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Oyster Shell Class Weekly News

Friday 1st July 2022


On Tuesday this week, Oyster Class had a fabulous morning walking from Chalkwell to Leigh whilst completing a numbers treasure hunt. Children used their observation skills looking for numbers to find the answers to 45 clues. Once back in the classroom, they had to add up all the numbers to find a grand total. A huge thank you to Mrs Brown for organising.




Friday 24th June 2022


On Monday this week, Oyster Class had a great time visiting the Year 6 Enterprise stalls. Children had the opportunity to spend their money buying plants, play games and even throw water balloons! Thank you Year 6!

Year 4 also completed their multiplication check this week and after lots of practice using TT Rockstars, they were fully prepared!




Friday 17th June 2022


Very well done to everyone who took part in the poetry recitations on Thursday this week. A special congratulationto Oyster’s terrific trio for being the winners in Year 4. Well done girls!




Friday 10th June 2022


As part of our STEM Week, we had some Fab Science fun! It was fantastic to get excited about practical science, stretch our scientific thinking and spark curiosity. The theme of ‘fantastic forces’ included all sorts of tricks with air pressure and even a rocket launch! We loved it!  We also had a visit from a STEM ambassador who talked about his career in engineering and the Happy Puzzle company where we encountered a variety of challenges requiring us to work collaboratively and strategically to find solutions.




Friday 27th May 2022


As part of our topic on sustainability, we made our own solar cookers using pizza boxes. We worked together demonstrating our ASPIRE values. It was great fun and we are looking forward to trying them out on a sunny day.

We also had the opportunity to share our knowledge learnt about Nigeria during our culture day. It was lovely to buddy up with Puffin Class to exchange what we had found out.




Friday 20th May 2022





Friday 13th May 2022


Oyster Class have been practising their times tables this week using a variety of strategies. We used ‘Sound check’ on TT Rockstars to help improve our accuracy and speed of recall. Some of us also used playing cards to help us with our learning.

In science, we used Carroll diagrams to help us to group living organisms according to different criteria.




Friday 6th May 2022


As part of our topic on Habitats, Oyster Class went on a hunt in the school grounds to find different plants and animals. We have been learning about the seven life processes that all living things do using the acronym MRS GREN to help us remember.




Friday 29th April 2022


On Tuesday this week, Oyster Class completed their Bikeability Level 1 cycling proficiency. The children developed their skills and how to control their bike safely and competently. It was also a great opportunity for the pupils to learn about the health and environmental benefits of cycling and to become safe independent travellers.



Friday 22nd April 2022


What a fabulous start to the summer term we have had! We started our geography unit about sustainability and in our English lessons, we have been introduced to our class text ‘The Great Kapok Tree’. We learnt about the layers of the rainforest and about some of the animals found there. We are looking forward to hearing the story next week.





Friday 1st April 2022


In Oyster this week, we have been writing our own Kennings and Haiku poetry. We have also continued our work on decimals in Maths. In history, we learned about Sutton Hoo and the artefacts discovered.

Super movers helped us with our timetables and got us moving!

Have a wonderful Easter break Year 4. We look forward to seeing you for the summer term.





Friday 25th March 2022


This week, Year 4 have been learning about Kennings in our English lessons. Kennings are phrases of two words that replace a noun in poetry, often found in Anglo-Saxon and Norse poems. We enjoyed writing our own kennings about animals and then read them aloud to see if the rest of the class could guess our animal! In Maths, we have started work on Decimals and have been learning about tenths and hundredths using place value counters and a ten-frame.




Friday 18th March 2022


Year 4 have been decorating their dragon eyes, blending some colours or using one or two. The metallic paint was a firm favourite to use.




Friday 4th March 2022


This week we continued learning about the digestive system with a focus on the functions of each part. We then watched a demonstration of how the process of digestion can be modelled using some food, a plastic bag (stomach), cola (acid) and tights (small intestine).




Friday 25th February 2022


Beowulf is our class text for this part of the spring term and we are throughly enjoying this Anglo-Saxon story. We enjoyed some hot-seating where we thought about what characteristics a good hero would have. We also enjoyed looking at dragon eyes and completed some sketching in preparation for clay work in the next couple of weeks!




Friday 11th February 2022


Oyster Class have thoroughly enjoyed their gymnastic sessions and have worked together in groups to produce some of their moves.

In Maths, we completed our unit on Area and had to persevere on a rather challenging activity at the end of our unit!

Happy half term everyone :)




Friday 4th February 2022


Oyster have had a great week learning about Pompeii! They also enjoyed dressing up as a Roman on Thursday and learning more about how they lived. The ‘sponge on a stick’ was a particular highlight!





Friday 28th January 2022


Oyster Class have had a great week this week! We have written a fastastic Greek myth about a honey bee and created some lovely mosaic tiles as well. We also made some Roman bread in outdoor learning! We are loking forward to dressing up and learning more about the Romans next Thursday for our Roman Day ­čśŐ




Friday 21st January 2022


This week Oyster Class have enjoyed learning more about greek myths in our English lessons. We are looking forward to writing our own versions next week! In Maths we have focussed on division using partitioning. Our current topic in Science is ‘states of matter’. We completed an investigation into what happened when different materials were heated. We have also been enjoying our gymnastics lessons, focussing on rolling and juumping! Its been a very busy week.




Friday 7th January 2022


During our 'Learn to Learn' day, Year 4 brought in objects for a special 'Show & Tell' session all about the children's achievements.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed hearing about the many great things the children have achieved over the last year.  Brilliant examples, included certificates and medals from various sports,  martial arts and achievements from the world of music.  Here is Georgia who shared a haul of medals for dance and gymnastics.  Well done to everyone who contributed to our excellent discussions and remember, everyone is good at something!




Friday 10th December 2021


We had a festive lunchtime this week! Lots of us enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner along with festive music and crackers. Thank you to the wonderful kitchen staff who cooked and served so many of us!




Friday 3th December 2021


As part of our topic on Earthquakes, we were thrilled to have a special visit from the ISAR (International Search and Rescue) along with three furry friends: Bailey, Fizz and Jarvis!  Terry Jewell, the Essex Team coordinator, along with Graham Currie talked to Year 4 about some of their rescue work including the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand in 2011 which we have been learning about in class. A fantastic afternoon was had by all and we enjoyed meeting the three wonderful rescue dogs and their important work during rescue missions.




Friday 26th November 2021


We had great fun making string telephones in science this week! We learned about how sound waves travel through the string and cups to reach our ears.





Friday 19th November 2021


This week in science, we used musical instruments as well as bottles of water, elastic bands and straws to learn about pitch. We have also completed some maths assessments which have highlighted how hard we have been working and the fabulous progress we have all made in arithmetic and reasoning. In English, we have been writing a variety of different sentence types in preparation for a piece of writing next week based on earthquakes.




Friday 12th November 2021



In Maths this week, we have been learning about negative numbers and consolidating our work on place value. We have also enjoyed using Super Movers to help us remember our times tables.




Friday 5th November 2021


As part of Remembrance Sunday, we made poppies from clay. We learnt to make a slip to join pieces of clay together. They will be fired in the kiln and then we will glaze them.




Friday 22nd October 2021



For Science, we used the laptops to complete some research about Thomas Edison and Joseph Swann. We had great fun combining our computer skills with science!





Friday 15th October 2021


As part of our reading comprehension lesson, we used our inference skills and a dictionary to find the meaning of unknown words. We have also been learning to use a variety of sentence starters to make our writing more interesting.





Friday 8th October 2021


In R.E., we have been learning about how different religions can help us understand what is right and wrong. We enjoyed working together to show some of the Beatitudes and the Ten Commandments using drama.


Friday 1st October 2021


This week in Maths, we have been applying our addition and subtraction skills to problem-solving problems. In English we have read some more of our class text The Iron Man where we thought about the feelings of Hogarth in preparation for some diary writing next week. We also enjoyed our art lesson using ripped paper to produce a scene from The Iron Man.


Friday 24th September 2021


In Oyster Class this week, we have been encouraged to learn our spellings carefully for weekly tests and go on TTRockstars to improve our speed and recall of times tables. We have used dictionaries to look up the definitions of some of the statutory year 3 and 4 spellings and learnt strategies to help us remember spellings of some trickier words.

Friday 17th September 2021


What a very busy week we have had in Oyster Class! In English, we wrote some fabulous descriptions of the Iron Man and had fun doing a conscience alley where we tried to think of arguments for and against trapping him. In P.E., we practised our tennis skills and started an Electricity-themed dance with Mrs Lawrence. In Maths, we have been working hard on subtraction using exchanges.





Friday 10th September 2021


This week, we started our class text The Iron Man. We have read the opening and discussed the many literary devices that the author, Ted Hughes, uses. We wrote our own descriptions of the Iron Man trying to include powerful verbs, adverbs and similes. Also this week, we enjoyed Super Movers to help us learn the 6 times table and in English, we worked collaboratively during our spelling lesson on suffixes.