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Orca Class Weekly News



Monday 9th March 2020 – Friday 13th March 2020


This week has seen Orca class turn into Geographers; we have travelled back 2000 years and discovered why this 4000 - 7000 mile road was so important. The children generated their own enquiry questions such as: What was it called? Where did start? Who used it? We will build on this to learn about the importance of Fair Trade over the next few weeks.  



We have also learnt how to create scary settings and build suspense in story writing as we enjoyed analysing some of Mr Martin's story writing in preparation to write our own scary stories with a twist. To help generate ideas of characters and settings and to collect vocabulary, you and your children may enjoy watching Bug Wars


I would like to wish all the children and families of Orca a happy and healthy weekend. 


Mrs Moore 



Monday 2nd March 2020 – Friday 6th March 2020


We have had an incredibly inspiring week across the curriculum with learning about Gandhi’s role in the end of the British Empire; being entertained by performers from The Music Man Project and dressing as our favourite characters from books.

It was wonderful to work alongside published author Ellie Irving on Wednesday. The children might like to look at her website and continue writing their stories based on the characters they created in her workshop.

Well done Orca!






Monday 10th February 2020 – Friday 14th February 2020


This half term has gone by in a flash and we have worked incredibly hard developing our skills and knowledge across the curriculum.

Some of us had the opportunity to work with Sharon from N-ACT Theatre Group in a think tank for her next play all about identity with the message that we are all special and have our own USP.



We spent the day on Thursday thinking about linking and finding ways to remember how to spell common exception words with our visitor Sir LinkaLot. This will be very useful in our upcoming spelling bee...


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the children and their families for their hard work and support this half term.  

Mrs Moore



Monday 3rd February 2020 – Friday 7th February 2020


It has been a real pleasure to share the children’s progress with you all at Learning Conferences this week; there was so much to celebrate.

The children enjoyed talking about their writing and I bet convinced you, that if money was no object, to purchase a ticket to the Island of St Randolph tomorrow.

This week we have considered the reasons why Britain wanted an Empire and next week will explore this in more depth.

Have a lovely weekend, Mrs Moore



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Monday 27th January 2020 – Friday 31st January 2020


In English we are preparing to write in the role of travel agents to create a webpage that will sell luxury holidays to a Caribbean resort St Randolph ‘an enigmatic jewel of the south Caribbean Seas’. The resort names include ideas such as ‘Spa Palace Resort’ ‘Animal Lodge’ and Forest Retreat.’ When you read them during next week’s Learning Conferences you will be desperate to pack your suitcases and jet off immediately.

In Art, following on from our visit to the church last week, the children have used pencil and water colours to depict well known scenes, events or characters in the style of a stained glass window.

In Science we conducted two investigations to show the effects of refraction and the children used scientific vocabulary to explain what happened and why.

I am looking forward to meeting with you in the KS1 Hall and celebrating the children’s progress on either Tuesday or Thursday next week.


Mrs Moore












Monday 20th January 2020 – Friday 24th January 2020


On Monday, we walked to Saint Clements Church to make some observational drawings of the decorative and story telling stained glass windows. We will be using these as stimulus for designing our own British Empire themed window over the coming weeks.

I would like to pass on congratulations to all the children who have improved the accuracy and speed at which they can recall their times tables. Orca you rock!


Mrs Moore




Monday 13th January 2020 – Friday 17th January 2020


What a busy week it has been in Orca Class!

We have begun our learning about the British Empire and the children have started to consider how they feel about a small group of people controlling a vast array of countries/ territories.

In English we have focused on Explanatory Texts and are developing our knowledge of the crown jewels. If you ask the children to explain who Colonel Blood was and how he attempted to steal the jewels back in the 17th century then you are in for an interesting tale.

Maths has been focussed on fractions. The children have been simplifying fractions to solve problems. This week has highlighted how important times table knowledge is so it has been brilliant to see how many children have taken part in our battle against Year Four. I would encourage all children to log on to Times Tables Rockstars and try and beat the speed at which they can currently recall their times tables.

Mrs Moore





Monday 6th January 2020 – Friday 10th January 2020



Happy New Year and welcome back to Spring Term 2020!


The children have come back to school refreshed and raring to go.


The week started with a whole day thinking about how we learn and how the different learning styles can be applied in different study situations. The children in Orca love a discussion and our conversation about whether the word clever should be used in a school environment was especially thought provoking.

We then applied these learning styles along with our values of ASPIRE to take part in a team challenge. In groups the children were tasked with making a prototype vehicle to safely and securely transport the Crown Jewels. Our photos show just what eggcellent fun it was!




Having thought about how we learn and the perseverance and independence needed to be the best learners possible we then spent each morning completing some assessments. The children all worked hard, have shown clear progress and have been able to identify their own next steps.


I would like to wish all our Orca children and families are lovely weekend and am looking forward to teaching the children about fractions, explanatory texts and The British Empire next week.


Mrs Moore




Monday 21st October 2019 – Friday 25th October 2019


After half term,  the children In Orca 6 class will be able to showcase their hidden talents and skills  by putting together a presentation about their particular interest or hobby.    Brogan was the first person to share her work with her classmates delivering her presentation about the evacuation of children during World war  2.   It was a brilliant piece of research and Brogan delivered it  with confidence and enthusiasm. We are already anticipating the other presentations scheduled in the next half term on topics such as Thee Solar System.

As this half term draws to a close it has been a delight to meet with parents and guardians and hear how positive the children are feeling and  to share their successes and acheivements.

Orca 6 wish everyone a restful week and look forward to the next half term.




Monday 14th October 2019 – Friday 18th October 2019


Here are some of photographs from our recent trip to Duxford!










Monday 7th October 2019 – Friday 11th October 2019


 The NSPCC visited our school on Tuesday, which inspired us to do a sponsored skip to raise money for the charity. Also, as part of Mental Health Day, the theatre group, “N-act”, performed a play called “Invisible” to year 6.  We took part in a discussion afterwards and found out different ways we can take care of our mental health.  We also made a piece of bunting that will be included as part of a display celebrating how we stay positive and improve our well- being.

 On Thursday, we all wore yellow to raise money for different Mental Health Charities.

We also practised playing the drums at Music as part of our lessons. It was great fun!

To conclude our busy week on Friday, the girls football came 4th in the tournament !  Great work girls!!!

Blog written by Ellie, Esme, Georgina and Beatrice