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Orca Class Weekly News


Monday 21st October 2019 – Friday 25th October 2019


After half term,  the children In Orca 6 class will be able to showcase their hidden talents and skills  by putting together a presentation about their particular interest or hobby.    Brogan was the first person to share her work with her classmates delivering her presentation about the evacuation of children during World war  2.   It was a brilliant piece of research and Brogan delivered it  with confidence and enthusiasm. We are already anticipating the other presentations scheduled in the next half term on topics such as Thee Solar System.

As this half term draws to a close it has been a delight to meet with parents and guardians and hear how positive the children are feeling and  to share their successes and acheivements.

Orca 6 wish everyone a restful week and look forward to the next half term.




Monday 14th October 2019 – Friday 18th October 2019


Here are some of photographs from our recent trip to Duxford!










Monday 7th October 2019 – Friday 11th October 2019


 The NSPCC visited our school on Tuesday, which inspired us to do a sponsored skip to raise money for the charity. Also, as part of Mental Health Day, the theatre group, “N-act”, performed a play called “Invisible” to year 6.  We took part in a discussion afterwards and found out different ways we can take care of our mental health.  We also made a piece of bunting that will be included as part of a display celebrating how we stay positive and improve our well- being.

 On Thursday, we all wore yellow to raise money for different Mental Health Charities.

We also practised playing the drums at Music as part of our lessons. It was great fun!

To conclude our busy week on Friday, the girls football came 4th in the tournament !  Great work girls!!!

Blog written by Ellie, Esme, Georgina and Beatrice