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Blue Whale 6

Weekly Update – Blue - 17.09.18


This week in Year 6 we have been trying out some sample SATs papers; all the children have worked very hard.  The tests completed have been Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Spelling and Mathematics.

In Blue 6 we have still managed to continue enjoying other areas of the curriculum.  We have been looking at the Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, who first classified living things. He carefully observed the world around him & decided there was a hierarchy of living things, which he called the ‘Ladder of Nature’.

In History we have continued with our work on WW2 with the focus of the Battle of Britain. The children will be using their investigation skills over the next few weeks to answer the question ‘Why was winning the Battle of Britain in 1940 so important’. 

We have also elected school council representatives for our class- It was a close call with some excellent speeches.

Our winners were Poppy N and James- well done.

Although another demanding week, the children have been fantastic.

Great work Blue 6!

We realise that children have been working incredibly hard and that although homework has been set for collection for next week, those who are finding it difficult to balance 11+ work and school work do not have to hand it in this week. However we know there will be many who do make the deadline. 

Finally, we would like to wish all the children taking their 11+ this weekend and on Tuesday the best of luck.

Miss Parsons





Weekly Update – Blue - 10.09.18

It has been a fantastic first full week back at school and the children have been working very hard.

In English the children have been writing recounts and have been considering how to use the simple past, past perfect and past progressive. Ask your children about these as I am sure they will be able to demonstrate their new knowledge with you.

In Maths the main focus for the week has been place value skills. The children have been demonstrating how they can apply the skills that they already have to reasoning questions.

In science we have been looking at Living things. The children have focussed on the mnemonic MRS NERG to help them remember the seven life processes that tell us that animals are alive. They have also looked at the 5 Kingdoms of classification.

In History the children looked at the causes of WW2, briefly discussing the Treaty of Versaille, and the economic depression. They have also been introduced to the terms allies and axis and identified them on a map. 

In art we have been learning about blending techniques and looking at skylines. In PE we have been playing team games and using problem solving skills.  In PSHE we have considered our fears of being in Year 6 and discussing our dreams and aspirations for now and the future.

Finally in RE we have started to look at the Jewish religion, the children identified the features of a synagogue such as ‘Ner Tamid’ and ‘Torah’.

The children have been impeccably behaved all week and I am very impressed by the amount of reading that has taken place. Well done Blue 6. 

Miss Parsons






Weekly Update – Blue - 06.09.18

Welcome to Year 6!

It has been a great first two days back and the children have settled in enthusiastically.

We have been looking at our class expectations and how these link to our school values ‘ASPIRE’. The children then completed some drama activities to demonstrate how these can be presented not only in school life but also in everyday life.

Our Topic of WW2 has been well received by the children and they have enthusiastically taken part in activities relating to this. On our first day back the children got to use out ‘Now Press Pay’ equipment to listen to the events of WW2 and act these out.  This stimulated them to share their current knowledge and they are curious to find out more. It would be lovely for children to bring in any relevant artefacts to share with the class.

Miss Parsons