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Oyster Shell Class Weekly News


Monday 17th December – Thursday 20th December 2018


Christmas jumper day in Oyster 4



Showing off our lovely Christmas cards and calendars!






Monday 10th December – Friday 14th December 2018



Year 4 enjoying their Christmas lunch!

Thank you to all the staff including our mid days and cooks who made this possible.







Wow! What a busy week it's been in Oyster Class! In English lessons, we have enjoyed writing job adverts for a Trainee Santa! We used lots of persuasive language and had great fun producing them!




We have been creative today in Oyster class and made our Christmas cards! Children used their maths skills too to measure the pop up present measurements.





Our science topic about 'Sound' came to an end this week. Children got into groups to play a 'Good Vibrations' game to see how much they had learnt about sounds and how we hear them. Great fun and revising our topic at the same time!






In Maths this week, Oyster class completed an arithmetic quiz and our regular times tables test. Children are making fantastic progress with these and should be very proud of all their hard work.

In addition, they worked in small groups to solve 'The Mystery of the Christmas Nativity' completing a number of mathematical clues in order to identify the 'CD swapper'!




Monday 3rd December – Friday 7th December 2018


We have started to feel festive this week in Oyster class as we each made a decoration for our class hoop. As you can see, we each made a snow globe decoration with a photograph inside!



As part of our work about Earthquakes and Volcanoes, we used the computers to do some additional research about how volcanoes are formed. We found some very interesting facts which we shared with the rest of the class.






Monday 26th November – Friday 30th November 2018



Our science work about sound has continued with some fun practical activities. We observed what happens when you put a tuning fork into a bowl of water and could also feel the vibrations when we placed it on our nose!!


In addition, we made our own telephones using cups and string which we tried out in the playground.


In design technology, we made our musical instruments making sure we were able to show a change in pitch.












Monday 19th November - Friday 23rd November 2018


We have been finishing our poppies this week, glazing them carefully. We are looking forward to seeing them once they have been fired in the kiln!




As part of our Science topic about sound, we had great fun during a lesson about pitch.

By using straws of different lengths, we were able to change the sound when blowing through them.


Still image for this video




Monday 12th November- Friday 16th November 2018


As part of our Science topic on 'Sound', we explored ways to change the pitch of a sound in a variety of musical instruments.

We then used our sketching skills to draw some of the instruments whilst listening to some instrumental music! We are looking forward to designing and making our own instruments soon - thank you to everyone who has provided 'junk materials' for this activity.




In Maths this week, children have been revising how to tell the time using analogue and digital clocks. They also worked out time intervals crossing the hour.



In our English lessons, we have been taking on the role as a disaster rescue worker. We interviewed each other during a 'hot-seating' activity.




We wore our PJs to school today to raise awareness and money for children in need. Here are some photos of us ready for a snooze zzzz....




Monday 15th October 2018 – Friday 19th October 2018


In English this week, we have enjoyed writing a 'Blurb' and Book Review of the Iron Man. We worked with different learning partners and enjoyed sharing our writing, editing and improving together. The week was finished by watching The Iron Giant which provided a useful comparison with the book!






Monday 8th October 2018 – Friday 12th October 2018


It's been yet another busy week in Oyster class this week. We finished reading our class text 'The Iron Man' which we have thoroughly enjoyed. After being introduced to the Space-Bat-Angel-Dragon in chapter 4, we had fun designing our own 4-part hybrid creature which we went on to describe using a range of sentence types and exciting vocabulary.

In art, we have started some collage work to depict a scene from the Iron Man. These will be completed next week so look out for the finished results!






Monday 1st October 2018 – Friday 5th October 2018


In maths this week, Oyster class have been learning about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. We used a compass to draw circles, and were introduced to the vocabulary radius, diameter and circumference.


In science, we have had fun making circuits predicting if they were complete or incomplete. We have also been learning about electrical conductors and insulators.










Monday 24th September – Friday 28th September 2018


On Monday, Oyster Class visited Hadleigh Country Park as part of our topic about The Iron Age. In the morning, children took part in an archaeological dig where they dug for artefacts!

Afterwards they made a clay pot which they have brought back to school ready for painting.

We all thoroughly enjoyed going into the Roundhouse where children learnt about life in the Iron Age.

The afternoon was spent dressing Mr Berry as a warrior and attending warrior school!

What a great day!






As part of our work about The Iron Man, children in Oyster class produced some fantastic art work. We used chalk pastels to draw our own version of the Iron Man. The results are great and have been displayed outside our classroom.




Oyster Class supporting 'Gold Geese' Day.







Monday 17th September – Friday 21st September 2018


On Monday, we did 'Walk & Talk' with our new learning partner for the week. It was a great opportunity to get to know what we got up to at the weekend as well as a chance to exercise!








Monday 10th – Friday 14th September 2018



Well done to everyone in Oyster Class for producing some fantastic Iron Age projects during your summer holidays.

It has been great to see how super talented the children are and to see such a great range of work/models.






In maths this week, we took advantage of the sunshine and took our learning outside the classroom. We used our whiteboards to place three and four digit numbers on a number line to develop our understanding of place value.





Thursday 6th September - Friday 7th September 2018


Oyster class have had a wonderful couple of days back at school. We have discussed our School values of ASPIRE and reminded ourselves how important it is to have a 'Growth' mindset as opposed to a 'Fixed' mindset when we are learning!

We worked in groups, reading and sorting a number of statements into the 2 categories.

As a class, we agreed on some important class rules. These were made into our class charter which we have all signed!



On Friday, Oyster class enjoyed using the 'Now Press Play' resources to kick start our new science topic on Electricity.