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Orca Class Weekly News

Friday 10th June 2022


This week has been exciting from the get go! We have found our love for science through a fantastic STEM week, we practised our poems for the upcoming poetry final and we visited the beach and had a delicious ice cream!




Friday 13th May 2022


After a tough week of SATs, we took it upon ourselves to relax and read in the sunshine. We finished writing our Newspaper reports using laptops and looked at how we could format them appropriately. We continued looking at skills involved in playing volleyball and put these skills to the test in a short match.




Friday 6th May 2022


The watch word for this week has been preparation, preparation, preparation! 

The children have given their last push in their prep for next week's SATs exams and they should be highly commended for their efforts. There is nothing more to do except relax and enjoy the sunshine that this weekend has promised to bring.


Well done the children of Orca you have made The Year 6 Team very proud!





Friday 22nd April 2022


What a fantastic start Orca have had in what is their last term at Leigh North Street! We have been focussing on team building skills by creating a sculpture inspired by our art unit, Henry Moore. We have been using chicken wire and modroc to achieve the desired result. Children have developed their understanding of ratios of the human body and how to make a sculpture look realistic. We are very excited to paint, decorate and add finer details to our sculptures. Huge well done Orca, you have shown what it is to work as a cohesive team.



Friday 18th March 2022


Throughout the week we have continues to explore electrical circuits and how electricity flows through them. We pondered whether we could conduct electricity using a potato and came up with some really insightful answers. We have made predictions and created circuits in our science books in preparation for putting them to the test next week. 





Friday 11th March 2022


Throughout the week we have been exploring various methods of harnessing electricity and we were lucky enough to attend an online seminar on wind power. The children of Orca had some extremely insightful questions around wind farms and how they generate electricity.





Friday 4th March 2022


There is no doubt that this has been one of the most wonderful weeks yet! With World Book Day and our Spelling Bee final we finished the week off on a real buzz. The children of Orca have taken this week in their stride as usual and they have really grasped the concept of decimals, developed their knowledge of WW2 and have started to investigate a scientist known as Nikola Tesla. I am looking forward to listening to their presentations on Tesla in the coming weeks.


There is no doubt that this has been one of the most wonderful weeks yet! With World Book Day and our Spelling Bee final we finished the week off on a real buzz. The children of Orca have taken this week in their stride as usual and they have really grasped the concept of decimals, developed their knowledge of WW2 and have started to investigate a scientist known as Nikola Tesla. I am looking forward to listening to their presentations on Tesla in the coming weeks.



Friday 25th February 2022


Our first week back after half-term has been wonderful. We have started our topic of WW2 and we have been asking very insightful questions around war and why it happens. The children of Orca class have developed a great understanding so far and are extremely excited to delve into the topic further. We have been exploring the link between decimals, fractions and percentages in maths through some interactive games and we finished the week off with our 10 spelling bee finalists partaking in heat 2!





Friday 11th February 2022


Throughout this week in our PSHE lessons we have been exploring power dynamics, celebrating our differences and considering reasons as to why people bully others. It has been an insightful and thought provoking week. Below are images of the children performing role plays to show how to overcome a bully. We have also mastered coordinates in maths, played battleship and we held our first ever LNSPS Spelling Bee. As always, it has been a wonderful week. I hope you all have a fantastic half term!





Friday 4th February 2022


Orca 6 have yet again shown their resilience and perseverance in an extremely testing week. As a class, we have been taking assessments to show off all of the fantastic learning that has taken place this year. Each child should be extremely proud of themselves for showing such determination and grit this week, it has most definitely been displayed in the fantastic test results!




Friday 28th January 2022


We have spent the week investigating light and how it travels. We had the opportinity to create periscopes and explain to one another how light travels. We further explored angles of incidence and angles of reflection by shining a torch through a slit in a piece of cardborard. We even had the opportinity to pretend to be a secret spy and we put our periscopes to the test! It was a very exciting week in Orca 6.




Friday 21st January 2022


Year 6 have taken Bikeability by storm this week. The children of Orca have developed their confidence cycling on and off road and practiced their skills they acquired on the playground in the streets of Leigh!

It has been a ‘wheely’ great week!






Friday 10th December 2021


What a fantastic term Orca 6 have had. We would love to wish you all the most wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!




Friday 3th December 2021


This week we have passed the midpoint in our art project on heraldry. The children have been reflecting on which animals best reflect their personality traits and would serve as a standard for their medieval inspired flags. Children have chosen such diverse range of animals such as lions, unicorns, turtles and snakes! The next step of the flag making process is to transfer their designs on fabric by way of screen printing frames- we shall keep you posted about the end results!





Friday 26th November 2021


It comes as no shock that we have had another fantastic week in Orca! We have mastered fractions, explored climate change and developed our understanding of how light travels. We took part in a workshop created by NatWest, the children of year 6 were tasked with identifying potential clues to detect fraudulent activity online and within our banks. Children were then given the opportunity to create a presentation and showcase it to the entire of year 6 in the hall. We learned how to best protect ourselves from falling victim to scammers.




Friday 19th November 2021


This week has been a rather testing week for year 6 because we have been sitting assessments. However, each and every child from Orca class has persevered through the week and progressed in every area of their learning. Each child should all be incredibly proud. We have also started to look at climate change in Geography and we have been identifying ways in which we could help reduce our carbon footprint. It has been a wonderful week as always!




Friday 15th October 2021


Throughout the week we have been busy understanding various methods of division and applying them to number problems. We have continued to work on our hockey skills in P.E. and had a mini tournament. Carl Linnaeus has been a focus for us in science and we have been understanding how to classify living things using the binomial naming system.  





Friday 8th October 2021


This week we have continued working tirelessly on our non-chronological reports, some of which are absolutely fantastic! We designed and created our own ending to the Bayeux Tapestry based on our historical knowledge and we made sure to include banners, Latin words and usage of an appropriate colour scheme. We have also mastered the art of division! It has been a wonderful week as always in Orca 6.


Friday 1st October 2021


This week has been spent researching Aristotle and creating comic strips based on key events from his life. In Religion, we deliberated about our priorities and how this later impacts our life and the choices we make. It was really interesting to see what our classmates hold in high regard! We have focused on long multiplication this week and we have written rules to ensure that we know exactly what we are doing. Our non-chronological reports are almost at the writing stage and they look fantastic. As always, it has been a wonderful week!


Friday 24th September 2021


This week, we have explored dragons and offered our thoughts on how they would look, what they would do and whether they existed or not. We are in the process of planning a non-chronological report on dragons and we are extremely excited to find out more information about them. In history, we researched and performed dramatizations of the Battle of Hastings and we have written a letter to the Noblemen of Normandy in hope we can recruit them to join us in battle. We have reminded ourselves of the four operations in maths and focussed on the vocabulary used in number problems.

It has been another busy but fantastic week in Orca 6

Friday 17th September 2021


What a fantastic start to the year! The children of Orca class have hit the ground running and we have displayed our LNSPS values fantastically. We have explored the Bayeux Tapestry, decided what it takes to be classed as a living thing and reminded ourselves of place value in maths! Whist this week has been testing, quite literally, we have managed to squeeze in fun activities such as swimming, designing posters in science, drama and watercolour painting! I am really looking forward to another fun filled week in Year 6!