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Lobster Class Weekly News

Friday 22nd October 2021


This week in Lobster Class we have been busy learning about Rosa Parks as part of our Black History Month celebrations. To understand Rosa’s story, we re-enacted the bus scene. People wearing hats got better treatment than those not in hats and we had lots of interesting discussions about how this made us feel. As well as this, we have also got to be really creative this week and re-design our playground focusing on using accurate symbols and a key as part of our Geography learning. Well done Lobster Class.




Friday 15th October 2021


Lobster Class have had a very exciting week of learning. We’ve been exploring the senses in English to describe a beach scene. In Maths we’ve been using base 10 to help us add tens and ones, in Science we’ve been creating our own umbrellas and in PE we’ve been practising throwing and catching. We’ve also been really lucky to get to go on some walks to explore Leigh. We especially loved going to the Library gardens where we went on a colour hunt using a colour palette. It was lots of fun as you can see from our photos.




Friday 8th October 2021


To celebrate National Poetry Day this week, Lobster Class have enjoyed a whole week learning about poetry. We’ve created our own funny rhymes and enjoyed performing poetry to our classmates thinking about all of the features that make for a good performance, including using actions and expression, making eye contact and changing our tone and our pace. Here are some photos from our performances. 

Friday 1st October 2021


Lobster class have had another week of super learning. We’ve especially relished the chance to apply our maths skills during Practical Maths lessons this week. We’ve developed our understanding of time and sharing into equal groups.  



Friday 24th September 2021


Lobster Class have had another exciting week of learning. From outdoor maths games to practise our counting to waterproofing experiments in Science. We’ve also loved beginning our learning about the Continents of the world in Geography and have started our giant globe creation. Check out how we got on. It was a messy business but we had lots of fun. We can’t wait to share the finished product with you when it’s complete.


Friday 17th September 2021


Lobster Class have had lots of fun with their learning this week. We’ve been going on material hunts around the school in Science and have enjoyed time map reading during our ‘Learning Outside the Classroom’ lesson with Mrs Brown. In English, we’ve been reading about the Queen’s Handbag and got to meet some of the characters, as you can see from our photos. We have also loved creating ‘graffiti walls’ in RE where we explored the qualities that make a good leader.





Friday 10th September 2021


Lobster Class showed great curiosity as they delved into our new Science topic ‘Everyday materials’ this week. They explored different materials around the classroom and started to think about the type of material and its properties. They had lots of interesting knowledge about the topic and also had lots of questions that they wanted to find the answer to, including finding out where metal comes from and why some plastics are a different colour. Keep being inquisitive and enthusiastic learners Lobster. J