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Seagulls Class Weekly News


Monday 9th September 2019 – Friday 13th September 2019


This week we have started our art topic of looking at autumn, we started with looking at leaves and as the weeks progress we expect they will change colour. We carefully observed some of the leaves we collected from the school garden and sketched them in pencil. We also started looking at rocks and thought about some of the questions we might ask the Rock Man next week when he visits. We carefully observed a selection of rocks and decided in groups what each rock was and recorded this in our books with a drawing. 






Monday 15th July 2019 – Friday 19th July 2019


This week has been a busy week all revolving learning about Bronze Age burials. The children have written scripts and created their own props of special importance, Bronze Age necklaces. We have also been lucky to have another trip, this one involving our science topic on plants, to Belfairs Woods.









Monday 8th July 2019 – Friday 12th July 2019


This week has been a busy week with Open Evening and 2 trips. The children have enjoyed all of these experiences, we all enjoyed our game of duck duck goose and lunch with a view on Thursday. Everyone seemed to enjoy the show and sang along with all the songs, they even had the energy to get back up Leigh Hill on a very warm afternoon. 





Monday 1st July 2019 – Friday 5th July 2019


This week we have been a hive of activity covering so many different things. The most exciting was when we made butter and as some said it was the best butter they had ever tasted. We also tried filing down some hard royal icing and discovered how hard it must be to shape flint. In maths we have finished looking at 3D shapes and also fractions of amounts. We have started a new genre in English which is Play Scripts which the children have really enjoyed and learning all the different elements that make a good play script. Next week we’ll look at some of the Tom Gates Script before we go to see the performance. 

This week is tinged with sadness as we say goodbye to Miss Reynolds. Miss Reynolds has worked tremendously hard this year and it has been a pleasure to have her as a key member of the Seagull team. She now flys the seagull nest as a fully qualified outstanding teacher and I’m sure you’ll join us in wishing her all the best of luck in her first teaching post. 




Monday 24th June 2019 – Friday 28th June 2019


This week we have learnt about parallel and perpendicular lines within shapes. We talked about what each word meant and identified them in some shapes. We then used this new knowledge to sort some shapes into a Venn diagram.




Monday 17th June 2019 – Thursday 20th June 2019


This week we have been looking at instructions and in our DT lesson we had to choose which set of instructions to follow to make a small pot like the pots discovered from the Bronze Age. 

For next week please remember swimming kits for Monday as we have our year 3 gala and the pupils will bring home their PE kits Monday night. Then they can come into school in their PE kit and house coloured T-shirt on Tuesday ready for sports day.






Monday 10th June 2019 – Friday 14th June 2019


The weather has been very fickle this week and we haven’t always managed to get outside for a break but we have been trying to make our lessons as active as possible. We have taken part in Maths of the day activities around the classroom, Supermovers and a science plant game. We’ve also luckily managed to enjoy all our PE lessons this week and Friday disco at lunch time. 

If you want to practise any of the supermover songs you can find them all on the BBC website. Also don’t forget to keep practising your Time Tables Rock Stars. 





Monday 3rd June 2019 – Friday 7th June 2019


This week we learnt about digital roots and how they can create a variety of patterns when we use them with different times tables. We also started our next History topic which is called the mystery of the standing stones. We started by looking at Stonehenge and the theories behind why it was built. 





Monday 20th May 2019 – Friday 24th May 2019


Over the last two weeks we have been studying the Hodgeheg by Dick King Smith and using the story outline to create our own stories. We created new characters and settings but still kept the main idea of learning to cross the road. The children worked so hard and included many key features including inverted commas and BOYS sentences. They had editing time and made some great improvements to their stories before sharing them with pupils in year 1 and 2. Some of the younger children even offered advice on how to make their stories even better. 

Hope you all have a lovely half term break and see you for the final half term on Monday 3rd June, don’t forget your swimming kit. 





Monday 13th May 2019 – Friday 17th May 2019


This week we went for an environmental walk around our local area. We looked especially at the noise and litter in different streets and then bought our data back to school to compare. Our hypothesis is that the nearer the Broadway the nosier and more litter there is. We are going to create scatter graphs of this data and analysis it next week to see if our hypothesis is correct. 



Monday 6th May 2019 – Friday 10th May 2019


This week we have continued our studies about Leigh and what impact World War II had on this area. We have listened to extracts from a book we discovered at the library on our trip last term, “From Slates to Computers” by Barbara Willshaw. We have learnt that some of the men that were onboard the Renown where from our school and the school contributed to the memorial in St Clement’s churchyard. The pupils shown a great deal of interest in the story of the little ships and their part in Operation Dynamo. 

The pupils have also been working hard on their times table rockstars and improving their answer rate, they need to continue to work on their studio sessions on the website so they can start to achieve their Rock Star status. 




Monday 29th April 2019 – Friday 3rd May 2019


This week saw the launch of Times Tables Rockstars. All pupils have their log in details in their planners to allow them to log in at home and carry on rocking out those times tables. As well as paper based work in class during the week they can continue to climb the rock star ladder at home.







Monday 22nd April 2019 – Friday 26th April 2019


This week we have written and shared adventures we had over the Easter break with our peers. In maths we have started to investigate 3 digit numbers and how they relate to each other, we played a game to try and out wit each other.






Monday 1st April 2019 – Friday 5th April 2019


This week we had our visit from Dogs Trust and learnt all about how to care for a dog and how important it is to research which dog suits your family and lifestyle.

The children have worked really hard this spring term and they should all be proud of the progress they have made across all subjects. 

Wishing you a wonderful break and we will see you back in school on Tuesday 23rd April, when we will be going on our walk around Leigh in the afternoon, so remember your coats.



Happy Easter 




Monday 25th March 2019 – Friday 29th March 2019


This week Seagull Class has been busy solving problems in maths and ICT. We have been busy learning the 8 times tables and applying out new knowledge to word problems. Then in ICT we tried our hand at programming and also applying a times table to a game against each other. 




Monday 18th March 2019 – Friday 22nd March 2019


This week the children had the opportunity to participate in an exciting workshop involving architecture. They learnt about which shapes are strong for building and that they may have seen in large buildings they have visited. The children then started to build small parts of the structure and eventually these all came together to make the most amazing of structures, our own Trojan Horse. We have been studying the story of the Trojan Horse in our history lessons and this week we are also going to start to look at other Green Myths.






Monday 11th March 2019 – Friday 15th March 2019


Seagull class have had a great day celebrating Red Nose Day.



Another busy week in Seagull class!

We had fun making our pneumatic monsters from our designs; any problems we encountered we really focused on finding solutions. Everyone was able to make their monster move successfully with the syringes and tubing. Some of us used rulers to measure our materials to ensure accuracy.


We were also lucky enough to have Southend Diving come to visit us to do some dry-gym work. We did planking, pikes, squats, stretches and tuck jumps.





Monday 4th March 2019 – Friday 8th March 2019


This week we have been very busy investigating simple pneumatic systems and making our own with syringes and tubing. We have started designing our moving monsters and can’t wait to get started next week.
In PE we enjoyed challenging ourselves to balance along a line, which wasn’t as easy as we all thought! Seagull 3 has also had an enjoyable time in English, practising and performing a variety of poems.
We really enjoyed World Book Day too.




What a performance! Year 3 and Mrs Lawrence have worked tirelessly to learn their dance routine for the Southend Dance Festival. Year 3’s performance last Friday was excellent! We enjoyed dancing so much that we performed the dance again to our parents on the Astro this week. Well done everyone!



Seagull Class dressed to impress for World Book Day.





Monday 25th February 2019 – Friday 1st March 2019


This week in English we have been looking at poems, creating a success criteria for the children to follow when performing poems. Focusing on; speaking clearly, emphasis, speed, eye contact and emotion. The children practiced together in groups and performed the poem Arundel Swimming Pool by Robert Hull to the class.



In History this term we are looking at the Trojan Horse. This week we have looked at different versions of the story, the children began to think about the different between myth and fact. After watching clips and listening to different versions the children chose a section from the story and created a freeze frame. 


Still image for this video

Still image for this video





Monday 11th February 2019 – Friday 15th February 2019


This week we have been learning about fractions of numbers and how these relate to our times tables. We used food and flowers to help us understand how we work out the fractions of a variety of numbers. We have also been writing our much anticipated alternatives to the Fantastic Mr Fox stories and creating shadow puppets for our story. Then we shared our stories with year 2 using our shadow puppet theatres. We also enjoyed a trip to Leigh Library and learning about all the different types of books we can borrow.






Monday 4th February 2019 – Friday 8th February 2019


This week has involved lots of measuring involving length and weights. The children have especially enjoyed the super movers KS2 song relating to measurements. They have used their new found measuring skills to create bar charts and then analysed their results to write questions for others to answer relating to their bar charts.


They also spent some time at the beach digging holes to inspire them ahead of their story planning for a new fantastic story.






Monday 28th January - Friday 1st February 2019



In maths we have looked at all things to do with shapes, 2D and 3D shapes. Sorting them into a variety of charts including a Venn diagram and a Carroll diagram.


In science we tried writing our name so it looked correct in the mirror from different angles. In English we have started our reading of Fantastic Mr Fox, the children are really enjoying the story and created Top Trump cards to represent the different characters.





Monday 21st January – Friday 25th January 2019


This week we have been really busy with lots of different projects in class. Our English has lead us to making dye from red cabbages and creating a purple cloth. We have learnt about illuminated letters how they first came about and in our art lessons we have been developing our own illuminated letter. In maths we learnt about expanded column addition and the children have worked hard on their presentation, ask them to explain it to you. Finally in science we have experienced the pitch dark in the dark tent and tried to work out which colours are easier to see in low level light.




Monday 14th January – Friday 18th January 2019


This week we have started to investigate light and how it travels by carrying out an investigation with a box with some holes. We have also recapped some of the spellings we learnt last term and decided in groups which words we need to continue to learn a little more. So this week our spelling lists are all the same and the children created the list themselves.





Monday 7th January – Friday 11th January 2019


This week we enjoyed our enrichment day which was about our new science topic on Light and Dark. We worked together in groups to create a script and puppets for our own shadow puppet show. We had time to rehearse and practise our skills as puppeteers and then each group performed to the class.




Monday 17th December – Thursday 20th December 2018


This week has seen us participate in our final gymnastics lesson and Mrs Lawerence commented on how much progress we have made since we started lessons with her in year 1. Everyone had a go at all the different pieces of equipment and supported each other with encouragement in our final lesson.

We also had our class party this week with some wonderful dance moves on display, so we look forward to our dance preparations in the new year for the Dance Festival in March 1st.

Finally the Seagull team would like to thank you all for your kind words and gifts this week and wish you all a Merry Christmas. We look forward to seeing all the children back in school on Monday 7th January.






Monday 10th December – Friday 14th December 2018


We have enjoyed our Christmas meal, with lots of children trying new foods that they may not have tried before. A big well done to everyone for such an enjoyable lunch.





Monday 3rd December – Friday 7th December 2018


This week we have been busy rehearsing and also learning how to write a really good letter. On Thursday morning we also made some Christmas decorations.





Monday 26th November – Friday 30th November 2018


This week we had the exciting opportunity to paint our fossils and flints we had made last week. We have been recapping instructional text and the key features we need to remember, we even got the opportunity to make bread and then compare it to Stone Age bread, we know which one we preferred.  





Monday 19th November - Friday 23rd November 2018


This week we have started the process of trying to make our own fossil like models. We used plasticine and shells to help us achieve our moulds. Then they were filled with plaster paris and now we have to wait for this to harden.





Monday 12th November- Friday 16th November 2018


This week we have been learning even more about fossils and rocks from the Rock Man. The children enjoyed a morning of discovery when they tried to answer a variety of questions about rocks and fossils, around an exciting exhibition set up in the hall. Then in the afternoon they got the opportunity to meet Mary Anning and ask her questions, plus they had the opportunity to carry out some observational drawings of fossils.






Monday 5th November 2018 – Friday 9th November 2018


This week we went to Southend Museum to learn more about British Pre-history; the Stone Age. It was a fascinating talk and we had the opportunity to hold a woolly mammoth’s tooth and tusk which had been discovered in the river bed of the Thames. We learnt about how they hunted and how their tools evolved over thousands of years. We also had the opportunity to look closely at different types of rocks and how they used them, which relates to our science studies about rocks and our English with Stig being a keen user of some of the tools we saw.





Monday 29th October 2018 – Friday 2nd November 2018


This week in Seagull Class we have started our new topic relating to the Stone Age. In science we are looking at types of rocks and learning their names and properties, some types of rocks have appeared in our class reading book, Stig of the Dump, predominantly flint and chalk. We have enjoyed the first few chapters from this book and have been writing character descriptions for the main characters. This week has also seen us return to gymnastics lessons with Mrs Lawrence and revise what we had learnt in year 2 and begin to learn some new skills.


Next week we will continue with Stig of the Dump and the adventures Barney has with Stig. We also have our visit to the museum to look forward to when we will get to look at and touch many exciting artefacts. Please remember to return permissions slips on Monday to allow your child to travel on the coach to the museum. 





Monday 15th October 2018 – Friday 19th October 2018


This week has been full of excitement in preparation for our Science Fair, which was on Thursday. The children really worked well together in their groups, to create and test their exhibits and then write and edit their instructions. We hope you enjoyed it as much as the children did preparing it for you.




Monday 8th October 2018 – Friday 12th October 2018


A big well done to all the pupils and staff who spent the night at school. The pupils had lots of fun throughout the evening and all pupils slept well and were up early for school on the Friday. They managed to pack up their belongings and we only have a few items of lost property which we will bring out to the playground on Monday after school.

Have a good weekend.


This week has been extremely busy and we have had lots of fun learning new concepts and information. In French we have practised what we have learnt so far this term in some wonderful conversations, some of which you can see below. We had more fun with leaves this week and have created leaf lanterns, which we will bring home at half term.


Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Monday 1st October 2018 – Friday 5th October 2018


This week we had a lovely trip to Bell Wharf Beach where we all became poets. Firstly we went on a word hunt looking at all we could see, hear and touch at the beach and writing descriptive phrases and adjectives to describe these things. Then some of us together or alone started to create poems, using similar rhyming patterns from the poems we had read in class during the week. We had the opportunity to read them at the beach to others, then back at school we have made final copies from our original drafts.


Please continue to send in your cheese boxes for our art project next week and keep up with your daily reading and recording in weekly planners.


Still image for this video

Still image for this video



Monday 24th September – Friday 28th September 2018


This week has seen the children really been working hard to show the adults in Seagull Class they are ready to tackle the work year three has in store for them. In maths they have been looking at addition and subtraction of 2 digit numbers and starting to apply this to money situations of up to £5.

They have been active in lots of lessons , not only PE but in the classroom and playground as well. They have been working hard to revise their times tables they already know and they have really enjoyed using the BBC Super Movers to aid their recall of these.

In English the children have started to look at poetry and how the words can paint a picture in our head, by writing some wonderful descriptions about the image the poem had created in their mind. They have tried to learn a poem so they could try to recite it back in groups which has been been lovely to watch and listen to. Next week we are going to try composing our own poems when we visit the beach about the wind.

In art lessons they have used their leaf sketches and drawings to inspire their designs for printing. The first print is done and next week more detail will be added, final pictures will be on display. Don’t forget if you have any round cheese boxes please send them in for our next art project.


Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Still image for this video


PE, children need to have their PE kit in school every day, as the days change for PE each half term.

They must come into school with their hair tied back and no jewellery is to be worn during PE lessons.




Monday 17th September – Friday 21st September 2018


This week we have been practising our fine motor skills by picking up beans with one hand and trying to make paperclip snakes. See if you can do it at home and get quicker in 30 seconds.

We have also been investigating magnets and how they work. We have started to think about our science fair and what sort of exhibits we could make. More details about this next week.





Monday 10th – Friday 14th September 2018


This week we have been reminding ourselves about money and the different coins we use in England. We would really like to practise our money skills, so if out shopping let us help count out the money and practise working out the change.





Thursday 6th – Friday 7th September 2018


We have started to look at our topic this term about Megacities. We aren’t sure what one is yet but we have discussed the nearest city to us and what we know about it. Mrs Crabb was really impressed with how many places we knew in London.


Well done to everyone that has come into class this week with big smiles and worked hard during their first few days in year three.