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Welcome to Sandhopper Class!


Sandhopper Class Weekly News

Monday 12th July 2021 – Friday 16th July 2021


This week has been mainly about memories!


 We have thought about all of the things that we have done this year-the things that we enjoyed the most, the things that were the most interesting and the things that we will remember from our time together in Year 2.


It hasn’t been a straightforward year and the one thing that the Sandhopper team will remember is your amazing children! They have been a joy (99.9% of the time!) and, as I have said to them many times, classes like theirs don’t come along very often ,and, when they do, the teachers love them! And we have ❤️.




Monday 5th July 2021 – Friday 9th July 2021


It has been a VERY exciting week in and out of Sandhopper Class!


On Tuesday the children met their Year 3 teachers and they spent a lovely 2 hours getting to know Mr Bond, Miss Nash and Miss Ford and their new classmates! When they returned they were all bursting to tell us about their mornings! Everyone had a fantastic time and their new teachers were very pleased  with their new classes too!


We waved a fond farewell to the lovely Sue who has been visiting us and teaching the whole class some sign language and the most fitting way we could think of was to make her a signing card! It says ‘Thank you’ ( I hope!)





Monday 28th June 2021 – Friday 2nd July 2021


This final term seems to be flying past! It must be because we are sooooo busy!


In Maths this week we have finished our Power Maths unit on fractions and have begun learning about time- telling and writing the o’clock and half past times, moving on to the quarter to and quarter past times.


In English our focus is Humorous Verse and we have been looking closely at ‘On The Ning, Nang, Nong’ by Spike Milligan. One of the techniques that Spike Milligan uses in his poem is alliteration and we had a go at writing some of our own, using our names....


Dangerous, dancing Dixie!

Racing, rocking Ruby!

Kind Kye

Have a wonderful weekend!





Monday 21st June 2021 – Friday 25th June 2021


So it’s officially summer! However, nobody seems to have told the weather!


In our maths this week we are continuing with our fraction work~ focussing on equivalent fractions such as 2/4 =1/2. We have also been ordering fractions from the smallest to the largest.


Our non- chronological reports are complete! The children have been so motivated to find out facts to include in their reports- I am very pleased with the work they have produced and the children are very proud of their achievement, the result of 2 weeks of hard work!




Monday 14th June 2021 – Thursday 17th June 2021


As promised here are our grass caterpillars! Somewhere, under all that magnificent growth, are the bodies! 



As well as basking in our growing success, we have been continuing to research rainforests and have begun to write our non- chronological reports. We have found out so many interesting and surprising facts!



In our Science this week we have continued to observe our bean plants and we have checked to see if our bird scarers are doing the job they were designed for!


Enjoy the lovely long weekend!



Monday 7th June 2021 – Friday 11th June 2021


Welcome back! I hope that you all had a super, sunny half term- the weather was magnificent wasn’t it? Almost as hot as a rainforest......well, maybe not! 

We are looking at non- chronological report writing in our English this week and have been researching rainforests to prepare us for writing our own interesting non- fiction report. To kick start our research we made rainforest dioramas on Monday and everyone worked very hard and had amazing creative ideas...



In Science we checked up on our grass caterpillars ( photos next week!) and we thought about protecting our young bean plants from the birds. In another practical session the children upcycled a variety of different objects and materials and constructed bird scarers.  When they were complete we made the most of the glorious weather and went in to the school garden to put them near the beans!



Have a wonderful weekend 



Monday 24th May 2021 – Friday 28th May 2021


Well, we have made it to half term! Hooray! It has felt like a long half term but the children have all worked so hard! 


This week we have been doing lots of comprehension activities in our English sessions and revisiting some of the concepts that we have covered in our maths.


The big news of the week is that our grass caterpillars have begun to grow! We were facing some strong competition from the Lobster Class caterpillars which were sprouting wildly on their south facing windowsill while ours were struggling in the window of our north facing classroom...........So we upped the ante and placed ours in the school greenhouse! You can see from the photos that this move was a stroke of genius!



Have a wonderful half term and we’re keeping everything crossed for a large helping of warm sunshine!



Monday 17th May 2021 – Friday 21st May 2021


Sandhopper Class have worked SO hard this week! 


We have continued with our English work on instructions and we have planted sunflower seeds. As we planted the seeds, we wrote the instructions at the same time to help us remember them. I’m sure that you will agree that they included all of the necessary information in the correct order!


Our maths has focussed on 2D shapes and their properties and we have investigated lines of symmetry.

Have a lovely weekend and fingers crossed for some more settled weather!





Monday 10th May 2021 – Friday 14th May 2021


The highlight of the week has to be making grass caterpillars! By doing so we have covered both Science ( growing) and English ( instructions) in one fell swoop!

The children mixed the grass seeds and the compost together and then filled part of a pair of tights ( yes, they were my old ones!) to make their caterpillars.

To finish off their magnificent mini beasts they used pipe cleaners for legs and added some googly eyes! They have been soaked in water and placed in the sunshine-we have our fingers crossed for some very hairy caterpillars!
We used the photographs we took while we were making them to write a set of instructions- fantastic work Sandhopper’s!




Monday 3rd May 2021 – Friday 7th May 2021


We have begun to plan and write an alternative version of Jack and the Beanstalk based on the book Jack and the Jelly Beanstalk! The children have enjoyed coming up with adjectives and descriptive vocabulary to describe the sweets in the story!

In Science Mrs Brown has been leading an experiment in hydroponics! Can we grow beans without soil and what happens if we grow beans in the cupboard? Watch this space!

Our Geography has been comparing how people travel in Kampong Ayer with how we travel in Leigh On Sea. It is very different in a water village on the Equator! The children have designed their own water taxis.

In our maths this week we have begun a Power Maths unit on multiplication and division.

Maybe it is more than 5 days work?!!!

Have a lovely weekend!




Monday 26th April 2021 – Friday 30th April 2021


We have had a very busy week and I can’t quite believe how much we have packed in!


In Geography we have continued to find out about Kampong Ayr, which is our focus this term. This week we have compared the weather there with the weather in Leigh On Sea.


In RE we have thought about the story of Creation and Jack and the Beanstalk is our focus fairytale in English.


Our Science topic this half term is Growing and Mrs Brown has been discussing seed dispersal, observing plants and even making seeds out of play-doh!




Monday 19th April 2021 – Friday 23rd April 2021


This week we have continued to look at traditional tales in our English lessons and we have been writing our own version of Little Red Riding Hood which involves a crocodile instead of a wolf and is set in a Safari Park not a forest! The children have impressed us with their writing stamina and perseverance.


We have also thought about the books we read and about how you can be transported to another world in your imagination by your reading. The children have ALL improved their reading skills during the time they have been back at school and it has been fantastic to see.


Week beginning 12th April 2021


Welcome back!

It was so lovely to see the children well and happy after the Easter holidays.

We have had a very busy week- we have thought about how we can have a positive attitude to everything we do and we also thought about how we could encourage Gerald the giraffe in his bid to be a dancing sensation!
We also remembered and talked about the incredible life and times of Prince Philip.

On Tuesday we had our Year 2 Sports Afternoon and I have to say how proud I was of everyone in Sandhopper Class! They ran, skipped and carefully carried eggs on spoons!
They cheered on their team mates and tried their best in every race-well done!


It has been a great start to the Summer Term!

Week Beginning 22md March 2021


We have had another action packed week in (and out!) of the classroom this week!


As well as continuing with our diary entries as Samuel Pepys, we have begun a new topic of 2D and 3D shapes in Power Maths. In history this week, we have thought about what happened after The Great Fire of London and we were quite surprised at how many good things happened as a result of the fire!


Talking of fire... the absolute highlight of the week has to be Mrs Brown’s recreation of the Great Fire! Using the houses that all Year 2 classes constructed last week, Mrs B started a fire in the bakery on Pudding Lane. The children watched with awe, wonder, and excitement and the language they then used in their diary entries reflected what a fantastically inspiring learning experience it had been!

Here is a still from before the fire ~ the video is on Sandhopper Teams page under Home Learning in Files and also on our school Instagram page. Do have a look- it is amazing!

Have an eggs-cellent Easter and stay safe and well


Monday 15th March 2021 – Friday 19th March 2021


Where to begin?? 


We have been focussing on The Great Fire of London and we have....


made our own Tudor houses out of cardboard boxes (these will be set alight at a later date!) 


cooked some Great Fire of London cakes


created Great Fire of London artwork 


have been looking at Samuel Pepy’s diary entries describing the great fire!







Monday 8th March 2021 – Friday 12th March 2021


Welcome back!


It’s been so lovely having all of the children back together again and they have been amazing! They have settled back in to the routines of school remarkably well.


They have enjoyed seeing their friends and watching them play together in the playground has been one of the highlights of our week!


The children worked collaboratively on a STEM challenge to make a marble maze.....



They have also enjoyed using our audio Now Press Play system to experience a day during The Great Fire Of London.



Have a lovely weekend! 




Monday 14th December 2020 – Friday 18th December 2020



We have made it!

Your children have been incredible- throughout the whole term and especially this week! 
We have written instructions on How To Catch A Reindeer for Father Christmas, a particularly urgent set of instructions!
We have also enjoyed watching the amazing Christmas productions put together by our very own Mrs Music Brown, she is truly amazing.
On Wednesday we had a Christingle assembly through the power of Zoom and we made our own Christingles....


Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and we look forward to seeing you all in January.
Keep Safe!




Monday 7th December 2020 – Friday 11th December 2020


Christmas is galloping towards us like an out of control reindeer! We have written instructions on how to decorate a Christmas tree, made several Christmas decorations, had a lovely Christmas lunch and even had a visit from the great man himself- socially distanced of course!

How many sleeps until Christmas?? Ho Ho Ho!




Monday 30th November 2020 – Friday 4th December 2020


Well, there’s no getting away with it now- December is here and you know what that means don’t you........





Apart from discussing what the word ‘advent’ means, we have been continuing with letters being our English focus- comparing the more formal style of Florence Nightingale’s letter with the informal style of the letters in The Day The Crayons Quit!
In Science we have had fun testing the stretchiness of various items of school uniform- no items of clothing were harmed in this test!




Monday 23rd November 2020 – Friday 27th November 2020


This week we have painted the Diva Lamp thumb pots that we made last week and added a little bit of glitter! They look lovely!


We have also thought about the letter that we received from Florence Nightingale asking for our  advice to help her improve the shocking conditions in the Field Hospital in Scutari. She told us about the rodents running around the kitchen floor spreading disease to the wounded soldiers. 


How could we help her with this?


James- Alexander had the inspired idea of getting a hospital cat! A perfect solution!


Have a lovely weekend!




Monday 16th November 2020 – Friday 20th November 2020


This week we have........


Worn odd socks to raise awareness of being kind to each other and including everyone 


Made clay thumb pot Divas to paint next week


Created Rangoli patterns and wrote the Story of Diwali


Began to investigate Florence Nightingale


And learnt about several famous women in history.......






Monday 9th November 2020 – Friday 13th November 2020


We have completed our English work on the Gunpowder Plot this week and have written our own newspaper reports on the event- it would appear that we have several budding journalists in our midst!


Diwali- the Hindu Festival of Lights- has been our focus in R.E and will continue in to next week. In our History we have been investigating several famous women and thinking about how their actions have shaped the world in which we live.


Finally we thought about the reason why we wear poppies at this time of year and we painted fields of beautiful, red poppies........





Monday 2nd November 2020 – Friday 6th November 2020


Welcome back! We hope that you all have had a lovely half term. 


It’s been straight back to business in Sandhopper Class - in our English and History lessons we have been finding out all about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. 


In what has been voted the best Science lesson EVER, we have been investigating what happens to certain materials if we heat them. We melted chocolate to make edible sparklers! 

Have a safe and happy weekend!



Monday 19th October 2020 – Thursday 22nd October 2020


This week we have been learning about Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King and why their lives had such an impact on the way people live today. 


In our Science we have continued with our waterproofing theme and have constructed our own umbrellas using wax crayons to coat the paper to resist the rain......what we need is a really wet day to test them out......noooooo!


Have a restful and relaxing half term!





Monday 12th October 2020 – Friday 16th October 2020


This week we have been finding out about Charles Macintosh. He invented a process that made fabric waterproof- thank goodness! The weather this week has been very wet!


Our English has continued to focus on poetry and the children have enjoyed creating their own seaside poems using adjectives, nouns, verbs and adverbs!


Alma Woodsey Thomas was an African American artist who used colour and pattern to represent images. Her work has inspired us to create our own masterpieces!




Monday 5th October 2020 – Friday 9th October 2020


This week we have been studying poetry and looking at two performance poets in particular- Michael Rosen and Benjamin Zephaniah. We have really enjoyed watching them perform some of their poems.


In Geography we have found out the names of the 7 continents and the 5 oceans and in Science we have investigated which coat would be the best for Mrs Middleton to wear in the rain - quite apt given the copious amount we have received recently!


Have a (hopefully) dry weekend!






Monday 28th September 2020 – Friday 2nd October 2020



We have been very busy writing our stories this week and the Sandhopper team have all been very impressed by the children’s enthusiasm, perseverance and determination to finish their wonderful stories! The children have also practised editing their own work, not only to correct any mistakes but also to think how they might improve their story.


In Geography we have looked at Google Earth and zoomed in on an aerial view of our school, in particular the KS1 playground. The children enjoyed making their own maps and adding a key.



Have a super weekend x



Monday 21st September 2020 – Friday 25th September 2020


Another action packed week in Sandhopper 2!


We have enjoyed a music lesson with Mrs ‘Music’ Brown, we have investigated the absorbency of different materials and celebrated our first 7th birthday! 


Happy Birthday Freya!


Have a lovely weekend!





Monday 14th September 2020 – Friday 18th September 2020



Another action packed week in Sandhopper 2! The weather has been beautiful and we have made the most of it by enjoying some stories outside.

Our Science topic is Everyday Materials and their uses and this week we have carried out an experiment to find out if water can walk! The children were very excited to observe the changes in the experiment over 2 days.


Have a super weekend and fingers crossed that the weather continues to be glorious!





Monday 7th September 2020 – Friday 11th September 2020


What an amazing week we have had in Sandhopper 2! The children have impressed us by settling in to our new routines so quickly and sensibly.


Their Year 2 journey is underway!


On Monday we had our first PE session with the ASSA team- these will continue until half term out on the Astro.




Thursday 3rd September 2020 – Friday 4th September 2020


Welcome back! It was wonderful seeing all the children’s smiling faces and looking very smart. We have really enjoyed seeing the children communicate and support each other during our ‘Learning to Learn’ days and it is great to see our ASPIRE values in action! We have been particularly impressed at how quickly the children have settled into the new routines and are looking forward to a lot of exciting learning this year.


Monday 7th September 2020 – Friday 11th September 2020




What an amazing week we have had in Sandhopper 2! The children have impressed us by settling in to our new routines so quickly and sensibly.


Their Year 2 journey is underway!


On Monday we had our first PE session with the ASSA team- these will continue until half term out on the Astro.