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Puffin Class Weekly News

Monday 3rd May 2021 – Friday 7th May 2021


Puffin had lots of fun celebrating Star Wars Day with a themed ‘would you rather?’ brain break activity between lessons! Lots of us found it hard to decide between the two characters on offer!


In science this week, we started designing magnetic games that will be played across Y3 later this half term. First, we had to match vocabulary to find our design teams for the project and then begin brainstorming ideas. There were lots of great ideas buzzing around the classroom and we can’t way to play magnetic bowling or ride rollercoasters with magnetic turtles! 




Monday 26th April 2021 – Friday 30th April 2021


This week, we have thoroughly enjoyed exploring different classroom objects to test if they were magnetic or not. We found out that some objects, such as a stapler or sharpener, were only magnetic on a particular part of of the item due to the outer casing. This got us thinking about magnetic materials and metals, as our pencil case zippers and waters bottles weren’t magnetic! We continued to explore different metals and found out that magnetic metals must contain iron, nickel or cobalt.


We also enjoyed a really calming session of yoga which reminded us of some calming techniques and helped to perfect our balancing skills! 




Monday 19th April 2021 – Friday 23rd April 2021


Puffins loved getting in to character this week and role playing the dialogue between King Midas and the Satyr! 


We have also really enjoyed creating a fair test in science to investigate the strength of magnets by using paper clips and were surprised by our results! 


Week beginning 12th April 2021 



What a lovely first week back we have had!


The children have enjoyed diving into their new topics. For history, we listened to an Ancient Greek story on Now Press Play and had a go at drawing the Trojan Horse. Science was really fun as we used toy cars to test out the friction of different surfaces in the playground!


We also enjoyed practising our class novelty race ahead of our sports afternoon! 



Week Beginning 22nd March 


This week we thoroughly enjoyed drawing Miss Nash in the style of Quentin Blake! 

Because we started straight in pen, it gave us more confidence to embrace the quirky styles of our sketches!

We used water colours to add a wash to our drawings and even started sketching Sophie and The BFG to accompany our English writing.


Monday 15th March 2021 – Friday 19th March 2021


This week, we have really enjoyed looking into our local area a bit more. We have learnt about the impact that WWII had on Leigh on Sea and discovered that the boat, Renown, was destroyed by a mine during the Battle of Dunkirk. 


We had a go at sketching our house team’s boat and the outcomes were incredible! We really enjoyed walking around the Puffin class gallery to see everyone’s artwork.


We have also found enjoyed a fact hunt around the classroom to find out about Inge Lehmann, a famous female scientist who discovered that Earth’s core was solid.




Monday 8th March 2021 – Friday 12th March 2021


It has been the most wonderful time to welcome all of Puffin back into school this week. They have surprised me by how well they have settled back into routines and school life. A massive well done to you all!


We have already done a lot of learning in just one week, starting our new topics and saying hello to our tortoise and chick friends! 


Everyone has worked so hard and shown great perseverance and a whole lot of enjoyment throughout our activities. A couple of favourites was our ‘Balance Tag’ teamwork game in PE and measuring our arm spans in maths and converting into millimetres, centimetres and metres! 




Monday 7th December 2020 – Friday 11th December 2020



Our Christmas fun day gave us the cheer we all needed this week! We spent the day listening to Christmas music, making miniature Father Christmases, showing off our moves during Christmas yoga and teaming up with our learning partner to answer questions from two Christmas quiz rounds created by two pupils.
Christmas lunch came to the classroom and brought even more smiles - the cracker jokes got even bigger smiles and lots of giggles!




Monday 30th November 2020 – Friday 4th December 2020


This week has brought tinsel, advent jokes and Christmas stories to the classroom.
In English, we read Dear Father Christmas before sequencing the events in the story. We also discussed the features of letters in preparation of writing our own letters in the coming weeks! 




Monday 23rd November 2020 – Friday 27th November 2020


The children have worked so very hard this week to produce fantastic diary entries describing their day in the life of a Stone Age child. 


In science, they have learnt about the skeleton and bones in the human body. They thoroughly enjoyed meeting our special guest and investigating all his bones!




Monday 16th November 2020 – Friday 20th November 2020


This week, we have showed our skills off in gymnastics! The children enjoyed our warm up based on the rhyme The Grand Old Duke of York before having time to practise a stretch jump and egg roll. They then put them together into a short routine and demonstrated great confidence when performing.




Monday 9th November 2020 – Friday 13th November 2020


Wow, what a fun week it has been! 


In English, we have enjoyed using our Stone Age class texts to create a forest setting with some specific landmarks that we can use in our upcoming writing. In maths, we have been exploring 2D and 3D shapes and had a go at making our own quadrilaterals using lolly sticks. In science, we continue to learn all about animals including humans and this week looked at a balanced diet. The children were amazed to see how many cups of water they should be drinking each day!




Monday 2nd November 2020 – Friday 6th November 2020


It has been lovely to have Puffins back in school, smiling and enjoying their learning! 


This week, they have enjoyed starting gymnastics lessons, investigating paper engineering in pop up books for our DT project and having hot school dinners delivered for lunch!




Monday 19th October 2020 – Thursday 22nd October 2020


We really enjoyed the big reveal of our fossils this week. First, we painted them all black and then used a dry brush and dusted them to allow the texture of the fossil to show.


What an exciting end to our science topic and our first half term. The children have worked so hard over the last 7 weeks and we wish all Puffins a safe, fun and restful week off. 


See you all on Monday 2nd November! 




Monday 12th October 2020 – Friday 16th October 2020


In English, it was finally time to start researching our chosen countries for our non-fiction reports. We used books, fact files and the computer suite to find out lots of interesting facts.


We started to make fossils in science. It was hard to shape the plasticine but we all persevered to get a mould filled for next week!


Puffin Class really care about the environment and produced some amazing, eye-catching posters giving ways on how we can reduce the air pollution around us.





Monday 5th October 2020 – Friday 9th October 2020


We have enjoyed learning about non-fiction reports in English this week and used what we had learnt to identify key features in a fact file all about London. 


´╗┐In art, we finished our leaf printing, adding a second colour to show the finer details. They look great hanging in the classroom! 




Monday 28th September 2020 – Friday 2nd October 2020


This week, we have been improving our athletic stamina and endurance. In PE, everyone showed a really supportive coaching side as they encouraged their learning partner to keep going whilst sprinting 10x10m shuttle runs.


We also enjoyed supporting Gold Geese on Wednesday by wearing gold, yellow and orange clothing!




Monday 21st September 2020 – Friday 25th September 2020


Puffin have enjoyed using Now Press Play following the story of an alien searching for strong rocks samples to build a palace for their emperor. They learnt lots more about sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks. 


In English we have started to look at poetry and they have enjoyed practising The Bug Chant with their learning partner ready to perform to the rest of Year 3! 




Monday 14th September 2020 – Friday 18th September 2020


This week in science, the children had the chance to carry out ‘The Hardness Test’ to investigate the hardness of different rocks.


We discussed how to conduct a fair experiment and then used screws and sandpaper to explore what happened when different rocks samples were rubbed or scratched.


We also had the opportunity to investigate further and were wowed by the results of ‘The Water Test’ and ‘The Acid Test’.



Monday 7th September 2020 – Friday 11th September 2020


Puffin have worked hard this week to settle into classroom routines.


We have enjoyed starting all our new topics, investigating and observing rocks, locating megacities around the world, making music with boomwhackers and revising place value in Power Maths. 






Thursday 3rd September 2020 – Friday 4th September 2020


It has been lovely to welcome Puffin Class back into school this week.


Focusing on ASPIRE, we had lots of lovely activities to settle the children back into school and ensure they were feeling positive about the year ahead.


We read The Colour Monster to talk about our emotions and how it’s healthy to feel different emotions and talk about them. The children shared how they were feeling about returning to school by creating their own monster. Luckily, we had lots of yellow ‘happy monsters’ working away in the classroom!


Later, we learnt some facts about puffins and how they aren’t born with the ability to fly, they have to learn and practise just like us. We chatted about aspirations for the future and year 3 and created some wonderful aspirational puffin pictures. 


After listening to Giraffes Can’t Dance, the children had a challenge to test their perseverance skills - they had to learn how to skip. With lots of time to practise and some top tips shared, it was a success for all! The whole class showed us their ability to not give up, but to keep, keep, keep on trying when things are tricky. 


We have been incredibly impressed and would like to say well done to all Puffins for the resilience they have shown this week. We’re even more excited for the rest of the year now!