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Primary School

We learn together through Questioning, Perseverance and a Growth Mindset.

Year 3

Year 3 Homework


Reading, should be completed nightly and a parent or other adult to comment in the child’s planner. Children are given the opportunity to change their books daily and are expected to keep within their allocated book band until a teacher tells them to move to the next one. The planners are collected in every Friday morning and the amount of reads are recorded, there will be certificates awarded at the end of every half term for children who have read regularly.


Spellings, the children are taught a spelling pattern each week or words are taken from the vocabulary sheet for Year 3 (if it is felt necessary children will have their words allocated from a KS1 word list.) If it is a spelling pattern, they are exposed to many words in this pattern during their spelling lesson and throughout the week in other lessons. Spellings are given out on a Wednesday and tested the following Wednesday, the test involves dictated sentences using words from the spelling pattern but the children also need to punctuate the sentence correctly to gain full marks (this mainly involves a capital letter and full stop in each sentence). The pupils then mark their tests (these are checked by an adult afterwards) and the children record their mark in their planner next to the spellings they were tested on. The pupils are then given their new spellings for the following week to stick in, this is immediately followed by their spelling lesson for their new words.



Times Tables Test, the pupils will be tested on their tables on a fortnightly basis to work towards achieving their stars, which they can wear on their collar. The bronze star involves 2,3,4,5 and 10 times tables, 50 questions in 10minutes. They then progressively get more tricky, with more tables involved and the division facts as well. These tests are not on a set day or time.


GPS book, the pupils have a GPS activity book which sets out questions for each week to be completed. We mark these in class on a Tuesday and the pupils peer mark. There is a table of dates below which indicate when each workout will be marked in class. If a pupil forgets their book or is absent, then we ask that parents spend some time going through it with them and mark it at home.


The children have written in their planners which days of the week different bits of homework needs to be in as a reminder.