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We learn together through Questioning, Perseverance and a Growth Mindset.

Parent Forum

What is Leigh North Street Primary School Parent Forum?

Our Parent Forum is an exciting partnership between parents and carers, the school's Leadership Team and Governing Board.

It is a forum for open and beneficial dialogue to enhance communication between all members of our school community. It is an opportunity for parents to ask questions, be listened to and have an active involvement and knowledge of the workings of our school. The Parent Forum is an opportunity to assist governors, teachers and staff by providing feedback on new initiatives, drawing attention to areas of concern and contributing to solutions that improve the life of the school.


The parent Forum has a dedicated email address:

What will the Parent Forum not do?

  • The Parent Forum is not a decision-making body. It is to represent the views of parents and carers


  • The Parent Forum is also not the place to discuss concerns or complaints involving individual children, families or members of staff


We have some key principles

Collaborative participating together for the benefit of the school community

Constructive helping to identify effective solutions

Transparent keeping everyone informed of meetings and their outcomes

Encouraging welcoming ideas and initiatives to foster a positive ethos



How can you participate?

Each  term a meeting will be held at 1.50pm in the KS2 School Hall. 

The dates for this year are:


22nd November 2022

8th March 2023

29th June 2023


If you are interested in attending please contact Mrs Moore


If you are unable to attend meetings, you can suggest agenda items to members of the forum or via our direct email address


Parents Forum representatives