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We learn together through Questioning, Perseverance and a Positive Mindset.

Crab 2

Our final week in Year 2 has been busy and lots of fun. We've enjoyed time at the beach digging holes and building castles. We've all tried hard to improve our skipping skills before going up to Year 3 and so many of us have now mastered this skill. We've also completed our history topic about the seaside with some fantastic Punch and Judy shows.


May I take this opportunity to thank you all for our very generous gifts. I have enjoyed teaching your children this year and being part of their learning journey. I know they are ready for Year 3, to continue to use their inquisitive minds and further develop their love of learning new things.


Have a wonderful summer and see you all next year in Year 3.





Monday 10th - Friday 14th July 2017


We had a wonderful morning sharing our stories with Year 5 and Seahorses, they all enjoyed hearing our stories.





Monday 3rd - Friday 7th July 2017


This week we finally said goodbye to our butterflies who we have cared for since they were small caterpillars.

Two flew away quickly but two took their time and enjoyed the orange juice before embarking on life outside of Crab classroom.





Monday 26th - Friday 30th June 2017


In crab class we have be watching our caterpillars eat lot and when we returned this week they had started their metamorphosis into a chrysalis. We are very excited to see the final stage soon.




Monday 12th - Friday 16th June 2017




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Monday 22nd - Friday 26th May 2017


This week we have been recapping doubling and halving and then we looked at how to use arrays to help us with multiplications.



This week we visited Wesley Church and learnt about how it is used as a place of worship. We enjoyed listening to the organ and looking at the beautiful stained glass windows and their different meanings.





The children learnt about energy transfer in food chains.

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Monday 15th - Friday 19th May 2017




Monday 8th - Friday 12th May 2017


This week we have worked really hard applying all the skills we have learnt in Year Two. Today we revised our GPS skills through a treasure hunt on the playground, it was so much fun.





Monday 1st - Friday 5th May 2017



This week we have been learning more about money and how to add up items and counting out change.
Try setting up a shop at home and asking people to visit it to purchase items or continue the game on line





Monday 24th - Friday 28th April 2017


This week we have thought about how to protect our plants from the animals that visit our school after we have gone home. We have created a variety of bird scaring sculptures, that we have now put into place to help protect our plants.





Monday 17th - Friday 21st April 2017





Monday 27th - Friday 31st March 2017


Wishing you all a very restful and enjoyable Easter Break






This week we visited the Tower of London. The children enjoyed their train journey and asking the police officers many questions, they then had a very enjoyable day learning and seeing so much in The Tower.





Monday 20th - Friday 24th March 2017


This week we had the opportunity to make our fruit salads that we designed last week. We each helped our partner to make their fruit salad by giving them instructions on which fruit they needed and the picking which juice we wanted. We hope you enjoyed sharing them with your children.









Monday 13th - Friday 17th March 2017


On Tuesday 14th March we visited the beach to recreate a London street during the Great Fire. The children had fun recreating the busy streets and building their houses very close together but even more fun throwing water over them to put the fire out.






Monday 6th - Friday 10th March 2017


This week we created our own artistic interpretation of the Great Fire of London. We could choose to use paint, collage or pencil. Everyone enjoyed the lesson and created some wonderful scenes.






Monday 27th February - Friday 3rd March 2017


On Monday 27th February we participated with the Rainbow Theatre Company in a retelling of The Great Fire of London. We enjoyed learning about how the fire started, the consequences of the fire and how London was rebuilt. It was a great start to our new history topic and we look forward to our beach trip and our visit to The Tower of London in the coming weeks.





Monday 20th - Friday 24th February 2017


This week we got off to a flying start in out Maths and English lessons by being very active in them all. We shared a walk and talk with each other, discussing what we had done during the half term break. We then reminded ourselves about the alphabet and the order the letters come in, this helped set us up for the week and all our dictionary work we are doing. Then in Maths we looked at number patterns and how to spot the pattern. Mrs Crabb drew some big number patterns on the playground to help us understand the jumps between numbers.

We will be going to the beach on Tuesday 14th March, if anyone would like to help and has a DBS check then please let Mrs Crabb know.







Monday 6th - Friday 10th January 2017

This week we have been so excited about becoming engineers for the afternoon and building our own bridges. We worked in teams to create our own bridges from the paper we had decided was the strongest last week. We all enjoyed it and had so much FUN!!




Monday 31st - Friday 3rd January 2017


This week we have been busy using our science investigation skills to find out which paper is the strongest, as next week we will become engineers. Using the results from our experiment we will see which group can build a bridge strong enough for a car to roll across it. Here are some pictures of our testing and how we worked together to gather our results.





Monday 23rd - Friday 27th January 2017




Monday 16th - Friday 20th January 2017


This week we have been learning the nursery rhyme London’s Burning. We have looked at the rhythm and the syllables within the rhyme and have created our own performances with instruments.

Group 1

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Group 2

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Group 3

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Group 4

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Under the Sea Day




Monday 9th - Friday 13th January 2017


This week we have worked really hard. We have enjoyed reading poetry and writing our own poems and we have carried out an exciting experiment about bouncing balls.

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Thursday 5th - Friday 6th January 2017







Monday 19th - Tuesday 20th December 2016


To get in the festive spirit we began a curling competition. We decided on our team names and then the fun began. We will complete the last matches in the morning and then crown the winners of the Crab Curling completion 2016. Look back to see who the winners are tomorrow. 






Monday 12th - Friday 16th December 2016


A big well done to all the children on their fantastic dance at the Dance Festival. 





Wednesday 14th December




Monday 5th - Friday 9th December 2016


This week is a busy week of final rehearsals for our Nativity and the Dance Festival. We thought we'd take this opportunity to say a big thank you for all the wonderful help you gave us during decorations morning, so many of you came and joined in with all the glitter and glue chaos. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. 

We have also had the opportunity to make our puppets which we designed ourselves, which was great fun.






Monday 28th - Friday 2nd December 2016



This week we have been looking at natural and man-made objects around us. We used objects around us to make our own Christmas wrapping by printing with natural and man-made objects.






Monday 21st - Friday 25th November 2016


This week has been a week of preparation. We have been preparing to write Christmas stories next week, a dance routine for the festival and our nativity play. Plus we have been learning about missing numbers in maths.




Monday 14th - Friday 18th November 2016



This week we have been doing a new science experiment. We tried to waterproof different materials using wax. 





Monday 7th - Friday 11th November 2016


We have been learning to sew, using a running stitch. Once we have mastered this, we will use our new skill to make our puppets we have designed.





Monday 31st - Friday 4th November 2016


This half term we are going to look at different materials and their properties. This week we investigated which kitchen towel is best for mopping up water, by using 3 different experiments. We decided on our hypothesis and then carried out a dangly strip test, pipette puddle test and a count the drops test. Which do you think was the best for mopping up?





Monday 17th - Friday 21st October 2016


After all our hard work we had the opportunity to read our stories to Some Year 3 children. They also read their work to us, we all enjoyed listening to the different stories.





Monday 10th - Friday 14th October 2016


We enjoyed a lovely time in the sunshine without any rain estimating how long a metre is. Plus we got to see a boat being lifted out of the water for the winter.




Monday 3rd - Friday 7th October 2016


This week we have been learning about adding and subtracting 10's and adding up to the next 10. We have continued our Van Gogh study by creating our own starry nights and sunflower pieces of art. We have also sailed down the River Nile and looked at the different sights we could see. 





Monday 26th - Friday 30th September 2016


We have started to study Vincent Van Gogh and his use of colours to create a mood. We looked at his painting of Starry Night and learnt how to mix colours to create different shades of blue, in preparation of painting our own Starry Night next week. 





Monday 19th - Friday 23rd September 2016


This week has been action packed!





Monday 12th - Friday 16th September 2016


This week we looked at different foods and how we can group them into five main categories.



We also celebrated Roald Dahl 100 Day by dressing up as characters from his books and learning about the man and his life.






Monday 5th - Friday 9th September 2016


We went to the beach to watch the chimney on the Isle of Grain be demolished. We had lots of fun collecting sea glass too.