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Welcome to Clown Fish Class!


Clown Fish Class Weekly News


Monday 9th March 2020 – Friday 13th March 2020


In English we have been planning our story based on the book `Fidgety Fish’. In gymnastics we have been moving in different ways using the apparatus. On Wednesday we enjoyed visiting the cocklesheds to learn about sea creatures and flew our kites in Leigh library gardens. A big thank you Graham Osborne for your time and your knowledge about sea creatures! J






Monday 2nd March 2020 – Friday 6th March 2020


Clownfish thoroughly enjoyed the visit from `Music Makers’ and some of our class sang to the rest of the children in the audience. In English we have been describing characters and writing in speech bubbles,  linking to the story `Fidgety Fish’. We had lots of fun dressing up for world book day and enjoyed listening to year 4 children reading their stories in the afternoon.






Monday 24th February 2020 – Friday 28th February 2020


Clownfish have started their new topic on `Under the sea’. They wrote some sentences about what they knew and some questions about what they would like to find out about. In art they explored printing and create their own art work using a range of equipment.







Monday 10th February 2020 – Friday 14th February 2020


Clownfish have been working super hard this week. They have looked at different types of clouds in science and created them using cotton wool. In English they have written reports about different types of weather. In P.E. they have been developing their balance skills and coordination.





Monday 3rd February 2020 – Friday 7th February 2020


In Mathematics we have been subtracting and bridging 10. In English we have been looking at features of reports as next week we will be writing facts about the weather. In science we explored how to melt the ice cube the quickest and how to stick an ice cube to some string using salt.







Monday 27th January 2020 – Friday 31st January 2020



In PSHE we have been completing different challenges in small teams. We have written instructions to make a kite in English and have been using our number bonds to 10 to add numbers greater than 10. In art we have been mixing colours to create cold colours.







Monday 20th January 2020 – Friday 24th January 2020


In English we read some instructions to make a paper aeroplane and flew it in the playground. In Mathematics we have been using our number bonds to 10 to partition numbers. In P.E. we have been exploring movement and worked with a partner to mirror their movements.






Monday 13th January 2020 – Friday 17th January 2020


In English we have written our `winter poems’. We used aspects of our poems to create a class poem which we shared with Coral class on Friday. In mathematics we have been revising addition and subtraction to solve simple mathematical problems. In art we have been exploring warm and cold colours and have made some collages with our partner.


Have a great weekend!


Miss Callis






Monday 6th January 2020 – Friday 10th January 2020


This week we have been learning about `Growth Mindset’ and `Fixed Mindset’. We have been learning how to embrace challenges, give our best effort, learn from feedback and become inspired by other people’s successes. We have also developed our team building skills through a variety of challenges! We listened to a story called `The Dot’ which has inspired us to create some amazing artwork which all originated from a single dot. This week we have been thinking about our new topic `Wonderful Weather’. We have listened to different poems and focussed on the adjectives and verbs used. In mathematics we have been finding one more and one less than a number. In science we have observed different types of weather and created an experiment.

from Miss Callis





Monday 16th December 2019 – Thursday 19th December 2019


We have had a fantastic few days at school. We enjoyed creating different Christmas craft activities this week. AJ visited Monday morning and we made Christmas hats for our Christmas party in the afternoon. We ate lots of food and had a little dance! We watched the Pantomime on Tuesday afternoon and posted our letters to Santa on Wednesday.

Thank you for all your support this term!

We hope you have a merry Christmas and a very happy 2020!

from Miss Callis, Mrs Jones and Mrs Coombs J




Monday 2nd December 2019 – Friday 6th December 2019


On Monday morning we had a successful rehearsal for our Nativity. We have been writing a story about a lost toy this week. In mathematics we have been recognising, describing and creating patterns using 2-D shapes. In history we have been using old toys in the playground and looking at the difference between the toys we have nowadays. We hope you enjoyed our Christmas decorations morning yesterday and thank you for all of the parents / grandparents who attended. The children had so much fun and created some lovely decorations.

from Miss Callis J





Monday 25th November 2019 – Friday 29th November 2019


On Monday we have continued to develop our skills in team games. We have continued to look at old toys. Thank you for bringing in your old toys for our class `Toy Museum’! The children have loved talking about the toys and sharing their thoughts. We looked closely at each toy and have compared them with toys from today. In art we have used our observation skills to draw the old toys and new toys using magnifying glasses to help us. In Mathematics we have been naming and comparing 3-D shapes.  In Geography we have been discussing how to keep our beaches clean and tidy.

from Miss Callis J





Monday 18th November 2019 – Friday 22nd November 2019


On Monday in our outdoor P.E session we have been participating in team games. Please ensure your child has tracksuit to wear as it is getting quite cold outdoors. This week in History we have looked at old toys. We have created a time line of teddy bears throughout history. If you have any old toys please bring them in for our class `Toy Museum’. In Mathematics we have been practising our addition and subtraction fluency. We have also been identifying missing numbers in number sentences. In English we have listening to different stories about teddy bears. We have also been writing sentences containing conjunctions e.g. and, because.

from Miss Callis J





Monday 11th November 2019 – Friday 15th November 2019


On Monday we enjoyed our first games session. We listened carefully to the instructions and practised different skills. In English this week we listened to the story` Where’s my Teddy?’ and have written about how we would feel if we lost our teddy bear. We have also been looking at different story starters to help us write our stories next week. In mathematics we have been developing our addition and subtraction skills to solve word problems. In art we have created poppies to display around the classroom related to remembrance Sunday.

from Miss Callis J




Tuesday 5th November 2019 – Friday 8th November 2019


On Tuesday morning we went on an autumn walk to Leigh Gardens. We looked for signs of autumn and collected some items. We had lots of fun exploring and using our senses! We used the items to create our senses poem about autumn. In Mathematics we have been revising work from the previous half term and using different strategies to help us solve Mathematical problems. In art we have been making some poppies using tissue paper which we will place on our windows. 

from Miss Callis J




Monday 21st October 2019 – Friday 25th October 2019


In Power Maths this week we have been learning about subtraction. In English we have labelled a fire engine and have written a job description for a fire fighter. We have also learnt how to keep safe around fireworks and have created pastel fireworks on black paper. In R.E. we have learnt about the festival of light called `Diwali’ and created our own Rangoli patterns. On Friday we had a community nurse practitioner who explained her role as a care co-ordinator team manager to the children. They asked many interesting questions and were all given a nurse pack to role play at home. Thank you for your visit the children thoroughly enjoyed it!

Have a lovely half term!  

from Miss Callis J




Monday 14th October 2019 – Friday 18th October 2019


In Mathematics we have been investigating number facts. In English we have been labelling the different parts of a police officer’s uniform. We have also written a thank you letter to the police lady who visited us recently. In art we have been creating pumpkins using our cutting and sticking skills. On Friday we were so excited as we looked closely and moon rocks, fossils and meteorites! We also looked at the Earth, the Moon and the Sun using the ipads.

Have a lovely weekend!  

from Miss Callis J





Monday 7th October 2019 – Friday 11th October 2019


We have continued with the topic `People who help us’. We have enjoyed listening to the police community support officer this week and found out about the role she does in our community. We asked thoughtful questions to clarify our understanding. The children gained so much information and it may have even inspired some children to become a police officer in the future!


In mathematics we have been learning to add and make different amounts. We have also been describing our `Happy Family’ characters in writing this week.

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

from Miss Callis J





Monday 30th September 2019 – Friday 4th October 2019


We have continued with the topic `People who help us’ and have written some questions to ask our visitors. In mathematics we have practised adding and making different totals.  In gymnastics this week we have practised various skills including jumping, landing, rolling and completing a forward roll. In Science we explored our senses. On Thursday we really enjoyed listening and asking questions to our parent visitors about their role as a nurse and a doctor. We learnt so much, thank you for your time, the children had lots of fun!


I hope you have a lovely weekend!

from Miss Callis J





Monday 23rd September 2019 – Friday 27th September 2019


We have continued with the topic `People who help us’. The children have worked hard when writing a story with a repetitive text based on the book `Brown Bear’ and linked it to our topic. They have also learnt ordinal numbers in Mathematics e.g. 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. and applied their knowledge to solve problems. In Science they have been learning about their five senses.


On Thursday they had a fire-fighter visit clownfish class and on Friday a police officer visited. The children listened attentively to their roles and how they help people in the community. The children also asked relevant questions. The children thoroughly enjoyed seeing the special visitors and we would like to say thank you for your time!

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

from Miss Callis




Monday 16th September 2019 – Friday 20th September 2019


This week we have continued with the topic `People who help us’. The children have written a list of equipment that each person may need e.g. a vet, a firefighter etc. They have also discussed alphabetical order and how to use a simple dictionary. In mathematics this week they have been learning one more or less than a given number and comparing numbers. In art we painted our own portraits. In P.E. we practised jumping and landing safely.

We hope you have a lovely weekend!

From Miss Callis and the Clownfish team J





Monday 9th September 2019 – Friday 13th September 2019


This week we have introduced the topic `People who help us’. The children have listened to a variety of non-fiction books about `People who help us’ and discussed the roles of each person. The children have written captions about Mr Robbins our caretaker and how he helps people around the school. In Mathematics they have been counting, ordering and comparing numbers. We have also started painting our self-portraits.

The current topic in Year One is `People who help us’. Therefore if you or someone you know is in a profession who helps people e.g. police officer, nurse, vet, doctor, nurse or occupational therapist etc. We would be grateful if you let your class teacher know if they are willing to speak to the children. The children will have first-hand experience of meeting a variety of people in different roles and they will have an opportunity to ask any relevant questions to develop their understanding.

Thank you for your support.

From Miss Callis J