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Welcome to our Seahorse Class page.


Seahorse Class Weekly News



Tuesday 5th November 2019 – Friday 8th November 2019


This week we have really enjoyed looking at all the fantastic autumn home learning challenges. One of our children even made biscuits in the shapes of leaves and decorated using beautiful autumn colours!

In phonics this week we have been learning the sounds v, w, x, y, z and zz; we have also introduced the tricky words I, the, go, no and to. Please continue to practise these sounds as much as possible at home as it really does make a difference.

The children were very excited and thoroughly enjoyed their first swimming lesson on Thursday. We are so impressed how quickly the children are learning to change for swimming independently.

In maths we have been comparing groups of objects and identifying which group has more/less than. Using spinning tops, Numicon and cubes the children discovered a variety of ways to compare different numbers.

We have thoroughly enjoyed sharing the ‘talk bags’ brought in to class so far. Every child will have a turn to choose some special objects from home and talk to the class about why they are special to them.

We are very much looking forward to our autumn walk on Tuesday morning next week and keeping our fingers crossed for a little bit of sunshine.

Have a super weekend.

The Seahorse team







Monday 21st October 2019 – Friday 25th October 2019


Wow! What a fantastic first term this has been! The children have settled in to school life with such confidence, perseverance and enjoyment.

In phonics this week we have been learning the sounds l, ll, b, f, ff and J and practised writing these sounds on white boards. We very much enjoyed sharing the sound detectives homework sent in by many of the children. Using our hedgehog collages as a writing prompt, the children have completed some wonderful shared writing.

In maths we have been learning how to sort items in to different groups. The children have been exploring how to group objects in a number of different ways and also to be able to describe the items to a partner.

I very much enjoyed seeing so many of you at our learning conferences and sharing all the wonderful work with you. Seahorse class would like to thank you for your continued support and we hope that you have a lovely half term break.

The Seahorse team









Monday 14th October 2019 – Friday 18th October 2019


In maths this week we have been thinking carefully about the number five, practised counting accurately and used Numicon to make different amounts. The children have been busy creating some fantastic hedgehogs! They carefully used scissors to cut triangles to create the spikes for the hedgehogs. This art will be used for a writing prompt next week. In ICT we practised how to control a mouse and created a more realistic hedgehog. We have continued to learn new Jolly Phonics sounds, songs and actions and been very impressed how many sounds the children can remember. During free flow the children rode balance bikes over low ramps and built towers with the foam bricks.

On Thursday we were very lucky to be involved in the ‘Borrow the Moon’ project. The children were able to hold meteorites and see actual samples of moon dust and rocks!

Have a fantastic weekend.

The Seahorse team









Monday 7th October 2019 – Friday 11th October 2019


This week we have talked about Autumn, the different seasons and the changes we can see around us. During ‘free-flow’ we practised our balancing skills, made music with the Tune Tubes and enjoyed sharing the balance bikes with other children. In maths we have been exploring the number four and how we can represent it in different ways. The children have been working hard to remember how to write numbers correctly. In phonics this week we have been learning the sounds n, c/k, e, h and r through the Jolly Phonics songs and story. We have enjoyed sorting objects to match initial sounds and then practised blending sounds together to make simple words.

On Tuesday we took part in a sponsored ‘skip for five’ minutes and everyone managed to keep going for the whole time! On Thursday we all dressed up in yellow to mark our mental health day; this linked closely to our ‘Jigsaw Jenny’ PSHE activity about emotions. We talked about what makes us feel happy or sad and concluded that simply ‘sharing a smile’ with others can really help. We worked together to make a happy Emoji face.

Have a super weekend.

The Seahorse team










Monday 30th September 2019 – Friday 4th October 2019


What a fantastic week in Seahorse class! In our daily phonics we have introduced initial sounds s, a, t, p and i. The children have loved learning the songs and actions to match each sound and then written the letters on white boards. We have talked about making sure we use ‘pure sounds’ in our phonics lessons (sssss not s-u). In maths we have introduced our fantastic new scheme ‘Power Maths’, focusing on number recognition, counting forwards and back and counting accurately. In PSED we have shared the story ‘The Rainbow Fish’, a beautiful book about friendship and being a good friend. The children have used cutting skills and collage to create their own Rainbow Fish. We will use this artwork to create a display to remind us to be kind to others and also our class rules. On Wednesday we thoroughly enjoyed free flow; the children took turns riding the balance bikes, constructing an obstacle course and performing to an audience on ‘a stage’. In ICT we have been learning how to use and control a mouse; the children loved exploring Number Run (a maths based game).


We hope you have a lovely weekend.


The Seahorse Class










Monday 23rd September 2019 – Friday 27th September 2019


What a busy week we have had! This week we have been learning about our school routines and the importance of listening carefully. We are so impressed how quietly our class have walked to the hall to enjoy lunch. The children have painted a self-portrait; we talked about how everyone is different and used a mirror to look at skin, hair and eye colour. We finished the week with a non-uniform day in support of the ‘Gold Geese’ charity and the children looked really colourful in their various shades of gold and yellow. Next week the children will be bringing home a sharing book and some words to start learning.

Have a fantastic weekend!

The Seahorse team












Monday 16th September 2019 – Friday 20th September 2019


Welcome to our Seahorse class page!

We have had a fantastic start to the term and very much enjoyed getting to know the new Seahorse children. We have been very impressed by the way the children come into class happily each morning. The children are really looking forward to staying for lunch next week.

Have a wonderful weekend.

The Seahorse team