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Each child will have swimming lessons under the instruction of either Mrs Barnes, Mrs Morphett or Mrs Mitchell who are qualified swimming instructors. As swimming is an important part of the school curriculum we require a letter from you if your child is unable to swim and children can only be excused for health reasons.


Information you need to know


1. In the interests of hygiene, all children must wear a swimming hat. (Available from the office £2 each)


2. No earrings (even studs) or any other jewellery to be worn in the pool.


3. Boys should wear swimming trunks, not shorts. 


4. No talcom powder and no goggles (with the exception of Years 5 & 6)


5. Please label clothing and towels.


6. Please be sure to send your child with a jumper, cardigan or sweatshirt, as they often feel chilly after swimming.


If your child has a verrucca we would ask that it be treated. It is not necessary to wear a verrucca sock once treatment has commenced. 


If a child has suffered with sickness and/or diarrhoea please be advised they will not be able to swim for two weeks.


Health and Safety Legislation states that children should not wear earrings for any form of P.E or swimming. If a child has recently had their ears pierced and is unable to remove them they will not be able to swim. I would urge you however, not to consider ear piercing prior to the start of the swimming sessions, as all earrings must be removed before being allowed in the pool. 


Swimming Timetable