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Crab Class Weekly News

Friday 13th May 2022


Crab Class have shown just how ‘crabulous’ they are this week. They have worked so hard as we began the KS1 SATs tests and I am so proud of them all. They applied our ASPIRE values throughout the week and showed just how far they have come with their learning. In addition to this, learning continued in our foundation subjects.  We drew pictures representing God in RE and had a closer look at plants in our science lessons. 




Friday 6th May 2022


A short but busy week in Crab Class! In science we continued our unit of work on plants and observed some beans before putting them in sandwich bags with water. We are going to peg these up in front of the window to see if they grow- we had some interesting predictions with justifications. We continued our Little Red Riding Hood stories in English, ensuring we made them exciting for our readers by including lots of description.





Friday 29th April 2022


Planting seeds in science, planning alternative versions of Little Red Riding Hood in English and improving our defending and attacking skills in P.E. It’s been a busy week!




Friday 22nd April 2022


We have had a wonderful week back at school. As part of our immersion for our new topic the children used their DT skills to create rainforest moving pictures. They all applied our ASPIRE values and I was so impressed with their final pieces. In maths we used Lego to help us understand fractions and we have been getting familiar with Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf in our English lessons.




Friday 1st April 2022


The highlight of this week was a visit from Mr Turnidge, a real-life firefighter! We loved learning what it is like to be a firefighter and we now have lots of children who aspire to have this career when they are older.




Friday 25th March 2022


What a fantastic week we have had! A particular highlight was our Great Fire of London day. The children looked brilliant (thank you to the adults for sourcing outfits) so we travelled back in time and enjoyed a Year 2 1666 catwalk show. We created some fire masterpieces in our art session and worked as teams to put a 'fire' out. Photos from the real fire coming soon...




Friday 18th March 2022


In maths we have been learning how to measure, compare and estimate length using millimetres, centimetres and metres. On Thursday we had a brilliant time playing 'Dragon ball'. In PSHE we have been learning to recognise items that are medicines and why they must be stored away safely. 

We hope you have a fantastic weekend,

Miss Scott and Mrs Parker




Friday 11th March 2022


We have had another busy week of learning in Crab Class. We travelled back to 1666 and wrote diary entries about the Great Fire of London, continued our work on tally chart and pictograms in maths and improved our aiming skills in P.E.





Friday 4th March 2022


We had a great time celebrating world book day this week and shared our favourite books. The children all looked fabulous in their outfits and we even enjoyed a book day fashion show!




Friday 25th February 2022


This half term we are learning about the Great Fire of London and have had a wonderful week learning lots of facts about it. In English we took part in some role play activities and imagined what it would be like to have been in London in September 1666. We also learnt that Samuel Pepys buried his cheese and wine to protect it from the flames and discussed what we would take with us if we were fleeing a fire. 




Friday 11th February 2022


We began a new unit in Power Maths this week that focussed on dividing. We practised these skills practically, making sure we shared the cubes equally between each group. In art we created some fabulous southern lights pictures, applying all the skills we’ve learnt during our art lessons over this half term. We also enjoyed performing and writing penguin poems during English lessons. 





Friday 4th February 2022


Learning about food chains in science, climate change in geography and practising our balancing skills in P.E- it's been a busy week in Crab Learning about food chains in science, climate change in geography and practising our balancing skills in P.E- it's been a busy week in Crab Class!





Friday 28th January 2022


This week Crab Class have continued to work hard on their non-chronological reports about penguins and produced some very impressive work. We have also enjoyed completing the TTRockstars challenges in our maths lessons. Well done Crab Class!





Friday 21st January 2022


In R.E. this week the children learnt about the Jewish mezuzah and had a go at creating their own. In art the children learnt about shading and creating shadows using similar colours. It was clear they listened carefully to the instructions as the results were super. Well done Crab Class!




Friday 14th January 2022 


Crab Class enjoyed lots of penguin themed learning this week, including... creating penguin pictures, planning and writing penguin stories as well as learning how penguins are adapted to their environment in science. We will all be penguin experts by the end of the unit!




Friday 7th January 2022


This half term, Year 2 will be exploring the wonders of Antarctica and its inhabitants – particularly penguins. As an introduction to this topic, the children were tasked with working in collaboration to create a model igloo. Drawing upon our ASPIRE values, they all demonstrated brilliant teamwork, as well as plenty of perseverance and creativity.





Friday 10th December 2021


It’s certainly feeling festive in Crab Class... decorations have been made, a mysterious mini elf door has appeared, Christmas dinners were enjoyed and we even had a visit from a very cheeky elf on the playground. 




Friday 26th November 2021


In science this week Crab Class looked at ‘changes in state’ and observed how chocolate melts when you heat added bonus was using it to make edible sparklers and finishing the lesson by eating them! In history and English we have been learning about the work of Florence Nightingale. We carried out some role play and the classroom was turned into Scutari hospital, full of injured soldiers. Luckily Florence Nightingale and her team of nurses were on hand to help! Thank you for a wonderful week of learning Crab Class.




Friday 19th November 2021


We had a rather shocking discovery in Crab Class this week when we found some oversized crayons had created a mess, our real crayon pots had been emptied and a book had been left out for us. Luckily, the children of Crab Class are super detectives and realised that the crayons had decided to abandon us, like they did to Duncan in the story ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’. We learnt about the features of a letter so we could write a letter back to the crayons, asking them to return and promising to show them more respect- one of our ASPIRE values. We also enjoyed looking at all the lovely books at the book fair- I’m sure lots of them will be appearing on Christmas wish lists! 





Friday 12th November 2021


Writing newspaper articles in English about the gunpowder plot, practising our money skills in maths and creating some poppy art in honour of Remembrance Day. It’s been a busy week! Well done to all of Crab class for your hard work this week.





Friday 5th November 2021


It’s been a busy week back in Crab Class. We have been learning about Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot in history and have linked this to our English, where we will be writing newspaper articles about the event. In R.E we have been learning about the Hindu festival of light (Diwali) and used role play to retell the story of Rama and Sita. Well done Crab Class, you have worked so hard this week!




Friday 22nd October 2021


As an introduction to our next topic, and as part of Black History Month, we have been learning about Rosa Parks. We will continue to look at significant historical figures from a range of cultures through the year. We also enjoyed painting some Leigh-on-Sea scenes in art.




Friday 15th October 2021


As part of our reading comprehension lesson, we used our inference skills and a dictionary to find the meaning of unknown words. We have also been learning to use a variety of sentence starters to make our writing more interesting. 






Friday 8th October 2021


We have been looking at a range of poems this week and enjoyed performing “The Toys’ Playtime” poem- complete with actions and wonderful expression. In maths we have been working hard on a unit about fact families and have learnt how addition and subtraction are inverse operations. Here is some of the work we produced in R.E. this week- all about mosques.


Friday 1st October 2021


Time travelling in science to meet and interview Charles Macintosh, story writing in English and a trip around the local area searching for missing signs in pictures. It’s certainly been a busy and exciting week. Well done Crab Class- you have worked really hard and your behaviour out on our walk was exemplary.


Friday 17th September 2021


We have had a brilliant week in Crab Class. We have been enjoying the story ‘The Queen’s Handbag’ in English and even got to meet some of the characters to ask them some questions- there are some great actors in Crab Class! We also did some gardening in our outdoor learning session and were amazed at how many broad beans had grown over the summer in the allotment area. 




Friday 10th September 2021


Wow! What a busy first full week we have had! In English we wrote postcards about our summer holidays, making sure we used correct punctuation. We learnt some punctuation Kung-Fu to help us remember. We started our Power Maths lessons in place value and shared our knowledge on materials in science. Finally, here are our finished Picasso inspired portraits that we started last week.