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Primary School

We learn together through Questioning, Perseverance and a Positive Mindset.

Pufferfish 1

Monday 6th November – Friday 10th November 2017


This week we have read the story book "Where's my Teddy?" and wrote about how we would feel if we lost something important to us.


In maths we have learnt how to write number sentences to double a number, looked at odd and even numbers and order the days and months.


Pufferfish have also started their ASSA PE sessions which they thoroughly enjoyed.





Monday 16th October - Friday 20th October


Pufferfish enjoyed an autumn walk to the Library Gardens this week. We found lots of Autumn signs which we used to create a hedgehog collage. A big thank you to all the parents who helped us with our autumn hunt.





Monday 9th – Friday 13th October 2017


Wow! It’s been a very busy week! We’ve had lots of interesting visitors including an occupational therapist, speech therapist, physiotherapist and the police. A big thank you to our visitor we thoroughly enjoyed learning about your jobs and how you help us.




Monday 2nd October – Friday 6th October 2017



Pufferfish have also investigated the difference between the human and animal body and continue to enjoy gymnastics.











Monday 11th September – Friday 15th September 2017


This week we have introduced the children to the topic people who help us. The class activities and literacy have been focused on this topic giving the children the opportunity to write captions about Mr Robbins and taken on the role of a teacher.


We have also enjoyed counting and ordering numbers using a wide range of equipment including multi-link and Numicon.


Here's a snap show of our busy week.




Monday 4th September – Friday 8th September 2017


Welcome back!

It has been a wonderful but very busy first week back. Here’s a snap shot of our week.


We learnt about our school values and make some class rule. Puffer Fish also completed some team activities which they did extremely well.



We’ve also been busy getting to know each other and our new routines. In class we have done some phonics, maths and literacy.



On Thursday 7th September as a whole class we looked at some self-portrait art. We then started creating our own which we will continue next week.




Finally on Friday 8th September we had our first gymnatics lesson. It was a lot of fun and we are looking forward to next week.



Have a lovely weekend!