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We learn together through Questioning, Perseverance and a Growth Mindset.

Beluga 6

Welcome to Beluga Class!


Beluga Class Weekly News


Monday 9th September 2019 – Friday 13th September 2019


The children of Beluga could not have made a more purposeful and determined start to their very last year at Leigh North Street Primary!

From the outset, they have shown an immense enthusiasm for furthering their learning by posing insightful questions, participating in discussion and debate, and by listening intently. As you may well be aware, the first two days of the new term have been dedicated to our commitment to reflecting on how we learn. During these Learning to Learn days, children have been investigate the necessity for laws in society to keep us safe and applying this knowledge to making and understanding our new class rules. In order for us to fully understand how to create an effective code of conduct we engaged in role play. One of the scenarios we investigated was what happens if laws and rules break down in the city….the results were pretty devastating!

Other activities packed into the two days were portrait painting, quick-fire maths, spellings and practical first aid! Phew..! Please see what we’ve been up to below.



A lawless society!



Children attending to an unresponsive patient….what would you do?



In dramatic full flow!