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Blue Whale 6

Welcome to Blue Whale Class!


Blue Whale Class Weekly News


Monday 16th September 2019 – Friday 20th September 2019


This week in Blue 6 we have been continuing with our work from our Now Press Play experience and have been writing diary entries. We have been focusing on the key word ‘empathetic’ and how we can show empathy in our writing. There have been some fantastic discussions around this and examples in their work. We have also worked on editing and improving our sentences using the ‘Show Not Tell’ method’ (ask your children what this means).

In Maths our new Power Maths scheme is well on the way and the class are getting used to using visual concepts and representations to deepen their mathematical understanding of Place Value. We are working on our knowledge of Place Value to one million and beyond and not only understanding the value of our digits but also being able to justify and explain our choices.

In science our Living Things topic has lead us onto the mnemonic MRS NERG to help us remember the 7 characteristics of living things. We have also learned about the 5 Kingdoms in which these living things can be categorised: Protist, Moneran, Fungi, Plant and Animal. Hopefully the children will be able to name a few living things that fall into these categorises.

We have been looking at the Allies and Axes Powers in History, completing map work using a world atlas to identify these countries. In PSHE we have been flying high to achieve our hopes and dreams and in Art we have been looking at silhouettes and how we can understand character feelings through the body language communicated in the silhouette regardless of the fact no other detail is displayed, other than the outline.

The Year 6 team would just like to end by saying a very big good luck to all those children sitting the 11+ this weekend. I am sure they will do their very best.







Monday 9th September 2019 – Friday 13th September 2019


Welcome to Year 6!

It has been a great first full week back at school and the children have settled in enthusiastically.

During the first term of Year 6 we will be looking at World War Two as so far the topic has been well received by the children, who have enthusiastically taken part in activities relating to this.

This week the children were introduced to ‘Now Press Play during English’. This resource allowed our children to transport themselves back in time to WW2 where they could follow in the footsteps of a wartime evacuee. The children could listen and act out the scenes enabling them to really understand what happened back then. This has then lead on to some fantastic discussions about the war allowing the children to share their current knowledge and develop their curiosity. 

Also this week we have also started looking at All Living Things in Science considering how we know if something is living or non-living. In art we have explored contrasting and analogous colours and considering how we can blend to create effect. We have also been considering our hopes and dreams in PSHE.

It would be wonderful if your children could bring in any relevant artefacts to share with the class.

   Miss Parsons