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Seagulls Class Weekly News

Friday 1st March 2024


This week Seagulls Class were lucky enough to be visited by a local print artist. We were able to look at some of the artist's work as well as finding out about the printing techniques that our visitor uses. We couldn't believe how amazing some of the print art looked! We were even lucky enough to make our own Seagull, Puffin and Pelican prints that we could take home. After experiencing some printing and getting to ask lots of interesting questions to our visitor, we are now very excited about designing and creating our own print art linked to our Ocean Plastic topic. A big thank you to Grace for coming to visit us all!




Friday 9th February 2024


This week Seagulls Class had the opportunity to share some of their brilliant work from this half-term with Coral Class. We first shared our felt pollinators with the Early Years children to get their feedback and find out what they like and disliked about our DT project. We then had the opportunity to share some of our writing from this term so far. We shared our Animal Reports and Explanations of How Bees Make Honey. Coral Class really enjoyed learning from Seagulls and we equally really enjoyed sharing our work. We looking forward to hopefully working together with Coral Class in the future!




Friday 2nd February 2024


This week Seagulls Class continued their dance topic. Despite the miserable January weather outside, this week our theme for dancing was The Summer Holidays! We each listened to a stimulus of music linked to this theme and then created our own routine to this music. As you can see, many of us included a spot of relaxing sunbathing within our dance routine! Well done Seagulls, very creative!





Friday 26th January 2024


This week Seagulls Class were buzzing with excitement as they were able to make their own felt pollinators! Using their DT and Science knowledge, Seagulls Class first followed a design brief to create their own design. Following this design and using a lot of perseverance, the children were able to appliqué and sew their designs making a 3D product from a 2D design. We cannot wait to test them out on our target audience before eventually taking them home! As you can see, they are Bee-rilliant!




Friday 19th January 2024


This week Seagulls Class continued their Geography topic of Jungles and Deserts. Last week we found out that the word climate means the average weather over a thirty year time period. We also found out that the UK has a temperate climate. During this week’s lesson, we used our map reading skills to find out about the climates of different countries all around the world. We were surprised to see that some countries even have more than one climate!





Friday 12th January 2024


This week Seagulls Class started their new PE topic of Dance. For our first lesson we learned how to follow a routine by listening to a stimulus. Our stimulus for this week came from machines and mechanical sounds. We then learned what 'unison' means before working with our partner to perform a routine moving together in unison. Seagulls Class demonstrated some very interesting and creative ways to move to the mechanical beat and have already shown what keen dancers we are!




Friday 15th December 2023


Seagulls Class had a very festive day last Friday with their Christmas poetry performance at St Clement’s Church! They certainly looked the part too in their Christmas jumpers! The children have been showing dedication over the last few weeks to learn all their lines, songs and even some actions too. Excellent expression was demonstrated and lots of really big voices that filled the church. We even had some laughter from our audience too which we were very pleased about! 


Thank you Seagulls for working so hard on this performance. Thank you Mrs Brown for supporting us with our performance and making the whole event run so smoothly. Thank you to St Clement’s church for once again allowing us to perform in your church and finally thank you to all the Seagulls grown-ups that came along to support us while we performed!


We have certainly kicked off all the festive celebrations at LNSPS!





Friday 8th December 2023


This week Seagulls Class applied their knowledge of tennis to a game of catch tennis. We needed to be really spatially aware so that we were in the right position for scoring points and stopping our opponent. Lots of great examples of sidestepping and movement were on show in order to score and defend points. We will next be applying all the skills learned this term to playing our own tennis matches. 




Friday 1st December 2023


What an excellent day today has bean! Seagulls Class worked in groups to follow their design and make their own bean burger creation. The children were each given roles to follow and worked really cooperatively within their groups demonstrating our ASPIRE values of both Acceptance and Respect. We next had the opportunity to eat our creations and see how tasty our own bean burger designs were. A really enjoyable end to the week! Well done Seagulls Class and thank you to the many parents that provided your children with additional ingredients to include! 





Friday 24th November 2023


This week Seagulls expanded their knowledge of plants to plant reproduction. We first learned the scientific vocabulary for the different parts of a plant before finding out which parts of the plant are male and female. We then created our own detailed, scientific sketches of the key parts of a plant. Finally, we concluded our week, by working in groups to create our own plasticine plant sculpture. We then labelled the key parts of a plant using scientific vocabulary. As you can see, they turned out really well! Impressive work, Seagulls!




Friday 17th November 2023


This week Seagulls Class had the opportunity to sample a range of bean burgers as part of our Design & Technology project. Some of us had tried bean burgers before; others were experiencing bean burgers for the very first time! We discussed which flavours, tastes and textures that we enjoyed and then voted on our favourite burgers. We will be using this information next week to design our own bean burgers before creating them the following week!


Lots of children really enjoyed the bean burgers that they tasted and I am sure will be requesting more from their parents in the next weekly shop!




Friday 10th November 2023


This half-term we have started our new PE topic of Tennis. We first started experimenting with some ball skills using a tennis racket and ball. We learned how to perform a controlled bounce while standing still, moving and then even running! Seagulls Class certainly have some very keen tennis players! We are looking forward to be learning about rallying in our next lesson. 




Friday 3rd November 2023


Welcome back to the new half-term! We’ve had a very busy week! We first celebrated Black History through a day of learning about Michael Jordan and many of his famous inspiration quotes. We then immersed ourselves into our new English topic of Chocolate!


We learned about the interesting process of how Cacao Beans are turned into the chocolate bars we all enjoy. We had the opportunity to sample some of the stages of the chocolate making process and even hold a real Cacao Pod! As you can see, we did not all enjoying sampling the chocolate stages. We found chocolate can actually be quite bitter before sugar and milk are added!





Friday 20th October 2023


What a wonderful end to our half-term! This morning Seagulls had the opportunity to share some of their excellent writing with the Year One children. It was lovely to see how kind and caring Seagulls were both when sharing their writing and when reading a story with their Year One partner. This is certainly an activity we will look to complete again in the future. 


Well done for a great first half-term Seagulls! Enjoy the break and look forward to all things Ancient Maya and Chocolate next half-term!




Friday 13th October 2023


Seagulls Class explored the properties of different types of soil as part of our Science lesson today. We looked at the colour and texture. After that, we tried to identify which type of soil we were exploring. 




Friday 6th October 2023


Last week Seagulls Class were lucky enough to be visited by Rockman as part of their Rocks and Fossils topic. The KS2 hall resembled a scene from Jurassic Park while the children were able to learn more about dinosaurs, rocks and the formation of fossils. Seagulls then had the opportunity to ask ‘Rockman’ a variety of questions as well as handling several rocks and fossils. The children were even visited by ‘Mary Anning’ who had much to share about her life and discoveries. Rockman, once again, thoroughly enjoyed his visit to our school. Well done Seagulls for a such an enjoyable day!




Friday 29th September 2023


This week Seagulls had the opportunity to experience handling some real Stone Age artefacts! We first predicted what we thought the artefacts were before finding out what they actually were. We were certainly very surprised and loved the opportunity to have a more hands-on History lesson!




Friday 22nd September 2023


This week Seagulls Class were lucky enough to visit the beach for our History and Art lessons. (Thank you to all of our parent helpers for giving up your time on the day!)


For History we had been learning about the oldest evidence of a Stone Age family found on a beach in England. We then went to our local beach to see if we could create our own footprints. I wonder if ours will last for almost a million years too?


In Art, we have been studying sculpture and we had the opportunity to create our own sculptures on the beach. We created volcanoes, mammoths, animals and even created a Mr Bond and Mrs Parker sculpture!




Friday 15th September 2023


This week we started our first History lesson by finding out what people commonly believe about the Stone Age Era. Interestingly, we already all had lots to share about this period in History. We then visited our school timeline to find out when the Stone Age Era occurred. While we were there, we tried to find History topics that we already knew about as well as upcoming topics too. 


During the lesson, we also learned the term ‘anachronism’ so please ask us what this means! 




Friday 8th September 2023



Welcome to our class page where you will be able to be kept updated on all the exciting things happening in Seagulls Class…


What a great start we have had to life in year three! We thoroughly enjoyed immersing ourselves into our first topic. In English we will be following and creating instructions while in History we will be learning all about the Stone Age era. To combine our two topics we followed a set of instructions to create our own mini-mammoths out of recycled milk bottles. As you can see they are all uniquely different but look excellent!