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Welcome to Pufferfish Class!


Pufferfish Class Weekly News

Friday 1st July 2022


This week in Pufferfish class we have read The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers and written about the text with a focus on using conjunctions in our writing. In History we have continued to talk about Space and looked at the history of journeys to Mars- we have made posters for NASA advertising for astronauts and thought carefully about what qualities one would need. In art we have created the templates for our prints and transferred these onto a polystyrene tile, ready for printing next week.





Friday 24th June 2022


This week we have been very lucky to have a visit from local print artist Grace Edkins. We learnt all about Grace as an artist and the printing process. We learnt about the tools Grace uses and even had a go at using a baren to create a class print!

Everyone really enjoyed supporting the year 6 enterprise week too.

Have a lovely long weekend everyone!




Friday 17th June 2022


This week in Pufferfish class we enjoyed looking at the work of local print artist Grace Edkins. We developed our observational drawing skills by making careful sketches of wildflowers.

In English we have continued to find out about the great explorer Ranulph Fiennes and have begun to write our own fact files about him.

In maths we have been revisiting everything we learnt last half term and impressing our teachers with our fabulous mathematical knowledge!




Friday 10th June 2022


It’s been another exciting week in Pufferfish class! We really enjoyed all the STEM activities this week. We have begun our new topic ‘Explorers’ and had a great time lighting our own fires (safely) with Mrs Brown. We have been learning about the achievements of Ranulph Fiennes and considering what one might pack on an exploration trip. We were pleased to hear that in the Arctic it is necessary to eat A LOT of sweets!





Friday 27th May 2022


This week in Pufferfish class we thoroughly enjoyed our poetry workshop with the author Justin Coe and have been working hard on performing our own poem. In maths we have been exploring halves and quarters. For DT we designed a salad fit for the Queen and thought carefully about what ingredients we should include. In Science this week we looked carefully at a wide range of leaves from trees and sorted them into ‘evergreen’ and ‘deciduous’. Have a wonderful, fun and relaxing half term break everyone!




Friday 20th May 2022


What an active week Pufferfish have had! We all had a great time at Sports Day and Team Pufferfish made us proud, displaying all of our ASPIRE values- well done everyone! It has also been wonderful to see how much everyone has enjoyed swimming over the last few weeks. In English this week we have continued Diary writing, in Maths we have been solving division word problems, in Science we have learnt about the different parts of a plant and in Geography we were fascinated to learn all about where sugar comes from!




Friday 13th May 2022


We were very excited to see that our beans have begun to grow-hooray! This week has been all about diary writing~ including recording our beans’ progress. We have also read some texts based on diary entries and have begun to think about what we would include in our own diaries. In maths we have begun working on the concept of division and in Geography and Science we have continued looking at where our food comes from and which bit of a plant we eat! Have a lovely weekend Everyone!




Friday 6th May 2022


We are so impressed with how hard Pufferfish class have worked on their letterjoin writing. We have continued to work on acrostic poems this week in English. In maths we have been working on doubles and in geography we have continued to explore where our food comes from. The children loved sharing their flower photos and we went on a flower hunt through the school grounds. 




Friday 29th April 2022


We have had a brilliant week in Pufferfish class! After trying a variety of different fruits, the children chose their top three to include in their own fruit salad. We talked about how to use a knife safely and everyone did a fantastic job of cutting their own fruit. They were excited to make this for you at home too! We also planted our own beans and have each begun a diary to record our bean’s progress.




Friday 22nd April 2022


Welcome back Everyone! The children have had a brilliant start to the summer term~ so much fun was had at Barleylands! The children enjoyed learning about farming and how our food travels from field to fork. We have written a recount of our day using the past tense. In maths we have learnt all about weight through practical activities with scales, in science we have begun to talk about growing our own food and in DT we are thinking about what would make a tasty salad! 



Friday 1st April 2022


We have had a lovely last week of term in Pufferfish. We have completed our Scooter information books in English, thought about the future of travel in History and discussed how to keep our bodies and minds healthy in PSHE. In DT we have completed our moving vehicle topic by adding the wheels and axles to our cars and evaluating what we have made. Everyone was very excited to bring their car home! 

We wish you all a very happy Easter break! 




Friday 25th March 2022


Wow- what a week! We had a brilliant time with our scooters on Monday and have really enjoyed creating information books all about scooters as part of our transport topic. In history we have learnt about the flight- from Icarus to the space shuttle! In maths we have explored units of measure using cubes and rulers and have enjoyed practical measuring activities whilst using the correct mathematical language.




Friday 18th March 2022


Last week in Pufferfish class we finished writing our Mr Gumpy stories- which are fantastic! There is a small selection below. This week we have been practising using adjectives and conjunctions in our writing. In history we have learnt about George Stephenson and in science we have explored absorbent materials. We had a brilliant discussion about e-safety after the Two Johns presentation too.




Friday 11th March 2022


This week in Pufferfish class we have been writing our own Mr Gumpy stories. The children have had the most wonderful, imaginative ideas and we are very proud of how hard they have worked. In maths we have been counting in 2s and 5s. We completed our weaving last week and began looking at wheels and axles in DT. This week we will design a vehicle for Mr Gumpy and his animals! We have been investigating materials in science and discussing which materials are the most appropriate for different items.




Friday 4th March 2022


We have had a brilliant world book day and have had lots of fun sharing our favourite books. We have designed a very imaginative bike based on the Mrs Armitage stories. Your children all looked fantastic! We are planning our own stories based on Mr Gumpy’s Outing in English and in history and DT we are continuing to look at transport, wheels and axles. 




Friday 25th February 2022


Pufferfish had a very exciting start to the half term and thoroughly enjoyed the bus tour! We spotted lots of different forms of transport and it was a fantastic start to our transport topic. In science this week we have explored floating and sinking and in English we have been reading ‘Mr Gumpy’s Outing’. In DT we have begun to look at wheels and axles.




Friday 11th February 2022


We had a fantastic trip to the Library Gardens and the beach this week. Everyone had lots of fun flying their kites and hunting for natural and person-made materials on the beach. I think we were all quite tired after all that fun, fresh air and walking! In English we have been writing instructions for making a kite and in maths we have been learning new methods for subtracting. Have a wonderful half term everybody!




Friday 4th February 2022


This week in Pufferfish class has been all about instructions! We have followed instructions to make paper planes which we enjoyed flying in the playground and kites which we are looking forward to flying next week when we visit the library gardens and beach. In science we have talked about what makes a fair test and in geography we have discussed why the Antarctic is a desert!





Friday 28th January 2022


This week in Pufferfish class we have been busy writing our weather fact files in English. We have explored the properties of a range of materials in science, looked at atlases and a globe and talked about hot and cold countries in Geography and have been working on our number bonds to 20 in maths. We have also really enjoyed learning about the Chinese New Year- we loved trying on the dragon head and making our own tigers!




Friday 21st January 2022


We have had a really exciting week in Pufferfish class- a visitor from another planet has asked us to tell them all about the weather on planet Earth. The children have done an amazing job using non-fiction books to learn all about weather and will be working on creating their own text. Pufferfish enjoyed a wonderful outdoor learning session all about clouds with Mrs Brown. They will all have lots of information to pass on to our alien visitor!




Friday 14th January 2022


This week in Pufferfish class we have continued our Wonderful Weather topic by writing and performing Weather poems in English, looking at how artists portray weather in both painted and textile works and have begun to think about hot and cold colours. In science we have been exploring different materials and their properties and in maths we have been recapping on everything we have learnt so far!





Friday 7th January 2022


Happy New Year Everyone! It has been so lovely to see the children come running in with big smiles! We started the week off with a ‘learning to learn’ day; everyone had a wonderful time creating art work, building structures and discussing the qualities needed to be a successful learner. In English we have begun work on weather poems and in maths we have been paritioning numbers into tens and ones. In geography and science we have been learning all about wonderful weather.




Friday 10th December 2021


This week Pufferfish class have been busy learning all about instructions. We have followed instructions to decorate a Christmas tree and have written our own instructions explaining how to wrap a parcel. We have explored both 2D and 3D shapes and talked about their properties using mathematical language. We have sequenced the Christmas story in RE and have looked at different ways we can measure and record the temperature in geography.




Friday 3th December 2021


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Pufferfish! In RE we have been discussing Christmas traditions and learning about the Christmas story. In Music we have been busy learning our Christmas songs with Mrs Brown, ready for our recorded performance! 




Friday 26th November 2021


We have worked really hard in Pufferfish class, planning our Lost Toy stories and then writing them. There was so much to remember but we have done very well! We have planned the home that we would like to make in DT and are very excited to begin construction using straws, masking tape, fabric and card. In maths we are continuing to focus on word problems. Our school councillors shared feedback from their latest meeting- we were all very impressed with their maturity and how much they had remembered. We had a great class discussion about the future of the outdoor library.





Friday 12th November 2021


This week in English we have been reading texts about lost toys and discussing the emotions we might feel if we lost our favourite toy. In maths we have been learning about subtraction and how to solve missing number problems. In DT we have experimented with different ways of building a secure structure and in History we have enjoyed learning about toys in the past. Another busy week! 

Have a lovely weekend everyone!





Friday 5th November 2021


This week in Pufferfish class we have enjoyed a wonderful autumn walk. We used all our senses to think about the signs of autumn and have turned our ideas into a poem. We loved making Rangoli patterns and as you can see, we are very proud of our work! In maths we have continued to explore using a number line. In DT we have begun to think about designing a safe and stable home after reading The Three Little Pigs. 

It’s lovely to see everyone happy and excited to learn again after half term!




Friday 22nd October 2021


What a wonderful half term we have had in Pufferfish class! We have really enjoyed our topic ‘People Who Help Us’ and today we were lucky to have Police Officer Fox with us to tell us all about her duties- she even let everyone try on her hats and sit in her police car! We are all very excited about our dress up day on Friday! 

In maths we have been practicing adding using a number line.  In art we have completed our portraits and have proudly displayed them around the school.

Thank you very much for all your generous Harvest donations.

We hope you have a fun and relaxing half term break!

Team Pufferfish x




Friday 15th October 2021


This week in Pufferfish class we have based our English work on Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? The children enjoyed coming up with lots of adjectives to describe our own brown bear! In maths we have been exploring part whole models and can understand that there are often lots of different ways to make the same total. We have used our senses in Science and have talked about features of the seaside in the past and present. Have a lovely weekend everyone! 





Friday 8th October 2021


This week in Pufferfish we have been learning how to write a letter. We now know some great actions that remind us of what we need to include! We have all enjoyed writing thank you letters to Louis the Firefighter. In maths, we have practised using a number line, ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc) and putting numbers in order. We have continued to talk about the seaside in geography and have talked about colour mixing in art. 

Have a lovely weekend!




Friday 1st October 2021


This week in Pufferfish class we have been exploring questions- both verbally and through written work. We were very excited to be having a visit from a firefighter this Friday as part of our ‘People who help us’ topic and enjoyed asking him all the questions that we wrote. In maths we have been using greater than, less than and equal to. In art this week we have begun to look at placement of features on a face and compared works of Frida Kahlo and Picasso. Thank you for sending your children in wearing gold/ yellow last week- they looked very cheerful, as you can see! 

Have a lovely weekend!


Friday 24th September 2021


This week in Pufferfish class we have been searching for and creating our own labels in lots of fun and exciting ways. In maths we have learned how to find and show one more and one less using practical and written activities. In art we have looked at a wide variety of artists and have looked for different shapes and lines. We have had a go at drawing each other’s eyes using charcoal, pencil and chalk. Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Friday 17th September 2021


Everyone has worked very hard this week! In English we have been writing all sorts of lists including a list to help Mrs Player to remember all her equipment! In maths we have counted on and back using lots of exciting equipment and working in our power maths books. In science, we sorted animals into different categories and in art we have looked at and discussed portraits by Frida Kahlo, Kahinde Wiley, Sarah Ball and Van Gogh.





Friday 10th September 2021


Your children have been absolute superstars this week. They have had so many new routines to learn and have risen to the challenge! 

This week in English we have been writing about what we did in the summer holidays, reading and writing our numbers in maths and we have talked about the differences between rural, coastal and urban environments in geography. We also had fun doing yoga, PE and swimming! Phew!

Have a lovely weekend!