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Atlantic Class Weekly News

Friday 13th May 2022


Atlantic Class have been debating their ideas around the theme of justice. This week. We have reflected on which consequences should be matched to certain crimes and considered the purpose of prisons. We are reading Holes by Louis Sacher set in a rather sinister detention camp for boys. We are already hooked! 





Friday 6th May 2022


Atlantic Class enjoyed a terrific Science lesson led by some sixth form students from Westcliff High School for Boys. It was fantastic to experience a taster of what secondary school science lessons are like. 





Friday 29th April 2022


Anyone for cricket?

Atlantic Class basked in the glorious spring sunshine on Tuesday morning as they honed their bowling and batting skills. The joyous shouts of, “Catch” and “Six” resounded across the playground suggesting that improvements in technique were rapid indeed. Watch out Ben Stokes!





Friday 22nd April 2022


We identified the parts of a flower by dissecting  tulips this week as we begin our Science unit on life cycles.




Friday 1st April 2022


What a fantastic way to end our studies on China. We enjoyed a lovely lunch courtesy of The Fortune. Everything was delicious. A big thank you to The Fortune Garden for being extremely generous including lots of extra treats for us to taste and enjoy.





Friday 25th March 2022


This week Atlantic Class enjoyed the glorious spring sunshine as we ventured to the beach to sculpt terracotta warriors. We also practised our Geography skills identifying physical and human features.





Friday 11th March 2022


Atlantic class have been investigating the 8 phases of the moon this week. They used grapes to help reinforce the concepts and vocabulary needed to explain why the earth’s 4.5 million year old moon looks different each night. Apologies if they ask you for Oreos to show off what they have learnt! 






Friday 4th March 2022


Atlantic Class looked a little different on Thursday, as we all dressed up as characters from our favourite stories. We spent much of the day simply enjoying reading for pure pleasure- such fun!




Friday 25th February 2022


On Thursday afternoons, we are really busy as we have Computing, Music and French. In French, we have been learning all about places we might find if we were to visit a Town in France. In music, we have been investigating Holst’s Planets and we will soon be composing music for our own imaginary planet. In Computing, we had great fun testing out the games that our classmates have created and reflecting on any changes we think might improve them.





Friday 11th February 2022


This week we have been using our research skills to find out some fascinating facts about the planets in our solar system. We learned the mnemonic, “My very excellent mother just served us nachos” to help us remember the order of the planets. We found out some excellent facts. Did you know that Mars is home to the solar system’s tallest planet - Olympus Mons?




Friday 4th February 2022


Atlantic Class have been working hard on researching the life of Isambard Kingdom Brunel. They have written biographies and considered carefully effective ways to publish their work, combining text and illustrations to engage the reader.





Friday 28th January 2022


This week Atlantic Class have been innovators in their quest to design and create the world's best spring roll. They have developed their expertise in two different cutting techniques and based on previous evaluations added additional ingredients to a basic spring roll recipe. Their creations included sweet corn, pineapple, apple, parsnip, avocado and courgette.






Friday 21st January 2022


As scientists, we have been investigating what paper-based material would make the best takeaway food container. We planned our own investigation to test the strength of paper types. We then repeated the investigation to see what happened when grease was added to the paper.




Friday 14th January 2022


Atlantic Class have been investigating the strength of a variety of paper types this week to decide what we should use to package up our spring rolls. We planned the experiment ourselves thinking carefully about which variables would need to change and which would need to stay the same. 


Atlantic Class have been improving their chopping skills as we continue on our quest to make the perfect spring roll.





Friday 7th January 2022


Happy New Year!

We have begun our new DT project this term entitled,” What makes the perfect spring roll?”

First we did some taste testing of existing products on the market. We evaluated a variety of supermarket spring rolls for their appearance, smell and taste. We also analysed their ingredients. 

The frozen Waitrose spring rolls were very popular due to their enticing aroma produced by the inclusion of cinnamon and star anise.




Friday 10th December 2021


Sharing Christmas dinner together is an annual tradition in primary schools across the land, but this year it felt even more special. The smiles on the children's faces lit up the hall and we are enormously grateful to our wonderful kitchen team for producing so many delicious turkey lunches complete with all the trimmings. There was even some enthusiasm for the often maligned Brussel sprouts.




Friday 26th November 2021


As part of their PSHE and Maths learning we welcomed a virtual visitor from NatWest Bank into the classroom. 

Throughout the day the children learnt about managing money responsibly. They were set the challenge to plan the best party possible on a budget of £200. They developed their questioning and speaking and listening skills as they worked in teams and presented their ideas to each other. We were super proud that Atlantic were judged as having met the sessions aims and have developed their confidence with using money in real life contexts.

They also learnt about what a role in the bank’s Financial Crime Team involves and discussed terms such as money laundering and dirty money. 


Atlantic Class enjoyed some glorious winter sunshine during our field trip to Old Leigh. We made observational sketches of some of The Georgian and Victorian buildings. We tried to the style of Lowry whose work works we have been studying this term.




Friday 19th November 2021


Atlantic Class enjoyed visiting “The Book Fair” this week. It was simply a joy to bask in the unseasonable Autumn sunshine in our outdoor library, exploring some fabulous new books.





Friday 12th November 2021


Rosalia recently entered a competition challenging her to write an environmental awareness story. We were delighted to hear that her fantastic Turtle Story had been awarded a special prize. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did.





Friday 5th November 2021


Year 5 have submitted some “Conscience Art” to the COP 26 in Glasgow. Water Aid will select from the entries received to form a display which will be seen by the COP 26 delegates. The Art works are designed to encourage leaders to consider the opinions of young people when deciding on policies that have an impact on climate change.



This Week, we have begun our new Science unit thinking about what science happens in the kitchen. We have been finding out what happens when you mix solids with the solvent water. We used our observational skills. We also listened out for any changes in sound that might have given us clues that a chemical reaction might be taking place.





Friday 15th October 2021


Mrs Osborne had some heavy loads that needed lifting and her muscles were just not up the job. 

Luckily, Atlantic Class were able to use their knowledge of levers to “lighten the load”. 



Friday 8th October 2021


In our art lesson this week, we have been drawing and painting icy landscapes in preparation for creating a Norwegian inspired textile landscape piece. We revised some basic weaving techniques as part of our preparatory work too. It was a bit fiddly!


Friday 1st October 2021


Atlantic Class have immersed themselves in the fantastical world of Quests this week.

They were challenged to design and make a board game, which would encompass   the features we associate with quests. I am so impressed with the diversity and creativity of their ideas and it was wonderful to see the children applying their knowledge of The Vikings in order to meet the brief they were given.



Friday 24th September 2021


What a fantastic Day we had on Monday when we welcomed Phil The Saxon to our Viking stronghold on Monday.

We learned Saxon crafts, trained in Saxon Warcraft and honed our archaeological skills, digging up artefacts and using our knowledge to guess what they might have been.

Everyone looked wonderful and we are certain to remember the experience for many years to come.


Friday 17th September 2021


Using the new laptops, books, and pictures we worked alongside our learning partners to conduct independent research to answer the question, “Why was the design of their ships so important to Vikings?”