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Blue Whale Class Weekly News


Monday 10th - Friday 14th  June 2019


In Blue 6 this week the children have started their Enterprise Challenge. Each child has been given £5 to spend on either an individual project or a group one. The idea is for the children to make as much profit as possible from their £5 by selling goods to the whole school. The children have spent the week working together discussing their sales pitch along with finances. Selling will happen next week Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon.

The Year 6 production is well on the way as the children have been rehearing their parts. Some of the children have been choreographing dances for the songs- it is all very exciting.

Also this week Year 5 and 6 participated in sports day, the children of Blue 6 decided they wanted to dress up as babies running down the track with buggies (an interestingly odd idea that they loved). Thank you to all of the parents that managed to come along and sport their children for the afternoon.









Monday 3rd - Friday 7th June 2019


The first week of the last half term for Year 6 has been filled with fun. On Monday we spend the day doing food technology – making bread. The children learned about the history of bread and then went on to making their own, ready to fill on Tuesday.

Tuesday morning the children came in to class, filled their sandwiches and off we went to the beach- where they ate them very quickly. Unfortunately, the weather was not very kind to us which did shorten our trip; however we did not let it stop us from getting our ice-creams. At the beach we managed to play and have lots of fun, before heading back to school where we sketched pictures of our day.

Back to writing on Wednesday where we continued to write our formal letters of invitation linked to Romeo and Juliet. The children were also involved in some work around D-Day to commemorate the 75th anniversary. Around all of this the children have been practising for sports day next week and their Year 6 leavers’ production.










Monday 13th - Friday 17th May 2019


I think across Year 6 we are all grateful for it to be Friday as the SATs have finally finished. The children tackled the tests with such perseverance and determination; they should all be very proud of themselves. Everyone arrived bright and early; either for a nice breakfast or to just sit and gather their thoughts whilst chatting with friends.

Although SATs was of course the main focus of the week, the children were still able to participate in some fun and games out on the playground, let loose during TT Rock Stars and channel their energy in gymnastic lessons.

We have ended the week planning our toy theatres, discussing our production (all parts have been handed out) and swimming.

Just a final note from all the Year 6 teachers- we are extremely proud of each and every child for their continued efforts. They are a credit to you all.

Well done everyone!













Monday 29th - Friday 3rd May 2019


We started off the week dress as ‘Rock Stars’ to launch our new approach to times tables. The children loved dressing the part as they were set challenges to complete to see who could gain a Rock Star status as well as creating their very own Avatar.

As the week has gone on, we have been completing writing tasks and thinking about those areas we need to revise. The children completed a list of the areas they are struggling with and will we be tackling them over the next week.

We also completed our science topic on Humans and Other Animals ready to move on to Evolution and Inheritance. 

Three of our Year 6 girls were lucky enough to join our Year 5s at an amazing performance with The Kingdom Choir on their tour. What an experience for our children to have the pleasure of being a part of. Thank you to all those parents that manage to attend to show your support.









Monday 22nd April 2019 – Friday 26th April 2019


Welcome back, I hope you all had a wonderful Easter break.

In Year 6, the children have been straight back to their learning and on to SATs preparation as the countdown continues. Together the children completed their Mock SATs (the finally round of testing before the real thing). They have tackled the tests with maturity and have worked very hard this week. We started off with GPS and Spelling, then onto Reading and Arithmetic 1 and finally Maths Reasoning 2 and 3. Some very promising results have occurred from these test and the children should be bringing home their result along with revision notes to you.

We have also continued with our Newspaper Reports on the events that took place during Easter Story. The children have recapped through discussion and role play, as well as looking at other newspaper examples.

The children have started their Dance lessons this week with the theme of Shakespeare, looking at a verse from A Midsummers Night’s Dream. The children were learning to perform specific dance moves, in groups, using canon style.

Finally they ended the week with the start of their summer swimming lessons.






Monday 1st April 2019 – Friday 5th April 2019


The children started off the week in Leigh Wesley Methodist Church singing their hearts out in preparation for a school competition. The children sang beautifully and should be proud of themselves regardless of the outcome.  

 With glorious sun shine on Monday we decided to go outside in Blue 6 to complete our science lesson on the playground. The children had to complete 10 minutes of exercise, checking their pulse rate after each minute. They were to then discuss the results and create a bar chart of the results. The children completed a series of statements relating to pulse rate and that of other animals. For example: The smaller the animal the faster the pulse rate.

As the Easter holiday approaches the children have been learning about the Easter story. We have been reviewing direct and indirect speech as well as performing role plays of each character in the story itself. The children will eventually be writing Newspaper reports on the events that occurred.

We ended the week making Easter cards which will hopefully make their way home to you.

Last of all on Friday many of Blue 6 had the opportunity to perform at this year’s Leigh North Streets Got Talent! There were some fantastic performances this year from all the children and they should be very proud. I would like to congratulate all those children who attended auditions and competed in the show this year, as well as our Hosts Poppy and James.

Have a wonderful holiday and Happy Easter to all of you!








Monday 25th March – Friday 29th March 2019


We started off this week with a very interesting performance from theatre company N-Act, who specifically perform in schools in order to make street crime topics accessible to children. This particular performance was called ‘Friend’ which looked at gang culture and what to do if you are worried about related incidents. The children asked very mature and insightful questions – as a team the Year 6 teachers were very proud of how your children handled this topic. Each child should have bought home an information sheet with FAQs including important telephone numbers – Gangsline- 07753 351256, Childline- 0800 1111 and Crimestopper- 0800 555 111.


In Maths this week we have continued making our refugee camps looking at volume, area and perimeter. The children were given the task of creating three buildings with the same volume but different dimensions (some children found this trickier than others). They could include 4 other buildings on their camp that could only have a foot print of 600cm2.

To end the week we were greeted by the glorious sun and together we completed our letters of complaint for English outside on the benches.









Monday 18th March 2019 – Friday 22nd March 2019



This week although may have seemed like test, test, test for your children has in fact involved much more than that. However I would like to add that the children have worked extremely well all week and have approached this week with much maturity. It is fantastic to see how much they have progressed since the beginning of the year and on the lead up to their SATs exams.

We have continued with our science lessons this week looking at double circulation- I am sure your children will be happy to explain all about this to you at home.

In History the children looked at a case study of Gandhi and his involvement in India’s road to independence. Together we watched a short cartoon of Gandhi’s life where the class made notes and discussed these ready to write his obituary. 

In PSHE this week the children talked about their dreams and goals and completed a totem pole to success. This included them planning out the stages required to achieve these things in their life.













Monday 25th February - Friday 1st March 2019


It is the end of our first week back after half term and what a busy week it has been. We started off the week with the children continuing Narrative writing with the aim to continue a story that includes mystery and suspense. Please ask your children about the storyline.

In Maths this week we have been looking at co-ordinates as well as translation and reflection, the children were unsure of this at first but have really got to grips with the concepts- great work!

We have started a new topic in science, where we are looking at humans and other living things. This week’s focus has been ‘The Heart’. We talked about how our heart works and were able to see an example of this from a model we have at school that demonstrates the blood pumping around all four chambers of the heart.

In history the children have been creating posters that either promotes their chosen country to remain a part of the British Empire or to become an independent country.

I would also like to thank all of the parents that attended parent consultations this week. It was a pleasure to be able to talk about each individual child and how wonderful they all are.






Monday 11th February - Friday 15th February 2019


We have continued our narrative work on Predators in English this week. The children have carefully planned the steps in which their predators will take in order to capture their prey. These stories involve an interesting twist and there have been some excellent pieces produced.

In Geography this week we have taken a look back at persuasion, with the children planning out adverts that involve selling British commodities to China. They have spent this week researching, planning and filming their adverts ready for the class to watch and critique. We had a great time reviewing old TV advertisements and discussing the features they could include in their own.  

We end this week with a sad farewell to Mrs Jones –one of our wonderful Year 6 LSAs. However we would like to wish her all the best and hope she enjoys retirement.






Monday 4th February - Friday 8th February 2019


As a year group we had a very interesting trip to St Clement’s church this week.

In art we have been looking at stain glass windows and felt that a trip to look at some real ones would be beneficial. The children sat in the church carefully sketching the fine details of the windows, looking at how they are constructed and trying to display these elements in their drawings. The children will later be making their own stain glass window designs linked to their topic of The British Empire.





Monday 28th January - Friday 1st February 2019






Monday 21st January - Friday 25th January 2019


We started off the week with a fun maths lesson outside in the playground Geocaching. My maths class were the first to test out our new GPS devices, hunting for hidden treasures around the school playground. The children were required to programme the device and then either select coordinates or the compass to track down the item they were looking for.

Also this week in maths the children have been investigating number patterns, using their knowledge of place value and predicting what they think will happen next.

In English we have continued with our explanation texts with the children looking at a range of text, verbally explaining a process to one another and then improving on this. They have also planned and written explanations about their ‘Crown Jewels transporting machines’. Within this the children have been considering a range of different sentence types and the types of conjunctions we can use.

In history we have completed a case study on the Caribbean and looked at sugarcane plantations. In geography we have found out about Marco Polo the famous explorer and the children discussed the question- Why does Marco Polo visit the UK every eleven weeks? Ask your children for more information.






Monday 14th January – Friday 18th January 2019


This week has been a busy week across Year 6 as the children have been trying out some sample tests in order to practise their skills in preparation for the SATs. These tests will help to inform the children of their progress and help to set personal targets for themselves as well as inform the teachers of areas the children need to develop.  They have all worked very hard and should be proud of the efforts they have made.

In Science we have moved on to learning about Electricity, the children have used their prior knowledge to make circuits and discuss how each component works as well as learn how to accurately draw them.

In history we have looked further into the British Empire and talked about why Britain wanted to build an Empire.  The children categorised key statements under the headings Economic, Power, social and Military. They then created a Diamond nine from these.

In geography we have been looking at Fair Trade and in particular this week the Silk Route- A road used for trading silk from China to other countries. We have discussed how trading can link to our topic on the British Empire.






Monday 7th January - Friday 11th January 2019




Happy New Year!  


It has certainly been a fun filled first week back at school in Year 6.


We started off the week with our two ‘Learning to Learn’ days. On day one the children were set off on some team activities linked to our core values, ASPIRE. This involved them coming up with new ways to remember how to spell the words broccoli, manoeuvre, and desiccated. Please ask your children for more information. They were then asked to complete the challenge to create a prototype design of a vehicle that could transport the Crown Jewels, using an egg to represent them.


On day two, the children were introduced to our new topic, The British Empire. They participated in an India Day, where children rotated around the classrooms to complete different activities: tie dye, Diva lamps and Indian food. Thank you for the wonderful outfits; it was a fun and creative day of learning.

During the rest of the week the children have completed maths activities and in English have continued with their prototype work from Monday. They have now improved their designs and considered what features their vehicle would need if transporting the real Crown Jewels, to then write an explanation text. Also in History the children have continued to find out more about the British Empire.

To see more images of our week please see our ‘Learning to Learn’ page.








Monday 17th December- Thursday 20th December 2018


It has been a fun filled week with Pantomimes and Parties; the children have had a wonderful time. They have had time to complete their Christmas cards and Anderson shelters as well as completing Christmas Maths activities and spending time with their reading buddies. I am sure that they are very excited to spend time with their families over the Christmas period celebrating and eating far too much food.


Thank you for all the very generous gifts, the children will be bringing a little something home with them as well. Have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year!








Monday 10th December- Friday 14th December 2018


We are certainly getting into the Christmas spirit this week, with a jammed pack week of events.



The children have been looking at the poem ‘T’was the Night Before Christmas’ discussing its poetic features and creating their own versions of the poem. Look forward to reading them at home as the children will be adding them to the Christmas cards that they have created especially for you.



The children have looked at Pop-up and Moving Christmas cards and spent some time designing and testing them out before moving on to creating them. The children have added their own artistic flare to the cards and they are looking fantastic.



Also this week the children have been very busy rehearsing in the church ready for the Year 5/6 carol concert. The production went very well and the children sung their hearts out. It was fantastic to see so many people in the audience supporting the children. Thank you very much.






Monday 3rd December- Friday 7th December 2018


This week in Year 6 we were lucky enough to have some visitors from NatWest bank, who came in to help our team deliver a MoneySense workshop.



The children were to plan a cost effective party for a key child with the given budget of £100.Together the children worked in teams discussing their ideas about parties and what would make a party fun and entertaining. Once they had competed the party plan and budget, they then had to create a short presentation to advertise their party to the rest of the class. The winning group would then present to the rest of the year group.



Overall the children had a fun, creative day of learning that they thoroughly enjoyed. Each child was presented with a certificate for their participation and a piggy bank key ring.



The team from NatWest were very impressed with the children’s use of questioning, teamwork and generally commented on how well behaved they were.

Well done Year 6!



In other news this week, the children had a wonderful afternoon making Christmas decorations and listening to Christmas music. They made Christmas trees using glue and wool- ask them to explain the process further (it was very messy).

They also made reindeers using brown card, googly eyes, pipe cleaners and pom poms. All decorations will be displayed in the KS2 hall ready to see at the Christmas Fayre on Friday.

I hope to see you all there.








Weekly Update – Blue -26.11.18


This week in Blue 6 we have continued looking at the life of Pedro the Paradog in English, with the aim of children writing their own biographies about him. We have looked at a range of biographies about prominent people during WW2 (Anne Frank and Violet Szabo) to help us identify the key features of a biographical text.

This week in History we have been learning about rationing in WW2; the children even made their own ration books.

In PSHE we have been looking at ‘Power’ and how a person can have power over another. The children were given different scenarios involving power that they then created freeze frames from. As a class we discussed the situation, who had the power and why. We then went on to discuss what to do and who the children can go to if they find themselves in a situation similar to the ones discussed in class. Some of the websites discussed can be found below.



CBBC website:

Beat Bullying:





Monday 19th November- Friday 23rd November 2018


We had an excellent trip to the Apple Store this week, the children were able to design a presentation for a new product. Ask your children for more information about the trip.






Monday 12th November- Friday 16th November 2018


This week in Blue 6 we have been testing out the strength and structure of Anderson shelters in Design and Technology. The children had to investigate the difference in strength between a curved roof and flat roof using paper and tape to hold in place. They then tested folding techniques to see if this added strength. The children had lots of fun dropping multilink cubes as pretend bombs on top of their designs. Later in the week they then made prototypes ready to design their own structures.


History this week has had the children researching the events that took place during the Blitz in WW2. The children found out facts and learned the differences between this and the Battle of Britain. They then went on to writing Poems about the Blitz using Alan Peat sentences to support them, as well as listening to sound effects and looking images to help them consider their senses.


In science we have been continuing with our topic ‘Light’ and more specifically have been looking at ‘refraction’. The children did two investigations on refraction – The Amazing Arrow and Incredible Images. Please ask your children what happened during these investigations.


The children have also started Gymnastics and are in to their third week. They have been thoroughly enjoying themselves as they learn new skills. Please see pictures below.









Monday 5th November 2018 – Friday 9th November 2018


Last week the children of Year 6 had the pleasure of visiting Duxford. We were very lucky with the weather as the sun was shining brightly, unlike the day before. The children were very excited to go on board Concord, visit the American Air Museum, the 1940s operation room and much more. Photos of the day can be seen below. Overall the children had a fantastic day and were brilliantly behaved. Well done Blue 6!

This week the children have been following the story of two Jewish children trying to escape from Germany. The children have explored different stories relating to real life events which have allowed then to consider what life was like in war time Germany and how these children may have planned an escape. Next week the children will have the opportunity to turn their experiences into a narrative of their own.

Also this week in science the children have been looking at the law of reflection. Please feel free to ask your children to explain this law to you. The children then applied this to their very own periscope. Thank you very much to all those who kindly brought in cereal boxes to help out.








Monday 29th October 2018 – Friday 2nd November 2018



It has been a very busy week across Year 6 with the children once again completing SATs style tests to help them progress toward the end of the year. The children have all worked very hard and were rewarded with a fun filled Friday at Duxford. (Photos of the trip will follow next week’s blog.)

In science this week Blue 6 had a great time pretending to be TV presenters for a children’s Science show. They were to explain and demonstrate ‘How we see light’. The children’s shows were recorded for them to look back at and evaluate their performance.

Also this week the children have had another chance at role play. This time in History, where the children experienced war time roles, they were to consider the jobs that both men and especially women did during this time.





Monday 15th October 2018 – Friday 19th October 2018


This week in Blue 6 the children have been looking at the life of an evacuee during WW2. The children studied propaganda posters during this time period that were specifically aimed at parents in relation to evacuation. The children then created some of their own posters.

In RE we have been looking at kosher food. The children were to take into consideration the Jewish laws relating to food and create their own kosher food menu.

The children finally finished their Blitz pictures in art and some fantastic images can be seen below.






Monday 1st October 2018 – Friday 5th October 2018


In Maths this week the children have been solving multistep addition and subtraction word problems and have been developing their investigation skills.


PSHE was very fun this week- the children were looking at their own behaviour and how it can have an impact on their learning as well as others. To start the lesson the children played a game called ‘Treasure Keeper’. The idea was for a child to steal the treasure in class manoeuvring around the obstacles without being caught.  This then linked on to them considering a learning goal for Year 6, with this goal they were to consider any obstacles that could prevent them from achieving this goal and how they could find solutions to this. The class came up with some excellent ideas.


In all it has been another successful week of learning. Keep up the hard work Blue 6.

Miss Parsons






Weekly Update – Blue - 24.09.18


Blue 6 have started the week looking at newspaper articles, with the aim of eventually writing their own. The theme has involved our topic of WW2, more specifically looking at the Queen Mother’s visit to the East End. To allow the children to be fully engrossed with topic we have been role playing some war scenarios, which have allowed children to retrace the events of a Blitz attack in London.  We were then able to put our journalistic skills to the test by interviewing some brave volunteers in the ‘Hot Seat’.  Our journalists were to investigate the events that took place and what the experiences of the characters were.

In RE this week we have continued to look at the Jewish faith considering the importance of the ‘Sefer Torah’. This is a sacred book that explains how those who follow the faith should live their lives.  It is a mixture of readings and teachings.

Carl Linnaeus was the discussion of our science lesson this week, a Swedish philosopher and botanist who created a hierarchy of living things. He was famous for his work on Taxonomy and his naming system is still used today around the world.  The children had fun creating their own animal and creating a Latin name.

In art we have developed background images and created silhouettes using black card. There has been a particular focus on artists that use silhouettes such as Jan Pienkowski and Charles Burns.


Finally we have ended the week dressed in gold yellow or orange in support of Golden Geese day- the children looked amazing. Thank you for all the generous donations.





Weekly Update – Blue - 17.09.18


This week in Year 6 we have been trying out some sample SATs papers; all the children have worked very hard.  The tests completed have been Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Spelling and Mathematics.

In Blue 6 we have still managed to continue enjoying other areas of the curriculum.  We have been looking at the Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, who first classified living things. He carefully observed the world around him & decided there was a hierarchy of living things, which he called the ‘Ladder of Nature’.

In History we have continued with our work on WW2 with the focus of the Battle of Britain. The children will be using their investigation skills over the next few weeks to answer the question ‘Why was winning the Battle of Britain in 1940 so important’. 

We have also elected school council representatives for our class- It was a close call with some excellent speeches.

Our winners were Poppy N and James- well done.

Although another demanding week, the children have been fantastic.

Great work Blue 6!

We realise that children have been working incredibly hard and that although homework has been set for collection for next week, those who are finding it difficult to balance 11+ work and school work do not have to hand it in this week. However we know there will be many who do make the deadline. 

Finally, we would like to wish all the children taking their 11+ this weekend and on Tuesday the best of luck.

Miss Parsons





Weekly Update – Blue - 10.09.18

It has been a fantastic first full week back at school and the children have been working very hard.

In English the children have been writing recounts and have been considering how to use the simple past, past perfect and past progressive. Ask your children about these as I am sure they will be able to demonstrate their new knowledge with you.

In Maths the main focus for the week has been place value skills. The children have been demonstrating how they can apply the skills that they already have to reasoning questions.

In science we have been looking at Living things. The children have focussed on the mnemonic MRS NERG to help them remember the seven life processes that tell us that animals are alive. They have also looked at the 5 Kingdoms of classification.

In History the children looked at the causes of WW2, briefly discussing the Treaty of Versaille, and the economic depression. They have also been introduced to the terms allies and axis and identified them on a map. 

In art we have been learning about blending techniques and looking at skylines. In PE we have been playing team games and using problem solving skills.  In PSHE we have considered our fears of being in Year 6 and discussing our dreams and aspirations for now and the future.

Finally in RE we have started to look at the Jewish religion, the children identified the features of a synagogue such as ‘Ner Tamid’ and ‘Torah’.

The children have been impeccably behaved all week and I am very impressed by the amount of reading that has taken place. Well done Blue 6. 

Miss Parsons






Weekly Update – Blue - 06.09.18

Welcome to Year 6!

It has been a great first two days back and the children have settled in enthusiastically.

We have been looking at our class expectations and how these link to our school values ‘ASPIRE’. The children then completed some drama activities to demonstrate how these can be presented not only in school life but also in everyday life.

Our Topic of WW2 has been well received by the children and they have enthusiastically taken part in activities relating to this. On our first day back the children got to use out ‘Now Press Pay’ equipment to listen to the events of WW2 and act these out.  This stimulated them to share their current knowledge and they are curious to find out more. It would be lovely for children to bring in any relevant artefacts to share with the class.

Miss Parsons