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Welcome to Pufferfish Class!


Pufferfish Class Weekly News


Monday 7th January – Friday 11th January 2019


Happy New Year! Puffer Fish have had a brilliant start to 2019.

At the beginning of the week, the children recapped the growth mind-set and characteristics of a good learner. A variety of team tasks were given to the children which they solved using the growth mind-set.

This week the children have also been introduced to our new topic ‘Wonderful Weather’. We have started to explore the different weather types in the UK, listened to the sounds they make and described them using our five senses. We have also enjoyed reading and composing our own weather poems using nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs.  

In Mathematics the children have been finding one more and one less of a 2-digit/ 3 digit numbers and count in 10’s from a given number.




Monday 17th December – Thursday 20th December 2018


It’s been a very busy week for Puffer Fish Class. We hope that you enjoyed our Christmas nativity performance. The children worked very hard to learn how to play their instruments and sing their songs.

We have also been writing instructions on ‘How to Wrap a Present’ using imperative verbs and adverbs. In Maths, we have been exploring 10 more/less and 100 more/less as well as recapping ordinal numbers.

On Friday, Puffer Fish had lots of fun with AJ the magician in their Christmas jumpers. In the afternoon, they also got the opportunity to watch the KS1 choir, recorder club and Pixie Lane perform.




Monday 3rd - Friday 8th December 2018


Puffer Fish have enjoyed the beginning of the festive season. Thank you to those who could join us on decoration morning. I hope you all had a fantastic time. J

We have also received a letter from Santa this week. Puffer Fish have been asked to write instructions on ‘How to deliver Christmas present’ because Rudolph has eaten Santa’s only copy.

In maths we have been practising and further developing the children’s addition skills and learning how to write the in reverse of a calculation.

I thought you might also like to see a sneak peek of us rehearsing the nativity. We can’t wait to see you next week for our performance.





Monday 26th – Friday 30th November


During our English lessons this week, Puffer Fish have explored conjunctions and time connectives to help them predict and write the middle and end of a story. The children then got an opportunity to create what they predicted would happen in the story ‘Little Bear’s Big Race’ using tin foil.

While in maths we have been learning strategy to answer words problem and partitioned 1 digit or 2 digit numbers. Puffer Fish have also continued to practise their number formation using purple polishing pens to make sure their numbers are the right way round.

In the afternoons, Puffer Fish have enjoying learning about how humans and animals copy in the winter.  The children have also observed and explained which animals hibernate, migrate or adapt to survive the cold winter season.




Monday 19th - 21st Friday November 2018


The children have enjoyed our ‘Toys from the past’ topic. We have placed toys on a timeline, researched the history of LEGO and discussed difference and similarities of toys across the ages. We have also enjoyed looking at old toys which the children brought in for our class museum.

This week in maths we have explored the concept of more and less, found missing number and investigated number bonds to 10/20.

Puffer Fish also enjoyed their beach trip which consolidated their 2d shape learning. Thank you to those who braved the cold weather J





Monday 12th November- Friday 16th November 2018


This week the children have been busy writing their own version of ‘Where’s my Teddy?’ We have discussed the structure of a story, story openers, adjectives and time connectives.

Puffer fish have also enjoyed our weekly comprehension task which involved predicting what will happen next in various story extracts.

In maths, we have explored the properties of 2-d shapes and sorted shapes into groups. The children have also practised adding three numbers together by counting on from the largest number.

On Thursday, we got the opportunity to visit the book fair and enjoy the many books on offer.





Monday 5th - Friday 9th November 2018


This week Puffer Fish have been exploring doubles, odd and even numbers, the days of the week and the months of the year. We have enjoyed using lots of practical equipment and singing to help us learn these mathematical concepts.

 In English we have read the story book ‘Where’s my Teddy’ and described how we would feel if we lost something important to us. We have also explored story openers ready to write a story next week.

Puffer Fish have also been learning about Guy Fawkes, Remembrance Day and Diwali in our topic subjects. 





Monday 29th October 2018 – Friday 2nd November 2018


Puffer Fish have enjoyed their first week back. This week we have been focusing on our Geography topic ‘Where I live’. The children have learnt about the countries that make the United Kingdom and located geographical features on a map.


In Science we have been discussing the four seasons in particular autumn and continued to learn about animals and humans. Thank to those who helped with our autumn walk you helped us think of some brilliant adjectives for our autumn poems.


The children have also enjoyed learning how to find a half/quarter of shapes and amounts.





Monday 15th October 2018 – Friday 19th October 2018


It’s been a busy but exciting week in Puffer Fish class.

We have been labelling, writing facts about a police officer’s equipment and composing thank you letters.

In maths we have been ordering numbers on a number line, placing numbers on a 100 square and counting in 10’s.

The children have also had the opportunity to explore a fire engine and talk to fire fighters about their job which they thoroughly enjoy. Thank you to all our visits this week J




Have lovely holiday!

From Puffer Fish staff




Monday 8th October 2018 – Friday 12th October 2018


Puffer Fish have enjoyed listening to a range of stories by Allan Ahlberg. We have also created story characters and written a short description using adjectives.

In maths we have been exploring subtraction and developing the children’s understanding of counting backwards using number lines and practical equipment.

As part of our ‘People who help us’ topic we were visited by a community support officer. The children got an opportunity to ask questions, look at police equipment and explore the car.





Monday 1st October – Friday 5th October 2018


Puffer Fish have enjoyed writing questions for our ‘People who help us’ visitors. We have explored words we use to start a question and practised using question marks at the end. They have also learnt what an address is and how to write it on an envelope.

In maths, the children have learnt how to read o’clock and half past times and measure length using non-standard and standard units.

On Thursday, Puffer Fish were very lucky as they got to watch the Travelling by Tuba perform at the Wesley Church. It was an amazing experience which the children thoroughly enjoyed.   






Monday 24th September – Friday 28th September 2018


Puffer Fish have been writing a repetitive story based on the structure of ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear’. The children have also learnt about nouns and adjectives which they have used in their story writing.

In maths we have been identifying coins, finding totals of two coins and finding ways to pay for items that cost 10p or 15p.

The children have also completed their self-portraits using paint and pastels to draw their facial features. While in P.E they continue to develop their balancing, jumping and landing skills with Mrs Lawrence.

Keep up the brilliant work Puffer Fish!




Monday 17th September – Friday 21st September 2018


This week we have continued with our `People who help us’ topic. The children have thought carefully about the equipment firemen need and recorded their ideas in a list. We have also discussed and explored how to use a dictionary to find words and meanings.

In Maths the children have been counting to 100, counting on from 5 and exploring the number bonds to 5 and 10.

Puffer Fish have also enjoyed their first science lesson which focused on labelling the body parts.



Home learning – To continue the `People who help us’ activities and complete the long ladder handwriting sheet.




Monday 10th – Friday 14th September 2018


This week we have introduced the topic `People who help us’. The children have discussed the roles of each person. The children have written captions about Mr Robbins our caretaker and how he helps people around the school. In Mathematics they have been counting, ordering and comparing numbers.

Following our curriculum meeting you might want to see our website where you will find addition, subtraction, multiplication and division strategies under about us/school polices. You will also find KS1 mathematical skills which will give you an insight to what the children will be covering. We are also looking into different ways to help you support your child in Mathematics.

Home learning – To complete the `People who help us’ activities.

From Miss Scott J




Thursday 6th – Friday 7th September 2018


It has been a short but exciting first week back. Puffer Fish are beginning to settle in and learn the new routines. We have discussed the school values; the growth mind set and made some class rules as part of our ‘Learning to Learn’ week.  

The children have also revised some of the Jolly Phonics sounds and high frequency words.  In mathematics we have been counting and ordering numbers to 20.

On Friday, some of the children got an opportunity to share their homework with the class. We will continue to this next week as it’s lovely to hear what they have been up to during their six weeks holiday.



Looking forward to working with my little Puffer Fish next week.

Have a fantastic weekend!