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Coral Class Weekly News


Friday 22nd May 2024

We had lots of fun at our first Leigh North Street Sports Day! Thank you for all your support! Enjoy a happy half term


Friday 10th May 2024


This week we have been enjoying the sunny weather and continuing our learning outside. The children enjoyed constructing their own number lines, even Anna and Elsa had a turn! We've been investigating numbers up to 20 and finding lots of different ways to represent them! 




Friday 3rd May 2024


This week the children have been enjoying counting backwards by subtracting amounts with a partner on a small number track.  We also played on a huge number track as a class.  We discussed pushes and pulls too, following on from floating and sinking last week.  Then the sun came out so we opened up the sandpit and practised pushes and pulls with the toys.  See you next week (on Tuesday).




Friday 26th April 2024


Coral class have had great fun investigating items that float or sink. They made predictions and thought about why particular objects might float. In our Jigsaw lesson the children discussed what qualities make a good friend. 




Friday 19th April 2024


Coral class thought about the meaning of our ASPIRE words, respect and enjoyment, on our 'learning to learn' day. They followed this by completing activities based on the story of 'Tiddler' by Julia Donaldson. They have been busy writing sentences about fishes and have created colourful, collage sea creatures for an under the sea display.  




Friday 22nd March 2024


This week it has definitely felt more like Spring! We enjoyed our trip to the beach and sketching in the Library Gardens. We've also been thinking about 'The Three Little Pigs' and different types of homes around the world. In Maths we have been creating repeating patterns. 




Friday 15th March 2024


We had lots of fun in Coral Class on World Book Day! 





Friday 8th March 2024


This half term our topic is Fairy Tales. We have shared the stories of 'Goldilocks' and 'Little Red Riding Hood' and painted lots of the characters. We wrote sorry letters to the Three Bears and wrote lists of healthy snacks that Little Red could take to Grandma. Next week we are looking forward to learning about 'The Gingerbread Man'.




Friday 1st March 2024


Although it was before half term we thought you might like to see the second half of our Chinese New Year celebrations. We enjoyed creating some Chinese music, dragon dancing with all our friends, tasting some Chinese food and we even tried painting some Chinese symbols. 




Friday 9th February 2024


We have started to learn about the Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated. The children have listened to the Zodiac Story and enjoyed putting the animals from the story in the correct order. They have been busy creating a 3D dragon head for our festive dragon dance. In maths, we have been exploring ordinal numbers and using words such as shorter and longer to compare the length of objects. As part of children mental health week, we have been talking about ways to look after our mental health and wellbeing. We have particularly enjoyed practicing strategies such as dragon breathing, doodling, counting and rainbow grounding techniques to help regulate our emotions.





Friday 2nd February 2024


This week in Coral class we have been answering some historical enquiry questions. What is a crown and who wears one? What is a coronation? What landmarks might we see in London? The children have really enjoyed learning about King Charles and even wrote about what they would do if they were King or Queen for the day!




Friday 26th January 2024


Following on from Arendelle and Olaf (you'll be pleased to know he got home safely by the way!) this week has been all about ice. We have had great fun investigating the ice, carrying out an ice experiment and even making our own ice lollies! As part of our Design Technology this term we have also made some bird feeders and written our own labels to show what we used to make them. 




Friday 19th January 2024


This week we have continued with our maps and our directions for Olaf. We created some 'cold colour' collages and have had fun recreating Arendelle  castle in our home corner. Plenty of hot chocolates and soup being served by Elsa and lots of letters written to Olaf! In Maths we found lots of different ways of making 8!




Friday 12th January 2024


We have had an exciting start to the term as last Friday we went on a Winter walk around the school and found a letter from Olaf! He told us that he is lost in Leigh-on-Sea and he needs our help to get him back to Arendelle. So this week we have made some maps and written some directions to help him get home. 




Friday 15th December 2023


The children were fantastic in their Christmas Concert on Monday! What a great way to finish their first term at school. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Love from the Coral Team xxx 

P.S Don't forget swimming kits on the first day back!




Friday 8th December 2023


Christmas has well and truly landed in Coral Class this week! Father Christmas and his elves have been busy working away in their workshop, writing lists and delivering presents. We have shared the Nativity Story and chosen our favourite part to write about. In Maths we have been learning about number bonds to 5. 




Friday 1st December 2023


Thank you for coming to the class this week to taste some delicious soup.  Most children gave it ten out of ten for flavour and finished their bowl of vegetable soup.  A few said six out of ten, so we will work on our recipe for next year!  The children really enjoyed being independent (with very close supervision from us) by using the tools to peel and chop the vegetable they chose.  It was a lovely way to complete our topic about all things vegetable.  Now it is on to all things ... Christmas!





Friday 24th November 2023


We thought you might like to see our Children in Need photos from last Friday! All the children looked fantastic in their colourful onesies and pyjamas. We completed our 'Bearpees' in the hall and even had time for some 'bedtime' stories featuring lots of our favourite bears. Have a great weekend. Don't forget soup tasting on Wednesday!




Friday 17th November 2023


This week we have enjoyed learning about how Hindus celebrate Diwali and created our own Rangoli and Mehndi Hand patterns. In Maths we went on a shape hunt finding lots of 2D shapes in our school environment. Thank you for your contributions to Children in Need we loved sharing lots of bear stories and taking part in the 'Bearpee' challenge!




Friday 10th November 2023


This week we have enjoyed learning about The Gunpowder Plot. We retold the story of Guy Fawkes and made our own collaborative firework art. In Maths we investigated the properties of 3D shapes. We found out which shapes we could roll, which we could stack and made some fantastic towers. On Friday we took time to think about Remembrance Day.




Friday 3rd November 2023


Wow that was a busy week! We were so lucky with the weather on Tuesday and enjoyed a fantastic Autumn Walk to Leigh Library Gardens. Thank you to everyone who gave up their time to help us - we couldn't do it without you! We are so proud of all the children this week for completing their first school trip and their first school swimming lesson with enthusiasm and enjoyment.





Friday 20th October 2023


Autumn has arrived in Coral class this week! We have learnt all about hedgehogs and created some lovely Autumnal collages. We even added some adjectives to describe our hedgehogs. Some of the children helped Mr Harrison sweep up some of the Autumn leaves in the garden and made some lovely transient art. A big thank you for your Harvest donations. Enjoy a happy half term!





Friday 13th October 2023


This week we have been on a walk around the school. We planned our route on an aerial view of the school and then made a 3D map of what we had seen. We visited lots of important places and met lots of people that help us in school. It was good to see the swimming pool before we start our lessons after half term. In Maths we laid out a tea party for five and made playdough cakes to match the birthday cards. In phonics this week we have looked at 'ck' 'e' 'u' and 'r'.




Friday 6th October 2023


This week we have been learning about what makes us special. We have painted our self portraits and talked about what makes us unique. In Science we labelled the different parts of our body and talked about our five senses. Our phonics this week are g, o, c and k. It has been great to see lots of children on the ASPIRE chart this week.




Friday 29th September 2023


We've had lots of fun during our first full week at school! We have shared the story of 'Elmer', talked about how we are all unique and painted our own Elmers. We have been making the most of the nice weather and enjoyed lots of activities outside. We have been learning the sounds i,n,m,d and went on a sound hunt around the classroom. 




Friday 22nd September 2023


This week Coral Class stayed for lunch.  They did so well as they quickly learned the routines we taught them.  They also explored different areas to play in and new toys, and importantly started to forge new friendships in school.




Friday 15th September 2023


This week Coral class have enjoyed meeting their teachers, making new friends and exploring their new environment. We are looking forward to them being a whole class next week and staying for lunch! Don't forget the menu is on the website and up in our window if you need to have a look. Enjoy your weekend!