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Seagulls Class Weekly News



Monday 11th November 2019 – Friday 15th November 2019


This week we have embraced our new topic, highlighted with our trip to the museum to listen to a talk about prehistory and hold lots of artefacts. We have also been enjoying the story Stig of the Dump and writing diaries as if we are one of the characters. Our cave drawings were really detailed and then we screwed them up to make them look like a piece of rock. 

We ended the week with Children in Need fun especially with the Joe Wicks live work out. 






Tuesday 5th November 2019 – Friday 8th November 2019


The pupils returned to school ready to start our new topic all about the Stone Age. We have started to read Stig of the Dump and look at how to write a diary. They really enjoyed learning about what an anachronism is and how to identify one. Also this week has seen the launch of our new reading scheme and the children have enjoyed looking at and reading the new books.





 Monday 21st October 2019 – Friday 25th October 2019


In science this week we have investigated soils and the properties that are needed to make a good soil. We enjoyed looking closely at the soli and discussing why they felt the way they did. The children have really enjoyed their rocks and soil topic over the last 7 weeks and all their hands on experiences has really engaged them in their learning, including the visit from the Rock Man and the NASA rock loan.  





Monday 14th October 2019 – Friday 18th October 2019


This week has been a very busy week and the children have been really engaged in some wonderful learning. This has included a visit to the Library to help with their research work about their country they are going to write a report about. Also they have been lucky enough to have hands on experience with a rock collection from NASA, they have been able to hold pieces of the moon and a meteorite, which has really ignited their science topic on rocks.






Monday 7th October 2019 – Friday 11th October 2019


This week we have been active learning through lots of different activities. We have celebrated how wonderful we all are and discussed how to be good friends for each other. We have set a challenge for anyone to try and memorise all the countries in South America for next week, if anyone is up for the challenge. 





Monday 30th September 2019 – Friday 4th October 2019


This week we have completed our leaf prints and experimented with watercolours creating autumn colours. We had a lovely, dry morning at the beach and wrote some wonderful imagery poetry which we have bought back to the classroom to further edit and complete for a poetry drop next month. 






Monday 23rd September 2019 – Friday 27th September 2019


This week has seen us move on to printing within our autumn art topic. The children really enjoyed creating their first prints and next week they will build these up with another layer to show more detail in their leaves. We have also started to look at poetry and how it can create images in the reader’s mind. Next week we hope to use our local environment to inspire us in writing our own poem.





Monday 16th September 2019 – Friday 20th September 2019


A fun day was had with Graham and Sue learning about rocks and fossils. The children asked some great questions and were able to identify many rocks, given that they had only had one lesson so far on this subject. They listened attentively and learnt so many interesting facts from Graham, who is a palaeontologist and even has his own fossil in the Natural History Museum. In the afternoon we learnt about how the earth started and made a big human timeline of creatures on earth. Then the pupils were shown how to draw a fossil and had some time to try it for themselves. Finally they got the opportunity to meet Mary Anning, hear her story and ask questions about her discoveries. 






Monday 9th September 2019 – Friday 13th September 2019


This week we have started our art topic of looking at autumn, we started with looking at leaves and as the weeks progress we expect they will change colour. We carefully observed some of the leaves we collected from the school garden and sketched them in pencil. We also started looking at rocks and thought about some of the questions we might ask the Rock Man next week when he visits. We carefully observed a selection of rocks and decided in groups what each rock was and recorded this in our books with a drawing.