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Atlantic Class Weekly News

Friday 17th May 2024


Who says that revising your times tables has to be dull? I think that you will agree from the smiles on these faces that times tables revision can actually be good fun if you make it into a game to play with your friends. Atlantic Class know that keeping those tables facts sharp really does help with the trickier bits of maths that we do in year 5.Let's see if we can win that TT Rockstars trophy next week.



Friday 26th April 2024


Here is my class page for this week .Thank you.

In our lifecycles lesson this week, we learned that some plants can reproduce with just one parent plant. We experimented with taking cuttings from some of the plants in our school garden. Let the plant clone wars begin!



Friday 19th April 2024


How lucky we were to enjoy amazing spring sunshine on our trip this week. We loved sketching in the gardens, displaying our sculptures and practising our athletics. We also visited the library and found out about the many brilliant free services it provides. 




Friday 22nd March 2024

This week, we have continued to work on creating our out of this world sculptures. 




Friday 8th March 2024


Watch out when Atlantic are about! We are fleet of foot and and are never still for long. All great qualities in the faced paced game of dodgeball. Catch us if you can!




Friday 1st March 2024


Year 5 have been buzzing about spelling this week. Ivy and Franklin are walking dictionaries in that they really can spell pretty much anything.




Friday 9th February 2024


What a fierce~some bunch of Vikings invaded LNSPS this morning! We had a brilliant time, making shields, learning to read runes, sewing lavender bags and dancing in our imaginary longhouse. 




Friday 2nd February 2024


Atlantic Class have enjoyed a brilliant DT day making mechanical toys containing cams. They are all fantastically individual. Smiles all round and our core value of enjoyment was truly on display.




Friday 26th January 2024


This week, we were treated to a visit from Mr Jones and a host of sixth form pupils from Westcliff High School For Boys. It was brilliant to try out some secondary school style experiments. We carried out flame tests, made microscope slides to look at cheek cells and even tried some chromatography. We definitely have some huddling scientists in Atlantic Class.

Arctic and Pacific Class are in for a treat in the next few weeks. 





Friday 19th January 2024


This week, we have been investigating Viking raids, particularly looking at the attack on Lindisfarne in 793A.D. We have developed our research skills using non~fiction books and internet searches. We have presented our findings in a variety of different ways.






Friday 12th January 2024


Atlantic Class are developing our dance skills this half term. We are busy creating a piece called, “Dance by chance”. We have been thinking about dynamics and levels as we create our shapes. Mrs Mansell has been very impressed by how individual all our compositions have been.




Friday 5th January 2024


Oh what fun we had using our scientific knowledge to create model eruptions!





Friday 15th December 2023


Christmas has landed in Atlantic Class!

The classroom has been decorated with care and the sound of carols being practised fills the air. We can’t wait to share our hard work with you in the church on Tuesday 19th December.






Friday 1st December 2023


This week Atlantic Class have explored a variety of irreversible reactions. We noticed that when we see bubbles of gas, an irreversible reaction is likely to have occurred. We also used cabbage indicator to test to see if a substance was acidic or alkaline.




Friday 17th November 2023


This half term in PE, we have been developing our gymnastics skills. This week, we created synchronised sequences and cannon sequences. 




Friday 10th November 2023



We have been working hard rehearsing for our upcoming performance at The Southend Music Festival. We cannot wait for you to hear us!




Friday 3rd November 2023


We have had a fantastic time this week taking part in The Lions ROAR project. We had to come up with a world changing idea, create a prototype and put together a presentation to pitch our idea to the judging panel. Mrs Mansell was staggered by our innovative and original ideas. The future of British engineering and entrepreneurship is in good hands.




Friday 20th October 2023


Atlantic Class enjoyed making the most of the autumn sunshine when we visited the book fair. It was so lovely to see such enthusiasm for reading.




Friday 13th October 2023


This week Atlantic have been investigating soluble and insoluble materials. We discovered that if we observe fizzing, this is a sign that a chemical reaction has taken place. The bubbles we saw were gasses escaping into the air. Why not ask us if we can remember what solvents, solutes and solutions are?




Friday 6th October 2023


In our PSHE lessons this week, we have been planning a project to improve our core value of respect. We are going to present our ideas to school council and to SLT.




Friday 29th September 2023


Atlantic Class developed their chopping and grating skills this week, learning how to follow a recipe to make spring rolls.

We hope you enjoyed tasting them as much as we enjoyed making them.




Friday 22nd September 2023


This week Tasha and Gary from NatWest joined us to explore a brilliantly immersive moneysense workshop. We had to plan, budget and present our ideas for a party. We learned a lot about trying to get good value for money and we really worked hard on dividing up the tasks to complete our projects on time. 




Friday 15th September 2023


We are a really creative bunch and this week we used our creative skills to work collaboratively to make a new game using all sorts of equipment we could find in school. Mrs Mansell was so impressed with our fantastic games but what made her smile most, was the way that everyone was included and to see us really enjoying our learning.




Friday 8th September 2023


Atlantic Class have already been demonstrating their creative skills. During our learning to learn days we worked in teams to make papier mache volcanoes. Mrs Mansell was very impressed with our tidying up skills too. In a few weeks time, we will use our science skills to explode our models. We can’t wait for that!