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Cockleshell Class Weekly News

Friday 13th May 2022


This week the children have been reading The Shaman’s Apprentice about the people of the rainforest.  They have discovered how many vital ingredients of medicines come from plant species found in rainforest habitats.  It has provided us with many interesting discussions and some great writing already.




Friday 6th May 2022


This week the children have continued to learn about decimal numbers.  This has included writing tenths and hundredths as well as comparing and ordering decimals.  Well done to all for their hard work on this topic.




Friday 29th April 2022


On Monday of this week, Cockle Class took part in the Year 4 Bikeability programme.  The session focused on clothing, bike maintenance as well as the cycling skills needed to ride safely.  Thanks to everyone who brought in bikes and helmets; it was a brilliant afternoon and everyone made great progress!





Friday 22nd April 2022


To start the Summer Term, the children took part in a ‘Now Press Play’ activity.  This helped introduce our new topic of Sustainability and involved a story about trees being destroyed in a rainforest.  Well done to everyone for an exciting session!



Friday 1st April 2022


In this week’s History lessons, the children were learning all about the discovery at Sutton Hoo as part of our work on the Anglo-Saxons.  One of the challenges was to create ideas for more objects that might have been buried, but rotted away over time.  




Friday 25th March 2022


This week, Year 4 have been investigating the damage that different liquids can do to egg shells.  The egg shells represented our teeth and the children were able to draw conclusions about which liquids to avoid drinking too much of.





Friday 18th March 2022


Year 4 have been decorating their dragon eyes, blending some colours or using one or two. The metallic paint was a firm favourite to use.




Friday 4th March 2022


World Book Day 2022!

Well done and thanks to everyone for dressing up so brilliantly as your favourite book character.  




Friday 25th February 2022


This week the children have been reading the story of Beowulf.  As the story has a dragon, we have started to create our own ‘dragon eye’ designs.  We can’t wait to see the results! 





Friday 11th February 2022


Spelling Bee 2022!  Well done everyone for dressing in black and yellow.




Friday 4th February 2022


On Thursday 3rd February, Year 4 took part in a special Roman Day!  This involved acting, dancing, training as a soldier, making a brooch, writing with a stylus and so much more!  Well done to everyone for taking part so enthusiastically and for all the brilliant costumes!  



Roman Day pictures!





Friday 28th January 2022


This week’s Art session involved the children gluing mosaic tiles to create their chosen design.  The children worked incredibly patiently to glue all 64 tiles in place on their grid.  Well done to everyone, the results look brilliant! 




Friday 21st January 2022


In Science, the children have been investigating if gas has a mass.  They created a test using two balloons where one was empty and one was inflated.  We discovered that the inflated balloon weighed more and this must be because of the air inside.



Friday 14th January 2022


Here are Cockle Class in their gymnastics lesson.  The children have been learning how to perform different types of rolls.  How many rolls can you name?  




Friday 7th January 2022


During our 'Learn to Learn' day, Year 4 brought in objects for a special 'Show & Tell' session all about the children's achievements.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed hearing about the many great things the children have achieved over the last year.  Brilliant examples, included certificates and medals from various sports,  martial arts and achievements from the world of music.  Well done to everyone who contributed to our excellent discussions and remember, everyone is good at something!





Friday 10th December 2021


Christmas Dinner 2021!  Thanks to our support staff for organising a lovely meal! 





Friday 3th December 2021


This week the children in Year 4 were extremely lucky to receive a visit from Terry and Graham from the Essex Fire and Rescue Service!  They spoke about how search and rescue operations work when there has been a major earthquake such as the one in New Zealand we have been studying.  We then all had the chance to meet three special search and rescue dogs!




Friday 26th November 2021


In Science this week, the children investigated how a string telephone works.  They worked in pairs to experiment with sounds and had lots of fun at the same time!  We then talked about how sound travels through solids and gases differently. 





Friday 19th November 2021


As part of anti-bullying week, the children have been thinking about how we treat other and how to be kind.  This also formed the basis of our PSHE work and assemblies.




Friday 12th November 2021


In ICT this week, the children were focusing on e-safety.  In particular, the children learned about ‘spam’ and ‘phishing’ and the issues that can arise.  Thanks to Mrs Knight for another great lesson! 





Friday 5th November 2021


A new half-term means new topics which is always very exciting!  In Science, we are now studying sounds and how they are made.  Here are members of Cockle Class feeling the vibrations made by their vocal chords.



Friday 22nd October 2021


Here are Cockle Class using a range of instruments in their Music lesson earlier this week.  A special thanks goes to Mrs Brown for organising the exciting lessons the children are taking part in.




Friday 15th October 2021


This week Cockle Class have been busy working on a range of topics from numbers to 10,000, the Iron Man and Boudicca to name but a few.  We have also had excellent attendance this week - here is a great picture of the whole class together.




Friday 8th October 2021


Fancy a break from TT Rockstars?  Want to do something active? Then why not try out BBC’s Supermovers where children can sing, chant and dance along to songs whilst learning their times tables at the same time.  See link below:


Friday 1st October 2021


In our last Science lesson, the children got the chance to use equipment to build circuits.  Without prompting, the children were tasked with creating circuits that worked and identifying when a circuit is incomplete.  The children showed great teamwork with their partners as well as some excellent scientific skills.



Friday 24th September 2021


In our P.E. lesson this week, the children have been learning a dance linked to our science topic of electricity.  After warming up the children worked in groups and then as a whole class.  Thanks to Mrs Lawrence for another great dance lesson!


Friday 17th September 2021


In one of this week’s English lessons, the children took part in a drama activity called Conscience Alley.  This involved a child acting as a character while the rest of the class formed an alleyway for them to walk through.  The class then called out ideas as if the character’s conscience was talking to them.  




Friday 10th September 2021


Here are Cockle class in their very first P.E. lesson of the year.  As you can see we are doing tennis and the children enjoyed taking part in various challenges designed to improve their coordination and control.