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Seagulls 3

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Seagulls Class Weekly News

Friday 22nd October 2021


What a brilliant end to our very first half term as Year 3! The children had the best day when Rockman came to visit, bringing along real fossils for us to look at and hold, and realistic models of dinosaurs too. The children conducted a fact hunt, working in groups to investigate the models, rocks and fossils at each station, and reading information about each. Mary Anning even came to visit!





Friday 15th October 2021


This week Seagulls class created prints in art using poly-block. We created different designs using a Stone Age/Fossil theme and then applied paint to our printing blocks. After using rollers to press out our designs, we were really pleased with the final result. 




Friday 8th October 2021


Despite the disappointing news of Rock Man being poorly on Tuesday, we were able to have our own year 3 Rock Man experience day instead. We first completed a Now Press Play activity linked to Rocks. This was then followed by a fossil sketching lesson and finally our day concluded with making our very own fossils. 


We are looking forward to painting and finishing our fossils over the next few weeks. We are also pleased that Rock Man has rescheduled and we look forward to his visit on Friday 22nd October. 


Friday 1st October 2021 


This week Seagulls class have been using natural and man-made materials to make our own printed artwork. Our task was to create an animal from the Stone Age period using a range of printing materials. Some really creative mammoths and sabre-tooth tigers were created!


Friday 24th September 2021


This week Seagulls class continued our printing art topic. We started to look at how we can print a variety of shapes and sizes with different parts of our hands and then tried to create our own Stone Age picture using only our hands for printing!


Friday 17th September 2021


This week we explored our school timeline as part of our history lesson. We discovered when the Stone Age period existed and how this relates to other key events in history. We couldn't believe how long the Stone Age period lasted!




Friday 10th September 2021


This week Seagulls class were introduced to the instructional story ‘How to wash a Woolly Mammoth’. Over the next few weeks we will be using this story to create some of our own instructional writing. To experience the cleaning process ourselves, we cleaned our own creatures in the form of mini rubber ducks covered in paint! We certainly have some very dedicated cleaners in year three! We then used imperative verbs to describe the process.