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Blue Whale 6

Weekly Update – Blue – 02.10.17


This week in Blue 6 the children have been conducting experiments in science related to our topic of the ‘Classification of Living Things’. Our experiment was to help the children see that micro-organisms (such as yeast) are very small living things. We set up two experiments – one with yeast, warm water and sugar and the other with just yeast and warm water. We then mixed the ingredients and placed a stretched balloon on top of the bottle. Ask your children what they observed and why!



Later in the week the children enjoyed a successful gymnastic lesson with several activities. The class is becoming very confident with cartwheels and handstands that transition into either forward or backwards rolls, as well as vaulting over high stools. Here are some examples below.







Weekly Update – Blue - 25.09.17


It has been tough week for our Year 6 children. We have been trying out some sample SATs papers to test their knowledge. They have been tested on Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Spelling and Mathematics. Well done to all of them for working so hard. I am sure the children will be relieved that the weekend has finally arrived.

We have had some fun this week too, the children have been creating more art work relating to silhouettes and evaluating their outcomes, as well as being involved in some WW2 role play for History. The focus this week was to look into the roles of men and women during the war with a particular focus on women. The children had to create a scene to share with the class that demonstrated one of the roles looked at, and then they were to produce a written dialogue alongside this.   Some very creative and interesting ideas were seen.

Miss Parsons






Weekly Update – Blue - 18.09.17

A big focus in art has been on blending techniques using pastels and chalks. We have looked at the colour wheel and discussed the terms contrasting and analogous. The children then created background images using analogous colours (colours next to one another on the colour wheel).  This week we have developed our background images and created silhouettes using black card. There has been a particular focus on artists that use silhouettes such as Jan Pienkowski and Charles Burns.


On Friday the whole school turned up wearing Jeans for Jeans Genes day. Everyone participated in a whole school project creating artwork from denim. Pictures can be seen below.







Weekly Update – Blue - 11.09.17

This week the children have been working very hard. In English we have been writing Biographies that link to our WW2 Topic about Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill and the Royal Family; within these we have attempted using passive voice and semi-colons.

We have learned more about WW2 in history this week, focusing on the causes of the war and finding out about the Allies and Axis powers. Already we have had some show and tell stories from members of the class about their ancestors (see image and clip).

A trip to the local synagogue is on the cards as we start to learn about the Jewish faith. This week we have focused on the key features of the synagogue such as the ‘Ner Tamid’ and ‘Torah’.  We will hopefully update you on trip details shortly.

Miss Parsons





Weekly Update – Blue - 4.09.17

First week back and the children have settles in well. We have looked at school/class expectations and homework for Year 6. For the first part of the week our school values ‘ASPIRE’ have been considered, we have identified the importance of these in and around school life.

In English we have been writing recounts and autobiographical poems; the children loved comparing themselves to a variety of objects.

Our topic of World War Two has gone down a treat so far; the children have been sharing their current knowledge and are curious to find out more. It would be lovely for children to bring in any relevant artefacts to share with the class.

Miss Parsons