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We learn together through Questioning, Perseverance and a Growth Mindset.

Years 3 - 6 Residential Trips

Year Six Stubbers

Day Four

As the sun sets on the Class of 2023 we sign off our final blog and can't wait to see you tomorrow. Pall Mall Gates open 11.20am!


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Hooray Wifi is restored: Two for the price of one! 


One short morning: one long roll call of stars! Take Immy for example, who in spite grave misgivings about the caving activity planned, found the courage to take part and complete the entire course! By all accounts, the dark gloom of the caves was illuminated by her beaming smiles as realised she had conquered her fears. Not content with that, she went on to be top of the class in archery…narrowly missing out to the actual instructor.  

Meanwhile on “Hamburger Hill” all mayhem was afoot as Group 4 were pitted against Group 5 in a battle royal. Plaudits go to the team of Amelia L, Reggie, Rosalia, Alex, Sid, Edward, Dara, Josh and Lola B who ruthlessly took down all in their wake. 

Mrs Levingston would like it noted that her group have thrown everything into completing all tasks and challenges presented to them. Nice work group 1! 

Over on the lake, Group 7 have amazed the other schools with their paddle boarding skills. We saw headstands, the splits and even backflips! The other children using the lake were super impressed and concluded they were, “Awesome!”  

A job well done LNSPS! 

If after all our exploits this afternoon, we still have some strength, you might find us busting some moves at the on- site disco as our last hoorah before  departure tomorrow!

No Wifi... 

We have heard from Camp LNSPS and the children are all having a great time, some have spent time on the water today and taken part in some kayaking challenges. We are looking forward to hearing more but the camp is currently without wifi so while we wait please enjoy these photos from the last few days. 


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Thursday Morning

Rain fell in the night but it has done nothing to dampen our spirits- in actual fact, the forecast for today is optimistic and it is expected that the sun will make an appearance at some point today- fingers crossed.  

Rather fittingly, this will be the first time all 82 LNSPS campers will sit down, as one, for breakfast as though to mark our last day of outdoor venture and pursuits. Another exciting day of activities is planned and we will be sure to relay all the memorable moments… 

Day Three

Wednesday Evening

The camp is abuzz with today’s set of children taking their tent allocations and playing “house” with their new roommates. Having children arrive mid-week, has brought a renewed energy to proceedings and added an even more positive dynamic to the group. The compliments and accolades constantly swirl around LNSPS children as staff from Stubbers and fellow guests have repeatedly made comment about their inclusive and caring conduct to both themselves and others and at and at every turn they exhibit impeccable manners.

Hot off the coach, Bella and Emily M from Orca were quick to make their mark, as their crate stacking instructor opined that in all his 7 years of running the activity, he had never seen a pair stack as speedily and deftly as our intrepid duo!

After a well-received supper of pasta with a variety of sauces, garlic bread and salad, we are now awaiting our instructor to take us to the ‘Mini Olympics’- let the games begin!

Wednesday Afternoon

We are delighted to report that we all survived the axe throwing and have the same number of fingers and toes as when we started. We learned that although brute force is often an asset when completing strenuous tasks- wielding and throwing an axe is an art, which like any skill, when rigorously practiced can be honed. Many of this afternoon’s activities (though slightly less panic inducing than axe throwing) are no less exacting and will require the children to work as a team to successfully achieve a common goal.

You’ll be glad to hear that the children who left LNSPS this morning have now arrived and after a lunch of sausage rolls and sandwiches have thrown themselves into this afternoon’s activities like seasoned professionals!

Wednesday Morning

Today sees the hotly anticipated arrival of 19 more LNSPS additions to the camp. In only two days, the children have achieved so much and are keen to share and make new stories with the joining group. We will be sure to inform you of their safe arrival and settling in.

Strange to think that as the morning progresses, we will have crossed over the halfway point of our adventure- we have already done so much but there is still so much to do! To date, some personal highlights and favourite moments have been:

 “I really enjoyed the Team Challenge as I started off a little nervous but my confidence grew more and more because I learned to trust my team and was able to complete the Trust Fall in the end!”  reflected Verity. However, Enzo’s preferred activity, thus far, has been paddle boarding as he learned to stand up, “It was really cool to be out in the middle of the lake,” he enthused, “I’ve learned a new skill!”

 With such a range of activities on offer today, such as:  banana boating, laser combat, axe throwing (yes really!) and archery, it will be interesting to see if new highlights and favourite activities will be forged over the day!

Huge congratulations to Ben in Beluga who turns 11 today! Happy Birthday from Y6, we hope you have a super day!

Day Two

Tuesday Evening 

As the sun sets on Day 2, there is much to reflect on, such as the exemplary team work exhibited in the Pioneer Challenge with standout performances from Mrs Phillips’ Team.

A special mention goes to Holly in Blue Whale Class and the bravery of the banana boaters!

Spirits remain high and mercifully gnat bites are low so bring on Day 3 when camp is looking forward to welcoming some new friends!

Tuesday Lunchtime


Lunchtime tales of pure endeavour and daring do, reverberate about the dining hall as our children reconvene from their activity groups and munch on baguette pizza, delicious homemade flapjacks and selections from the salad bar. It has been so rewarding for staff to hear children share this morning’s recounts of success and triumphs. A worthy case in point being, the children who attended today’s dirt boarding sessions. Their instructor was so impressed by our children’s conduct  and skills he was moved to say that he had never encountered children so young, being so talented and proficient. This was despite being joined by a visiting Mr Hautler- who managed to stay on his feet…most of the time…!  

Tuesday Morning

"Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise." The children of Y6 might well have taken Benjamin Franklin’s sage words to heart as when bedtime arrived, after the initial excited chatter of the day subsided, deep snores were heard around Camp LNSPS.

On rising, with military precision and verve we are all, showered and breakfasted and are currently awaiting today’s challenges. A common theme which seems to be surfacing is our children’s have- ago- attitude and their willingness to conquer fears as displayed in abundance by Group 1 who successfully scaled the height of the high wires yesterday! Much more to follow…

Day One

Monday Evening

“Absolutely fantastic! ” was the excited verdict of children re reflecting on today’s activities. The weather continued to hold as our children engaged in such activities as laser tag, banana boat, and paddle boarding. After a hearty supper of katsu curry we will be going for a guided for walk to further explore our wonderful surrounding! With all the exertions the children are sure to be asleep well before their allotted times....or perhaps that's being a little bit optimistic!

An army, they say, marches on its stomach which most definitely is the case for the class of 2023. After rigorous morning activities such as caving, dirt boarding climbing and high ropes we have stopped for lunch. It might be supposed that with last weeks’ multiple late nights (Display Evening, Y6 performances, and Leavers’ Party) the children might be flagging – absolutely not! As we write children are preparing themselves for a whole host of activities which we will tell you about later.

And just like that…it was time to clamber on board the awaiting coaches and embark upon our long awaited and much anticipated residential to Stubbers which punctuates a triumphant year in the lives of our Year 6 children.

We are glad to report that we have arrived safely and without incident, and in spite of the deary weather forecast the day seems rather settled, if not promising. Having left the coach, we have a had a quick chance to explore the site which will be our home for the next 4 ½  days- the overwhelming consensus is a resounding thumbs up with Edward remarking that he thought the campsite was cool as it had a good vibe- we can’t argue with that!




Year 5 Residential 


Thank you to Dixie for being our nighttime photographer. Arctic class have woken up and the eagerly anticipated Mrs Hayhurst breakfast was devoured. They have all had a good time and will be home soon with bags full of washing and amazing memories made.

What a brilliant afternoon Arctic have had! The water games and the shade of the trees were a welcome relief to the scorching temperatures. 

The children are just learning how to use a washing line and will soon be gathering the firewood for dinner. 

Lunch was cooked and enjoyed by the children. They even smiled through the washing up. Arctic are off in the woods building dens and Pacific are enjoying their final activity before boarding the coach home. All the children are having a great time and are being a credit to LNSPS and their families. 

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Welcome Arctic

Good morning from camp! 

Pacific class are now the camp pros and sharing their wisdom with Arctic Class. At the moment Arctic are being schooled in bushcraft so that they can all cook up a feast of jacket potatoes for lunch. 

Later Pacific will be creating chemical reactions to launch rockets and Arctic will be playing water games. 

The children have loved the freedom of playing in the woods, enjoyed water games and excelled at lighting fires to cook their dinner. Next time you have a bbq they are keen to show you how to make a pizza wrap and stuffed apple or banana. 

Good morning Atlantic and welcome Pacific 

Pacific have arrived and made up their beds for tonight. 

The rain has stopped and the children are just receiving the camp rules before being let loose in the woods! 

Atlantic awoke in good spirits to a cooked breakfast. Even the rain and thunder could not dampen the mood and the children enjoyed playing indoor games.  

As I write, Atlantic are all gathered around the campfire having cooked their own dinner over fires they lit themselves.

It won't be long before they drink a warm drink and enjoy a s'more before brushing their teeth and heading to bed.

It has been a brilliant day and all the children have had a great time. 

Atlantic Water Fun

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We have made the most of the glorious sunshine and the children have enjoyed a slip and slide and some water games. This was a much needed treat after cooking and washing up lunch.

'This experience is more than I expected. It is just so fun especially the slip and slide' Andre

Atlantic Class have arrived safely and established our camp deep in the wilds of Benfleet.

Unpacking was the first order of the day, followed by exploring in the dell.

The camp is filled with happy sounds of children playing and the sun is currently shining brightly.

The children will soon light the campfires to cook their lunch. 

Year Four Residential 2023

Skreens Park 

Paua Update

The children slept well after an evening of campfire songs and smores. You can tell by their smiles they are having a great time! They have two activities ahead of them this morning before heading back to school. They can't wait to tell you all about it. 


Paua Evening Update

After a great afternoon of bridge building and a long walk, the children enjoyed a dinner of chicken and rice with a choice of three sauces (curry, sweet and sour or cheese and tomato) so everyone could enjoy something that took their fancy. Last night jelly and ice cream was such a hit so the Paua children were treated to this classic too. 

The evening is now in full swing with campfire songs and smores. 

Welcome Paua Goodbye Oyster 

Oyster have had a great final morning of crate stacking and archery. They will be loading their bags on to the coach, that has just delivered Paua, shortly. 

An excited bunch of Pauas are unpacking their bags and making their beds. The anticipation is high and they just can't wait to get stuck in. 


Oyster Update 

Yesterday was really fun! In the afternoon we built bridges out of wooden planks. The hardest bit was tying the knots. 

We went on a long and quite beautiful walk by the lake. We saw a duck house, swan nest, lots of lily pads and a coot. 

Then we had dinner which was really delicious. The spaghetti hoops and jelly were the best bit. 

We then played outside until it was dark. Then we did some singing and toasted marshmallows and made smores by candle light. 

Update by Jack and Noah G

Oyster Update

Wow what a morning! The children have supported each other on a wheelchair obstacle course and through a woodland course wearing blindfolds. Mrs Moore even trusted one group to blindfold her and use only finger clicks, stamps and whistles to guide her from tree to tree- (luckily she has survived and is able to bring you this blog!) 

Thank you to the children who designed today's lunchtime menu: burgers and the salad bar were a big hit (not to mention the chocolate cake).

A special thank you to Sophia and Oscar who popped the hoover round and swept the floor after lunch. 

Hello Oyster Goodbye Cockle

A full complement of Oysters have arrived to glorious sunshine. Beds have been made and the children are now enjoying some free play before sessions of wheelchair obstacle courses and a sensory trail. 

Cockle Class are just loading their bags on to the coach ready to return to school for lunch. 


Cockle Morning Update

We had a good sleep, got up and brushed our teeth. We packed our bags and had breakfast. Breakfast was cereal and a hot breakfast cooked by Mrs Hayhurst. It was really good. 

We are excited for the rest of the day. Today we are going on a sensory trail and wheelchair racing. 

Update written by Emily and Nancy 

Cockle Evening Update

This afternoon we tied rope and logs together to make a triangular structure that we all got to walk across. 

Then we went for a walk by the lake and through a farm with corn. It was wet and muddy but helped build up our appetite. 

Dinner was 10/10! We had pasta bolognaise and apple pie and custard. 

We are now having fun in the hall: chatting, drawing pictures and playing games. 

Update written by Carter, Ralph and Joseph 


Cockle have arrived at Skreens. 

The morning activities of Crate Stacking and Archery were enjoyed before a hearty lunch of jacket potato. 

The children are just embarking on their afternoon activity of Bridge Building. Fingers crossed the forecasted rain holds off. 

Year Six at Stubbers

Final Update From Camp

This morning the children had to be woken up but are all in good spirits and looking forward to two more activities before the coach collects us at 3.30pm. 

The children are now busy packing their bags and although they have had a blast are looking forward to seeing their families when we return approximately 4.15pm.

When the coach arrives on Pall Mall we will bring all the children and their belongings on to the Astro. Please can all parents enter via the single gate (at 4.15pm) and wait on the playground. We will not need any help emptying the coach. 

Once your child and all belongings have been dismissed, please exit via the single gate.

Any medication will need to be collected from Mr Martin. 


Day Four Update

Another brilliant day. We can't believe how many activities we have been able to pack in. The children are just having a shower before a dinner of Fajitas and evening of games. Some children are looking forward to the disco tent, some to the table tennis competition and some to just spending time relaxing and making their own entertainment in the fresh air. 

Day Four 

After a relaxed evening of games (Mrs Moore had never played Othello but has now been schooled and can't wait to take on some more children this evening!) and an epic frisbee challenge all children slept well.

They were excited that breakfast was a full English with toast and cereals. They are being an absolute pleasure to spend time with and are a credit to LNSPS and their families. 

Day Three Update 

Our campmates have arrived and are getting stuck in. They are particularly looking forward to getting to try axe throwing and crate stacking as well as water sports over the next few days. 

As another day draws to a close the children have worked together as teams building rafts and completing team challenges. 

Day Three


We have woken after a good nights sleep and enjoyed seeing the rabbits, ducks and ducklings roaming through our camp. 

A full English breakfast has been devoured and there was just time for a group photo before we head off for a day full of activities. 

We are looking forward to being joined by the two nighters later on. 

Day 2 Evening Update 

The camp is a lot quieter tonight after a full on day of activities. Children have eaten and showered and are enjoying some down time before some milk and a biscuit. 

Day 2 Update 

The morning has been brilliant. All children have given their first activity their all and are displaying our ASPIRE values in abundance. They have either caved, climbed, dirt boarded or been on the water. 

We are currently in the dinner hall eating sandwiches and sausages rolls. 

Two more activities await us this afternoon. 

What a treat we had for dinner: Katsu Curry and access to a salad bar followed by fruit, chocolate cake and some much needed ice cream. All the children found something that they would happily eat. 

The children are now relaxing and playing. Some have learnt new card games, some played cricket and tennis and lots enjoyed an epic game of tug of war. 

The children have been put in their activity groups for tomorrow and been told about the tent inspections that will follow a breakfast of egg/ beans on toast, cereals and toast! 


We have arrived the children have been allocated their tents in our tented village and are now playing, drawing and chatting in the shade. After the heat of the midday sun we will been heading to the adventure trail before dinner.