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Monday 2nd March 2020 – Friday 6th March 2020


It has been another exciting week for the children of Leigh North Street and for those children in Year 6. This week our children were very fortunate to have the opportunity to watch an assembly hosted by the Music Man Project, the children said they felt inspired by this and were able to link their understanding to topics taught in PSHE. We have also been celebrating World Book week and not only did the children dress up but they also were visited by a real life author Ellie Irving. Year 6 had a work shop in which they looked at creating a character and using this as a stimulus for a story.





Monday 24th February 2020 – Friday 28th February 2020


Welcome back to school! It has been a busy week full of fun and exciting learning. As we ventured back to the Island of St Randolph (our Island of paradise) we have discovered that our resorts were not quite as expected. Across Year 6 we have been writing letters of complaints to our holiday advisers about the disastrous trips we encountered. In Maths we have been looking at converting fractions to decimals and representing this pictorially and History we have been learning about the Slave Triangle.  




Monday 10th February 2020 – Friday 14th February 2020


Half Term is here and the children in Blue 6 definitely need the break as they have worked extremely hard this week. In Maths they have been considering pictorial representations for dividing fractions; they now have a much clearer understanding of the most effective strategies to use in solving these sorts of problems.   In English we have been getting to grips with complaint writing about how our luxury holiday to the Caribbean Island of St Randolph turned into an utter disaster.  Have a Happy Half term!





Monday 3rd February 2020 – Friday 7th February 2020


We have been continuing with our persuasive Caribbean writing this week and the children have been on the computers in the ICT suite creating webpages for their chosen resort.

In Art the children have finished their stained glass images of a familiar story and have now moved on to researching the British Empire. They will be gathering together as much information as possible (sketches and annotations) linking to ‘Money, Military and Power’. These ideas will help them towards designing and creating their final piece.




Monday 27th January 2020 – Friday 31st January 2020


In English we have been writing persuasive texts focusing on enticing a chosen client to visit a new up and coming Caribbean Island. The children have been looking at persuasive techniques and grammatical structures; however to really get them to deepen their understanding and knowledge they have been involved in immersive activities.

Elsewhere in RE we have been considering three different religions and the terms Ahimsa, Grace and Ummah. We have considers Ghandi’s links to Ahimsa and have been creating images that represent his actions.




Monday 20th January 2020 – Friday 24th January 2020


This week Year 6 had the opportunity to visit  a local church -St Clément’s. The children have been studying the British Empire in History and will be creating stained glass windows in Art relating to this theme. The children were given time to look around the church discussing the windows and sat down to sketch them.






Monday 13th January 2020 – Friday 17th January 2020


This week in Blue 6 the children have been investigating refraction. To understand this concept further, they completed two experiments (incredible images and  Amazing Arrow). Please ask your children what happened in each experiment.

In English we have been thinking about key information that is required in an explanation text, they have looked at a variety of text and annotated the key features. They also considered the main purpose of the text and the elements they would need to keep if they were to re-write one of the examples.








Monday 6th January 2020 – Friday 10th January 2020


We started the week with one of LNSPS famous Learning to Learn days. To kick start our topic of The British Empire we have been thinking about Britain itself and our Royal family.

The children were given a design brief which asked them to design and make a proto type vehicle to transport the Crown Jewel safely and securely around London.

Later in the week we practiced the law of reflection in Science- the angle of incidents is equal to the angle of reflection. the children did this through measuring the angle using mirrors and a torch as well as experimenting with the concept of a periscope.  










Monday 25th November 2019- Friday 28th November 2019


This week we have been researching further into the lives of paradogs during WW2.

The children have learned about the different duties these dogs trained in and how these were carried out. The children will be continuing and writing biographies about Pedro the Paradog.


Our main focus of the week for Year 6 was our workshop provided for us by NatWest Bank (MoneySense). MoneySense is an impartial financial education programme that uses real-life experiences to help young people to develop good money habits. Party Time was the name of our workshop session, where we were to plan a spectacular party that was cost effective.  The children answered a series of questions based around their knowledge of parties and what makes them entertaining, they then selected their chosen character to plan their party and considered costing. Party plans were presented at the end of the session and each child received a certificate of participation and a goody bag to take home. For further information please visit:




Monday 18th November 2019- Friday 22nd November 2019


This week has been an exciting week as we not only take on many different roles but also transport ourselves back in time.

We have been learning about light in Science and discussing how we are able to see. To demonstrate this we have become Scientists and in next week’s lesson we will be creating our own children’s television programme to show others how we see light.

In history we have been researching into the roles of women during WW2. We looked at jobs pre- war and how the women’s roles changed once the men went to war. To understand what it would have been like during this time we pretended we were women receiving an invitation for work during this time, we researched the jobs using books, laptops and information guides. At the end they had to state if they would have liked their chosen job.










Tuesday 5th November 2019- Friday 8th November 2019


Welcome back, I hope you all had a lovely half term.

This week we launched the LNSPS new reading scheme and to introduce it to the children we got together as a year group and discussed how the scheme works, we then allowed the children to sit down together sharing the new books. Each child was asked to select a book which was within the new band they had been given and hopefully they will be bringing these home to share with you.

In English this week we have been looking deeper into our story of two Jewish children-Otto and Anna. The children have been exploring dialogue and planning out the next chapter of their narratives, making sure their ideas for an escape are plausible.

We ended the week with a Science experiment on microorganisms. Some children mixed yeast, sugar and warm water in a bottle and put a balloon on top; others mixed just warm water and yeast. Then they had to observe what happened. The children noticed that in the one with sugar the balloon inflated. They discussed methods, fair test, results and control elements.





Monday 21st October 2019- Friday 25th October 2019


Although the half term holiday is just around the corner, the children of Blue 6 seem as though they could steam ahead until Christmas. Eight weeks of fantastic learning and they are all ready to enthusiastically continue.

This week the children have been analysing texts to understand how suspense can be created within a narrative. They have looked at creating imagery through the use of metaphors and similes and completed a very tricky comprehension text in relation to this. All of this will eventually link to their writing where they will be continuing the journey of two Jewish children trying to escape over the boarder to neutral Switzerland.

Elsewhere in the curriculum children have investigated and enquired about Germany’s plans for an invasion of Britain were abandoned and how this meant victory for Britain in the Battle of Britain. They have completed their Blitz silhouette artwork pastels developing their own style using tonal contrast and mixed media.





Monday 14th October 2019- Friday 18th October 2019


Here are some photos of our exciting trip to Duxford.









Monday 7th October 2019 – Friday 11th October 2019


This week we have been thinking about our mental health. In Year 6 we had the opportunity to watch a performance from N-Act theatre school that were here to inform the children about mental health. The performance raised some insightful discussions around this and the children were very mature and sensible about what they had seen. On Thursday we also wore yellow to raise money for World Mental Health Day. Thank you to those who donated.

In History we have been researching the Battle of Britain the children had to use a range of resources such as a map of Europe (German occupied countries), Churchill’s speech to Parliament, as well as many others to investigate and answer questions.

In art we have made a start on our final images of the Blitz; the children have used some great techniques to depict a fiery sky. I look forward to posting photos of these once complete.





Monday 30th September 2019 – Friday 4th October 2019


Another busy week in Blue 6 as we move onto Newspaper reports in English. We have been focusing on the Queen Mother and her famous quote, ‘I can now look the East End in the face’ and how this links to her involvement in the war. Some of the children in the class did some research bout the Queen Mother during their weekend and shared their findings with the class- well done to those children as they shared some very insightful knowledge.

In science this week we have been looking at the Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, who first classified living things. He carefully observed the world around him & decided there was a hierarchy of living things, which he called the ‘Ladder of Nature’.

In RE we have been thinking about the question –How do we care for others and why is it important?  To get a deeper understanding for this we have been looking at the types of behaviours we perceive as good or bad. In class the children have been role playing these behaviours seen in school and on the playground. I look forward to seeing these in action during next week’s lesson.

We also had a visit from the NSPCC this week; the children were introduced to them during assembly and then further introduced in class. The children were really engaged in the session asking sensible questions. The children are all aware of the number to call if the need to talk to someone.

0800 1111







Monday 23rd September 2019 – Friday 27th September 2019


This week in Year 6 we have been trying out some sample SATs papers; all the children have worked very hard.  The tests completed have been Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Spelling and Mathematics.

In Blue 6 we have still managed enjoy other areas of the curriculum.  In History we have continued with our work on WW2 with the focus of the Battle of Britain. The children will be using their investigation skills over the next few weeks to answer the question ‘Why was winning the Battle of Britain in 1940 so important?’ 

In art we have been blending oil pastels to create fiery Blitz backgrounds. The children spent time developing different techniques ready for their final pieces. We also discussed the art work of other artist such as: artist’s intent, the colours used in each image and techniques that had been used.

On Friday the children came dressed in yellow and gold in aid of Golden Goose. There was a fantastic display of these colours across the school and class and some very generous donations. Thank you to everyone that participated.

Another great week in Blue 6!





Monday 16th September 2019 – Friday 20th September 2019


This week in Blue 6 we have been continuing with our work from our Now Press Play experience and have been writing diary entries. We have been focusing on the key word ‘empathetic’ and how we can show empathy in our writing. There have been some fantastic discussions around this and examples in their work. We have also worked on editing and improving our sentences using the ‘Show Not Tell’ method’ (ask your children what this means).

In Maths our new Power Maths scheme is well on the way and the class are getting used to using visual concepts and representations to deepen their mathematical understanding of Place Value. We are working on our knowledge of Place Value to one million and beyond and not only understanding the value of our digits but also being able to justify and explain our choices.

In science our Living Things topic has lead us onto the mnemonic MRS NERG to help us remember the 7 characteristics of living things. We have also learned about the 5 Kingdoms in which these living things can be categorised: Protist, Moneran, Fungi, Plant and Animal. Hopefully the children will be able to name a few living things that fall into these categorises.

We have been looking at the Allies and Axes Powers in History, completing map work using a world atlas to identify these countries. In PSHE we have been flying high to achieve our hopes and dreams and in Art we have been looking at silhouettes and how we can understand character feelings through the body language communicated in the silhouette regardless of the fact no other detail is displayed, other than the outline.

The Year 6 team would just like to end by saying a very big good luck to all those children sitting the 11+ this weekend. I am sure they will do their very best.







Monday 9th September 2019 – Friday 13th September 2019


Welcome to Year 6!

It has been a great first full week back at school and the children have settled in enthusiastically.

During the first term of Year 6 we will be looking at World War Two as so far the topic has been well received by the children, who have enthusiastically taken part in activities relating to this.

This week the children were introduced to ‘Now Press Play during English’. This resource allowed our children to transport themselves back in time to WW2 where they could follow in the footsteps of a wartime evacuee. The children could listen and act out the scenes enabling them to really understand what happened back then. This has then lead on to some fantastic discussions about the war allowing the children to share their current knowledge and develop their curiosity. 

Also this week we have also started looking at All Living Things in Science considering how we know if something is living or non-living. In art we have explored contrasting and analogous colours and considering how we can blend to create effect. We have also been considering our hopes and dreams in PSHE.

It would be wonderful if your children could bring in any relevant artefacts to share with the class.

   Miss Parsons