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Arctic 5

Welcome to Arctic Class!


Arctic Class Weekly News


Monday 21st October 2019 – Friday 25th October 2019


What an exciting week we have had! We began the week with our Viking Day. Thank you for all making such a fantastic effort with costumes- the children looked wonderful! We had a great day and the children were able to demonstrate their Viking knowledge and learnt lots of new, exciting information.







Monday 14th October 2019 – Friday 18th October 2019


We have had another exciting week of learning in Arctic 5. We were very lucky to be involved in the ‘Borrow the Moon’ project where the children were able to see real samples of moon rocks, meteorites and fossils. We also carried out an activity looking at evidence and conspiracy theories to decide if the moon landings really did happen- we decided they did!





Monday 7th October 2019 – Friday 11th October 2019


Arctic 5 have been enjoying story telling this week. After practising in class, we gathered around the fire pit to listen to their stories. They used expression, body language and some wonderful description to help keep their listeners engaged.




Monday 30th September 2019 – Friday 4th October 2019


On Monday, some of the coaches from Southend Diving came in to carry out a short lesson with the children. There were some very impressive skills being demonstrated; Arctic have some divers and gymnasts in the making!



This week we began reading the legend of Robin Hood. .After reading the first chapter we discussed what we would like to ask the characters if we had a chance to meet them. We then carried out a hot seating activity where the children demonstrated some brilliant acting and asked well-considered questions.




Monday 23rd September 2019 – Friday 27th September 2019


In Science we have been continuing to extend our knowledge on forces. Here, the children are creating Viking longboats out of plasticine. They had to investigate what shape boat held the most Vikings (paperclips)!





Monday 16th September 2019 – Friday 20th September 2019


This week we have been researching Viking longboats. To contextualise our learning, we dramatised life on a longboat, taking into account its size (at 18-25 metres long only one would fit on the playground)! The children considered how the monks at Lindisfarne would have felt when they saw these boats coming towards their monastery.


In science we were investigating the impact of gravity and air resistance by carrying out some simple tests. The children were given a range of objects to drop at the same time, from the same height. They were surprised to find that, despite the difference in mass, the objects landed at the same time. We then tested a feather to see, first hand, the impact of air resistance.





Monday 9th September 2019 – Friday 13th September 2019


We have had a busy week of learning! The children were introduced to Power Maths, our new scheme of work for maths and have been enjoying applying their learning in their new work books. We also learnt a song to help us remember how to round accurately. It’s very catchy so we won’t be forgetting how to round numbers now! 

In English we have been reading Norse myths. We read several different creation stories and  have identified lots of the features we need to include to make our writing interesting. This is in preparation for when we come to write our own creation stories.






Thursday 5th September 2019 – Friday 6th September 2019


The children spent their first two days of Year 5 applying their ASPIRE values. Their first task was to make a catapult. They had a limited number of resources so had to plan carefully how they were going to construct it. They showed determination and perseverance and as a result every group produced a working catapult. 

They were also introduced to their topic (the Vikings). They worked in groups to research Viking villages and then created their own Viking villages in shoeboxes.   I was so impressed  with their creativity and at how well they all worked in a team and respected each other’s ideas. As a result they produced some brilliant work. Well done Arctic class, we are going to have a fantastic year!