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Arctic 5

Welcome to Arctic Class!


Arctic Class Weekly News

Friday 14th June 2024


In English, we have been exploring the concepts of justice and restoration. We looked at a variety of actions and decided on appropriate consequences. The children were very mature and thought of brilliant ideas, as well as being able to justify their opinions.






Friday 24th May 2024


We have been continuing our art project, by creating our own repeating patterns! We used our mood boards for inspiration and designed a small square with patterns and shapes. Then, we photocopied them and joined them together to create one large pattern! We think they look brilliant and could even be used for wrapping paper!



Friday 17th May 2024

This week in Maths, we have been studying regular and irregular polygons. We used geoboards and elastic bands to create lots of different shapes and were able to identify whether they were regular and irregular!



Friday 10th May 2024


This week we have been continuing our Science topic, looking at mammals and the different types of life cycles. We also had an egg-citing visit from the eggs we are hoping to hatch. The children have been very excited and caring, making sure the eggs have everything they need. 




Friday 3rd May 2024


This week we have been looking at designer Rachel Parker and her methods behind her work. We created our own mood boards in preparation for our very own repeating pattern design. Stay tuned to see the final product!




Friday 26th April 2024


This week we immersed ourselves into our Egyptian topic, by studying different artefacts and making our own judgements about Tutankhamun's death. It was fantastic to hear everybody's ideas and the reasons behind them.




Friday 19th April 2024


Welcome back Arctic Class! What an amazing start to our summer term we have had already. We spent the morning at Leigh Library Gardens on Wednesday, installing our art sculptures, taking part in some PE activities and visiting Leigh Library. It was such a fab start to the term!




Friday 15th March 2024


What an exciting week we have had, launching into our biography topic in English! We experienced the LNSPS Astronaut Training School which involved: an engineering course (building a tower with spaghetti and marshmallows), an interview process (why should we choose you?) and finally a fitness test (how quickly can you dodge the meteors?). We had so much fun and earned our Astronaut Status!




Friday 8th March 2024


Over the past two weeks we have been studying Alexander Calder. He is a famous artist, known for his mobiles and continuous line drawings. We had a go at drawing our own continuous line drawings before then using the wire to create them too. We think they look great!





Friday 9th February 2024


On Friday last week, we put our design and technology skills to the test and created our very own Viking Cam toys!

We are so impressed with how well they work and loved designing and creating them!




Friday 2nd February 2024


This week, our force of choice was air resistance! We designed and created different sized parachutes to launch from the top of the pirate ship! We timed their descent three times to find the average. The larger the parachute, the slower its fall!




Friday 26th January 2024


We had another exciting science investigation this week, looking at gravity! We dropped a variety of balls from the same height and timed their descent, to see how their mass affected the timings. It was really interesting and we were surprised by the results. Have a go at home and see what you find out!




Friday 19th January 2024


This week, Arctic Class had some very special visitors from Westcliff High School for Boys! They took part in some awesome science experiments and were able to ask lots of exciting questions!





Friday 15th December 2023


What an explosive end to this half term! We used our knowledge from our science lessons and erupted our volcanoes from last half term, using a mixture of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. It was very exciting!




Friday 8th December 2023


Christmas has arrived in Arctic Class! We have enjoyed decorating our classroom and getting into the festive spirit. In English, we have been carefully planning our letters to Scrooge, persuading him to come to our house for Christmas Day. We stained our letters with tea and published them in our best handwriting. They are incredible!




Friday 1st December 2023


Our science investigations were very exciting this week. We selected a variety of liquids and observed what happened once they were mixed together. Our favourite mixture was the vinegar and bicarbonate of soda - it created an amazing irreversible reaction!




Friday 17th November 2023


Science has been very interesting this week! We have been separating materials using a variety of different methods including using: filters, magnets, sieves and the evaporation technique! This meant we were able to separate mixtures including salt, flour, rice and paper clips.




Friday 10th November 2023


We introduced our Victorian topic this week! Firstly, the children were treated to a fantastic performance of 'A Christmas Carol' from the Dickens Theatre Company (check out this week's school newsletter for some pictures!) In our English lessons we then explored a day in the life of a Victorian person where the children created mind maps and drew images to represent their new knowledge!




Friday 3rd November 2023


Welcome back Arctic! What an exciting week we have had, creating our own projects for the ROAR Competition 2023! We had to create a new innovative idea, design and make prototypes and present them to our class and Year Group. The children had wonderful ideas, from solving pollution to making the world more accessible. Well Done Arctic!





Friday 20th October 2023


We have been continuing our science topic this week, investigating the properties of materials! Last week we discovered materials that are soluble in water, this week we tested the solubility of materials by seeing how many teaspoons of sugar would dissolve in cold and warm water. We are really enjoying these practical science lessons!

Have a lovely half term Arctic Class!





Friday 29th September 2023


What an exciting week we have had...we made our own spring rolls!! The children worked very carefully and safely, to prepare and create their food. They smell delicious and we can't wait to taste them once they have been cooked.





Friday 22nd September 2023


Monday was a very exciting day for Year 5! We were lucky enough to be joined by two NatWest representatives, who helped us to lead a 'Money Sense' workshop all day. The children were asked to plan a party for a particular person, ensuring they stay within their budget of £150! They worked incredibly hard to find cheaper alternatives to products and venues, whilst still ensuring their customer would be happy. They did a fantastic job!





Friday 15th September 2023


It has been a wonderful start to Year 5! The children have settled in amazingly and it has been great getting to know them all. In Maths, we have been looking at place value within 1,000,000! The children created part whole models, used the place value charts and made their own numbers using dice!