had such a busy week in Crab class this week. On Monday we went on Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling treasure hunt and the children had great fun finding the clues and answering the questions.

On Tuesday we played maths games in preparation for making our own games later in the week, which have turned out brilliantly!

On Thursday some of the children went to Mini Games which sounds as though it was great fun. Finally on Friday we released our Butterflies into the outdoor learning area, they were a little reluctant to leave but eventually found their way.

Have a lovely, sunny weekend.





Monday 2nd July 2018 - Friday 6th July 2018


This week in our maths lessons we have been focusing on problem solving. We have tried to solve lots of different maths puzzles. On Friday we focused on Tangrams, we had a great time trying to make the shapes fit into the pictures.





Monday 25th June 2018 - Friday 29th June 2018


This week we attended a road safety workshop and learnt about ways to keep ourselves safe as pedestrians. We learnt some actions to help us to remember to 'stop, look, listen, think'.




Monday 18th June 2018 - Thursday 21st June 2018


We have been looking at Anthony Browne books this week and writing our own blurbs for them. We discussed what we did and didn't like and rated them with our learning partner.

The other rather exciting thing to happen in Crab class this week was the Harvest of our first crop of strawberries. We have planted our own playground allotment which the children have been looking after. I think the strawberries got the seal of approval!


We hope you enjoy the long weekend, see you on Tuesday.






Monday 11th June 2018 - Friday 15th June 2018


This week in Crab class we had great fun investigating pulley systems. We were very successful when making our own, everyone showed great perseverance! We have also had a visit from the Royal Opera House, who ran a dance workshop for us to help with our seaside poetry. Along with sports day, we've had another busy week!


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Monday 4th June 2018 - Friday 8th June 2018


This week in Crab class we have been looking at poetry and trying to find the the rhythm in the poems we have been looking at. We had a dance session to help us understand the way rhythm can help us when performing poetry and also used instruments in our performances.





Monday 21st May 2018 - Friday 25th May 2018


This week in Crab class we made paper aeroplanes and discussed how hard it was to make them with only picture instructions.  The children then wrote their own instructions to make it easier for other people.  We then took our aeroplanes outside to fly them and measured how far they flew (not an easy task when it's windy!)


We hope you all have a fantastic half term. See you in June!




Monday 14th May 2018 - Friday 18th May 2018


This week in Crab class we have had the chance to take part in lots of fun activities. We need to say a special thank you to Seagull class this week as they taught us to play 3 Tees Cricket and also to Atlantic class as they helped us to make bunting to celebrate the royal wedding.






Monday 7th May 2018 - Friday 11th May 2018


This week in Crab class we have been busy writing our fantasy stories. The children have loved writing their stories and have been so excited to get all of their ideas down! We finished the week with some problem solving. We assigned different amounts of money to each letter of the alphabet and then worked out how much each of our names would cost.






Monday 30th April 2018 - Friday 4th May 2018


This week has been extremely busy in Crab class. We had brilliant fun performing to the parents in our May Day celebrations and have been busy thinking about growth mindset during Star Wars day.  The children worked so hard to learn and memorise their dances and they really did look like professionals. I think Crab class have definitely earned their extra day off on Monday!






Monday 16th April 2018 - Friday 20th April 2018


This week we have been talking about our school values and how we can learn in the best ways for us.  We talked about acceptance, safety, perseverance, independence and enjoyment.  We also talked about how to be a kind friend and how being kind to others makes us and them feel.

We made a spiders web of kind things and learnt something new about our learning partner, which we shared with the red of the class.




Monday 26th March – Thursday 29th March 2018


Wow what a term! We have gone from the depths of winter and our snow days to some beautiful spring days. We have crammed a lot in since Christmas, some of our highlights include learning about the Penguins in Antarctica and The Great Fire of London, with our trip to the Tower of London. Once again the children have behaved beautifully and have worked so hard.  We wish you all a Happy Easter! See you in April...





Monday 19th March – Friday 23rd March 2018


This week Crab class have been lucky enough to go to the Tower of London. We had a brilliant time learning about The Great Fire of London, looking at the Crown Jewels and exploring the artefacts in the White Tower. The children were so well behaved and were a credit to the school.





Monday 12th March – Friday 16th March 2018


This week in Crab class we have been focusing on writing a recount of our beach trip on Tuesday.  While we were at the beach tried to think about what The Great Fire of London would have been like.  We made sandcastles to simulate the houses, we then put seaweed on top to imagine what the fire would have been like and finally made bucket chains to pass water from the river to put out the fire.




Monday 5th March – 9th March 2018


This week in Crab class has been so busy. We started off the week with Tag Rugby and country dancing. We had a visitor from the Royal Opera House on Wednesday to help us with some Great Fire of London themed art. On Thursday we had our delayed 'World Book Day', all the children looked brilliant and we had great fun making our own books.  We also started to grow our own beans hydroponically.






Monday 26th February – Friday 2nd March 2018


We have had great fun in the snow this morning, we built a snow crab, snow rabbit, snowman, played football and generally had a blast. The staff even had time for a chilly selfie!!




Monday 19th February - Friday 23rd February 2018


In Crab class this week we have been using arrays to help us work out multiplication sums.  We have also been talking about multiples of 2, 5 and 10.



We have also been talking about 'The Great Fire of London' and read some non-fiction texts to help us find out facts.






Monday 5th February - Friday 9th February 2018


This week in Crab class we have been weighing different objects using the balance scales and different sized weights. We also tried to see if we could estimate whether an object was more or less than 100g and then weighed them to see if our estimations were correct.




Monday 29th January - Friday 2nd February 2018


This week in Crab class we have been working with our talk partner to add up two amounts of money, we have been focusing on adding the 10s first and then adding the 1s.



We have also been talking about waterproofing this week in our science lessons. We tested fabrics before and after colouring on them with wax crayons to see if they absorbed or resisted the water.





Monday 22nd January - Friday 26th January 2018


We have had lots of fun in Crab class this week. On Wednesday we had our maths lesson outside and drew numberlines on the playground to help us subtract 2 digit numbers. Then, on Thursday we created a room from Little Red Riding Hood's house with our talk partner.  We used alliteration to help us decide what we thought her favourite things might be. Some decided that her favourite country was Russia, while others decided that she might like to read and that her favourite animal was a rabbit.






Monday 15th January - Friday 19th January 2018


This week in Crab class we have been looking at poetry and different ways to perform it.  We started by reading our poem, 'I'm a Little Penguin', out loud with our learning partner and performed to the class in pairs.  We then looked at how we could use instruments to make our performance even better.

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Monday 8th January - Friday 12th January 2018


This week in Crab class we have been busy learning about ordinal numbers in maths.  We tried to decode secret messages and also turned our hand to some problem solving.  We worked in pairs to try and work out where in a race four different dogs had come.  We have also been busy in science this week and conducted three experiments to test the absorbancy of kitchen towel.






Thursday 4th - Friday 5th January 2018


This week we have been reading the book 'Where is Home Little Pip?' and have been talking about how penguins survive in Antarctica.  We made different parts of the story in groups and had great fun acting out.



Friday 15th December

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Monday 11th - Friday 15th December 2017


What a busy week we have had in Crab class! We have been to watch Year 3's Christmas rehearsal, eaten a delicious Christmas dinner, performed in our Nativity, taken part in a dancing showcase and to round it off we have AJ the magician and Christmas jumper day. The staff in Crab class are really proud of how beautifully the children have behaved this week in the run up to Christmas and also how wonderfully they all performed in their Nativity.





Monday 4th - Friday 8th December 2017


This week in Crab class we have been busy with rehearsals. We have had our dress rehearsal for the Nativity and we have been busy rehearsing our space dance with Mrs Lawrence, our dance teacher. We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday for our Nativity and on Thursday for our space dance showcase!





Monday 27th November – Friday 1st December 2017


In our maths lessons this week, we have been sorting shapes by their properties. We have sorted them by using Venn and Caroll diagrams.





Monday 20th November – Friday 24th November 2017


This week in Crab class we have used music to help us plan our Christmas story writing piece. We sang a song about the animals we thought could pull Santa's sleigh and used instruments to help us tell the story.  Have a look at our own compositions.



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Monday 13th November – Friday 17th November 2017


This week has been anti bullying week and so in crab class we have been thinking about how to be a good friend and things that we can do to be kind.

We have written on our friendship leaves ways that we can be a good friend and have created kindness posters to remind us things that we can do that are kind.




Monday 6th November – Friday 10th November 2017


In Crab class this week we have been focusing on Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot.  We have acted out the story and have then written our own newspaper reports.




Monday 16th October – Friday 20th October 2017


This week in crab class we were lucky enough to go to the beach to have a go at measuring in centimetres and metres.  We started by estimating how long each of these lengths were and then found objects of 1cm.  After this we drew a 1m long line in the sand and filled it with a repeating pattern.





Monday 9th October - Friday 13th October 2017



We have been very busy in Crab class this week. In maths we have been learning about halves and quarters of different shapes and have been talking about the properties of shapes. In English we have been focusing on our Egyptian creative writing task and used music to help us come up with lots of exciting adjectives and to help us plan our story.






Monday 2nd October – Friday 6th October 2017


In crab class this week we have bee learning about Egypt.  We read the book 'Journey Down the River Nile' and then drew our own pictures to represent each stop on the journey.





Monday 18th September – Friday 22nd September 2017


This year Crab class are lucky enough to be working with the Royal Opera House on a creative writing project. Today we had our first session, focusing on music helping with our story writing. We had great fun and have written some brilliant stories.





Monday 4th September – Friday 8th September 2017


This week we have been focusing on our school values


Acceptance, Safety, Perseverance, Independence and Enjoyment. At the beginning of the week we got into teams and had a competition to see who could build the highest newspaper tower.  We had great fun working together and persevering until we managed to stand our tour up. We also talked about how we have to accept that people had different ideas and that was ok.


We have had a great first week in Crab Class!