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Lobster Class Weekly News

Friday 13th May 2022


Lobster Class have been very creative this week. In Geography, we have been exploring what houses are like in Kampong Ayer. We looked at a house plan and measured the rooms before converting the measurements into metres using a scale. We then had a go at designing our own house plans and enjoyed being ambitious here with swimming pools, animal rooms, football pitches and even chocolate kitchens included. In RE, we have been thinking about what Christians believe about God. We reflected on how a Christian may see their God and created our own art pieces based on these ideas - as you can see from the pictures. 




Friday 6th May 2022


Although a short week, Lobster Class have definitely not let this stop them max out on learning time. We've continued our learning about fractions in Maths and created our own versions of the Little Red Riding Hood story in English. In Science, we've begun our 'seed in a bag' experiment. We're investigating whether seeds will grow without soil and air. We're going to keep a diary to track the progress of our seeds over the next few weeks. 




Friday 29th April 2022


This week, Lobster Class have continued their learning about fractions in Maths and in English we are excitedly building up to writing our own version of Little Red Riding Hood. We very much enjoyed creating our own evil characters that will take the place of the wolf. In Science, we are investigating what a plant needs to grow. We are exploring invasion games in our PE lessons and this week got to apply our attacking and defending skills in small games. Check out our photos to see how we've been getting on.   




Friday 22nd April 2022


Lobster Class have had an exciting return to school. This half-term in Geography we will be travelling to Brunei to discover more about the settlement Kampong Ayer. We have created our very own passports in preparation for our 'journey of discovery' across continents and we enjoyed exploring rainforests in Art, where we got to practise our colour-mixing skills too. In Science, we have delved into our new topic about Plants - we discussed the features of plants and went on a hunt around the school grounds to investigate plants and leaves. 




Friday 1st April 2022


In Lobster Class this week we've enjoyed applying our DT skills as we incorporated sliders when making our cute Easter cards. We were also so lucky to have a visit from a real-life firefighter and we got to discover the answers to lots of questions that we have been curious about. What a brilliant way to wrap up a brilliant Spring Term. Wishing everyone a Happy Easter and looking forward to more exciting learning opportunities when we return.     




Friday 25th March 2022


This week we enjoyed our Great Fire of London day. Our children took a break for the day and instead we were greeted at the gate by bakers, fire fighters, London citizens and even Samuel Pepys. We had lots of fun immersing ourselves into our History topic. We created silhouette paintings, re-enacted the start of the fire through dance, had a race to put out a fire and even had a go at re-building London, reflecting on how we could improve the city following the destruction. What a brilliant day!    





Friday 18th March 2022


There have been many highlights in Lobster Class this week. We've been practising measuring length in Maths - we even measured the World Record for Long Jump (8.95m) and compared how far we could jump. In English, we time travelled back to 1666 where we met some of the key people from the Great Fire of London, including Samuel Pepys, King Charles II and Thomas Farringer. We hosted our own news shows to interview these individuals and get information in preparation for writing our newspaper reports next week. Finally, we had lots of fun playing a new game, Dragon Ball - we loved that there weren't lots of rules to the game and that we could move with the ball however we liked!





Friday 11th March 2022


It would be amiss to not begin our update this week without saying a huge well done to all of our fantastic spellers. A special well done to Oliver and Wilf, who bravely took to the stage to represent Lobster Class in the Spelling Bee final on Friday last week. They did fantastically. We are all very proud of you and especially impressed by the brilliant team work on display. 


There has been lots of other exciting learning going on in Lobster Class this week, from writing our Great Fire of London Diary entries in English to investigating whether or not our age effects our shoe size in Science. Where will our learning take us next?    



Friday 4th March 2022


World Book Day was definitely a highlight of our week in Lobster Class. We linked our learning to this special day by constructing pictograms in Maths about our favourite book characters and creating sliders in DT of our chosen book character. We also loved our 'wild reading' sessions, where we got to read in a spot of our choice in the classroom (including under the tables), and we enjoyed our game of Quidditch in PE where we got to hunt for the golden snitch! 




Friday 25th February 2022


Lobster Class have returned to school from the holiday with such enthusiasm and they have really enjoyed starting their new topic, The Great Fire of London. It was great to explore the events of the fire through drama and role play using our Now Press Play experience to inspire us. In Maths, they have continued learning about division and had fun applying their learning to a Maths treasure hunt and Top Trumps game.    




Friday 11th February 2022


This week, we've been exploring poetry in Lobster Class and particularly enjoyed creating our own Haiku poems about penguins. In Art, we've made Southern Light designs and in Geography we've been discussing climate change and how we can protect our planet. We've built on our learning of multiplication in Maths as we've started to explore division and the link between the two operations. We enjoyed chalking our playground to practise sharing and grouping different amounts.     




Friday 4th February 2022


We've been flying with our learning in Lobster Class this week. In English, we've created hideous characters based on the Gruffalo and have been enjoying writing our character descriptions using expanded noun phrases. In Maths, we've started to explore division through sharing and in Science we've been learning about the Penguin Food Chain. We know that it's so important to always face learning challenges with a Growth Mindset, and we put this to the test during a 'Cross The Raging River Challenge'. We had lots of fun and we were all successful in getting to the island on the other side without falling in....eventually! 




Friday 28th January 2022


Lobster Class have thrived in our Art lesson this week. We have explored mono-printing and created some outstanding fish designs. We hope you enjoy taking a look through our creations. 





Friday 21st January 2022


In Lobster Class this week, we've been continuing our learning about penguins. We've been researching Emperor penguins in English in preparation for writing a non-chronological report. In Science, we carried out an investigation with hot water to understand why penguins huddle. We discovered that the water placed in a huddle stayed warmer than the water left on its own. In Maths, we've enjoyed learning about multiplication and equal groups. We can't wait to start TT Rockstars next week and apply our learning! 




Friday 14th January 2022


In Lobster Class this week we've really enjoyed building on our gymnastics learning. We explored different gymnastic shapes including the pike, star and straddle. We then thought about how we could create our own balances with a partner out of these shapes, focusing on body tension, balance and symmetry. We came up with some brilliant and creative balances as you can see from the photos.  




Friday 7th January 2022


This week, we immersed ourselves into our new Geography topic about Penguins. We had great fun dressing up as explorers as we discovered what equipment they might need to survive the difficult conditions in the Antarctic. We got to meet some penguins through the Edinburgh Zoo live cam and enjoyed showing off what we knew already about these interesting creatures. We loved designing and building our own igloos and snowmobiles. It's made us very excited for all the learning we will get to enjoy this half-term.     



Friday 17th December 2021


Lobster Class wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.




Friday 10th December 2021


We ho-ho hope you’re having a lovely week! In Lobster Class, we’ve been getting rather festive as we performed our Christmas production, which we can’t wait for you to see. We dazzled with our confident performances and the support we showed to each other. We’ve also been building on our learning of adding and subtracting in Maths and have been exploring instructions in English. We’re looking forward to applying our understanding of instructions to help Father Christmas catch a lost reindeer.  




Friday 3th December 2021


Over the past few weeks, Lobster Class have been learning about different religious festivals including Eid, Hanukkah and Diwali. We were excited to make our own Diya lamps in celebration. We hope that you enjoy taking a look at our brilliant creations.  




Friday 26th November 2021


We’ve had lots of fun experimenting with changes of state in Science this week. Particularly because it involved…. chocolate! We heated chocolate to melt it and it turned from a solid to a liquid. We were then able to make our edible sparklers by dipping breadsticks into the melted chocolate and adding sprinkles. We had to be quick adding the sprinkles because if the chocolate cooled, it would start to turn back to a solid and the sprinkles wouldn’t stick.  




Friday 19th November 2021


Lobster Class loved visiting the Book Fair this week and having an explore of a range of different books and genres. We made a note of some of the books that captivated us and have added these to our Christmas wish lists J.





Friday 12th November 2021


Lobster Class have been Super Scientists this week as we’ve continued our learning about Everyday materials. We carried out an investigation to test the bounciest balls and discussed what properties made them bouncy. We had lots of fun as you can see from our photos.




Friday 5th November 2021


We have loved exploring the story of Guy Fawkes through our role play this week. Check out our fantastic costumes and… what a wig! We now understand the main events and have started to delve deeper into the characters involved in the plot through questioning and hot seating. This will all help us when we come to writing our newspaper reports about the event.




Friday 22nd October 2021


This week in Lobster Class we have been busy learning about Rosa Parks as part of our Black History Month celebrations. To understand Rosa’s story, we re-enacted the bus scene. People wearing hats got better treatment than those not in hats and we had lots of interesting discussions about how this made us feel. As well as this, we have also got to be really creative this week and re-design our playground focusing on using accurate symbols and a key as part of our Geography learning. Well done Lobster Class.




Friday 15th October 2021


Lobster Class have had a very exciting week of learning. We’ve been exploring the senses in English to describe a beach scene. In Maths we’ve been using base 10 to help us add tens and ones, in Science we’ve been creating our own umbrellas and in PE we’ve been practising throwing and catching. We’ve also been really lucky to get to go on some walks to explore Leigh. We especially loved going to the Library gardens where we went on a colour hunt using a colour palette. It was lots of fun as you can see from our photos.




Friday 8th October 2021


To celebrate National Poetry Day this week, Lobster Class have enjoyed a whole week learning about poetry. We’ve created our own funny rhymes and enjoyed performing poetry to our classmates thinking about all of the features that make for a good performance, including using actions and expression, making eye contact and changing our tone and our pace. Here are some photos from our performances. 

Friday 1st October 2021


Lobster class have had another week of super learning. We’ve especially relished the chance to apply our maths skills during Practical Maths lessons this week. We’ve developed our understanding of time and sharing into equal groups.  



Friday 24th September 2021


Lobster Class have had another exciting week of learning. From outdoor maths games to practise our counting to waterproofing experiments in Science. We’ve also loved beginning our learning about the Continents of the world in Geography and have started our giant globe creation. Check out how we got on. It was a messy business but we had lots of fun. We can’t wait to share the finished product with you when it’s complete.


Friday 17th September 2021


Lobster Class have had lots of fun with their learning this week. We’ve been going on material hunts around the school in Science and have enjoyed time map reading during our ‘Learning Outside the Classroom’ lesson with Mrs Brown. In English, we’ve been reading about the Queen’s Handbag and got to meet some of the characters, as you can see from our photos. We have also loved creating ‘graffiti walls’ in RE where we explored the qualities that make a good leader.





Friday 10th September 2021


Lobster Class showed great curiosity as they delved into our new Science topic ‘Everyday materials’ this week. They explored different materials around the classroom and started to think about the type of material and its properties. They had lots of interesting knowledge about the topic and also had lots of questions that they wanted to find the answer to, including finding out where metal comes from and why some plastics are a different colour. Keep being inquisitive and enthusiastic learners Lobster. J