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I worked for over thirty years as a teacher in the local area, retiring ten years ago as head teacher at a local primary school. From 1990-1995 I was deputy head teacher at Leigh Infant School. I remember my time at the school with great pleasure due to the enthusiasm of the children and the support of the parents who valued the high standards and appreciated the wide and varied curriculum provided.

I have been a governor at schools that have had highly successful Ofsted judgements but also those that have needed support. I am delighted that I have been able to continue my work with the schools by becoming a member of the Primary School Governing Body.

I believe that governors should know a school and its community well in order to be both supportive and challenging. I will be visiting the school frequently and. I look forward to meeting the children and staff and I hope to have the opportunity to meet and hear from parents.




I’m a parent governor with 4 children - 2 at the school (years 3 and 5 as of 2021 / 2022) with the other 2 having left over the last few years. I'm from the area, although I need to confess, I went to Chalkwell Hall.


I spent 15 years of my career working for an education company called Pearson, who provide educational products and services to learners around the world. My expertise is in strategy, organisational design, development and change management - broadly speaking it was about making the organisations more effective - and I'm hoping I'll be able to help the school in the same way. 


I'm really excited about being able to provide a parent's perspective and feel very privileged to be serving on the governing body. 



                                                       Father Neil Dalley



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