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Seagulls Class Weekly News

Monday 12th July 2021 – Friday 16th July 2021


Over the past few weeks, Seagulls class have been learning some of the skills involved to play a game of rounders. This week we were able to apply many of these skills in our own class rounders game. Great effort, teamwork and encouragement were on show all afternoon. Well done Seagulls!




Monday 5th July 2021 – Friday 9th July 2021


This week Seagulls class created their own bean burgers. We each followed the recipe and then made slight adaptions to add our own individual twist. After an afternoon of squelching and moulding our bean burgers, we then had the opportunity to taste and evaluate our final creations. 





Monday 28th June 2021 – Friday 2nd July 2021


This week Seagulls class concluded and published their chocolate explanations. We have all worked incredibly hard this half-term to draft, edit and publish our work. We are all now chocolate experts and, as a special treat, even had chance to sample some chocolate as we left school today. Here is a snippet of some of our excellent explanations. 




Monday 21st June 2021 – Friday 25th June 2021


Seagulls had a great afternoon visiting the Year Six Enterprise Challenge. We had a chance to look at various different stalls with items on offer to buy and also had the opportunity to compete in game activities. A particular highlight was when we were able to use water pistols to soak some of the year sixes!




Monday 14th June 2021 – Thursday 17th June 2021


This week Seagulls had the opportunity to experience tasting a variety of bean burgers. As you can see from the many sips of water, some were quite spicy! After this lesson, we are now starting to consider what ingredients could be included in our own bean burger design. Well done Seagulls for trying all of the different burgers. They were very popular! I think a few parents may have requests for bean burgers to be added to their shopping list this week!





Monday 7th June 2021 – Friday 11th June 2021


This week Seagulls returned to school ready to begin our new topic all about the Ancient Maya. Over the course of this half-term, we are going to find out who the Maya were and why they left their jungle cities. To immerse ourself in the topic, we completed a Now Press Play Maya adventure and then started to find out about the cacao tree and why this item was so precious to the Maya people. 




Monday 24th May 2021 – Friday 28th May 2021


This week year three were able to show off their magnetic board games with the rest of the year group. We have been working hard for several weeks designing, testing and making our magnetic games. Great examples of our ASPIRE values were on show throughout our project. Well done everyone!




Monday 17th May 2021 – Friday 21st May 2021


This week Seagulls class excitedly explored our new playground reading area while looking at some books from the book fair. We really enjoyed sitting in the sun and enjoying the large selection of books on offer. There are now many new books on the children’s wish lists that they are keen to read in the future!




Monday 10th May 2021 – Friday 14th May 2021


This week Seagulls class have been working on their detective skills as part of our history topic. We looked at lots of different sources to try and find evidence to authenticate the Trojan horse story. After finding out about primary and secondary evidence, we analysed how reliable this evidence actually is. Great work Seagulls!




Monday 3rd May 2021 – Friday 7th May 2021


This week Seagulls completed their own Trojan Horse 3D structure. This task required a lot of patience but we were all able to make a 3D Trojan Horse. While completing this task, we demonstrated many of our ASPIRE values including independence and perseverance.




Monday 26th April 2021 – Friday 30th April 2021


This week we continued our forces and magnets unit. For our investigation this week, we tested to find out which materials in our classroom were magnetic and non-magnetic. After collecting our results, we were able to come to a conclusion about magnetic materials. We found that not all metals are magnetic!




Monday 19th April 2021 – Friday 23rd April 2021


This week Seagulls have continued working hard on fractions. We have been looking at how we can use resources to support our learning and also how to turn worded problems into bar models. Here are some examples of some of the bar models we have been creating this week. 




Week beginning 12th April 2021


Welcome back to the summer term everyone! Seagulls have had a great week being immersed into our new topic of Ancient Greece and the Trojan Horse. We have started looking at a range of different myths and discussed the many similarities that these stories have. 


For science this half-term, we kicked off our new topic of forces and magnets by investigating friction found on different surfaces and finding out how this can impact movement. 




Monday 15th March 2021 – Friday 19th March 2021


This week Seagulls class have been working hard on their research skills. In science, we have been finding out all about seismologist Inge Lehman and her discovery about the Earth’s core. Then in geography, as part of our local area topic, we researched the lives of people from our local area that sadly lost their lives in the Dunkirk rescue mission.





Monday 8th March 2021 – Friday 12th March 2021


Seagulls class had a great first week back. We quickly settled back into routine and have already produced some really pleasing work. A particular highlight of our first week back at school was being able to visit our four new feathered friends.




Monday 14th December 2020 – Friday 18th December 2020


This week seagull class helped Mrs Crabb in her lasting PE job, by helping her to build the new bounce rebounders for the KS2 playground. They then got to have the first go and enjoyed how well it rebounds back to them. 

Thank you to all the parents for you very kind wishes and gifts. Wishing you all a safe and happy Christmas. 




Monday 7th December 2020 – Friday 11th December 2020


This week we immersed ourself into the Stone Age era with Now Press Play, which was a fun way to end our topic. We also had our Christmas fun day with decoration making, Christmas dinner and a big quiz, with a prize for the winners.




Monday 30th November 2020 – Friday 4th December 2020


This week we have been reading the book Dear Father Christmas, which includes lots of letters. We have looked at the different features in a letter and learnt the parts that make up a letter. We created actions to help us remember the parts and then wrote a class letter to Father Christmas about our year.





Monday 23rd November 2020 – Friday 27th November 2020


This half term we have been studying the Stone Age and learning what the key features of diary writing is. We have been learning to write in first person and how to recount events that may have happened in daily Stone Age life. We then wrote up a final copy of our Stone Age Diary. 




Monday 16th November 2020 – Friday 20th November 2020


This week saw us all wear odd socks to show awareness of the National Anti-Bullying Campaign. We joined Andy and the Odd Socks for an assembly and discussed the importance of speaking up if we think ourselves or some one we know maybe being bullied. 




Monday 9th November 2020 – Friday 13th November 2020


This week we have been learning about shapes 2D and 3D. We used equipment to build 3D shapes and then identify their key features. These included how many faces, vertices and edges each 3D shape has. 




Monday 2nd November 2020 – Friday 6th November 2020


This week we started our gymnastic lessons, we looked at how we can travel using our bodies in a variety of ways. We learnt how to pencil roll, crab walk and helped each other to improve our techniques with these movements. Well done to everyone who submitted there rainbow photos on the class teams page, they are all brilliant and you can still submit if you haven’t yet. 




Monday 19th October 2020 – Thursday 22nd October 2020


This week we have continued our study on fossils and had a go at creating our very own fossils. We discovered many interesting facts about Mary Anning and how important her discoveries have been for science. We created our own fact files based upon her, using our skills of report writing we have learnt over the last few weeks in English.




Monday 12th October 2020 – Friday 16th October 2020


This week we watched Dr Ranj’s Virtual Assembly about washing our hands. We watched a great experiment which demonstrated the power of soap, maybe the children could recreate at home for their families. We then all demonstrated how well we can wash our hands.




Monday 5th October 2020 – Friday 9th October 2020


This week we completed our printing work by adding another layer to our printed designs. This final layer added the details that we had observed in the leaves whilst sketching them during our research. We also started our 100 day challenge around the world with Daily Mile, we plan to visit lots of famous landmarks along the way.




Monday 28th September 2020 – Friday 2nd October 2020


This week we raised money for Gold Geese and we all looked so bright and wonderful and enjoyed refining our skipping techniques as well. We have enjoyed reading and writing poetry and have written our own poems on the theme of vision as part of #nationalpoetryday about our school on a autumn day.



Monday 21st September 2020 – Friday 25th September 2020


This week we have been learning how to recite and we performed The Bug Chant to the rest of year 3 with actions. We have been looking at how words rhyme and using the actions to help us remember the stanzas. 




Monday 14th September 2020 – Friday 18th September 2020


We have worked hard this week on revising number lines and the positioning and ordering of numbers. Also using our part-whole models to break numbers down and add or subtract 10s or 100s from these models. All the children have been trying so hard with their Times Table Rock Stars since starting in year 3, don’t forget to log in and practise online as well.



Thursday 3rd September 2020 – Friday 4th September 2020


This week has been short but we have definitely managed to talk a lot about our expectations for learning and what we are going to try and achieve during our time in year 3. We all had a go at applying our positive growth mindset to improving our skipping skills and inspired by the stories we have shared. 


Monday 7th September 2020 – Friday 11th September 2020


This week Seagull class have been brilliant, they have settled well into year 3 life and all the new routines it brings for them. They have supported each other and myself in easing us all back into school life with lots of positive praise. They have impressed us with their work ethic and desire to learn more and many interesting conversations have been had during the week about our learning.