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Puffin Class Weekly News

Friday 22nd March 2024


Over the last few weeks, Puffins have persevered to perfect their skills in dragonball. They have demonstrated fundamental sports skills, worked together in teams and taken on advice from the coach!





Friday 15th March 2024


This week, Puffin thoroughly enjoyed printing with different objects to make patterns and textures before choosing items to create underwater scenes. 




Friday 8th March 2024


This week in gymnastics, we discussed tips and tricks which could help us to improve our balance. Puffins then explored a variety of point and patch balances on mats before taking it to the next level and using a variety of equipment! 





Friday 1st March 2024


This week, it was off to an exciting start as we had print artist join us for our Art lessons. We were lucky to see a sample of her artwork and find out more about how they were created. We also got to print our own little puffin using a lino block made for us!


In the coming weeks, we will be creating our own prints inspired by the ocean! Puffins had lots of ideas already so we cannot wait to see their finished pieces!




Friday 9th February 2024


Puffin have loved their outdoor learning sessions with Mrs Brown over the last few weeks! They have worked diligently and safely using hand saws and drills to increase habitats for mini beasts.


Despite their initial hard work not surviving the recent storm, they have successfully rebuilt ‘Bugingham Palace’ and enjoyed every moment!




Friday 2nd February 2024


Puffin have loved stitching their felt pollinators over the last couple of weeks! They have worked hard to make their designs come to life and create fun, colourful creatures to share with the younger children next week! Puffin have loved stitching their felt pollinators over the last couple of weeks! They have worked hard to make their designs come to life and create fun, colourful creatures to share with the younger children next week! 




Friday 26th January 2024


This week, we enjoyed looking at a selection of climate graphs from around the world. We discussed what each one told us about the climate and weather that is experienced in each city before constructing our own graphs for an imaginary island! 





Friday 19th January 2024


Puffin have been enjoying their dance lessons so far this term! We have been taking inspiration from moving parts like cogs, pistons and levers to create movements that resemble machines. 


So far, we have learnt a routine as a whole class to introduce us to rhythm, working to a count of 8 and moving in unison (we would have looked like a robot factory had anyone popped by!). Also, we have worked with a partner to create our own movement showing pushing and pulling or spinning and turning and performed our best ideas to our peers.




Friday 15th December 2023


Designing a chocolate room, receiving a golden ticket and enjoying Christmas lunch! What a wonderful final week of 2023 it has been in Puffin Class. 


Wishing all Puffins and their families a lovely break to make new memories and truly relax. Happy new year and see you in 2024 for more fun!




Friday 8th December 2023



Budding chefs were on display in Puffin Class as we followed a recipe to make our own bean burgers!


The children showed great skills as they prepared the beans to create the base of their patty before adding seasoning and additional ingredients from home. Lots were keen to try more herbs and spices than they initially planned after giving them a smell.


I think most of us enjoyed the afternoon best, assembling their burger into a bun and being able to eat it! 




Friday 1st December 2023


This week, we enjoyed our tennis lesson practising our forehand and backhand in a game with a partner. We worked on having control of our racket and returning the ball with accuracy. 


We also finished writing our explanations of how chocolate is made in English and read them to a partner to check for cohesion and accurate punctuation. Next week, we will publish our chocolate writing and read more Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so that we can prepare some creative writing before the holidays.




Friday 24th November 2023


Puffin are lovely their Science lessons this half term! To consolidate the knowledge they have learnt over the last couple of weeks, they made incredible flowers using plasticine. It was impressive how confident they were to label the parts of a flower and explain the role they have in producing more flowering plants. We even had the addition of some bees and talked about the importance of them in a flowering plant’s lifecycle.




Friday 17th November 2023


This week, Puffin had the chance to taste test three bean burgers from different supermarkets. They evaluated the taste, texture, smell and appearance of each one before deciding on a score out of 10 and their favourite part of each burger. From tasting a selection, they got inspiration of which vegetables they could use within their own recipe in the coming weeks. Many of them enjoyed extra pieces and were unhappy when the platters were finally empty!




Friday 10th November 2023


Puffin thoroughly enjoy Thursdays as it means French, Computing and Music.


They particularly love computing and this week, they have been using taught skills to create a blog post on Purple Mash about online safety. 


They had some really great tips on how to stay safe online!




Friday 3rd November 2023



We had a wonderful start to this half term by talking about and tasting chocolate products! We learnt the process of how chocolate is made and even got to see a real cacao pod and what the beans look like at the beginning on the process. None of the chocolate products tasted like the chocolate we are used to but we gave them a try (and had a big drink after to wash the taste away!). 




Friday 20th October 2023


We had a great end to last week browsing the selection at the book fair. Puffin are keen readers and throughout the whole half term have enjoyed sharing stories and their free choice books with each other, especially Stone Age related ones, which have helped us to learn lots more about our topic.


Our final clay sculptures based on the Stone Age were excellent and created with great independence. We had everything from woolly mammoths, wild cats to huts, early humans and even fossils created!




Friday 13th October 2023


We had great fun (if a bit messy) in Science this week when investigating different types of soil. We looked at the colour, texture and smell of each type before putting them to the water test to see if they held water well.


In English, we have noted writing our mammoth adventure stories! There have been so many great ideas and such fantastic writing on display already at this stage of Year 3. Wee look forward to sharing them with another class soon!




Friday 6th October 2023


Puffin really enjoyed using clay this week ahead of creating a final sculpture linking to the Stone Age next week. They tried out different techniques like rolling, cutting, squeezing, pinching, carving and scoring to see what different shapes and textures they could make with clay. 


They are full of inspiration and ideas for Art next week! We can’t wait to show off our finished sculptures during Learning Conference week.





Friday 29th September 2023


We have had a wonderfully fun time with our learning this week! From handling Stone Age artefacts in History and thinking about what they could have been used for to experimenting with a range of materials to create sculptures either independently or with a partner. We await to see how our whole class paper mache sculpture turns out!




Friday 22nd September 2023


We have great fun at the beach this week for our History and Art lessons. We made footprints in the mud and made suggestions of why a group of early humans would have been at a beach in Norfolk over 850,000 years ago!


Puffins also enjoyed making sand sculptures and showed great team work skills whilst creating them!




Friday 15th September 2023


This week, we learnt about anachronisms in History and the three periods of the Stone Age. We looked at our history timeline and couldn’t believe how long ago the Stone Age began!


We have been enjoying our French lessons since beginning Year 3 and this week practised greeting others by saying hello and asking what is your name.




Friday 8th September 2023


What a great start to Year 3 it has been!


We started off by creating a class agreement using our ASPIRE values and the children have been showcasing each promise they made very well so far. 


We then moved into introducing our Stone Age topic and had lots of fun listening to a story using Now Press Play and creating milk bottle mammoths. The mammoths look fantastic and are friendly additions to the classroom!