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Sandhopper 2

Welcome to Sandhopper Class!


Sandhopper Class Weekly News

Friday 22nd October 2021


In English, we used drama to explore the concept of 'fairness'; we discovered how the courageous actions of Rosa Parks led to significant changes to the law. We sent an email to the amazing American artist; Faith Ringgold and we were over the moon to have a reply from Faith's agent! We will now be starting our 'Tar Beach' art project after half term which embraces the powerful message that 'we can fly, we can really fly'. The children learned about Martin Luther King and wrote what their dreams would be. 
It was so lovely talking to you all this week; we are extremely proud of Sandhopper class.


Have a lovely half term.


Mrs Steed, Mrs Binns and Mrs Jones.





Friday 15th October 2021


On Tuesday we went to the library gardens to explore 'colours in nature'; the children matched colour samples to trees, leaves and flowers. For black history month so far, we have been learning about Rosa Parks, Ella Fiztgerald and Nelson Mandela as well as talking about the lives of everyday people. We have explored the amazing work of an American, female artist called Faith Ringgold. Next week we will be recreating some of her art used to illustrate her book 'Tar Beach'. The children are very excited about this project; we will be using collage and mono printing to recreate Faith Ringgold's work. Watch this space!


Have a lovely weekend,


Mrs Steed, Mrs Binns and Mrs Jones





Friday 8th October 2021


This week in RE we have discovered the names of items that we would find inside a mosque. We have introduced poetry as our new English topic; the children discovered how to perform a poem and thought carefully about nouns and adjectives they could use for a beach themed poem. In PE we have practised using co-ordination to throw and catch a ball with greater accuracy. 


Friday 1st October 2021


On Tuesday we had a wonderful time on our local walk; the children searched for clues, and we talked about human and physical geographical features. In English we have completed our stories based on 'The Queen's handbag'. In art we have painted some beautiful sunset scenes of Leigh on Sea in a 'Monet' style. Have a lovely weekend!


Friday 24th September 2021


In geography this week we have been learning about the 7 different continents; we have also started to make a papier-mâché globe! Year 2 have created some beautiful 'Monet' inspired art to celebrate The Royal British Legion 100th anniversary. Special thanks go to Miss Peters in Crab class for running this project; the poppy looks absolutely stunning! In science we predicted which material would be best to make a raincoat; the children thoroughly enjoyed testing various options.


Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Steed, Ms Binns and Mrs Jones.


Friday 17th September 2021


In English this week we introduced a fabulous story called ‘The Queen’s handbag’. We created a story map and thought about questions we could ask some of the characters in the story. In geography we compared human and physical geographical features. We also researched some natural and manmade features in England; the children compared The White Cliffs of Dover and The Angel of the North.

Have a lovely weekend,
Mrs Steed, Ms Binns and Mrs Jones




Friday 10th September 2021


In science we have been learning about different types of materials; we discovered that glass is made by heating sand and titanium is a very strong metal. The weather has been absolutely beautiful this week; the children particularly enjoyed learning how to control a ball outside during PE. In English we have practised using a range of punctuation and discovered how to write a postcard. We are so proud how quickly the children have settled at school and very much look forward to an amazing year!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs Steed, Ms Binns and Mrs Jones