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Beluga 6

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Beluga Class Weekly News

Friday 22nd October 2021


The children of Beluga have delved further into the world of dragons and medieval chivalry as over the last week they have been looking at the fascinating yet complex question…How to train a dragon?

By looking at other forms of animal training and husbandry such as wild mustangs, sensory dogs and even bomb disposal rats,

the children have come up with some ingenious methods of training their dragons and putting them to good use around the castle! The photographs show child hard at role play to support their future writing.









Friday 15th October 2021


If it's dragons that you are interested in, look no further than Beluga 6’s Classroom. We have come to the end of writing our chronological reports about these fascinating yet frightening beasts. The children have been working hard gathering facts and presenting them in a logical way for the access of the reader. There are many intriguing facts to savour, such as dragons come in all shapes and sizes: such as the wingless dragons of ancient China to the fire and ice dragons of Scandinavia. Did you know that dragons are hatched from impenetrable eggs and that a baby dragon is called a whelp?  Why not take the opportunity to read about these enigmatic creatures whilst attending parents consultations next week!






Friday 8th October 2021


Our Maths Studies this week have led us to division. We have recapped on the vocabulary of dividing so that we can be alert to the different types of questions and problems we may encounter. Encouragingly, we have now have three strategies for division. In addition to short division, we have been using bar models and finding factors of divisors to assist with written and mental calculations. The photos show the hard working children of Beluga putting into practice their newly acquired mathematical skills.


Friday 1st October 2021


This week we have been looking at ways that we can shape and order our notes to make high quality texts. As you might know, we are investigating the discipline of  dragonology in English and have found that much of the language of our science topic of classification can be utilized. We also investigated individual features that make a terrific non- chronological report such as, the impersonal voice, carefully selected illustrations and technical language. We look forward to being able to share our finished pieces!


Friday 26th September 2021


In History and English we have been examining the medieval period and questioning why we believe our knowledge of this period is so. One of the best sources for understanding the past is investigating the written word of the scholars and clergy of the time who put together elaborate manuscripts called illuminated manuscripts. These documents were brightly coloured and shone light onto the events and thinking of the time. The photographs show the scholars of Beluga compiling their own illuminated manuscripts to practise their own presentation skills.




Friday 17th September 2021


Lasts weeks role-play of valiant knights slaying dragons, has led to some well-written medieval extracts in English and together as a class, we have spent time refining our work. This has lead us perfectly into our new art topic, where we are exploring heraldry and how this was used to identify a Knight during battle. Elsewhere in Science, we have been developing our understanding of living things and are creating posters to explain what mnemonic MRS NERG stands for.






Friday 10th September 2021


It has been so encouraging to reflect upon Beluga Class’ fantastic start to the Year!

Already we have launched into our topic work of The Normans and their Castles. This week we have turned our investigative gaze towards the causes of the Battle of Hasting and tried to sequence the Bayeux tapestry to get a clear understand of events. The photos show children presenting evidence to order chronologically this venerable artefact!