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Angelfish Class Weekly News

Friday 13th May 2022


This week has been mainly about diaries! In English we have been looking at different books written in a diary style including The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Mr Wolf’s Week and thinking about the features of a good diary entry. 


In our Science we have observed the changes in our bean plants- and yes, there have been changes! All of the children’s beans have grown- some more than others! So we have all had something to record in our on~going bean diaries.

In Geography this week we have been learning about the production of cheese- the different processes from the cow to the shop.



Friday 6th May 2022


We have packed as much as possible in to our short week! First on our agenda was to check in on our bean plants. I have to report that there has not been ( no pun intended…..) much action! However, with the weathermen promising warmer weather, fingers crossed for next week.


We have continued with our acrostic poetry this week, using fruit names as our starting points. In Science we have been looking around the school for wild flowers and plants and have been amazed at the unusual places that some of them find to grow! Thank you for all of the wonderful flower photographs.


Have a great and , hopefully warmer, weekend.




Friday 29th April 2022


This week we have begun our new Science topic on ‘Growing’. On Monday we planted our beans and thought about what a plant needs to grow well. We have also begun writing our bean diaries.


In English we are learning about acrostic poems- both reading them and composing our own! 


Our Design and Technology focus has been investigating different types of fruit with a view to designing and making our own fruit salads- can’t wait! Delicious!




Friday 22nd April 2022


What a lovely way to begin the Summer Term ~a trip to Barleylands Farm! The weather was kind to us and the children were eager to make their own pizzas and to learn about the animals and the crops that are grown on the farm. There were some rather delightful baby goats and rabbits there and I had to check Mrs Cotton’s pockets to make sure that there were no stowaways………!


The trip will lead in to writing a chronological report in English and serves to introduce our new Geography enquiry ‘ Why does it matter where our food comes from?’, both of which we have started this week.


Our Maths work is focussing on weighing and becoming familiar with the associated vocabulary such as ‘heavier’, ‘lightest’ etc.






Friday 1st April 2022


Another very busy week to end the Spring term! 


We have finished our non fiction booklets, finally adding the contents page and sharing our books with our learning partners.


Our vehicles have been finished, evaluated and sent home.


The highlight of the week would have to be dancing around the Maypole! It is the first time that most of the children had seen a Maypole and, for a first session, we were very impressed with the children’s coordination and their ability to skip in the correct direction ( never a given!)and I would like to assure you that no children were harmed in the dancing around the Maypole!

Have a lovely Easter break and fingers crossed for some warm weather.




Friday 25th March 2022


What a week! 


We had lots of fun riding our scooters on Monday in preparation for producing our own non- fiction books all about scooters. 


In maths we have been using non- standard and standard units to measure the length of different objects and to order the objects in height order.


In our history this week we have been looking at the evolution of flight and found out some very interesting facts!


Spring has sprung at last! Have a lovely weekend in the sunshine!





Friday 18th March 2022


We have had a very busy week in Angelfish Class. The children have been thinking about and comparing the different religions they have learnt about this term. They have also been painting boxes in preparation for making wheeled vehicles and they have also been scientists, predicting and investigating the absorbency of different materials. 




Friday 11th March 2022


This week has been mainly about writing!  Mr Gumpy has had many more adventures in your children’s absolutely fabulous stories! He has been to space, the jungle and many more destinations. The children are increasing their writing stamina every time we write and we were very impressed with the length of their stories.


In History we have been comparing cars from the past to our modern ones, looking at the similarities and differences.


Maths continues to be working with numbers up to 50 and comparing and ordering them.


Here are the photos from World Book Day last week- thank you for the children’s amazing costumes- we had a great day filled with reading!





Friday 4th March 2022


Another busy week in Angelfish Class!


We continue to work towards writing our own stories based on Mr Gumpy’s Outing. This week we have chosen our new settings and our new characters.


We have also started our individual weavings and they are looking fabulous!


In our maths we have been having fun learning about tens and ones and partitioning 2 digit numbers.




Friday 25th February 2022


Well, what a windy half term! It’s a good job we weren’t flying our kites~ they would have blown right away!


We began the week with our double decker bus tour to spot different types of transport around the local area. The children loved it and we couldn’t believe how many unusual types of transport we saw. The highlight was the bomb disposal truck at Leigh train station!


In our English lessons we have been focussing on the book ‘Mr Gumpy’s Outing and our work for the next few weeks will be based on this story.


In Science we have been investigating which materials float and which sink and, while it may not have been raining outside, it was certainly fairly wet inside the classroom!


Have a lovely weekend




Friday 11th February 2022


What a week! We have excelled ourselves in Angelfish class this week! We have written instructions ( including a top tip) on how to make a kite. Then we flew our kites and visited the beach and, with the benefit of hindsight, I think a good top tip would be to avoid muddy parks when flying your kite!!

Many apologies for any muddy shoes, tights, trousers, socks, jumpers , coats........!

Have a fabulous half term!




Friday 4th February 2022


This week we have been revisiting instructions in our English sessions, this time focussing on grammar and on using the conjunctions ‘and’ and ‘so’ in our instructions. We began the week by following instructions on how to make a paper aeroplane and, after some serious perseverance from both the adults and the children, the aeroplanes were ready for their test flight!




Friday 28th January 2022


This week we have been very busy working on our non- chronological reports (fact files) about weather. The children have been researching the different types of weather using non-fiction books and information sheets. Then they have had to extract facts to include in their reports. I have been SO pleased with the results- they have produced fabulous fact files!


We have been having fun finding out about Chinese New Year. From February 1st it will be the Year of the Tiger and we have been celebrating by dragon dancing and using instruments from around the world (courtesy of Mrs ‘music’ Brown) to make our own percussion music to accompany the dance. 




Friday 21st January 2022


What an exciting time we have had in Angelfish class this week!


One of the highlights was a lesson on cloud formations in the outdoor classroom with Mrs Brown. We learnt about the 3 main cloud types, observed some clouds in the sky and even made our own illustrations of them.


In our English this week we have been asked to help the alien ‘Dill’ who is making a short trip to our planet from his home on Planet Drull and would like some information about our weather. We have been looking in non-fiction books to find out some weather facts that may help him.


We have also made our own ice sun-catchers- now all we need is some sun to catch!





Friday 14th January 2022


Our first full week back has been VERY busy! 


We have continued with our Winter poems- using adjectives, nouns, verbs and even adverbs! 

In Geography we have been comparing the weather in different countries and thinking about how it impacts people’s lives.


We have begun a new Science topic of Everyday Materials and their Uses. To kick this off we have been sorting different materials in to groups and looking around the classroom to see if we could find things made of wood, metal and fabric. We also discussed why the same object might be made in several different materials.





Friday 7th January 2022


And we’re back! 

This week we have had a Learning to Learn day and we have found out all about our fantastic, elastic brains and how we can strengthen and grow them! 

In Geography we have begun to think about how the weather affects our lives. It has suddenly turned very chilly and we have discussed how to keep ourselves warm.

We have also been looking at poetry and composing our own Winter poems during our English lessons.




Friday 10th December 2021


Christmas is galloping towards us like an out of control reindeer! 


Instructions continue to be the focus of our English work and we have had a very special request from Father Christmas himself! He needs some wrapping present instructions for his elves and we are just the right people to help him.


Mrs Brown has completed the filming of our Christmas event and she is busy editing and putting the finishing touches to it.


We have been looking at different scientific equipment that measures temperature and thinking about the signs of winter~ phew, it’s been a very busy week!




Friday 3th December 2021


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Angelfish Class !


We have been talking about different Christmas traditions in our R.E. session and thinking about the Christmas Story as well.


Mrs Brown has been as busy as one of Father Christmas’s elves teaching the children Christmas songs ready for their recorded performance.





Friday 26th November 2021


This week has been mainly about writing our stories! The children have worked very hard and have impressed us with their writing stamina- we have a class full of aspiring authors! Lots of Julia Donaldsons and Allan Ahlbergs´╗┐ amongst us!


We have also had some more inspiring history lessons from Miss Peters (our student teacher), who has shown the children clips from The Clangers in the 1970’s (I remember them well!) and from 2021 so that the children can compare the two.  


As the weather turns decidedly chillier, we have also started to look for the signs of winter approaching- brrrrrr!





Friday 19th November 2021


The children in Angelfish have been working very hard this week! We are continuing to investigate story writing and are practising our skills in preparation for writing our own stories next week.

We are all trying to follow the message of ‘one kind word’ which is the theme of the anti~ bullying week of 2021. We have been discussing how, by saying something nice to someone, we have the power to brighten their day.

In Science we have continued with our topic of Seasonal Changes and have used the Now Press Play equipment to have an interactive battle with Jack Frost, which, of course, ended in our favour!





Friday 12th November 2021


Another very busy week in Angelfish! We have begun a new unit on story writing in English and will be working towards writing our very own stories!

We are continuing to work on our addition and subtraction skills in our Maths lessons and have been using numberlines to help us solve the number sentences.

In our Design and Technology this week we have been investigating how to make a stable structure using different types of construction equipment.




Friday 5th November 2021


Our 2nd half term has got off to a flying start! 


As an introduction to our Science topic of ‘Seasonal Changes’,  we have been on a walk to Leigh Library Gardens to see if we could spot any signs of Autumn.

The weather was beautiful, the children were extremely well behaved and we saw lots of squirrels!

As well as bonfire night on the 5th, this week also has bought us Diwali! The Hindu festival of light began on the 4th and we have had lots of fun creating our own Rangoli patterns.




Friday 22nd October 2021


We have made it to the first half term of the year and hasn’t it whizzed by?! We have been so pleased with the way the children have settled in to the new Year 1 routines and the way they have been working so hard. They are all ready for a very well deserved rest- and so are we!


Here are the finished self portraits which are displayed in the KS1 hall. I’m sure you will agree that they are all fabulous! They are the culmination of 6 weeks of preparation- and are, indeed, all masterpieces!





Friday 15th October 2021


This week has been all about adjectives and how to use them effectively. We have read Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Bill Martin and Elric Carle and have identified the adjectives and had a go at writing our own adjectives to describe different teddy bears. We then had a bear identity parade to see if we could match the adjectives to the correct bear!




Friday 8th October 2021


We have been working hard in Angelfish this week and are progressing with our art project of creating our self portraits. Our first step was to look at examples of self portraits and we chose Frida Kahlo, Kahinde Wiley, Sarah Ball and Vincent Van Gogh. Our next step was to make a close observational drawing of our eye and we used 3 different media~chalk, charcoal and sketching pencil. 

Then we compared the self portraits to the work of Picasso and created a portrait in the style of Picasso! 

This week we have experimented with paint mixing to see if we could mix a colour that was close to our skin tones. Next week we begin the final stage of creating our own self portraits - watch this space!


Friday 1st October 2021


Our feet have literally not touched the ground this week! Perfectly illustrated during our gymnastic session this week when Mrs Lawrence taught the children the positions for several different jumps.



In our English lessons we have focused on questions - finding them in books, thinking about what makes a good question and practising writing our own using a question mark. We have prepared some questions to ask a local firefighter who has agreed to be grilled by all three year 1 classes on Friday!


Friday 17th September 2021


We have had a very busy week in Angelfish Class!

 In our English work we have been investigating lists- thinking about why we make lists, what makes a list a good one and writing our own lists.

Mrs Lawrence has begun our half term of Gymnastics, focussing on different types of rolls this week. The children listened well and really enjoyed their first lesson.

Our Science topic is Animals, including Humans and we have been using our scientific investigation skills to sort animals in to different groups.




Friday 10th September 2021


Welcome to the Angelfish Class page!


We are so proud of the way the children have settled in to Year 1 and we are all getting used to the new routines!


This week we have begun our Geography topic for this half term which is 

‘Why do we love being beside the sea so much?’ and we came up with lots of reasons!


We have also had our first outdoor PE lesson- in the glorious sunshine! 


Have a lovely weekend

The Angelfish Team