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Beluga Class Weekly News

Friday 13th May 2022


WE DID IT! After weeks of careful preparation and sheer hard work, SATS came upon us quickly but were over in the blink of an eye and we all survived to tell the tale! The picture shows some of the children from Beluga relaxing in the sunshine and reflecting upon their successes of their recent undertakings.




Friday 6th May 2022


The watch word for this week has been preparation, preparation, preparation! 

The children have given their last push in their prep for next week's SATs exams and they should be highly commended for their efforts. There is nothing more to do except relax and enjoy the sunshine that this weekend has promised to bring.


Well done the children of Beluga you have made The Year 6 Team very proud!





Friday 29th April 2022


As always, the newshounds of Beluga are always on the scent for a great story to hone their journalistic skills. This week we have been looking at the skills and techniques needed to write effective newspaper reports to convey key events of a night of devastation in the East End caused by the Luftwaffe during The War. Through role play and storyboarding, the children have planned and started to write some very vivid and authentic sounding copy. Read all about it!





Friday 22nd April 2022


As the summer term commences so has our exploration of the work of Henry Moore to inspire our own Moore Style structures. The children made armatures (skeletons) in preparation for their larger sculptures. We will keep you posted when their sculptures are complete!






Friday 1st April 2022


As snow fell on the Essex and Cambridge borders, a welcoming and once familiar sight was had as figures emerged out of the wintry shadows. After an absence of two years, owing to The Pandemic, the annual Year 6 trip to The Imperial War Museum Duxford was reinstated. In customary fashion, children donned clothes of the wartime era and explored the museum to investigate artefacts which would support their class- based learning about the Second World War in Europe and the Battle of Britain. Much learning and fun was had by all, with many of the Beluga children remarking that this had been one of the best school trips ever and that they would definitely encourage their parents to take them on a repeat visit!


Happy Easter from Beluga Class!




Friday 18th March 2022


When the world can seem like an endless stream of hustle and bustle, one should make a concerted effort to find time to relax and search for strategies that will bring calm and counter balance our busy lives. For the last few weeks, Beluga class have been exploring the mystic art of yoga in their PE lessons. Over the weeks, they have gone from wobbles and stiffness to the picture of poise, assured movement and flexibility!


Happy Red Nose Day from Beluga Class!





Friday 11th March 2022


Inspired by the wartime artist Henry Moore, the children have been making mixed media investigative sketches in the style of the legendary artist and sculptor. Using media such as wax, watercolours, charcoal and oil pastels, children made studies that were in keeping with the artists fascination for light, shade and the natural form. Children learned that Moore was a wartime artist who was commissioned to make images of life on the Home Front. A particular area of study, this week,  was of Moore’s pictures of people huddled together in Tube stations during the blitz.


Here are some preliminary sketches in preparation for the children’s 3D sculpture!





Friday 11th March 2022


Happy World Book Day! As part of the celebrations, children engaged in many reading activities such as design your own story character, Drop Everything and Read, and of course supported the Beluga entrants in the final of the Spelling Bee. Below is a picture of Beluga with their fellow classmates in costume.





Friday 25th February 2022


On Wednesday, Year six were once again visited by the drama workshop N-ACT . The theme of the performance was toxic gang cultures. Central to the performance was the harrowing tale of Amy, a young girl, who is lured into gang life which has criminal motivations and murderous intent. As the plot unfolds, we see Amy become increasingly isolated from friends and family until eventually she stands trial for her part in the murder committed by the gang.  

By fiction’s standards this makes for a shocking tale, but as the theatre group made apparent at the beginning of the play, the drama was based on true events and some of the dialogue spoken by the actors were words taken from mouths of the actual people involved. 

Once again, the children were treated to some compelling drama which by turns was humorous, chilling, thought provoking and never deviated from its mission to educate the children to enable them to make informed choices. The vigilant to the predatory nature of organized gangs working in and around the Southend area. Astonishingly and very unsettlingly these said gangs have known to recruit children as young as eight. 

As ever our children were a poised and respectful audience who listened attentively and asked insightful questions and were willing to reflect outwardly about all they had learned.



Gangsline 07753 351256  Childline 0800 1111




Friday 4th February 2022


This week in science we carried out an investigation to prove a well-known hypothesis about light. We learned that the ray of incidence is reflected from a surface by the ray of reflection at the exact same angle. As true scientists the children of Beluga set about finding out whether their scientific speculations were true. The photograph shows one of the children’s investigation proving that light travels in a straight line and has an equal angle of incidence and reflection.





Friday 28th January 2022


The art of persuasion is a great skill to possess and done well, will serve one handsomely in life. With this in mind, the children of Beluga have investigated what makes a plausible and effective argument that can be used to persuade. In order to test the strength of their arguments, children engaged in a debating competition with such contentious topics such  the use of mobile phones in school, class pets, and the old staple- to wear or not wear uniform. The debates were often passionate with the well-researched points strenuously presented!






Friday 21st January 2022


Once again North Streets gates were flung open to Bikeability after an absence of two years. Over the week, Year 6 children from Orca and Beluga classes were put through their paces in learning new cycling techniques in order for them to become more proficient on our roads.  On Monday, children were required to undergo an assessment to judge their ability and confidence levels. In the ensuing days, they applied what they had learned in the playground onto the roads around the neighbourhood. The cycle and safety training was met with unanimous praise from the children who concluded that they felt much more knowledgeable about cycling in general and most importantly, how to keep safe on the roads.




Friday 14th January 2022


We have finished our medieval standards to fly in the faces of our foes and to rally our own troops. We used heraldic motifs to inspire our designs which we then transferred on to our flag fabrics using screen printing techniques. If you look closely, you will see Latin inscriptions to further encourage our advancing army! "Cavete, quia securi sumus!"





Friday 7th January 2022


In Beluga, our Learning to Learn Day forged the culmination of our Norman Castle Unit of study with goal setting for the forthcoming Spring Term. The primary focus of the learning was to explore what independent learning looked like as children were given a brief to make a version of a Motte and Bailey Castle whose function was to defend, serve as a an administrative centre and a domestic dwelling. Children put their learned woodworking skills to good use and reflected on what it was to be an effective team member and use independent thought for problem solving. Pictures of the finished castles to follow!




Friday 10th December 2021


Beluga class would like to wish everybody a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We thank you for your continued support. Pictured are children eating their Christmas dinner and their Christingles.





Friday 3th December 2021


This week we have passed the midpoint in our art project on heraldry. The children have been reflecting on which animals best reflect their personality traits and would serve as a standard for their medieval inspired flags. Children have chosen such diverse range of animals such as lions, unicorns, turtles and snakes! The next step of the flag making process is to transfer their designs on fabric by way of screen printing frames- we shall keep you posted about the end results!





Friday 26th November 2021


The children of Beluga have been learning about the importance of having a bank account. Primarily, they learned that as well as being convenient for making payments by card, they keep our money safe. Unfortunately we learned about fraudsters and scammer who, if given the opportunity, will steal our money by all manner of cunning and disreputable means. The photo shows children preparing to make a presentation to give people strategies to stop these despicable scammers dead in their tracks. 






Friday 19th November 2021


To conclude their topic on Living Things, the scientist of Beluga class have been investigating the optimum conditions for cultivating yeast.  They have embarked on this line of inquiry as they have discovered that yeast can be helpful to humans as it can be used in baking bread and cakes and in the production of alcohol. Before conducting their experiment the children predicted the outcomes of their investigation. They filled bottles with the same amount of water but varied the conditions such as yeast with sugar/ yeast with salt/ yeast with warm water.

The picture of the inflated balloon shows the yeast actively producing gases as it awakes and starts to thrive. Beluga were able to scientifically conclude that the optimum conditions to produce heightened activity in yeast is to stimulate it with sugar and warm water. Very useful to know if you want your bread to rise!




Friday 12th November 2021


“ Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”  Edmund Burke


As a culmination of their inquiry into Norman castles, Year 6 visited Colchester Castle and explored the rich array of artefacts and historical sources as well as the castle and its precincts. Children were given a guided tour by  expert historians and took part in problem solving workshops, such as how to construct a Roman villa or a Celtic roundhouse which built on work in history topics of previous years. 


At the stoke of 11 O’clock, children observed a two minute silence to remember those who had lost their lives in conflicts around the world both past and present. This poignant reminder certainly impressed upon all that “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”







Friday 5th November 2021


As part of our PSHE curriculum, children were given an insight into the issues around mental health affecting children and young adults. The School Theatre group NACT performed their spirited play based on real life stories of young people who had suffered from mental health issues. Although sometimes the issues raised were challenging,  there were many strategies presented to the children to combat feelings of loneliness, anxiety, low self -esteem. At the end of the performance, children were given the opportunity to ask questions and to express their feelings about the play. The children of Beluga capitalized on this Q&A session by asking thought provoking and empathetic questions.


Cast members from NACT




Friday 22nd October 2021


The children of Beluga have delved further into the world of dragons and medieval chivalry as over the last week they have been looking at the fascinating yet complex question…How to train a dragon?

By looking at other forms of animal training and husbandry such as wild mustangs, sensory dogs and even bomb disposal rats,

the children have come up with some ingenious methods of training their dragons and putting them to good use around the castle! The photographs show child hard at role play to support their future writing.









Friday 15th October 2021


If it's dragons that you are interested in, look no further than Beluga 6’s Classroom. We have come to the end of writing our chronological reports about these fascinating yet frightening beasts. The children have been working hard gathering facts and presenting them in a logical way for the access of the reader. There are many intriguing facts to savour, such as dragons come in all shapes and sizes: such as the wingless dragons of ancient China to the fire and ice dragons of Scandinavia. Did you know that dragons are hatched from impenetrable eggs and that a baby dragon is called a whelp?  Why not take the opportunity to read about these enigmatic creatures whilst attending parents consultations next week!






Friday 8th October 2021


Our Maths Studies this week have led us to division. We have recapped on the vocabulary of dividing so that we can be alert to the different types of questions and problems we may encounter. Encouragingly, we have now have three strategies for division. In addition to short division, we have been using bar models and finding factors of divisors to assist with written and mental calculations. The photos show the hard working children of Beluga putting into practice their newly acquired mathematical skills.


Friday 1st October 2021


This week we have been looking at ways that we can shape and order our notes to make high quality texts. As you might know, we are investigating the discipline of  dragonology in English and have found that much of the language of our science topic of classification can be utilized. We also investigated individual features that make a terrific non- chronological report such as, the impersonal voice, carefully selected illustrations and technical language. We look forward to being able to share our finished pieces!


Friday 26th September 2021


In History and English we have been examining the medieval period and questioning why we believe our knowledge of this period is so. One of the best sources for understanding the past is investigating the written word of the scholars and clergy of the time who put together elaborate manuscripts called illuminated manuscripts. These documents were brightly coloured and shone light onto the events and thinking of the time. The photographs show the scholars of Beluga compiling their own illuminated manuscripts to practise their own presentation skills.




Friday 17th September 2021


Lasts weeks role-play of valiant knights slaying dragons, has led to some well-written medieval extracts in English and together as a class, we have spent time refining our work. This has lead us perfectly into our new art topic, where we are exploring heraldry and how this was used to identify a Knight during battle. Elsewhere in Science, we have been developing our understanding of living things and are creating posters to explain what mnemonic MRS NERG stands for.






Friday 10th September 2021


It has been so encouraging to reflect upon Beluga Class’ fantastic start to the Year!

Already we have launched into our topic work of The Normans and their Castles. This week we have turned our investigative gaze towards the causes of the Battle of Hasting and tried to sequence the Bayeux tapestry to get a clear understand of events. The photos show children presenting evidence to order chronologically this venerable artefact!