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Pacific Class Weekly News

Friday 13th May 2022


This week in Pacific Class we continued to learn about plants, focusing specifically on Seed Dispersal. We were lucky enough to plant our own seeds with our learning partners. Over the next few weeks we will be watching them grow, and watering them everyday. Whose will grow the fastest?





Friday 6th May 2022


This week we have been publishing our newspaper reports in English, and continuing with fractions in Maths. Our publishing process has been thoughtful, and we worked really hard to write like a journalist. 




Friday 29th April 2022


This week Pacific Class were visited by WHSB. We spent the whole afternoon taking part in science activities. These covered Chemistry, Biology and Physics. What a fantastic opportunity!




Friday 22nd April 2022


This week we spent our first day back learning how to revise. We talked about our brain and focused on short and long term memory. We even completed some psychological experiments to see how much our working memories can hold.





Friday 25th March 2022


This week in Pacific Class we had a very exciting beach trip. We went to Leigh Beach on a very sunny Monday morning, and sculpted our very own Terracota warrior statues. The end results were fantastic.





Friday 18th March 2022


We began this week by making our terracotta warrior statues. We used clay, and were given expert guidance from Ms Hayhurst. It was a fantastic opportunity to take last weeks cardboard warriors that step further, and immerse ourselves back into the topic of China.



Friday 4th March 2022


Pacific class looked a little different on Thursday. We all dressed up as a book character that we love, and spent the day doing lots of regular reading. The Year 5 teachers dressed up as characters from the Firework Makers Daughter.


This week, we have been really busy writing our explanation texts ‘How to Look After a White Elephant’. Amongst this creativity, we also fitted in time to create our own Phases of the Moon diagrams. We used grapes and even got to eat Oreos! 





Friday 25th February 2022


This week we became investigative historians. Through laptops, artefacts and videos we explored who Fu Hao was. We were all surprised that she was a strong, powerful women from the Shang Dynasty. She achieved a lot in her life, and her luxurious tomb filled with fantastic artefacts was evidence of this! ‚Äč





Friday 11th February 2022


Over the last two weeks, we have been studying the Highway Man. We have learnt about the type of poem The Highway Man is, poetic features like similes and personification, and created our own ending to the poem. Alongside this, we have been studying multiplication and division in math.




Friday 4th February 2022


This week, we began our new topic in Science- Space! Alongside this, we have been loving our outdoor learning lessons with Mrs Brown. We have been learning survival skills, such as how to light fires and read maps.





Friday 28th January 2022


This week we remade our spring rolls with a few significant changes. Rather than all follow the same recipe, we were able to add or sub out ingredients we did not like, and even bring in some of our own ingredients! Hopefully this will make them taste even better!





Friday 21st January 2022


This week, we continued our science experiment by making our squares of paper oily and coating them in PVA glue. Whilst we need to wait a week before we can test the PVA glue paper, we found that our oily coated paper ripped easier than normal paper did. It was a very messy lesson, but definitely memorable!





Friday 14th January 2022


This week in Pacific we have been doing lots of practical activities. On Tuesday, we planned our own science experiment. This investigated how many marbles are needed to rip different types of paper. Prior to this, we had learnt about how paper is made. We were surprised that in order to make paper, you actually need paper! It was a bit like a chicken and egg scenario...


On Wednesday morning, we made our very own spring rolls. Our classroom stinks of garlic and ginger- next time Miss Norris will know that less is more when it comes to buying garlic and ginger for our cooking! 




Friday 7th January 2022


We have had an exciting first week of 2022! We have begun our new topic, China. In this unit, we will be trying to design the perfect spring roll. For our first step, we have taste-tested spring rolls from different supermarkets. Some of us LOVED them, whilst others were not so keen on the amount of vegetables! We will collate our evaluations and use these when designing and making our own spring roll next week. 




Friday 3th December 2021


This term we have been enjoying specialist gymnastics sessions led by Mrs Lawrence. It has been so much fun learning the proper techniques for gymnastics, and getting the opportunity to improve our skills. This week we started vaulting. We had different stations to help us practice, and improve each time! Alongside this, we have been writing lots of letters! In the last few weeks we have written letters to Marcus Rashford, the Prime Minister (in History) and to a character in the Railway Children. 




Friday 19th November 2021



We began this week in Pacific with learning our squared and cubed numbers, becoming experts at applying them to our maths work and also reciting them without looking! Alongside this we have been busy conducting science experiments, identifying primary and secondary sources and reading the railway children...


Our most exciting event of the week was probably the book fair, where we got to pick a book we liked and read for fun! There were so many amazing books to pick from, and absolutely no constraints on what we could read. 





Friday 5th November 2021


This week in Pacific we have been studying our new topic, the Industrial Revolution. To go alongside this, we have been reading The Railway Children. We have learnt about how in the 1900s there was a steam train invented that travelled from London to Edinburgh in 9 hours, and discussing what an incredible invention this must have been given that in 1750 people still travelled by foot!


We also had a fun, hands on science lesson. We experimented with different solids to test whether or not they dissolved or formed new solutions in the water. It was very messy...but fun!




Friday 22nd October 2021


We began the week with an excellent mathematics lesson...playing a negative numbers game! This game helped us to visualise negative number lines, and see clearly how numbers can go beyond 0! 


However, that is not the only great thing we have been doing...On Tuesday, we began designing posters on climate change. These posters will be sent to Scotland. In Scotland, they will be displayed at the United Nations Climate Change Conference where world leaders can look at our work.






Friday 15th October 2021


We began our week by looking at forces, and understanding the properties of levers. In order to help us understand how important levers are, we conducted a mini experiment with a can of golden syrup. After competing in arm wrestles, pupils were selected to use either their hands, a coin or a lolly stick to attempt to open the can of golden syrup. After many attempts, it was finally opened with a coin!! 


Not only have we been scientists, this week we have learnt about roman numerals, King Alfred and even been writing our own Viking Quest stories in English!




Friday 8th October 2021


This week in Pacific class, we learnt the skill of weaving. In small groups we practiced the technique, taking it in turns to tie knots, weave the thread through and unweave it. We also continued to expand our key skills in art by using blue acrylic paints to create icey landscapes. 

Friday 1st October 2021 


This week in Pacific class, we focused on creating board games to deepen our understanding of Quests and Viking adventures. To apply our knowledge of Vikings into a new context, we combined our understanding of upthrust and water resistance to design viking longships. We tested our Viking longships to find out how many people they could hold, and whether they would sink! It took a lot of practice, but eventually we found a design that worked!