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Arctic 5

Welcome to Arctic Class!


Arctic Class Weekly News

Monday 7th December 2020 – Friday 11th December 2020




Monday 16th November 2020 – Friday 20th November 2020





Monday 2nd November 2020 – Friday 6th November 2020


Arctic have had a very positive return to school after Half term. They have been immersing themselves in their new Topic ‘Industrial Revolution’. Looking into how population, transport, health, medicine, and living conditions have changed since 1750 through to 1900. They have written a diary entry from the point of view of a child who has travelled forward in time from 1750 to 1900. They had some fantastic comparisons through the years.




Monday 5th October 2020 – Friday 9th October 2020





Monday 21st September 2020 – Friday 25th September 2020


Arctic have had a very busy week this week. We have been writing some fantastic creation stories including exciting vocabulary and expanded noun phrases. 

During Gymnastics we have been developing our own routines using various pieces of equipment. Next week we will be showing our routines to the rest of the class. We can’t wait to see what they have created.

In Art we have been understanding the meaning behind various Viking symbols and having a go at sketching our own symbols using the Viking Rune Alphabet.

In Science we have being finding out about air resistance and investigating what size parachute will be most effective to slow a fall to Earth.

Fantastic week this week Arctic.



Monday 14th September 2020 – Friday 18th September 2020


This week in Arctic class we have been planning our creation stories. We have developed some imaginative plans and some have even created their own spectacular Viking gods.


We have used our art lessons to design and create a new world that will appear in our creation story. To add some colour to these beautiful creations, we used a range of media to add effect; water colours, oil pastels, chalk and crayons.


Within Topic we have found out how important Viking Long ships were to the Vikings and why they designed them the way they did.


Arctic have worked extremely hard during their assessment week and I am, very proud of all their hard work. Well done Arctic.




Welcome Arctic Class


What a super start to the year! The children have shown an amazing level of maturity coming back to school and have been ever so welcoming. We have been immersing ourselves in our new topic, The Vikings and exploring our different learning adventures in the coming year.

We are extremely pleased with how you have settled in and we are looking forward to sharing the exciting year ahead with you all.