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Welcome to our Starfish Class page.


Starfish Class Weekly News

Friday 14th June 2024


This week we had a visit from Snakes Alive team who brought many amazing creatures for us to learn about as part of our minibeast themed activities. The children asked thoughtful questions and had a fantastic time observing and handling a stick insect, a bearded dragon and even a friendly snake! Thank you again to the LNSPS PA  for funding this interactive learning experience.




Friday 7th June 2024


This week we enjoyed talking and writing about what we did during the half-term holiday. We began our  minibeast themed work by using clay to create different model insects. We have also been busy being scientists in our 'minibeast investigation laboratory'. We had an exciting delivery on Tuesday when some teeny caterpillars arrived in class for us to take care of. Watch this space for caterpillar updates! 





Friday 24th May 2024


Starfish class had a fantastic sports morning. We were so proud of the children for showing their ASPIRE values, taking part with enthusiasm, persevering and most importantly, having fun! Thank you to everyone who came to support us at this event.





Friday 17th May 2024


Starfish class have been super busy with all things snails! We enjoyed investigating snails and learning about how they move. We also made colourful collage snails. Later in the week we found out about how we listen to music has changed over time. We found out about musical devices such as CD's, cassette tape's and record player's, learning lots of new vocabulary along the way.





Friday 10th May 2024


This week we thought we would share a snapshot of our 'free flow' fun in the sun!

We were joined in free flow by several local pre-schools. The children had the chance to experience the child-led learning that takes place during this time. Activities range from large construction projects, imaginative play, investigating and physical challenges.




Friday 3rd May 2024


As part of our science work we have been learning about forces. The children carried out investigations to find out about floating and sinking and pushing and pulling. They pushed cars over different surfaces and decided if a hard or soft push was needed to make the cars travel further. 




Friday 26th April 2024


This term we have begun to use the computers in the ICT suite. We are really looking forward to developing our mouse skills during our computer lessons. We also held a vote to decide who would be  our class 'Friendship Ambassadors. They will be helping to ensure everyone feels happy and included in the playground at lunchtime. During 'free-flow' there were some great examples of teamwork and co-operative play.




Friday 19th April 2024


Starfish class have enjoyed activities based on the story of 'Tiddler' by Julia Donaldson. They have been busy writing sentences about fishes and have created colourful, collage sea creatures for our under the sea display. They thought about the meaning of our ASPIRE words, respect and enjoyment, on our 'learning to learn' day.  




Friday 22nd March 2024


On Tuesday Starfish Class set off on a local area visit. First stop was the beach at Bell Wharf for a snack, under the sea themed game and sandcastle building challenge. This was followed by a return visit to the Library Gardens to sketch spring flowers. The children impressed us with their sensible behaviour, safety awareness and enthusiasm. We were really proud of them! A big thank you to our lovely parent volunteers who made the visit possible.




Friday 15th March 2024


World Book Day fun in Starfish class. Can you guess all the book characters? 





Friday 8th March 2024


As part of our traditional tales topic we have enjoyed acting out the story of Goldilocks and the three bears with puppets. We also designed a safe way to get the Gingerbread Man across the river without him getting soggy. Ideas included bridges, zip-wires, trampolines, stepping stones and even life jackets! 





Friday 1st March 2024


We wanted to share some of our Chinese New Year 'highlights' from just before half term. These included tasting Chinese food and trying to eat with chopsticks, carefully painting Chinese symbols and taking part in a lively dragon dance on the astro field with the rest of the year group. Everyone had a great time taking part and the field was filled with children banging drums, waving scarfs and playing instruments. 




Friday 9th February 2024


We have started to learn about the Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated. The children have listened to the Zodiac Story and enjoyed putting the animals from the story in the correct order. They have been busy creating a 3D dragon head for our festive dragon dance. In maths, we have been exploring ordinal numbers and using words such as shorter and longer to compare the length of objects. As part of children mental health week, we have been talking about ways to look after our mental health and wellbeing. We have particularly enjoyed practicing strategies such as star breathing to help regulate our emotions.




Friday 2nd February 2024


It's been an exciting, royal themed week in Starfish as we completed our History enquiry topic based on 'The King's hats'. We have learnt about who wears a crown and why. We painted detailed pictures of King Charles and found out what happens at a coronation. We learnt some new vocabulary such as 'monarch' and 'ceremony'. We also placed the King's coronation onto a simple timeline. We had fun writing about what we would do if we were King or Queen for a day.




Friday 26th January 2024



Starfish class have had a super busy week exploring ice and the process of melting. The children carried out an investigation placing ice in different locations and monitoring what happened to it over time. They also made their own frozen fruity ice lollies. As part of our winter themed work we have been thinking about how we can help birds survive in the colder months. The children worked together to make simple bird feeders for our playground and they are hoping lots of birds come to visit. 





Friday 19th January 2024


This week we have been busy writing letters to Olaf with directions to help him get home to Arendelle. We also completed our winter collages using frosty colours, worked on the apparatus in our PE session and found different ways to 'show 8' in maths. We have been practising doing up our coats independently, an important skill to master in this chilly weather!




Friday 12th January 2024


Happy New Year!

Last week the children went on a wintery walk around the school grounds. They were amazed to discover a letter from Olaf the Snowman asking for their help to direct him back to his home in Arendelle. After much discussion, the children worked in teams to create a 3D map to help guide Olaf home. Their next challenge will be to write down some directions to go with their map. We have also been thinking about cold colours and have been creating wintery collages to accompany our theme of 'Winter'.




Friday 15th December 2023



This week the children were excited to perform to their families at our Christmas concert. Wearing their handmade reindeer hats they sang and danced their way through the songs they had been practising in class. We were really proud of the children for performing so enthusiastically in front of  large audience. Later in the week we had a fun Christmas lunch complete with crackers and festive tunes!

What a busy, action packed term it's been! We hope you all have a lovely festive break.

Merry Christmas from the Starfish Team.




Friday 8th December 2023



It's official...Christmas is on it's way! 

Starfish class have had lots of fun in Santa's workshop taking on the role of elves, reindeer and even Santa! There have been many 'to do' lists written and calls made the reindeers. The children have also

been busy rehearsing for our Christmas concert, making decorations and being part of the audience at the Year One and Two dress rehearsals.  




Friday 1st December 2023


There was great excitement and anticipation in Starfish class this week as our soup tasting event drew nearer. The children chopped, peeled and prepared all manner of vegetables in order to make their soup. The children enjoyed an advanced tasting ahead of their families and rated their soup 10 out of 10! Starfish class then performed to their families on Wednesday afternoon before everyone got to taste our soup. Thank you to all the Starfish families who were able to join us in class, we hope you enjoyed our soup too!




Friday 24th November 2023


We wanted to share some photographs of the fun we had supporting 'Children in Need' last week. The children looked very snuggly in their PJ's, dressing gowns and onesies. We completed lots of challenges including a group shape hunt in the school grounds, an energetic 'Bearpee' challenge in the hall and an art challenge where we learnt to draw a Super Bear! Some of the children chose some quiet time reading bear themed stories. 




Friday 17th November 2023


This week we have been busy learning about how the Hindu festival of Diwali is celebrated. We have been designing our own rangoli patterns using 2D shapes and also using chalks to create them. We went on a 2D shape hunt and were surprised to find so many different shapes in our EYFS playground. We finished the week in style, wearing our pyjamas to school in support of Children In Need. We took part in an energetic 'Bearpees' challenge led by Joe Wicks and our friends from Year 6. 




Friday 10th November 2023


This week Starfish class worked in groups to create a piece of collaborative firework art. The children used a range of tools and everyday items to print with. They then added labels to their art work describing the sounds fireworks make. We have also learnt about the story of Guy Fawkes and enjoyed saying the rhyme, "Remember, remember the fifth of December". In Maths, we have been investigating 3D shapes and finding out if they roll or stack. We also enjoyed going on a shape hunt around school looking for 3D  shapes in the environment.




Friday 3rd November 2023


We began the week with an interactive experience called 'Now Press Play'. We all wore special head phones and acted out a autumn themed story. On Wednesday we braved the weather to go on an autumn walk to the Library Gardens. We looked for signs of autumn and made transient artwork using the natural materials that we collected. The children behaved beautifully and enjoyed the experience despite the rain! A big thank you to all the lovely parent helpers who accompanied us. 




Friday 20th October 2023


What a busy week! We have been learning about what happens in autumn and each made a collage of an autumn hedgehog by cutting, sticking, painting and printing. We then described our hedgehogs and wrote captions to go with our collages. We have enjoyed playing in the doctors surgery and treating lots of  poorly patients. Several of the children worked co-operatively to clean up the garden area by sweeping up all the fallen autumn leaves. We have been revisiting all the sounds we have learnt so far and had fun combining these sounds to make CVC words.

A big thank you for all your generous harvest food donations, they are much appreciated!

Happy half-term!




Friday 13th October 2023


This week in Starfish we went on a walk around the school grounds to meet some of the adults who help us. We met Mr Robins (our site manager) in his work room and the ladies who run the school office. We were even invited into Mr Hautler's office! We took photographs of key places on our route. On our return to class, we mapped out our walk by making a fantastic 3D map. We have also been talking about all the brilliant, positive things we can do with our hands. Our special phonic sounds this week have been e, u, r and ck.




Friday 6th October 2023


Starfish class have had another busy week at school and have been learning to name and point to different 'body parts' as part of our Science activities. We also carefully painted self-portraits and identified similarities and differences between ourselves and our friends. We challenged ourselves to measure and cut colourful frames for our portraits. In phonics we have learnt about the sounds g, o, c and k. Many of the children have made it onto the ASPIRE chart for showing respect, enjoyment and perseverance during the week. Well done everyone!




Friday 29th September 2023


Well done to Starfish Class for completing their first full week at school!

We have been busy learning the sounds i, n, m and d and have enjoyed singing the songs to accompany these sounds. We have also been reading lots of stories about 'Elmer the elephant' who was unique because of his multicoloured appearance. We talked about how everyone has something that makes them special and unique. We have had fun working with others both in class, during free-flow and at lunchtime.




Friday 22nd September 2023


Starfish Class have enjoyed staying for lunch with their friends this week. In class we have started learning the sounds s, a, t and p and have had lots of fun making colourful 'Rainbow Fish' pictures. We have explored the outdoor equipment during 'free-flow' and have been busy getting to know each other.




Friday 15th September 2023


Starfish Class have really enjoyed their morning or afternoon sessions at school this week. They have had lots of fun exploring and getting to know each other. The children are looking forward to staying for lunch at school next week.  Don't forget the menu can be found on the school website should you wish to take a look.