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Lobster Class Weekly News

Monday 19th October 2020 – Thursday 22nd October 2020


Wishing everyone a happy and healthy half term. Don’t forget to look on ‘Teams’ under the Home Learning channel for a task we’d love you to complete in the holidays. We can’t wait to see what you create!




Monday 12th October 2020 – Friday 16th October 2020


What a wet week, we are so glad that Charles Macintosh invented waterproof fabric and we enjoyed trying to make different fabrics waterproof using a wax crayon. We wrote some fantastic seaside poems in our English lessons and looked at the work of African American artist Alma Woodsey Thomas in our Art lesson. Thank you for all of your Harvest donations too!





Monday 5th October 2020 – Friday 9th October 2020


This week we have been looking at poetry, identifying rhyming words, nouns and adjectives. In Science we looked at different materials and tried to make them waterproof using a wax crayon. In RE we have discussed special places and looked at what is inside a Mosque, a special place for a Muslim.




Monday 28th September 2020 – Friday 2nd October 2020


This week we have been revising number bonds and learning about ‘fact families’ in Maths. In Geography we looked at an aerial view of the KS1 playground on Google Earth and created our own maps with keys. In Art we continued our Monet focus and used watercolours to create light and shade on our haystacks. 



Monday 21st September 2020 – Friday 25th September 2020


In Science this week we have been investigating the absorbency of different materials, we even set up a bigger water walk experiment to see if we could make a rainbow! In Geography we have been learning about maps and using them to find out about our local area. More maps in English too where we created a large scale story map of the Queen’s hat around the school and then created our own ready for story writing next week! 




Monday 14th September 2020 – Friday 18th September 2020


Questioning ‘The Queen’, a tour around the United Kingdom, walking water, new friendship ambassadors, a discussion about special things and a couple of birthdays were just some of the things that kept us busy in Lobster Class this week! Enjoy the weekend!





Thursday 3rd September 2020 – Friday 4th September 2020


Welcome back! It was wonderful seeing all the children’s smiling faces and looking very smart. We have really enjoyed seeing the children communicate and support each other during our ‘Learning to Learn’ days and it is great to see our ASPIRE values in action! We have been particularly impressed at how quickly the children have settled into the new routines and are looking forward to a lot of exciting learning this year.


It has been great to see all our lovely Lobsters this week! We have had such a busy two days learning to learn and thinking about our ASPIRE values. We enjoyed learning more about each other by creating our ‘Me in a bags’ and had to think creatively by completing the Lego challenge with a limited number of bricks. We have also thought about our feelings and emotions through ‘The Colour Monster’ - I hope you like our monsters up in our window!

Roll on next week! 






Monday 7th September 2020 – Friday 11th September 2020


We made it to Friday! The children have worked so hard this week and it has been great to get back to a full curriculum. We started our first Power Maths unit this week and have enjoyed using different representations to show a number’s ‘tens’ and ‘ones’ and using this knowledge to help compare and order. We wrote fantastic postcards in our English lessons remembering to include the correct punctuation,  ask your children about our ‘Kung Fu’ punctuation! Enjoy a restful weekend! Team Lobster