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Welcome to our Coral Class page.


Coral Class Weekly News



Monday 16th September 2019 – Friday 20th September 2019


What a fantastic start to the term!

Coral Class have had lots of fun exploring the school and getting to know each other. We have been impressed by the children’s eagerness to come into class every morning and how they have quickly started to grasp the rules and routine. Well done Coral Class!

We’re looking forward to the children staying for lunch next week.

Have a good weekend.





Monday 15th July 2019 – Friday 19th July 2019



On Monday we very much enjoyed visiting Miss Callis again in preparation for year one. In literacy we have worked very hard to complete a final piece of writing for our new teacher to see, ‘all about ourselves’. We thought carefully about our writing and tried hard to remember to include digraphs, finger spaces and spell ‘tricky’ words’ correctly. During this beautiful weather we have been building dens, creating challenging obstacle courses and measuring with water play. We can hardly believe we only have a few more days left in Coral class and just how quickly this year has gone! A polite reminder to ensure you child comes to school with a water bottle and a sun hat please.

Have a lovely weekend.

 The Coral team











Monday 8th July 2019 – Friday 12th July 2019


On Monday this week we had the opportunity to spend some time in our Year One class. The children behaved beautifully and were full of enthusiasm when they came back. It was fantastic to see so many parents and visitors attend the Open Evening on Tuesday and thank you for all your kind comments. We hope you enjoyed seeing the children’s work and the progress they have made. On Wednesday the children particularly enjoyed our whole school picnic lunch. In maths this week we have been practising how to compare and measure weight. We used balance scales to predict and compare the weight of mini beast models. On Thursday we decided to put our weighing skills to the test and make Gruffalo cupcakes! Using a set of scales we carefully weighed the ingredients, then baked and decorated our Gruffalo cupcakes.

Have a wonderful weekend.

The Coral team











Monday 1st July 2019 – Friday 5th July 2019


What a fantastic week we have had! On Monday we went on an adventure to the Gruffalo trail. The weather was simply perfect and the children behaved beautifully. Our ranger took us on an adventure, searching for all the characters in the Gruffalo story. Throughout the day we discovered some interesting facts about owls and squirrels. We created an owl using twigs, pines cones and leaves. The children also made a house for the Gruffalo to live in. We would like to thank our parent helpers once again for your continued support.

The children have been very creative this week and made some Gruffalo pictures using collage. In literacy we have started to write a recount of our trip and will continue this next week.

We hope you have a fantastic weekend.

Coral class team.















Monday 24th June 2019 – Friday 28th June 2019


Another fantastic week in Coral class! This week our caterpillars have climbed to the top of the cup and harden into chrysalides. We have now moved them to the butterfly net and look forward to watching them emerge as butterflies. In maths the children have been learning how to measure a range of objects using standard and non-standard units. For our ‘Changing me’ PSED topic, we have talked about how we have changed since being a baby. In preparation for our school trip on Monday, we have read ‘The Gruffalo story’ and talked about the different characters.

Have a wonderful weekend.

The Coral Team












Monday 17th June 2019 – Thursday 20th June 2019


On Monday we had a very special delivery to Coral Class! We opened up the box and inside it were two pots of tiny caterpillars! We are taking great care of them; they are eating a lot and getting much bigger already! On Tuesday we watched a video about the life cycle of a caterpillar and now looking forward to seeing how they change.

In literacy this week we have enjoyed listening to and retelling the story of
‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and been busy writing imaginary minibeast stories.
We have continued practising how to spell our tricky words and using them in sentences.

During free flow some of the children created wonderful 3d minibeasts using a selection of coloured paper, stickers and cardboard tubes.

In maths this week we have been learning how to measure length. We measured a range of objects in our classroom using multilink, rulers and tape measures and then recorded the results.

We hope you enjoyed our sports day last week and would like to thank you again for your continued support.

Have a lovely weekend

The Coral Team










Monday 10th June 2019 – Friday 14th June 2019


This week we have been searching for minibeasts in our beautiful school garden. The children saw bees on the lavender, worms, ants, butterflies and earwigs. We have been very busy painting minibeast pictures and collages. Our class have enjoyed researching and writing facts about some unusual minibeasts, such as a rainbow stag beetle. We were amazed to discover that there are around 5000 species of ladybirds!

The children have impressed us again this week with their maths skills, comparing lengths of caterpillars (plastic ones!). We have continued to practise our handwriting skills, spell tricky words and use them in sentences.

In ICT our class have been learning how to programme a bee-bot to make it move in a particular direction or destination.

The children have really enjoyed our gymnastics session and Sports Day was a great success!

Have a wonderful weekend.

The Coral class team










Monday 3rd June 2019 – Friday 7th June 2019



This week we have started our new minibeasts topic. The children have particularly enjoyed sharing the holiday homework with the rest of the class. In literacy this week, we have read ‘Spinderella’ by Julia Donaldson, and also shared a non-fiction book about minibeasts. We compared and talked about the differences between fiction and non-fiction.

In maths this week we had a class vote to find out the most popular minibeast. We explored different ways to record the data and created a simple bar chart. The children looked at the data and concluded a spider was the most popular choice in our class.

We have explored our garden area and searched for a variety of minibeasts. On Tuesday we had a very creative afternoon modelling and painting some amazing minibeasts! The children very much enjoyed a minibeast drama activity using Now Press Play.

On Friday we were lucky enough to have another visit from the travelling theatre company to watch Pinocchio!


We hope you have a fantastic weekend.

Coral class team.










Monday 20th May 2019 – Friday 24th May 2019



Another busy week in Coral class and reached the end of another half term! On Tuesday this week our class enjoyed a visit to the Book Fair in the outdoor classroom. The children have been very kind and making our pre-school visitors feel welcome, showing them how we explore and investigate during ‘free-flow’. We have continued to add, subtract, count and share in our maths work. In ICT we created our own stories using a story making programme. On Thursday we used our ‘Now Press Play’ headphones and acted out an underwater adventure in the hall. On Friday we enjoyed sharing stories with our year 6 Reading Buddies.

The children have some minibeast themed home learning challenges which you may wish to help them with. We look forward to sharing any creations, photographs or investigations the children produce.  After the half term we will continue to read Julia Donaldson books, in particular those with a minibeast theme.

We hope you have a fantastic half-term break.

 The Coral Team









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Monday 13th May 2019 – Friday 17th May 2019



This week we have had some very special news to share. Mrs Sutcliffe has had a beautiful baby boy. He is called Henry Alexander and absolutely gorgeous. Mrs Sutcliffe would like to thank you all again for the wonderful gifts and she hopes to bring Henry in soon.

In maths this week we have been learning how to divide and share items between 2, 3 and 5 plates. We recorded this using numicon and then wrote a number sentence. In literacy we have continued to find words that rhyme and had a go at writing an ‘under the sea’ poem. We have also been checking how many ‘tricky’ words and digraphs we can remember.

The weather has been so beautiful this week and on Wednesday the children enjoyed eating a ‘grab a bag’ lunch in the sunshine.

We thoroughly enjoyed our beach trip on Thursday. We played team relay games, a memory game and created beach art from natural materials. The children were very sensible and understood the importance of staying safe near roads and on the beach. Many thanks again to our wonderful parents that helped.

Have a fantastic weekend.

The Coral Team












Monday 6th May 2019 – Friday 10th May 2019


This week we have enjoyed listening to ‘Sharing a Shell’ by
Julia Donaldson and discussed how we can help someone if they are lonely. We have finished our ‘under the sea’ writing and worked hard to use finger spaces, digraphs and tricky words.  
In maths this week we have focused on subtraction and solved simple word problems. The children have also been learning how to share and half small amounts. For our ‘Real PE’ session we have developed our ball skills discovering how to bounce and control a ball.  

Our class have selected two new Friendship Ambassadors for
the summer term. They have been model pupils helping to demonstrate how to be a good friend.

Coral class will be going to the beach on Thursday morning next week. Please see letters provided for further details.

We hope you have a fantastic weekend.

Coral class team.











Monday 29th April 2019 – Friday 3rd May 2019


What a fantastic week we have had! On Monday our school celebrated the launch of our new online times table challenge ‘TT Rock Stars’. We dressed up as rock stars and during free flow practised singing and playing instruments on a stage.

For our new ‘under the sea’ topic we have read ‘Tiddler’ by Julia Donaldson and created colourful collage jellyfish. Some of us have started writing imaginative ‘magic shell’ stories. In phonics we have been learning about the split digraphs, ‘o-e’ (home) and ‘u-e’ (June). In our maths work we have been solving doubling problems, counting in patterns of 2, 5 and 10 and talked about estimating.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the bank holiday.

Coral class team.










Monday 22nd April 2019 – Friday 26th April 2019


On Tuesday this week we thoroughly enjoyed our ‘Learning to Learn’ day. We talked about our school ASPIRE values and focused on the word ‘Respect’. The children have thought carefully about treating others as they would like to be treated. We had great fun playing musical instruments to the song ‘Respect’ by Aretha Franklin. During free flow we have shared the balance bikes using egg timers and enjoyed taking turns serving ‘coffees’ and ‘ice-creams’ in our play cafe. On Tuesday we had a special visit from a poet, listened to some poems and discovered that some words rhyme. In phonics we have been learning about split digraphs a-e (cake) and i-e (bike) and thought about rhyming words that contain these sounds. In maths this week we have been practising doubling numbers and writing addition and subtraction number sentences.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Coral class team.












Monday 1st April 2019 – Friday 5th April 2019


The time has flown by and reached the end of another fantastic term. Our team would like to thank you all for attending our Mother’s Day celebration on Monday. The children very much enjoyed sharing their song, poem and work with you. We are really proud of what the children have achieved so far and how independent they are becoming.

We were lucky enough to have an extra ASSA sports session on Monday and played a challenging instruction game. We have been very busy this week creating beautiful Easter cards and cakes that we’re sure you will enjoy! We are very much looking forward doing sporty challenges with our Year 6 Blue class on Friday as well as wearing our Easter hats! 

We have sent home some holiday home-learning challenges linked to our next theme ‘being at the seaside’. We look forward to seeing their work after the holiday.

We hope you have a wonderful Easter holiday!

The Coral Team










Monday 25th March 2019 – Friday 29th March 2019


This week we have created pictures of our special mums in ICT. In literacy the children have written simple sentences to describe their special mums. The children are working very hard and remembering to use finger spaces, digraphs and tricky words in writing. In maths we created a tally chart showing what we thought would be the most popular Mother’s day gift. We have also been counting in 2s and revising our 2d shapes making ‘shape’ flowers. For our ‘healthy me’ PSED topic, we looked at a selection of food and talked about healthy eating. Our class also discussed the importance of getting plenty of sleep and exercise.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you on Monday at 2.15pm for our Mother’s day celebration and also for the book look after school.

Have a wonderful Mother’s day weekend,

The Coral Team











Monday 18th March 2019 – Friday 22nd March 2019



This week we thoroughly enjoyed our train trip to Southend Library at the Forum. Before we left we talked about keeping everybody safe at the train station. We were so impressed with how sensible the children were, listening carefully to instructions. Once we arrived at the library we were given time to look at books in the children’s section. The librarian then read us two stories. We ate our lunch and had just enough time for some counting activities. On Wednesday morning we set up a ‘train’ using crates; we even had a ticket office! This week we have also been working very hard on our maths targets and securing our number skills.

We would like to thank our fantastic volunteers again for helping us on our train trip.

Have a lovely weekend

The Coral Team









Monday 11th March 2019 – Friday 15th March 2019


We’ve had another action packed, exciting week in Coral class. Our class continued with our traditional tales theme and began reading ‘The Gingerbread Man’. On Monday we used a new interactive resource called ‘Now Press Play. We all wore headphones and acted out the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’ by following prompts relayed to us. This week in maths we have been working hard on number recognition, solving addition and subtraction word problems and doubling. Despite the rather stormy weather, we had a fantastic morning on Wednesday; the children loved trying out our new balance bikes during free flow. On Thursday we measured, mixed, rolled and decorated gingerbread men. We thoroughly enjoyed seeing the array of outfits today for ‘Red Nose Day’. The children looked absolutely fantastic and we would like to thank you for your continued support. Have a wonderful weekend.

The Coral Class Team.












Monday 4th March 2019 – Friday 8th March 2019


This week in Coral Class we have continued to focus on traditional tales and have been reading the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. We have listened to the story, discussed the characters and retold the story using puppets. We also wrote captions to go with a character from the story, made shopping lists and wrote recounts.

Earlier in the week we had a visit from a theatre company who gave us a wonderful and exciting performance. They retold and acted out the stories of ‘Rapunzel’ and ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. All the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

We also celebrated ‘Shrove Tuesday’ and had lots of yummy pancakes with lemon, raisons and honey. It is a no brainer that this was the children’s favourite snack this week!

In maths we practised counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and then back again. We also worked on identifying missing numbers up to 20 and then had a go at solving addition and subtraction word problems linked to our traditional tales theme.

On Friday we celebrated World Book Day! We really enjoyed dressing up and had so much fun discussing our book characters. We wanted to say all the children looked fantastic in their costumes so thank you to everyone who got involved. In the afternoon we had a chance to join our Reading Buddies in year 6. We enjoyed sharing our books with the older children and discussed the characters we dressed up as.

As a side note I wanted to say a huge thank you to all of the children and parents for my beautiful farewell and send off! I am very grateful to everyone for the lovely cards, gifts, hugs and kind words you have bestowed upon me. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know and teach your children this past year. I will miss your children very much and look forward to popping in at a later date to catch up with them once the baby is born. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and a great rest of the year!

See you soon,

Mrs Sutcliffe














Monday 25th February 2019 – Friday 1st March 2019


This week in coral class we have been learning about traditional tales and have been reading the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. We have enjoyed retelling the story using puppets and prompts, have acted out the story in small groups, made porridge together for our class snack, painted pictures of goldilocks and the three bears and finally wrote apology letters to the three bears on behalf of Goldilocks.

On Friday we enjoyed learning about St David’s Day. We learnt why it is an important day, the importance of daffodils and leeks, looked at the Welsh flag and listened to the Welsh national anthem. We had the opportunity to join in with starfish class earlier in the morning to watch a few children dress up in traditional welsh outfits as well as learnt a few words and sayings in Welsh.

Thank you to our parents and carers that joined us in parent consultations this week.  We have enjoyed discussing with you the wonderful and exciting things your children get up to in class as well as how hard they have been working.

Well done to everyone who achieved a bronze, silver or gold regular reading award for last term.

Have a great weekend!

The Coral Class Team












Monday 11th February 2019 – Friday 15th February 2019


This week in Coral Class we have had our last ASSA lesson. The children have thoroughly enjoyed their time with the ASSA coaches over the past few weeks and have learnt a range of ways to move, stretch and balance. These lessons have not only helped us learn about keeping healthy but have helped us to improve our gross motor skills.

We continued our Chinese theme this week. The children have made dragons using a range of different materials. They have also had many opportunities to create and write stories about their dragons. These stories are currently displayed all around our classroom.

Later this week the children helped make vegetable spring rolls. We discussed as a class what we would like to include in our spring rolls, weighed and measured the different amount of ingredients, mixed everything together and layered the ingredients into our pastry. The children really enjoyed this activity and loved having it as their snack.

Wishing you all a safe and restful half term break.

See you back on Monday 25th February.

The Coral Team















Monday 4th February - Friday 8th February 2019


Happy Chinese New Year!

We wanted to say a big thank you to those who sent in items at the beginning of the week that linked to our topic. The children loved viewing and discussing the special things that were brought in on Monday.  The memorabilia has been proudly displayed at the front of the classroom.

This week we have been learning about how people in China celebrate the New Year. We have read and discussed stories regarding the New Year, looked at a variety of Chinese food, enjoyed dragon dancing, learnt how to say ‘hello’ and ‘happy new year’ in Chinese, listened to Chinese music and set up a Chinese restaurant.

In literacy we continued to look at lists and menus. After looking at different Chinese food we then came up with loads of ingredients to list in our very own special fried rice recipe. The children enjoyed discussing and writing about what special ingredients they would add into their ‘special’ dish. In Maths we practiced counting to 10 in Chinese, learnt about ordinal numbers, and have practiced counting in 2’s and 10’s.

Thank you to all of our parent helpers who joined us for swimming this week.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!













Monday 28th January - Friday 1st February 2019


This week was our final week working on our Winter theme.

On Monday we looked at different types of recipes and then had a go as a class at writing our own fruit ice lolly recipe. We came up with loads of different ingredients and ideas on what we could put into our ice lollies. The children had a blast designing their own ice lollies and had a go at independently writing a list of their ingredients. The next day the children decided on apples and strawberries as our fruit selection. The children selected whether they would like apple, strawberry or apple and strawberries in their lollies. We then made a tally chart to show our end results.

In ASSA this week the children were challenged to try different ways of moving around. They played a game where a large group of children had to pretend they were crabs and had to move like crabs across the floor. After they got used to this movement they then had to continue to move like crabs all while trying to dodge rolling ‘rocks’ (soft balls) that came their way. The children loved this activity and were all able to successful move about using different techniques.

Towards the end of the week the children enjoyed making ‘abstract’ pictures using the paint sticks, had a go at writing simple sentences and have been counting, ordering, adding and subtracting numbers in Maths.

Next week we begin our new theme of Chinese New Year. If you have any Chinese related items the children may want to bring in to show us that would wonderful. 

Have a good weekend.

The Coral Team














Monday 21st January – Friday 25th January 2019


What a fantastic week we have had in Coral Class!

We have fully embraced the cold front we are currently experiencing! It certainly adds another dimension to our current Winter topic. The children loved coming in on Wednesday morning, excitedly sharing their stories of the snowfall they had experienced the previous night. On Thursday; we dropped everything to go out to explore, play and dance around in the snow flurry.

We continued to learn about different types of Arctic and Antarctic animals such as penguins and polar bears. The children enjoyed writing facts about these animals.

In Maths we practised ordering numbers from smallest to greatest, number recognition and 3D shapes. We carried out a ‘Snow Dough’ experiment in which the children could practise their measuring skills by measuring and pouring out ingredients.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

The Coral Team






Monday 14th January – Friday 18th January 2019


In Coral class this week we have had a wonderful time exploring ice and mixing paints to create cold colours. On Monday morning we changed in to our PE kits for our ASSA session. During this session we followed instructions to move in a variety of ways, changing direction and pace.
In literacy we have used our phonics knowledge to write key facts about penguins. During ICT this week we have developed our mouse control and created some fantastic penguin pictures. Our class used critical thinking skills to explore what happens to ice in different conditions. Our class made a prediction of what we thought would happen to the ice. We also described what ice looks and feels like; how it can be used and the countries where it can be found. We thoroughly enjoyed our Winter walk on Wednesday and would like to thank our parents helpers once again for your support.  In numeracy this week we have used Numicon to explore how many different ways we can make a small number. We have also been learning how to take away using counting equipment, number lines and counting back. Now that the weather is turning colder please ensure your child has appropriate outdoor clothing.


Have a lovely weekend.


The Coral team














Monday 7th January – Friday 11th January 2019


Happy New Year!

What an eventful filled first week back we have had in Coral Class!

We began the new term with two ‘Learning to Learn’ days. We talked about two words from ASPIRE; ‘Independence’ and ‘Perseverance’, and how these skills can help us learn. We also had the opportunity to look back through our Learning Journeys and thought about what we were proud of learning to do. The children then set themselves a target of something they wanted to get better at this term. We had all sorts of ideas from improving at reading, writing, numeracy, getting better at swimming, learning to use the scissors properly as well as learning to be more creative!

We have started working with the ASSA sports coaches in our P.E. session and enjoyed playing games and following instructions in the hall. Swimming also started on Thursday. We were impressed by the children’s confidence getting into the pool and their independence when changing in and out of their kit. Thank you to the parent helpers who joined us at the pool. Your help is invaluable.

We have introduced our new theme of Winter and ‘Frozen’ by exploring ice in class and during free-flow. The children had great fun predicting what was frozen in the ice and how long it would take to melt. The children also enjoyed making igloos and ice palaces out of different 2D and 3D shapes. The children will be bringing home an ice-related home-learning activity this weekend – look out for it in their book-bags. We will also be going on a winter walk next Wednesday to continue our wintery theme.

Well done to everyone for achieving a bronze, silver or gold ‘Regular Reader’ certificate for reading so much at home last term.

Have a great weekend.

The Coral Team















Monday 10th December – Friday 14th December 2018



Coral Class Weekly News

Christmas is well on its way here in Coral Class. Earlier this week we enjoyed a Christmas lunch together where we shared funny jokes, pulled Christmas crackers and wore party hats. There was lots of smiles and laughter shared by all.

On Wednesday we all enjoyed a ‘grab a bag’ lunch in our classroom. Wednesday afternoon we had our first Christmas Nativity performance. I am sure you all will agree with me in saying the children did a wonderful job and sang beautifully. We then had our second Nativity performance on Thursday morning and again the children did a superb job! We are so proud of all our children for their hard work leading up to our nativity, for behaving beautifully during the performances and for knowing all the words and actions to the songs. Thank you to everyone who attended the performances and for those who donated to Havens Hospice; we really appreciate your support!

 On Friday we celebrated ‘Christmas Jumper Day’ in support of Save the Children. We wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who donated! We were also very lucky to have a visit from AJ the Entertainer! The children enjoyed watching the magic, joined in with singing and dancing while being sprayed with ‘snow’ (foam).

The Christmas magic is very much alive in our classroom and the children continue to love coming in everyday to see what Rainbow the elf gets up to! Through their excitement they continue to write to Father Christmas explaining to him the adventures his elf gets up to. Rainbow has had an eventful week here in Coral class. He started the week by greeting the children as they came in, sat on the screen and joined in on some of our lessons, was taped to the wall by the dinosaurs (they wouldn’t let him go until he sang a Christmas carol), built a snowman out of toilet roll and made a Christmas jumper for ‘Christmas Jumper Day’. 

We are looking forward to more Christmas fun next week at our Christmas party on Tuesday. This is a non-uniform day. Donations of party food (nut free) would be very welcome.

The Coral Team















Monday 3rd December – Friday 7th December 2018


This week has been filled with lots of fun, laughter, glitter, glue and all things Christmas. We thoroughly enjoyed Christmas decorations morning on Monday and wanted to say a huge thank you to all of our parents, grandparents and carers who attended! The children had so much fun working with you all and created some beautiful decorations. Our classroom sure does look very festive!

On Tuesday afternoon we had a successful rehearsal of our Nativity and are excited for our performances next week. On Wednesday we had a very special visitor from the North Pole. Father Christmas sent us an elf to help out in the classroom and to keep an eye on what we get up to. The children got together to brainstorm names for our elf and after a class vote we decided to call him “Rainbow”. Rainbow has created a wonderful buzz within the classroom and has even promoted a new love for letter writing amongst the children. They really love writing to Father Christmas to tell him what cheeky things Rainbow gets up to.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

The Coral Class Team













Monday 26th November – Friday 30th November 2018


This week Christmas began in earnest and we have been busy practising our Christmas songs and rehearsing for our Christmas concert. We have enjoyed listening to the nativity story and retelling the story.

We continued writing shared stories and practised using our phonics knowledge to write simple words. During handwriting sessions we have been practising our long ladder letters (i, l, t).

We have also been hard at work creating a Christmas Grotto in our classroom. The children worked well together as a team to build and construct a fireplace out of cardboard as well as back drop for the fireplace. They used a variety of different materials to get the fireplace to look as realistic as possible.

We are looking forward to seeing you on Monday (9:15-10:30) for our Christmas decorations morning.

Have a good weekend!

The Coral Team












Monday 19th November -Friday 23rd November 2018


As the weather has been rather chilly this week, the children have been practising zipping up their coats and had hot chocolate to keep warm! We have set up a fruit and vegetable stall in our class! The children have used their phonics knowledge to write shopping lists. They have also developed their communication skills by taking on the role of being greengrocers and customers. Using our numeracy skills, the children ‘bought’ two items from the stall and found a total. We have been working so hard on phonics and practising the digraphs: oa (boat) and ie (pie) and ai (snail). Please keep reading and practising the word sheets as much as possible. Don’t forget you can continue to support your child at home, just search for ‘Jolly phonics songs’ on the internet. Please also take a look at ‘EYFS tricky words songs’. Thank you for your continued support and have a lovely weekend.










Monday 12th November- Friday 16th November 2018


We have had another lovely week in Coral Class!

Earlier this week we visited the traveling Book Fair and enjoyed sharing books with our friends in the outdoor classroom.

On Wednesday we enjoyed learning about positional language and the children had a chance to work with each other to go over and demonstrate positional language using puppets. On Wednesday afternoon the children enjoyed an interactive music lesson where they used musical instruments to sing along and clap to the beat to songs such as ‘Our House’ by Madness and the ‘5 Little Ducks’.

On Thursday we prepared for Children in Need day by having a lesson that celebrated differences amongst other people. The class got together and thought about what made a good friend and some of the characteristics that we looked for in a friend such as: being kind, helpful, generous, patient, caring, loving and respectful to others. We used our class PSHE character ‘Jigsaw Jenny’ to help us understand this lesson of differences. The children then spent time decorating and writing get well soon cards for ‘Jigsaw Jenny’.

On Friday we enjoyed wearing our pyjamas in support of Children in Need. The children looked fantastic! As a special treat the children created and decorated biscuits. In the afternoon some of the children who brought in extra donations had a chance to go to the Bring and Buy Sale.

A huge thank you to everyone for your generous donations in support of Children in Need.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

The Coral Class Team





Monday 5th November 2018 – Friday 9th November 2018


We had a very exciting week filled with lots of adventure and fun.

On Thursday we enjoyed our beach trip to Bell Wharf.  We were really lucky to have such beautiful weather on the day of our trip and even were greeted by a flock of migrating birds while down at the beach. We loved observing them while carrying out our activities. Some of the activities involved repeating patterns, number recognition, shape recognition, writing ‘curly caterpillar’ letters and name writing in the sand. The children had a fantastic time and were really well behaved. We wanted to say a big thank you to all of the parents who were able to volunteer their time to help us out on our trip; we really appreciate your support!

On Friday we enjoyed a visit from an artist who works with the Royal Opera House Arts Mark scheme. We had a very special letter that arrived from a student named Billy and in this letter he invited the class to create a firework display. The artist helped us create and decorate large firework pictures. The children really enjoyed creating firework artwork and were excited about their imaginary firework party.

On Friday we also joined the rest of the school on the playground for a one minute silence to mark Remembrance Day.

We have been learning the digraphs sh, ch and th this week. The children are really keen to explain what a digraph is…so you might like to ask them over the weekend. ‘Regular Reading’ certificates for last term were also given out on Friday. Well done to everyone who achieved a Bronze, Silver or Gold!















Monday 29th October 2018 – Friday 2nd November 2018


Yet another fantastic week in Coral Class! The children have been on a space adventure during our Real PE session and learnt how to travel in different ways. We created a fabulous rocket using cardboard boxes and counted down from 20. The children have also constructed rockets using 2d magnet shapes and used torches to create a light inside. This week we have focused on our numeracy targets; some of the children created a ‘number’ rocket, ordering numbers 1-10 independently. The children have been working so hard on phonics and we are very proud of the progress that they have made.

Our class really enjoyed looking at all the wonderful half term homework. We have talked about keeping safe at our bonfire parties. Please keep reading and practicing your words as much as possible. We are very much looking forward to our beach trip next week and would be grateful for any more helpers.


Thank you for your continued support and have a lovely weekend.













Monday 15th October 2018 – Friday 19th October 2018


What an eventful week filled with lots of fun. Some of the many things we got up to this week include: den building, designing and making images out of 2D shapes, going on a shape hunt adventure walk, brick building, decorating hedgehogs and writing about them as well as designing and building pens for zoo animals.

In ICT this week the children worked hard on designing and drawing autumn trees. The children are becoming more familiar with how to use the computer and the mouse. The designs came out beautifully and we are really proud of all their efforts.

The children absolutely loved our shape adventure walk on Thursday. We walked around the school investigating and detecting different 2D shapes. Their favourite part of the shape hunt was when we visited the outdoor learning classroom. We had a lovely discussion about shapes and the properties of 2D shapes while sitting around the fire pit. 

We are really impressed with how well the children are doing in Phonics and can see a dramatic improvement in the majority of the class since the beginning of the year. The children love the Jolly Phonics programme we follow and are enjoying practicing their actions to the songs. They also refer back to these actions when writing in class. Please continue to read with your children as much as you can. Your support is invaluable!

The children have some holiday homework challenges and we look forward to seeing what they create!

Have a great half term and we will see you on Tuesday 30th of October.

The Coral Class team





Monday 8th October 2018 – Friday 12th October 2018


What a lovely week in Coral Class!

This week we have enjoyed exploring our autumn interest table and have been looking at the unusual ‘finds’ the children have been bringing in. We have used these items in our maths and phonics lessons this week. The children loved it when we laminated some of their leaves to use as a counting resource in maths. We have also created a beautiful 3D autumn board display filled with the lovely items and unusual ‘finds’ that the children brought in.

The children have been hard at work practicing on their fine motor skills and pencil skills by writing their names as well as writing some more shared stories. They also practiced on their scissor skills by cutting around different autumn images and enjoyed playing with the play dough creating different images, structures and shapes.

This week we have been thinking about sharing and being kind to others. We read a book called ‘Hands are not for hitting’ and thought about all the wonderful and kind things we use our hands for. We then created a kind hands, kind feet and kind words poster filled with all of our hand prints.

We attended the Harvest assembly earlier this week and it was lovely to see all the donations of food which will be going to the HARP charity. Thank you for your generosity.

We hope you have a beautiful weekend. See you next week!

The Coral Class Team





Monday 1st October 2018 – Friday 5th October 2018


This week the children have been hard at work learning lots of different things.

In phonics the children have been going over some of the Jolly Phonic songs, learning new sounds, blending sounds together to make words and have used their phonic knowledge to help them write ‘shared’ stories. We are so proud of all the children for their hard work and efforts in writing their ‘shared’ stories. We have had a huge variety of themes, plots and characters ranging from princesses, animals, dinosaurs and robots!  They have loved reading and acting out their completed stories in front of the class at the end of the day.

On top of all that the children have worked hard in Maths and have been using the Numicon to help them count and add numbers together. The children enjoyed making shapes and pictures out of the Numicon.

We also enjoyed our census day lunch this week. The children all behaved beautifully and loved eating their special lunch on Thursday alongside their teachers.

On Friday we joined the rest of the school for our first Celebration Assembly. The children sat beautifully.

We are hoping to set up an Autumn interest table in class next week and would love the children to bring in any interesting autumnal finds (conkers, pine cones, leaves, etc.) they might discover at the weekend.

Have a great weekend and we will see you next week!







Monday 24th September  – Friday 28th September 2018


We have had another eventful week in Coral class. The children have been practising our routines such as changing their sharing books and enjoying snack at our ‘snack table’.  We have all been exploring the different resources and activities available during ‘free-flow’ time. The children have been painting self-portraits this week. We certainly have a talented class when it comes to Art, all of the self- portraits came out beautifully. We have also used a number program on the computers in the ICT suite; the children worked hard on their computer skills and learned how to control the computer mouse. Staying at school for lunch has been a great success and the children have coped really well.

Thank you to all of our parents and carers for your generous donations for the ‘Gold Geese’ charity.

Have a great weekend. See you all next week.

The Coral Class Team









Monday 17th September – Friday 21st September 2018


What a fantastic week we have had in Coral Class.

We have enjoyed getting to know your children throughout the week. We know we will have a supersonic year this year. Thank you to all of our parents for their help in making these transition weeks go smoothly.

This week we have been busy going over the classroom rules, routines and expectations. The children have enjoyed becoming familiar with their classroom and are already making themselves at home.  All the children have worked hard this week and have been beautifully behaved!

Along with learning about our school routines we have enjoyed learning through play. We have all had a chance to play in the Active Zone, Friendship Junction and on the decking. The children enjoyed creating and constructing things out of magnets, dressed up, built a stage, formed a band and put on musical performances for each other and made lovely things in the sandpit.

A reminder that next Monday 24th September the children will be in for a longer session (8:55-1:00). Please could you help your child make their lunch choice by moving their name peg to their choice of lunch for that day (outside of coral classroom, hooked onto the fence panels).

Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Monday.

The Coral Class Team