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Blue Whale Class Weekly News

Friday 13th May 2022


A huge congratulations to the whole of Year 6 for their mature and diligent approach to SATs week. Breakfast was a success as children filled their stomachs and talked amongst their peers in preparation for the day. Blue 6 should especially be proud of the effort put into completing the assessments; although, I am sure there is a feeling of relief as the week comes to a close. Next up Sports day, we look forward to you all joining us Monday afternoon.




Friday 6th May 2022


Another busy week as the children work on revision for SATs next week. They have considered areas they need to work on and taken the initiative to ask for support where necessary. It has not all be revision however, as we continue to become budding news reporter in English and continued to discuss feelings towards moving on to secondary school. A note to remember- children will be invited in for SATs breakfast next week from 8:00am.




Friday 29th April 2022


This week, we have started discussions around secondary school transition.  Together we talked about how the children feel about moving on this included things they are worried about as well as things they are excited about. In class, we watched a video clip that the children found very useful in explaining secondary schools. Please see the link if you wish to watch this at home.




Friday 22nd April 2022


What a wonderful first week back to school after the Easter break, the children were certainly refreshed! We have had some fantastic learning opportunities this week as we engaged in our ‘Learning to Learn’ sessions. The focus for this was ‘Teamwork’, the children worked together to create sculptures in the style of Sir Henry Moore. Elsewhere we have been learning Bollywood style dancing and how to play volleyball.




Friday 1st April 2022


We have had an excellent week in Blue 6. We got the opportunity to do outdoor learning with Mrs Brown and we had our trip to Duxford Imperial War Museum. During outdoor learning, we lit fires, sat around the campfire telling stories, singing and baking bread. It was very yummy but best topped with jam. Duxford was an exciting and informative trip as we learned more about the events that took place during WWII whilst in the operation rooms and discovered what an Anderson Shelter really looked like. We even had the opportunity to board Concord. The children’s behaviour was impeccable- Well done as always Blue 6!




Friday 18th March 2022


It has been a busy week in Blue Class. We have developed our knowledge on the vocabulary needed to effectively explain how an electrical circuit works, used our creative skills to create an image showing how our values lead to actions and deconstructed newspapers to help us with our writing next week. The week finished by learning the new sport of Dragonball.







Friday 11th March 2022


Nikola Tesla has been the subject of many discussions this week as we discover more about his influence on the world of science and his discovery of his electrical system, which he named AC or alternating Current. Yoga has soothed the sole in PE and the children were asked to demonstrate new poses such as bird, cobra and rainbow. Finally, an update from school council about Comic Relief has had us all thinking about new things we can learn.




Friday 4th March 2022


It has certainly been a fun filled week in Blue 6! In science, we have been learning about electricity and where it comes from as well as the different types of electricity. To develop their understanding further we experimented with the transferring of protons and electrons to create static electricity using balloons. As we delve further into our WW2 topic, the children have had the opportunity to explore the official war artist Sir Henry Moore, linking to our unit on sculpture, please ask your children more about his time sketching during the air raids. We have ended the week with World Book Day celebrations and our ‘stop and drop’ reading challenge. What a wonderful effort each of the children put into their costumes.





Friday 25th February 2022


We had the pleasure of a visit from N-Act Theatre Company this week, who performed the play ‘Friend’ for our Year 6 children. The children found the play very insightful and there were mature questions raised after the performance. We have also been thinking about bullying and how this can impact on someone’s emotional health.





Friday 11th February 2022


Handball took a competitive turn this week as the children developed skills in maintaining possession (an attacking principle) during their match.

Maths has been particularly tricky as the children learned about coordinates across 4 quadrants including translation and reflection.




Friday 4th February 2022


This week Blue 6 have been considering what to do in order to prepare for a flood. The children considered before preparations, during and what to do after the event. The children had some excellent ideas linked to our climate change topic. Later in the week, we discussed what to do if we don’t feel safe in school or at home.




Friday 28th January 2022


While the children of Blue 6 may have been involved in lots of exciting learning opportunities this week, nothing quite beats the excitement of Bikeability. Blue 6 have surpassed themselves with their excellent behaviour and brilliant biking technique. The Bikeability team were very impressed with all the children participating over the last two weeks and were sad to say goodbye. Certificates and badges will be sent home with each child.  Although some children did not quite make it out to the road, they were able to practise their skills on the playground, in a special Mrs Levingston group, and some member of the class even learned to ride for the first time. A massive well done to all!




Friday 21st January 2022


In RE this week, we have been discussing what makes behaviour bad and how rules keep us safe. The children were then tasked with the activity to create a ‘Rule Card’ for a happy life. They came up with some wonderful images and quotes that are now proudly hung up around the classroom. We have also engaged in a role-play activity where the children had to use their powers of persuasion in order for their home insurance premium to be reduced, this will feed into their persuasive letter writing next week.




Friday 14th January 2022


In Science, we have been investigating the Law of Reflection using mirrors, paper, card and a torch. The children very much enjoyed learning about persuasive arguments in English, through a game called Would You Rather. We have also been discussing the terms mortgage and insurance (in detail) and have considered how much the content of their bedrooms may be worth.





Friday 7th January 2022


Happy New Year! What a wonderful start to our week it has been with the children engaging in our Learning to Learn days. We have talked about ASPIRE values and focused specifically on independence, perseverance, safety and enjoyment. The children have been continuing with their Design and Technology project to complete their Motte and Bailey Castles, designed to intimidate the enemy. Will they meet the design brief?




Friday 3th December 2021


Christmas has finally arrive here at school and the children have enjoyed getting into the festive spirit. This week we have been consolidating our fraction knowledge through creating Christmas board games, while listening to some Christmas music, and we have been creating Christmas decorations. In PE, we have been learning to use loud confident actions to create the music to our dance performances and in Art, we have been preparing for our final pieces.




Friday 26th November 2021


Across Year 6 we have been learning about ‘How to keep our money safe’ through resources provided from NatWest Bank’s Money Sense. The children learned about reasons we have bank accounts and the terms scam and fraud. At the end of the day, the children put together a mini presentation about their learning. We have also been learning about how we see light and the children created a TV show for younger children to explain. What a fun week of learning.




Friday 12th November 2021


Our trip to Colchester Castle was indeed a success and the children proudly represented our school. Blue 6 thoroughly enjoyed their visit and the numerous activities they participated in throughout the day. Our day consisted of an introduction to the castle; a trip around the museum, looking at artefacts as well as completing activity packs; building a Roundhouse and Roman villa; visiting the prisons; and a story session. What a fabulous day!




Friday 5th November 2021


The theatre company N-Act visited the children of Year 6 this week; the company demonstrated a powerful performance of a play named Invisible, which looks at mental health.  In RE, the children have found out about Ghandi and how he used the concept of Ahimsa (non-violence) to perform peaceful protests, they then went on to create their own images of what the term Ahimsa might mean to them.





Friday 22nd October 2021


The children of Blue have delved further into the world of dragons and medieval chivalry as over the last week they have been looking at the fascinating yet complex question…How to train a dragon?

By looking at other forms of animal training and husbandry such as wild mustangs, sensory dogs and even bomb disposal rats, the children have come up with some ingenious methods of training their dragons and putting them to good use around the castle! The photographs show child hard at role-play to support their future writing.





Friday 15th October 2021


There have been some budding zoologists and botanist in Blue 6, this week as we explore the work of Carl Linnaeus. The children learned about his Latin naming system for living things and went on to creating their own new species of plant/animal. They then wrote about their creature’s diet, habitat and ways in which their animal/plant had adapted to its environment. In art, we have looked at the different designs of flags used during the medieval period in order to help towards our own flag designs.  





Friday 8th October 2021


This week we have been investigating the mystery behind the missing piece of the Bayeux Tapestry, together we have hypothesised and then deigned the missing piece. Not only have been historians, but we have also been expert dragonologists! We have written factual non-chronological reports about dragons to inform novices.


Friday 1st October 2021


This week across Year 6, we were given the important task of creating posters for Refugee children in Southend. Together the children discussed their understanding of the topic and displayed compassion and maturity. These posters were then sent off to the children and were well received. In Science, we have been looking at the ancient Philosopher and Scientist that is Aristotle. The children have been creating comic strips about his life and how he played an important role in laying the foundations of science today.  


Friday 24th September 20221


This week’s learning has allowed us to take a closer look at the mythical beasts that are dragons and how they came to be. The children are building up their knowledge on the fascinating creatures in order to create their own non- chronological report all about them. Not only has it been mythical beasts in English but this has also fed well into our art work, where we are developing our own coat of arms to represent us during battle.


Friday 17th September 2021


Although a busy week of assessments, Blue 6 have shown perseverance and dedication to their learning and should indeed be very proud of their achievements.

In between, we have still managed to enjoy a rich and stimulating curriculum, filled with PE, Swimming, Science, History, Art, RE etc. The children have focused on the areas they are most committed to- ranking these commitments. They have also taken a deep dive in to the historical background of Heraldry and how this allowed knights to be identified during battle.




Friday 10th September 2021


Welcome to Blue 6, it has certainly been a fun week of learning and getting to know one another. This week saw the children planning and writing extracts about a knight’s encounter with a deadly dragon, the children thoroughly enjoyed acting out verbs related to the text and enacting their stories in a role-play. We have started Hockey in PE with a focus on open stick dribbling and reverse stick dribbling, and learned about the characteristics of living things with the mnemonic -MRS NERG.