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Angelfish Class Weekly News

Friday 22nd October 2021


We have made it to the first half term of the year and hasn’t it whizzed by?! We have been so pleased with the way the children have settled in to the new Year 1 routines and the way they have been working so hard. They are all ready for a very well deserved rest- and so are we!


Here are the finished self portraits which are displayed in the KS1 hall. I’m sure you will agree that they are all fabulous! They are the culmination of 6 weeks of preparation- and are, indeed, all masterpieces!





Friday 15th October 2021


This week has been all about adjectives and how to use them effectively. We have read Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Bill Martin and Elric Carle and have identified the adjectives and had a go at writing our own adjectives to describe different teddy bears. We then had a bear identity parade to see if we could match the adjectives to the correct bear!




Friday 8th October 2021


We have been working hard in Angelfish this week and are progressing with our art project of creating our self portraits. Our first step was to look at examples of self portraits and we chose Frida Kahlo, Kahinde Wiley, Sarah Ball and Vincent Van Gogh. Our next step was to make a close observational drawing of our eye and we used 3 different media~chalk, charcoal and sketching pencil. 

Then we compared the self portraits to the work of Picasso and created a portrait in the style of Picasso! 

This week we have experimented with paint mixing to see if we could mix a colour that was close to our skin tones. Next week we begin the final stage of creating our own self portraits - watch this space!


Friday 1st October 2021


Our feet have literally not touched the ground this week! Perfectly illustrated during our gymnastic session this week when Mrs Lawrence taught the children the positions for several different jumps.



In our English lessons we have focused on questions - finding them in books, thinking about what makes a good question and practising writing our own using a question mark. We have prepared some questions to ask a local firefighter who has agreed to be grilled by all three year 1 classes on Friday!


Friday 17th September 2021


We have had a very busy week in Angelfish Class!

 In our English work we have been investigating lists- thinking about why we make lists, what makes a list a good one and writing our own lists.

Mrs Lawrence has begun our half term of Gymnastics, focussing on different types of rolls this week. The children listened well and really enjoyed their first lesson.

Our Science topic is Animals, including Humans and we have been using our scientific investigation skills to sort animals in to different groups.




Friday 10th September 2021


Welcome to the Angelfish Class page!


We are so proud of the way the children have settled in to Year 1 and we are all getting used to the new routines!


This week we have begun our Geography topic for this half term which is 

‘Why do we love being beside the sea so much?’ and we came up with lots of reasons!


We have also had our first outdoor PE lesson- in the glorious sunshine! 


Have a lovely weekend

The Angelfish Team