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Lobster Class Weekly News



Monday 9th September 2019 – Friday 13th September 2019


Well done everybody for completing your first full week in Lobster Class. We have enjoyed looking at place value in Maths, punctuating sentences accurately in English and different materials in Science. You have all worked very hard and Mr Harrison and I are very proud of you. Enjoy your weekend!






Monday 15th July 2019 – Friday 19th July 2019


This week we have written about our favourite moments of our time in Year 2 and sent letters to our new teachers telling them something about ourselves. We’ve also been busy making our own Maths board games. Mrs Brown had fun playing some of the games and was really impressed with the ideas the children had incorporated. 

Don’t forget your bag for your books on Monday please! 





Monday 8th July 2019 – Friday 12th July 2019


We made the most of Key Stage 2 being at Village Green today and took over the Astro! We had great fun practising our tennis, hockey and skipping skills. We even had the giant parachute out.




Monday 1st July 2019 – Friday 5th July 2019


This week our little Lobsters have worked hard on their Summer term PUMA & PIRA. We are very proud of them! We have also enjoyed doing some performance poetry. Each group had the confidence to share their poem with the rest of the class and some were even inspired to write their own poems. 





Monday 24th June 2019 – Friday 28th June 2019



It’s been all about our butterflies this week! When we came in to school on Monday we were excited to see that they had emerged. We spent a little while observing them but then felt it was time to set them free into their natural habitat. As you can see one wanted to stay with us a bit longer or maybe just wanted to pose for photo! We used the photo to do some amazing symmetrical art. 







Monday 17th June 2019 – Thursday 20th June 2019


Lobster Class have watched the chrysalises very carefully this week but the butterflies are yet to make an appearance.  The children have started making a life cycle model of this process.  Some children visited the KS2 to buy some wonderful goods the older children have been making.  All the Lobster children received a rainbow sticker this Wednesday as they have worked hard on partitioning numbers, talking about properties of 3D shapes as well as writing about the seaside in the past.





Monday 10th June 2019 – Friday 14th June 2019


Wow another busy week in Lobster Class! We enjoyed our visit to the Heritage Centre on Tuesday and wrote some great recounts about our morning. In Science we were excited to observe that our caterpillars had all gone into chrysalis and we are patiently waiting for them to emerge as beautiful butterflies. Luckily the rain stopped and the sun shone for Sports day. We all enjoyed running in all our races. Well done everybody! 






Monday 3rd June 2019 – Friday 7th June 2019


We welcomed new members of Lobster Class this week, five crazy caterpillars! Look how much they’ve grown in a week. What will they look like on Monday? We wrote holiday news and postcards in our English lessons. In Maths we explored time and direction. We had lots of fun in our rubber rings!





Monday 20th May 2019 – Friday 24th May 2019


We have written and edited our Adventure stories this week in English, there were lots of imaginative ideas. In Maths we have carried out symmetry investigations and problem solving. In Science we looked at the progress of our beans. They have got roots, even the one in the cupboard! What will they look like after the holiday? We enjoyed using the pastels in Art to recreate our own ‘Rousseau’s Jungles.’ They all looked fantastic.

Enjoy a happy and relaxing holiday everybody - you deserve it!








Monday 13th May 2019 – Friday 17th May 2019


We have looked at the author Anthony Browne in our English lessons this week. We read  the first part of ‘The Tunnel’ and shared ideas of what might be at the end of the tunnel. We are going to use our ideas to write our own adventure stories next week. In Science we set up a hydroponics farm in our classroom. We are looking forward to observing the changes in our seeds. Will our beans grow? What will happen to the one in the cupboard? Everyone has worked very hard again this week. We are very proud of you!






Monday 6th May 2019 – Friday 10th May 2019


As promised some photos of our May Day celebrations from last Friday. We would like some May sunshine now though please! Mr Harrison and I have been really proud of how hard the children have worked on their reading papers this week. Well done everyone! Look at our amazing Kampong Ayer watercolours that we’ve been working on too! 





Monday 29th April 2019 – Friday 3rd May 2019


We made it through our busy week and what great fun it’s been! All the children looked amazing on Monday for the launch of our Times Tables Rock Stars. Keep practising at home. Everyone enjoyed their visit to Colchester Zoo on Tuesday too. They enjoyed learning about lots of animals and rainforests as habitats. Mr Harrison told me that all the children were very well behaved and a credit to Leigh North Street School so well done everyone. I will add some highlights from our May Day celebrations next Friday. Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend!






Monday 22nd April 2019 – Friday 26th April 2019


We started the Summer Term with a learning to learn day. We used a lot of perseverance (and enjoyment!) when Mr Harrison tried to teach us how to juggle! We revised fractions in Maths. We launched our new topic of Kampong Ayer in Geography and learnt about the animals that live in the rainforest in preparation for our visit to Colchester Zoo on Tuesday. We’ve enjoyed our Maypole dancing too and look forward to sharing it with you next Friday. Don’t forget to dress as a rock star on Monday too! Wow next week is going to be busy!






Monday 1st April 2019 – Friday 5th April 2019


What a busy but fantastic day to end our Spring term! We started our day by taking part in ‘The 26 Challenge’ with our reading buddy class,  Mrs Brown was worn out by half past 9! Then we shared some of our writing with Pelican 3, we enjoyed their Greek Myths and they loved our Samuel Pepys diaries. After break was even more exciting as we set fire to our cardboard houses to recreate the Great Fire of London. This was a great experience and a fitting ending to our History topic this term. We finished the day with our Easter Bonnet parade, sing-a-long and a visit from the Easter bunny! Wishing you all a very Happy Easter xxxx




Monday 25th March 2019 – Friday 29th March 2019


This week we have been looking at diary writing and Samuel Pepys in preparation for writing our own diary entries next week. We’ve been problem solving in Maths and thinking about creating healthy lunchboxes in Science. In DT we evaluated our fruit salads that we made last week and even gave them a star rating! 






Monday 18th March 2019 – Friday 22nd March 2019


The children have worked really hard in class this week. They have written recounts and completed assessments in Maths, Reading, Grammar and Spelling! Don’t worry we have still had time to enjoy creating some Great Fire Art, dance around the maypole and make our fruit salads. 




Monday 11th March 2019 – Friday 15th March 2019


In English this week we have been working on editing and improving our writing and in Maths we have looked at capacity. We used estimation to think about how many small containers full of rice or pasta would fill a bigger container. We also looked at different shaped bottles to see which one would hold the most water. The children came up with some good reasons behind their choices. Why don’t you have a try at home? We designed our fruit salads in DT and started our country dancing in preparation for our May Day celebrations.





Monday 4th March 2019 – Friday 8th March 2019


We have had a great week learning about The Great Fire of London. We started the week with ‘Just Press Play’ listening to the events of The Great Fire on our headphones and finished the week with a fantastic visit from the Rainbow Theatre company where we all took part in reenacting the events leading up to and during The Great Fire. In Maths we have been looking at data and the different ways we can use to display our results. We made pictograms, tally charts and bar graphs to show our favourite fruits. We also had a visit from baby Rosie to help us with our Science topic. We even had time to share our favourite books and write our own book reviews. Wow what a busy week!





Monday 25th February 2019 – Friday 1st March 2019


We’ve enjoyed looking at alphabetical order and using dictionaries in English this week. We had fun carrying out dictionary challenges and writing our own definitions. We thought some of our definitions were better than the ones in the dictionary! More arrays in Maths this week helping us with our multiplication and even some division. We even found arrays in the pattern of the eggs in their box and the cakes in their tin when we made our fabulous fairy cakes.






Monday 11th February 2019 – Friday 15th February 2019



In Maths this week we have been counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and using arrays (a group of dots arranged into rows and columns) to learn about multiplication. In English we have been working on our comprehension skills and in Art we created some collage penguins. Enjoy a happy half term everyone!






Monday 4th February - Friday 8th February 2019





We have been investigating fractions in Maths this week, writing our Little Red Riding Hood stories in English and learning about Chinese New Year in RE and recreating our own Chinese Dragons in Art.






Monday 28th January - Friday 1st February 2019


This week has been all about ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. We shared different versions of the story, retold the story and made some fantastic story boxes. Can you spot Granny in the wardrobe? Next week we are going to write our own stories. We have continued our focus on addition and subtraction in Maths and enjoyed our ‘Real PE’ session.




Arctic 5 & Lobster Class had the chance to meet up with their buddy readers and share the books they’ve been reading this week.




Monday 21st January – Friday 25th January 2019


In Maths this week we have been looking at the addition of two digit numbers and how to use a number line to help us work it out. We had a practice on a gigantic number line in the playground! We compared the Sahara desert to the Antarctic and completed some descriptive writing using lots of interesting adjectives. We felt like we were in the Antarctic on Thursday when it snowed at play time!





Monday 14th January – Friday 18th January 2019


We have been looking at, planning and writing non-fiction reports in English this week. We have found out lots of fascinating facts about penguins. Did you know that penguins like to sing and toboggan? We continued our penguin theme in Art by creating our Antarctic landscapes. In Maths we have been using ordinal number to follow instructions and crack codes. In GPS we looked at the suffix -ed and how to use it in our writing. We have gymnastics this half term and the children have been building on the skills from Year 1.





Monday 7th January – Friday 11th January 2019


Happy New Year! It was lovely to see everyone back this week and to welcome Emily to Lobster Class. It’s been a very busy week with penguins, birthdays, new friendship ambassadors, sandwich making, mystery numbers and finding out which ball was the bounciest! Time for a well-earned rest I think?




Monday 10th December – Friday 14th December 2018


Mr Harrison and I were so proud of everyone this week, a great dress rehearsal and two fantastic performances. Well done everybody! You all looked great on Christmas Jumper Day too!







Monday 3rd December – Friday 7th December 2018


The first week of December and Christmas has landed in Lobster Class! We started the week with our Decorations Morning and then Father Christmas helped us with the introduction to our Christmas story writing. Who will pull Santa's sleigh now Rudolph and his friends have got the flu? 






Monday 26th November – Friday 30th November 2018



The children wrote some fantastic Florence Nightingale letters this week using their knowledge gained from their History lessons and thinking about the features of a letter that we looked at in English last week. They even included an exclamation sentence! Can you see us writing our letters in our dance lesson? We have started to sew our own bunting triangles in DT and even made our own 'Lady of the Lamp' bunting too! Don't forget that it's decorations morning on Monday.





Monday 19th November - Friday 23rd November 2018


Thank you for looking at our class page. The children have continued to work hard from the moment they arrived in school on Monday. They started with a maths problem, quickly followed by a superb Just Press Play session where the children became immersed in the world of Florence Nightingale. They then bridged tens by adding through a tens number by using their knowledge of number bonds. Please continue to practise number bonds to 10, 15 and 20 (1 + 9, 2 + 8, 12 + 8, 13 + 7 etc.) as these are vital for many areas in maths. The little lobsters then started to create a dance based on what Florence Nightingale did during her time as a nurse.


The children have also had time to rehearse the Christmas play (please keep helping the children learn their lines in a LOUD and clear voice) several times. The children have also continued looking at contractions. I have read several comments in reading records that say children are finding them in their reading book – excellent work guys. We need to see more examples of them using them in their writing and using the apostrophe in the correct place.


We continue to read daily with the children. Every Lobster Class child will be read with each week. We are beginning to notice a real improvement in many children that regularly read so again thank you for your effort at home with your child. Enjoy the weekend. See you Monday ready to learn…we will be writing letters!






Monday 12th November- Friday 16th November 2018


This week we have written our weekend news and Newspaper reports in English. We've been adding and subtracting using money in Maths. We visited Mrs Brown's shop to buy a pen and a pencil to practise adding different amounts. Some pens even went in the sale so we had to subtract instead! We made some Children in Need bunting connected to our DT and Pudsey even helped us with our GPS lesson! Thank you for all of your Children in Need donations too! 




Monday 5th November 2018 – Friday 9th November 2018


We have been busy working with money in Maths and looking at Newspaper reports in our English lessons this week. We also designed our bunting in DT and practised our running stitch. It was quite tricky but we persevered!






Monday 29th October 2018 – Friday 2nd November 2018


This week in Lobster Class we have launched our History Makers topic by looking at Guy Fawkes and his role in the Gunpowder Plot. The children enjoyed reenacting the 5th of November 1605. We made fact files about Guy Fawkes in which the children were able to identify and share key facts about The Plot. Think of Guy Fawkes if you are going to watch any firework displays this weekend!





Monday 15th October 2018 – Friday 19th October 2018


Another lovely day for our RE visit to St Clement's Church this week. We looked at and sketched some of its special features. We wrote our stories in English and explored multiplication as repeated addition in Maths. For example 10+10+10+10+10=50 can be written as 5x10=50.






Monday 8th October 2018 – Friday 12th October 2018


We have had lots of fun measuring this week! We even had one of our lessons at the beach (and it was sunny!). In English we have read 'Snow Lambs' and completed our story maps ready to write our own stories next week. We made our own umbrellas in Science and waterproofed them using wax crayons.





Monday 1st October 2018 – Friday 5th October 2018


We have had a great time stepping into the shoes of Captain Scott this week. We looked at the features of diaries in our English lessons and wrote our own entries imagining that we were Captain Scott in the Antarctic. In Maths we have been exploring weight and finding objects heavier and lighter than 100g. Mr Harrison caused great excitement with his 'Water Walk' experiment in Science this week. Can water move up hill and create a rainbow? We will be watching the results very carefully. Then on Thursday we were very lucky to have a visit from 'Travelling by Tuba'. We had fun listening to and even playing some instruments. We even made a hose pipe make a noise like a trumpet!






Monday 24th September – Friday 28th September 2018


This week we have been busy writing poems about the Seasons in our English lessons. We thought of adjectives to describe the four seasons and listened to Vivaldi's music to help us write creatively.  We looked at number bonds in Maths to help us with our addition of 3 numbers. In Art we looked at umbrellas in different paintings and recreated our own umbrella paintings using crayons and brusho. Finally thank you for 'Going Gold' and supporting the charity Gold Geese.









Monday 17th September – Friday 21st September 2018


How can it be Friday again? That week has whizzed by! We have been busy in Maths adding and partitioning numbers and had a great lesson outside as part of our 'Active Maths' programme. In English we looked at a painting and thought about whether we liked it and how it made us feel. Connected to our weather topic we conducted an experiment in Science to test the absorbency of different materials.





Monday 10th – Friday 14th September 2018


A great first week in Lobster Class well done everyone! We have been very busy adding and subtracting, looking at adjectives and going on a 'Material Hunt' in Science. In Art we looked at The Great Wave, a painting by Hokusai and tried to recreate our own.





Thursday 6th – Friday 7th September 2018


Welcome back! It has been lovely to see so many smiley faces over the last two days and to see the children come back with a new enthusiasm for learning. We have spent the two days learning our class routines and immersing ourselves in this half terms topic, which is weather. We've managed to squeeze in time for art and outdoor learning session as well as writing about our summer holiday news and agreeing our class rules. We hope you have a great weekend and look forward to seeing the children again on Monday.


Miss Bye, Mrs Middleton, Mrs Brown, Mr Harrison and Mrs Brown.