Leigh North Street


Primary School

We learn together through Questioning, Perseverance and a Growth Mindset.


Thank you to the nearly 200 families that completed our survey for this academic year. Attached is a copy of the results.  It is always useful to see what we can celebrate as doing well and where we can see we need to develop. What is pleasing about these results, and the comments that we received, is that they reflect what a wonderful sense of community we have at Leigh North Street. Comments also reflected areas that have been identified on our School Improvement plan. We are working hard to improve the amount of progress children make and with parent focus groups, our year group leads and teachers we are developing our approach to anti bullying and reviewing how we can improve communication even further.   Thank you again to all those that completed the survey.   If you have any further comments please don’t hesitate to contact me,  Mrs Moore 

London Trip 2017 Yes/No

Parent Survey March 2017

Reception Intake Survey 2016/17